The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil rode along a path he rarely took. In fact, The elves avoided this path per his orders. This part of the woods were considered off limits. This part of the woods was somehow special. None disobeyed his commands and only a few knew what dwells there. The forest was thick here. The path becoming narrow. thick roots and low hanging branches littered the path. The leaves a mix of brown and green despite it being the spring.


He had been asked to go there. A message received in the claws of a crow. He was surprised to see it. Even more surprised by the request. Now he finds himself riding His great elk along that dark path. To a place no one goes. His guard never liked escorting him to this place. It always held a foreboding quality. While blessedly free of dark threats there were still dangerous things in the forest. Things with claw and tooth. Large predators. Ones that often had a hard time discerning between elf and food.


He was nearing a dark place. He would stop and look to his guards. " You will go No Further." He said in a low yet commanding tone.


" My Lord I can not in Good con..." Elthian would speak up and be cut short by the lifting of one pale fleshed hand. Thranduil would glare over one of this broad shoulders at the elon. Elthian fell silent and did as told. He began to call out orders to the other guards and soon they were dispersed among the trees.


The Great Elk was urged forward and within a few steps seemed to disappear into a murky thick shadow.


Once on the other side Thranduil was in a bright healthy green forest. Untainted by the darkness that had begun to take the Greenwood . While it was well on its way to healing now. The filth of sauron being slowly washed away now that the ring was destroyed. There were still skirmishes with orcs and goblins but now there was a sense of renewal everywhere. He rode for a few minutes. Who he was there to see would speak up when he was ready.


"Lo if it isn't my old friend." A deep voice growled from the shadows on large oak trees.


Thranduil simply stopped his mount and turned an icy eye towards the sound of the voice. "Indeed old friend . I must say I was surprised to receive your request." He said and even smiled slightly as a huge dark form began to appear. Slowly he seemed to form solid from just shadow. The light of a nearly full moon accented his features. Defining the muscle of his arms. The ridge of his heavy brow. The slope of his nose and keen grey eyes. His beard was thick and his dark hair wavy and long.


Thranduil dismounted the Great Elk who he sent off with a whispered word. The beast heading off to a near by meadow to graze on fresh green grasses. Thranduil was one of the tallest elves in the forest. Standing well over 6 feet tall was now being towered over by the form from the shadows. Thranduil had no shame in looking up to this being. In fact he was always in awe of him. After all he was even more ancient than the Valar. He recalled learning this truth and how shocking it was.


He moved more into the light and Thranduil genuinely smiled to his old friend. " Hannibal you are a sight for these sore eyes." The large man chuckled and threw his massive arms around Thranduil and hugged him tightly. Something no other creature would dare to do or even be allowed to think of. "The darkness fades from the forest. The land heals slowly. Sauron is defeated" His voice rumbled as he stepped back and looked down at Thranduil. He could not help but noticed that gleam in this ancient ones eye. Something was amiss.


" Five years now , yes" Thranduil nodded and watched as Hannibal stepped back and began to turn .


" Lets find a comfortable place. I have much to tell you." Thranduil arched a thick brow. His eyes beholding now The large man. Well he was in the form of a man. Nearly 8 feet tall. The expanse of his back was great.


They walked a short distance in silence . The sound of running water was soon heard and they stopped near a small stream That ran into a glistening pool the water the most mystical shade of dark blue. Hannibal lowered down to sit with his back against the great oak. The biggest and oldest tree in the entire forest. A magical tree that was sacred to the elves and what most believed was the reason Thranduil forbade any from going there.


Thranduil sat upon a large log and look to Hannibal with questioning eyes. Waiting for him to begin speaking yet He would sit in silence for a very long moment. Thranduil recalled his first visits to Hannibal's woods. When his father was still living. When he would learn the truth of things. The histories that had been long forgotten by even the oldest of elves. Histories perhaps even the Istari didn't know.


"I have shared with you many things here My friend. " He laughed softly and continued. " I shared with you stories of things older than your gods. The way they came to be in this world. You know many truths. " He would pause.


Thranduil spoke up. " yes You have told me many things Hannibal. Why am I here today? " Hannibal was about to speak when another presence was felt by them both. From around the scared oak she came . Giggling happily she threw her arms as far as she could get them around Hannibal.


" I found you . " she said then in a spilt second she froze. Realizing someone else was there.


Thranduil Stood up fast . His icey gaze widened with shock. Yes he knew many Truths He knew not everything was as it appeared and He also knew what he was beholding should not exist . Not anymore. She was small . Not as small as a hobbit but small and delicate. A bit over 4 feet tall. There was this ethereal glow about her. Her skin as pale as his own. Her hair silver and long . Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped. Those eyes the color of freshly blossomed lavender. On her back was a set of wings. Shimmering translucent wings like those of a dragon fly.


As soon as he beheld her in her entirety she suddenly became very very small and crawled over Hannibal's shoulder to hide in his hair. Thranduil's shocked gaze narrowed and he glared at Hannibal. " Explain this." He demanded in a low hiss.

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