The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Gimli sat just outside the caves mouth. His small camp being set up there. A small fire burned and over it a kettle steamed. He thought of Raga and how much he wished she was there. "least sittin here would not be so boring." He grumbled and Lifted a bowl into his hand . He spooned out some of the stew in the kettle and sat back . He blew on a spoonful to cool it off before eating it . His face twisted and he frowned. " and the food would be better." He slumped and sighed . Looking into the bowl of bland stew.

He heard a shuffling coming from the entrance of the cave. He turned to look and coming into the light were white but slightly dusty robes and a squinting bewildered wizard. "So you're awake finally Gandalf. " He said and eyed the Wizard.

"Gimli? " He said in a slow grumbled voice.

" Aye I'm missing the fight because of you." Gandalf looked confused and moved to sit down near the dwarf." What fight?"

Gimli sighs and looks to the bowl of stew and thrusts it out to Gandalf. " Have some food and I will tell you everything you have missed."

Elrond was making his way through the refugee camp. Humans and Hobbits a like were housing here before going to Rivendell. There was an air of desperation about. Looking through the section the Hobbits had occupied. He looking for 4 Hobbits in particular but not finding them. He was also delayed in his search as He made stops to heal those that had been injured but not so badly that they needed to healing tents.

The sound of a very familiar voice would make him turn an ear towards it. "Aye ere ya go . A nice warm blanket fer ya." When he turned towards the Hobbit he would behold was Pippin. He was putting a blanket around the shoulders of an elderly Hobbit. She was thanking him for the kindness.

He began to approach the Hobbit and when close enough he spoke. " I have been looking everywhere for you Peregrin Took"

Pippin Looked up and almost burst into tears. " Lord Elrond." He finally said and the tears began to fall.

Elrond so moved by the hobbits show of emotion lowered down and hugged this very special Hobbit and whispered calming words to him and once he had calmed He held the hobbit from him and looked into his reddened eyes. " Where are the others? Where is Frodo, Sam and Merry?"

Elladan and Elrohir were both at the front lines. Skirmishes happened daily. The advancing army had not counted on the elves putting up such a furious defense But now that defense was waning. They would have to pull back soon . This line they could not hold much longer. Not without aid. They were in the war tent . Looking over the large map of the battle field and discussing the next strategy.

"We must retreat to weather top." Elladan said.

"We can not . Not until the refugees are moved " Elrohir commented.

Glorfindel burst into the tent having heard the conversation as he approached with a letter in hand. " How many days can we hold here? " There was a look of hope in his eyes.

" 2 maybe 3 days ." Elladan spoke up.

Glorfindel grinned. " If we can hold for 3 days we may not have to retreat but advance." He held out the missive. " 2 regiments of Woodland Kin are coming along with 300 Rohirram. "

Elladan took the paper and read. A smile curled on his lips. " This is the moral boost we needed."

Hannibal lay in the shade of a large wide palm tree. The sound of something hitting the ground near by made him slowly open an eye . He saw 2 small desert hare laying on the ground. Jevan preparing to butcher them.

"Well I see your hunting was prosperous." The ancient being pushed himself up to sit.

Jevan nodded . "Siyo ol zhahus. Usstan'bal tlus talintha bauth folbol. vel'drav udos sevir, lu'oh verve orn ol plynn udossa ulu ul'plyr ilta?"

Hannibal shook his head. " I'm glad you are understanding the words easier but you need to speak them . ... Go on speak the words.

Jevan sighs and stops what he is doing so he can concentrate on the words. " Hunt ish gud dis dah. "Shaking his head ." dis day" He corrected himself somewhat. " ween dwe leef how maneee days to reash er." He winces knowing that many of the words came out poorly.

"You're getting better with the words. Jevan that was good enough that I understood what you were asking. " Hannibal inhaled deeply. "When we leave . It will take a few turnings of the moon to get there. If you continue making progress like this we will be leaving soon." This seemed to please Jevan greatly and he smiled as he continued to butcher their meal.

Pippen took Elrond to a small tent very near the healing tents. Pippen entered followed by Elrond. The Hobbits inside looked up and gasped.

It was Frodo who spoke up " Elrond!" He was over come with emotion and began to cry as well . Merry was silent and sobbed too. Both Hobbits on their feet ran to Elrond and just hugged him. All three of these Hobbit were injured but not badly . Merry's arm was in a sling and Frodo had bandages around his head. Pippen bore bruises and stitched cuts. He noticed a large bandage at Frodo's ear and with out having to look he knew part of his ear was gone.

"Its Sam's wife Elrond . Rosie, she ... she is very badly hurt and the healers say they do not know what else to do. Sam's beat up . They have been keeping him in the healing tent and he will not leave Rosie's side. " Frodo sobbed with his head on Elrond's shoulder.

Elrond gently pulled the Hobbits back so he could look at them all. "The 3 of you are so brave ." He spoke to them all. " I need you to keep being brave. " He rose up . " Show me which tent Sam and Rosie are in."

The 3 Hobbits stayed outside but were peeking in . Rosie lay on a cot near the flap. Sam battered . His eyes blackened . A splinted arm in a sling . His left leg in a splint as well. He sat in a chair his head on Rosie's lap. He slept.

Sam had fought hard Elrond had been told. He fought hard to save his wife who lay near death. A pretty elleth healer was near them she rose to speak but Elrond waved his hand at her and she went quiet and left. Elrond took the chair she had been sitting in and with no sound moved it and sat beside Rosie . He was facing Sam who did not move.

His hand rested on Rosie's brow. His eyes closed. Within moments he was filled with visions of the horror she had endured at the hands of goblins. This story echoing so closely the story of his own wife. Who he sent to the undying lands so she would not fade. This female hobbit and his wife suffered the same tragedy. Only this Hobbits body and mind were very badly damaged. He would see why the healers did not know what else to do.

He shifted and lay a hand on her belly as well. Elrond was not your average healer. He was perhaps the most powerful of them. First he began to heal her body . His hands glowing brightly then he slipped into her mind.

"Stay away just stay away. " a small voice warned him .

He focused and could see a battered Rosie huddling in a corner. " I am Elrond, Rosie and I am here to help you. "

She pushed herself tighter in the dark corner . He spoke gently and evenly, not showing emotions . Just calm and soothing words. " Rosie you are not alone. My wife endured the same treatment as you, but for her it was at the hands of Orcs. Elves for all of our power and abilities are very much weak in the face of this type of abuse . If this happens our fea. Our souls are so badly damaged we rarely recover and I wish I could tell you my wife recovered but she did not. "

Rosie was listening . Shocked to hear that Elves had weakness. " She sailed to be with the Valar and left me and our children behind. I am not angry she did this. That being said there has not a day gone by since she left that I have not missed her or longed to hear her voice . I so desperately want to see her face and hold her hand in mine. The pain Rosie . Its very great. You are far Stronger than we when it comes to being hurt like this. Your fea is resilient. It can heal and you can stay with your husband . Your body will heal and you will bear him many children. You still have a long life Rosie . You just have to want it. "

She had come out of the corner a bit and looked to him." Sam is alive? I saw him fall. I saw them descend on him." She cried.

" I assure you Sam is very much alive. He is beside you right now . Your hand is in his and he is waiting for you to wake up. No matter what has happened . You can heal Rosie. There is no need for you to fade. We will help you. You just need to wake up."

Her hand twitched in Sam's and He began to awaken by the movement. His eyes open to see Elrond with his hands held over Rosie. . Her hand twitches again. Her fingers curl around his. Tears begin to stream down Sam's cheeks. " Rosie . Oh gods Rosie come back to me please. Please wake up. "

He lifted her small hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles. As Elrond lifted his hands away and sat back , Rosie's lashes fluttered . Then slowly her eyes opened. Sam was beside himself . He tried to stand but winced and fell back into the chair.

Elrond backed away and smiled. " Welcome back Rosie." He said softly. Sam was gushing with joy. " Thank you Mr. Elrond Sir Oh gosh thank you so much. "

He turned to see the 3 other Hobbits crying and hugging each other at the flap of the tent.

That night Elrond sat in his own tent and wrote a bitter sweet missive.

Dear Galadriel,

I have located our 4 Hobbits. While battered and beaten they are not broken and they live. Samwise's wife has suffered terribly at the hands of goblins. The parallels of this closely match those of my beloved Celebrían. Samwise fought heroically to defend her and was beaten terribly. He is on the mend and with a little intervention from myself Rosie is now on the mend as well.

Never underestimate the strength of Hobbits.

Please send word to their friends that they live and will be residing in Rivendell for the foreseeable future.

The battle rages on. We will be pulling up stakes on the refugee camp within the day and moving them to Rivendell. I hear help is on the way . That being said. You and the armies of the men and dwarves need to stay put. I fear this battle is a distraction. One that if they win it will be beneficial to them however , The real goal is the lands east of here and the one that dwells in the Greenwood.

Prepare for war Golden Lady. It is coming. I can feel it.



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