A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 20

After dinner, the elves went to bed fairly early for their standards. They knew they had stressful days of riding ahead and wanted to be as fit as possible. Glorfindel and Thranduil, however, knew that they would use this short time of privacy for intimate togetherness. The blonde elf-Lord invited the King into his chamber which was located in Elrond's house, but luckily out of earshot from the twins'.

While Thranduil lay down his royal gowns, Glorfindel pulled all sorts of instruments and toys out of a secret department underneath the wood floor. Thranduil had to smile at the sight of it. He was missing his nights with Galion, but Glorfindel was so much more handsome and perhaps as willing as his trustful butler.

Glorfindel felt joy at the prospect of making love with the ruler of Mirkwood forest again. Before their nightly encounter on the journey to Rivendell, they had not shared intimacy in centuries. He had helped Thranduil explore his body and made him learn many things that Glorfindel in turn had learnt from elder elves. He turned to the drawer and took out a t-shirt made of leather strips. They were neatly sewn together by black yarn, making it look half-transparent. There were metal eyelets in two lines going from the shoulders to the end of the shirt. The blonde elf handed it to the king. Thranduil dropped the rest of his clothes and put on the shirt and the leather undergarments that the submissive elf handed him as well. The king had a look at this particular clothing, as it was made completely out of leather, but there was a flap in front where the leather-piece hid a hole in the underwear. Thranduil put it on and the flap, attached to the lower part of the trousers with a few knots on strings, showed a bulge hinting Thranduil's immense manhood.

"What will you wear?" Thranduil asked interested. Glorfindel walked over to his wardrobe and inspected his clothes for a while. Then he pulled something from a corner deep down in the armoire and began to put it on. Thranduil tried not to laugh out aloud but failed miserably. It were simple straps of tight, black fabric, joined over his shoulders and his sides in a big metal ring that prominently showed on his manly, hairless, muscular chest. One strap went down to another ring that he had fumbled his balls and penis inside. The cold metal prickled comfortably on his skin.

"You look adequate to a king's pleasure," Thranduil said and waved the millennia old elf over.

"I hope I will perform as adequately as I look," Glorfindel said and bowed exaggeratedly before giving himself into a hug of Thranduil.

"I will make you perform adequately," the king said and wiped the hair to Glorfindel's back.

"King Thranduil," Glorfindel began and jumped onto the bed. "I have to confess… while being at your palace and greeted with respect by each and every one of your men and planning war with you, highest king, I have sinned. I have used my powers as the representative of Imladris, and I have slept with servants who have vowed their loyalty to you and your house."

Thranduil chuckled as he was very well aware of Glorfindel's endeavours earlier this month in his woods. "Tell me, Glorfindel, and I shall punish you for your misdeeds." He paced closer to the bed in which Glorfindel uncurled. His heart started to beat higher when he watched the blonde elf stretch his limbs in a teasing fashion. He had the sudden urge to bite him into his pale, flawless skin, but Thranduil held back.

"No, my King. I am too afraid of your punishments. I have heard many stories, and you are very cruel to your people," Glorfindel pleaded playfully.

"I am cruel to those who deserve it," Thranduil answered and picked up a framework of leather and hooks. "Do you deserve it?" he asked while applying the collar part around Glorfindel's neck, careful not to lock in his beautiful golden strands.

Glorfindel felt the collar fixed on his neck, but Thranduil had given him enough breathing space. He held his hands up in fists and answered, "oh yes, I deserve it." Thranduil bound the leather strips that were connected to the collar by metal hooks around Glorfindel's hands, making him unable to take his hands further from his neck than half an arm's length. With his restricted movement ability, Glorfindel lay back and his hair spread out on the pillow. Thranduil enjoyed this sight, but then he proceeded to the legs of the submissive elf. He fetched the leather restraints and bound them loosely around Glorfindel's ankles, tying the laces to the bed posts. Now, the elf-Lord lay with his legs spread and his arms confined, ready for Thranduil to dominate him.

"I deserve everything that you do to me because I have not only secretly slept with Galion and Lindir, but also with Aduialas, Curwand, and Manadhion. I have been very busy, and I have enjoyed seducing your kin."

Thranduil took a black rope on which a wooden ball was strung. "You know, Ñoldorin, you talk too much." He bent forward and put the wooden ball into Glorfindel's mouth, binding the rope together behind his head. He then gave him a small bell into his hand. "If you need me to stop, drop the bell or ring it, and I will stop immediately. Understood?"

Glorfindel nodded. His tongue was pressing against the wood and his mouth was producing too much saliva. He had a hard time swallowing, but the look at the king in these leather clothes made him feel hot, not only his body, but also his head. He truly wished Thranduil would start work on him already for he could feel a prickling beginning in his arms and legs. But instead, Thranduil began inspecting Glorfindel's drawer with toys. He took out a set of metal clips, similar to the wooden ones that the elves used to hang up their clothes to dry. Small weights had been carefully added to the clips.

Thranduil smiled devilishly when he began applying a clip each to Glorfindel's rosy nipples. He gasped at the sudden, localised pain in a very sensitive area of his body. He had not used the clips in a long time, and now he suddenly felt the well-known pain again. He cried silently, making Thranduil chuckle ever more. "Are we not used to pain anymore?" he teased him. "Have we enjoyed the life at Imladris too much? Have we become weak?" He released one clip and then pinched it on again. Glorfindel panted heavily and pressed his eyes together. Hot waves were rushing through his body, but the longer they held on, the more pleasant the pain became.

Glorfindel tried to say something through his gag, but there were no clear words in his muffled voice. "I cannot hear you, my dear Lord," Thranduil laughed.

Glorfindel was the most entrusted advisor or Lord Elrond, and Thranduil enjoyed him being enslaved to his will. Merely watching the elf in pain was already stimulus for the king to rub his penis. Slowly, he began and watched every movement in the submissive elf's face.

"Would you also enjoy that?" Thranduil asked and pointed at his penis.

Glorfindel nodded.

"Would you enjoy being worked on?" the king wanted to know and played with the tip of his erecting penis. "Would you enjoy feeling the touch, the warmth?" He spit into his fingers and rubbed them over his glans that was a shade rosier than his shaft.

Glorfindel nodded again.

Thranduil bent forwards and licked Glorfindel's penis from the balls to the tip. There, he let his tongue dance and wetted the tip. Glorfindel moaned. Finally, his prickling sensation began to relieve him, and he felt pleasure rising from his hardness to his head. But then Thranduil's tongue left him and he blew gently onto the wet tip. A cold shiver ran down Glorfindel's back. Thranduil was teasing him and he would probably not let him release until he was more than satisfied himself!

Thranduil went to the drawer again and took out a variety of rings: golden, silver, grey-matt, black, brass, Eastern caoutchouc, aluminium metal, tight rope. There were different sizes, different thicknesses. "What is this?" he laughed. "I had no idea you had such a rich possession of rings. You are truly a Lord of the Rings." He let his fingers strive over them, finally choosing a golden one with little diamonds on its outer side. It fitted perfectly not only onto Glorfindel's penis, but also matched both their hairs. "You will stay longer and harder, and you will be able to please me all I want," Thranduil explained why he had chosen Glorfindel to wear a ring.

Glorfindel moaned in response. He knew that the arousal would be torture, but it was definitely worth it in the end. He lay his head on his side and watched how his penis shook slightly. Then he realised it was his whole body. He was in such arousal that he could not hold still. Thranduil's hand glided over his body. "You have too much energy, Ñoldorin elf," he said and produced a flogger from the night table.

Without realising it, Glorfindel tensed his body in anticipation. "Relax, high elf, relax," Thranduil said softly. He took Glorfindel's arms who he had been holding of his chest and pushed them higher, as far over his head as was possible with the restraints. "Relax for I intend to hurt you," he added, now anything but softly and soon stroke him with the first lash. As Glorfindel's reaction was more a moan than an indication of pain, the king began to flog him harder. He repeated it, over and over again, until Glorfindel's chest was red and he was twitching.

For Glorfindel, the pain and the arousal were mixed, and he could not hold these feelings apart. He wanted to indicate to Thranduil to work on his penis again as he desperately needed the attention, but it was as if the king could read thoughts. When Thranduil began to push his own penis against that of Glorfindel, he forgot the pain and focused on the pleasure again. Any time that a part of Thranduil's member brushed against the sensitive glans of Glorfindel, he gave a vocal response.

"You like that," Thranduil found and bent down to take the glans into his mouth. He sucked carefully as if it was an ice cube on a hot summer day. Then he started to suckle at the skin of Glorfindel's balls before taking the balls completely into his mouth while rubbing his hands over his shaft and glans. Glorfindel's moans became louder, and he looked to the ceiling, rolling his eyes. He wanted to come, he wanted the release, but he still felt far from it. Then Thranduil stopped the play with his penis and started rubbing his own which needed a bit of work to be erect again. When he had achieved this, he strode back to the side of the bed again, feeling pleasure at the silent whimpering of Glorfindel who he had denied relieve.

Thranduil now picked out an eye mask from Glorfindel's vast repertoire of sex toys. It was made of black leather and decorated with glass diamonds. Thranduil held it in front of Glorfindel who nodded in agreement. "Remember you have the bell to tell me to stop," Thranduil reminded him while he bound the mask around his head. "Can you see?" he asked and Glorfindel shook his head. "Are you comfortable?" he added and Glorfindel nodded. "Do you want me to describe what I am going to do next?" Thranduil asked and Glorfindel shook his head again. "Do you want to be surprised?" Glorfindel nodded. Thranduil laughed silently and menacingly. This elf was all too willing, and he enjoyed that. He rubbed his manhood and knew that he would soon have to focus on release.

"You have been a very bad elf," Thranduil now began to grip the flogger again. He rushed it down onto Glorfindel's chest. "You are an embarrassment for our kin. You can be glad that no one knows of your deeds or I would have you stripped and bare hanging from my dungeon's ceiling."

Glorfindel could not anticipate when the next stroke of the whip would hit him, and he enjoyed this ignorance. Thranduil did not hit him too hard, so it was only slight pain and it felt just perfect. His chest was hot and so was his head. He was breathing heavily, and his eyes were closed under the darkness. He had leaned his head back as he could not watch his sex partner anyway. He imagined Thranduil standing over him, how his blonde hair fell onto the leather shirt, and how his face was a display of anger, mockery, dominance, and pure arousal. This all aroused him even more. Suddenly, he felt his lover's touch at the back of his head. Thranduil was removing his gag.

"Ssh," Thranduil made and lay his index finger on Glorfindel's mouth. "I want to hear no word from my fallen from grace elf."

Glorfindel behaved and said nothing, only using his open mouth for panting heavily. Then suddenly, something else was bound around his head again. It was similar to the gag before, but this time it was a metal ring instead of a wooden ball that held his mouth open. The ring was just big enough for the tip of a penis to enter, so that was naturally what Glorfindel expected. He yelled in surprise and pain when suddenly something – or rather some things, bored themselves into his already reddened chest.

Thranduil must have found his spiky bra! Glorfindel had been inspired by love play with a she-elf he had known in Gondolin and hence developed a bra for men that also adorned spikes on the inside. He clenched his hands to fists. His arms were even paler now, as the blood circulation to his limb was decreased. Even though his chest ached as the spikes pierced his flesh, he held the ring in a firm grip.

"With what you endure here and now," Thranduil began, obviously enjoying the view, "the orcs will have nothing on you." He relieved Glorfindel of the spiky bra and licked all over the marks. Some points on his skin were bleeding, and he licked the blood off and tasted it. "Your blood is sweet, Glorfindel. I believe the orcs will love to taste it, too," he said. He bent over Glorfindel's head, his platinum hair mingling with that of the Ñoldorin lord. He pressed his tongue through the metal ring into Glorfindel's mouth and their tongue started to play lustfully. Glorfindel enjoyed the heat and wetness, but just as he found further arousal in it, Thranduil denied him again.

Glorfindel could not sense the king anymore. He knew that he must be moving somewhere around him. That's why his sudden grasp for air was so painful when the hand of Thranduil came smacking down on his cheek so mercilessly. He had not expected this move and his cheek started to burn instantly. Thranduil laughed at the successful surprise. He then climbed onto the submissive elf and pushed his manhood inside of the ring. Glorfindel was still in shock, but then his tongue suddenly felt the wet tip of Thranduil. He caught himself again, even though his cheek was still aching, and began to lick around the king's glans.

"Oh yes, Glorfindel," Thranduil moaned and straightened his back. The platinum hair on his chest and belly were moving with the trembling of his own body caused by the ultimate arousal. He had denied himself for so long, and the ring around his penis and balls had helped in achieving such long erection. But now, he knew, it was time to climax the game. He grabbed behind himself and touched Glorfindel's skin. He moved his slender fingers over his body, then licked them and put them back onto Glorfindel's jewels. He squeezed the balls until he heard a vocal protest of Glorfindel in the form of a short yell. But the yellow-blonde elf did not stop to please his master. As reward, Thranduil moved his hand over to the penis and began rubbing it slowly and gently. He increased in pace, but when he knew that Glorfindel was close to coming, he denied him again and put both his hands into Glorfindel's hair and pulled it towards him.

"Are you ready to feel my mercy?" Thranduil asked.

Glorfindel made a noise through the ring-gag that sounded like an agreement. Thranduil bent forward, his hair tingling on the tied elf's chest. He released him of the gag so that now, Glorfindel's mouth was free. Thranduil stood up and turned around. He took his penis and guided it between Glorfindel's lips again. But now, he could also focus on the hard erection of the Gondolin lord. While Glorfindel began to lick and engulf the glans with his mouth and continued his lustful game, Thranduil spat onto the penis in front of him and began his work as well. He began to suckle amorously, and then he used his hand to rub as fast as he could. He heard Glorfindel gasp but not neglect his own work. And the moment that Thranduil felt the sudden release, Glorfindel's sweet secretion also ejected into his mouth. They came in harmony and in increased ecstasy as their warm semen filled each other's mouth.

They continued both the care with their lips and when the moment of absolute carelessness, and joy, and stopped heartbeat was over, Thranduil reached out with his hands and quickly loosened the ankle ties. Glorfindel's legs sacked down onto the soft bed. Thranduil threw himself backwards and next to Glorfindel. Their hairs were mixing again in a smooth yellow-platinum sea. The king took off the eye mask and Glorfindel could finally see again his partner in crime. Finally, Thranduil released his wrists off the bonding, and unlocked his collar. He then stripped himself of his shirt and leather wear as well and removed the straps around Glorfindel's body. When they were both naked, they lay down next to each other, their hands close, their legs strangely bent and entwined, and their heads touching. They said nothing but lay there until they had both fallen asleep.

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