The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The sky was just barely turning dark grey with the rising of the sun. Thranduil awoke but Juniper was not there. Pulling his leggings on then his boots . He wore a smile knowing where she had gone.

The night was still clinging to the forest floor. He moved through the trees without a sound. Nature continued on around him and he was aware of everything. He had never been this attuned to his forest. It was one of the gifts he received from her. He lay a hand upon a gloriously large oak and could hear it singing from deep in its roots a constant song between the mother and the living things planted in her soil. The rise coming into view and there she sat on the top of it . Her eyes on the meadow below.

She was wrapped in a blanket and sitting quietly. The Stag and the doe were still there. As winter approaches they will return less to the meadow . She really hoped he would return next year. She had grown fond of them.

He moved so carefully. She attuned to the world just as he was . She could feel the vibrations of his soundless steps as they neared. Juniper smiled and pulled the blanket tighter around her to block the chilled morning breeze.

" Hello My love." Her voice lifted brightly and as soon as he sat down she opened the blanket and pulled herself up against his side. Instinctively His arm wrapped around her . Holding her close. He watched the white deer too. But now fully in view. Being watched just as much as he was watching.

" What no elvish?" He asked with his silvery gaze cast down on her.

"No its hard to keep speaking it and this morning I want to focus on you and not trying to impress you. "

He nodded and looked down . Eyeing the grasses and flowers that had sprung out from around her.

" I bet Orist is already awake and demanding pre breakfast . " Her arms wrapped around his . Her body hugged against it . "Followed an hour later by breakfast then elevensies."

Thranduil began to laugh . " Like a Hobbit? " He asked amused.

" Yes love like a Hobbit. " She nods and just smiles.

" How do you know of Hobbits?" Thranduil asked.

She sighed. " I read a book that had Hobbits in it . It was from your own library . "

He laughed " Yes yes the one Bilbo and I wrote when he came to stay for a while. I gave it deep consideration. I mean when was I to be around Hobbits again. So I had him write all about them. He was really very good at story telling. " He caressed his hand down her back . His fingers lightly grazing over her wings. " Why don't you fly some with me this morning. Let the wings get a stretch. "

"I just might do that. " She grinned at him.

The Rohirrim rode out hours before dawn. The archery brigade Lead by Legolas headed out as well. Elladan and Elrohir speaking from horse back. Their divisions lining up. Finnola stood beside Glorfindel. She towered over him by at least 8 inches.

He was explaining the tactics as their horses were being taken to them. "You are the power . I need you killing trolls. I can destroy the catapults. "

She leaned on the lance like weapon. The blade gleaming in the suns first rays. " You point me in the direction you want me to go and I'll kill everything in my path but if I tell you to run . Do not question me. You run . You will need to trust me . When it happens You don't want to be in it. "

Glorfindel blinked and her grin got wider. She was a beast. Never had he felt such an admiration. How did Legolas manage to keep her? His thoughts pushed back in favor for war. He just grinned though . Thrilled to get to see her in action. Their horses brought to them They would ride as well but further out from the main body of the army. They had to be a bit sneaky as well.

Elrond Saddled up as well. He was needed on the battlefield. Besides he was no slouch with a sword. 3 Hobbits stood at the back of the Refugee camp. They where heading towards Rivendell today. The Caravan preparing to move. He rode up on the 3 special creatures. Hobbits had become legends.

"We will get your homes back . We will help you rebuild. " He said to them. " Don't miss your ride my fair Hobbits. I will see you later."

They all took a collective sigh and Pippen smiled up." You better come back . You are needed here. " He nodded and quickly turned . He felt tears welling in his eyes and he didn't want Elrond to see.

They said their farewells and walked towards their wagon. Elrond rode into the dawn and to battle.

Finnola and Glorfindel rode fast and hard. The spells on the horses and their breeding helped them to keep going. Even Finnola's war horse could go with speed but lasted lesser than his needed to stop and feed the beast and give it water . at least He ate as she needed and drank. His energy would be up for the actual battle.

"I can not wait to see you move. I heard it was like beautiful dance. That was deadly and wondrous . " He grinned.

She rolled her eyes. " I just fight a different way. It's how Dragonsfang works. To use it to it's fullest capability you must know how to work it. "

He attention drawn to her horse. Glorfindel held back on his comments. It was a struggle and he would turn around to avoid her seeing his smile.

They were riding again and the harder they rode the more his mind frame changed to that of war. His bow in hand he can feel them . Orc scouts. He nodded to Finnola and changed course. She grinned and kept riding he would catch up. She pulled her claymore from the scabbard. A big sword for a larger lady.

She rode up on the 2 orcs in her path. She was so determined to keep moving she leaned to the side in her saddle the sword held aloft and swing with great force almost fully beheading the one orc she left the other screaming behind her. She rode with the sword held low.

Glorfindel used his bow. His ride carrying him into the forest away from her. He would miss a few shots . Finally hitting it in the throat. The bow strapped around him, He pulled 2 slender blades from his back and leapt from his meara. Diving into a pile of orcs and eviscerating them His momentum carrying him smoothly . He using the terrain to his advantage. The slightest shift in his stance gave him full power with each swing or stab her made. Glofindel was a killer. The champion of Imladris. The killer did his job efficiently and he was back on the mearas back in minutes. Riding hard he steers his mount with the movements of his body . His swords in attack position. He would get back on the cart path. He could see Finnola's hoof marks in the soil .

Legolas was sending men on point. They needed the way cleared for the archers as much as possible. He was to protect them from attack. He wondered if Finnola had tasted battle yet. His objective was to have a victory and get to be with her for the night. Even if the battled for days. At night she would be there.

So far there was not much action and he was thankful for that. When he does sense orcs he was out of the line. Swords in hand . His team members following him. They had to protect the archers.

They made as quick of the work as they could and continued to run the forest around the archers. Clearing the way of any little pesky goblin or orc they encountered.

There were a lot of patrols and scouting parties they were encountering. They had eyes everywhere .

Glorfindel was having a wonderful time. He was catching up and as she hacked her way through patrols the remaining ones were his. He would dispatch them be back on his horse and following her. She tucked down against the great horses neck only swinging when needed now. Finnola was ready to get the job done.

Juniper fluttered beside Him. She naked and small. Zipping away quickly and returning just as quickly with various small blossoms. Weaving herself the smallest of crowns. This was the last of the blooms before the autumn. Once her crown was made she dons it happily then fluttered gently over to rest on Thranduil's shoulder. Memna going at a lazy pace. He lingering outside as long as he can. To say it was a surprise to see Elthian riding up would be wrong However, the look on his face was Surprising.

" My Lord. There is word from Rivendell. At this hour Lord Elrond will be engaging in battle. "

Thranduil's mood changed.

"Legolas and Finnola are with them. " Elthian added.

Juniper pressed against Thranduil's neck. She felt his heart leap in his chest. Now he would worry for his son and the giant.

" We can expect fewer messages now. " He began to become anxious.

She whispered into his ear . Words that made him calm a bit.

"Call a council meeting tomorrow afternoon. We may get word by then but I doubt it. I do want to leave the off chance. "

Juniper was rather quiet in these moments. Elthian's eyes grazing over her form. Drinking in every moment he could look on her.

"I just want to see my son now Thranduil . Let's hurry. " Her voice cracked a bit as she spoke.

Then her larger body slides down before him to rest in her usual spot. His arms opening and wrapping around her . Draping her in the shroud of his cloak. She snuggled against him and cried softly. The pixie hated this whole thing more each day. He would struggle with sharing more information with her. Even though she would demand it.

The Orc were on the other side of a large clearing. Lined up . Battle ready. When the first line of the main force reached the ridge they were spotted. The horns began to blow . Battle Rallies called at the tops of their lungs. The orc charged . The Elves began to move and positioned several rows down the rise . the ones in back bracing for them to peak over the ridge . It was bad giving the orc the high ground. However It was a ploy they needed to make.

The Archers step up on the left flank. Arrows nocked. They were ready for their part of this production. Finnola and Glorfindel storm the back line. The troops back this far were less than that of the main body. Finnola leaping from her war horse. Dragonsfang in hand. She took 3 steps a small leap then finally came to a stop . She looking at a line of 10 orcs and a troll behind them . A large boulder in its hand. The troll screamed and lifted the boulder. With a mighty heave he threw it at her . The giant grinned and watched as the boulder got closer, then made her move to the left. She feels the shockwave of the mass hitting the ground in her sturdy legs.

" oh yes yes yes ." She hissed and began to spin the dragonsfang. "Lets get this done shall we."

Glorfindel finally catching up . He leaps from the meara and runs after Finnola. His swords out now. Eagerly he hacked into the beasts. Black blood spraying from them and speckling his pale flesh .

Finnola going for the troll. She ran and danced between orc. Slashing and jabbing her spear. Spinning it constantly the few moments Glorfindel could spare to look it didn't seem like her weapon ever actually make contact with the beasts and indeed she was dancing .

Glorfindel at full speed now . Running right towards the catapults . Needing to change course when he would meet resistance. The style he used changed with each encounter. He used an amalgamation of techniques and styles. He was efficient to perfection. Only using the least amount of his energy to get each task done.

Finnola was a charging force all her own. There was great power behind everything she did. She now on the plain before the first troll. This, this was her calling. She screams with each attack . The troll lobs another boulder at her then another. She was agile and quick . Dodging them fairly easily. Her spear lifting high . It spun faster and faster.

Glorfindel felt the wind picking up around him. He meeting the first catapult . Cutting the mast was easy enough . It fell hard to the ground. It was the troll and orc protecting them and using them that were the issue.

He loved this . He lived for this . The death of his enemies. This was why he was allowed to return from Valinor. He was picking up speed now . More orc came to challenge him. He slices his way through them . Engaging in a dance of his own . Spinning and slicing then leaping and stabbing. He was sprayed with more orc blood until he was dripping with it. This only fueled his rage. He was on the next Catapult. Ducking under the ax of a troll His swords meet the backsides of the trolls legs . hamstringing him. The massive troll falls forward . Glorfindel pushes forward. Cutting the catapults rigging then then mast.

Finnola had dispatched one troll then several orc . The Drangonsfang was hungry and she continued to feed it . The power growing the more she used it . She charged the next troll swinging upwards with it . The blade barely meeting the flesh of the orcs belly. The flesh parts and his guts spill forth. She already several feet away bludgeoning a line of 5 orc with one swing towards them. He mighty legs carrying her charging at the next . She only needed to thrust the spear towards orc that would try to flank her . Felling many of her enemy in her quest to destroy every troll on the battle field.

The ground began to shake. The trembles getting harder. The Rohirrim fighting through the right flank . plowing through the orcs. Their battle cries filling the air . Orc rush to the left and are met with the elvish arrows. Bottle necking the orcish main forces. They loosing their heavy artillery in the back .

Glorfindel almost halfway done with destroying the catapults. Finnola Making quick work of the troll she encounters. That is until they release every troll on the payroll. The herd of running troll made her look with wide eyes and then she sighs loudly the spear lifted over head and spinning.

" RUN !" She screams at the top of her lungs and looks back to the Elf as he battles more Orc .

Blood dripping from the Various wounds that covered his arms .

"RUN NOW !" She screamed.

He looked to see her building up her power the winds beginning the pull towards her . He turned immediately and began to run for cover . Slicing orcs to bits as he seeks something to hopefully give him shelter .

The tornado begins to build. She had never tried to take on so many at once. She hoped any that got through were so badly damaged Glorfindel would have no problem dispatching them. He finally dives behind the remains of a catapult . 2 dead trolls before him . He hoped he had enough cover. He could feel the pressure building in the air . He dared to peek out and felt his jaw slacken . Orc and troll were running from it . The growing vortex . Spreading and pulling them back into its destruction. He could only imagine what was going on inside it . The upturned catapult began to shake and threaten to lift . With that He took off again running as fast as he could to duck down a small rise in the field. This is where the fighting got tricky. Orc were trying to shelter there as well and he found himself surrounded . A grin curls on his lips. "Lets get this done."

The catapults effectively destroyed none of them remained where they had once stood . The debris was falling from the sky . A gruesome rain began. Various body parts and corpses began to fall down around him . The dust slowly clearing the air . The wind had stopped and walking across the field towards him was the Glorious Giant . She soaked in the black blood as well . She was absolutely gorgeous. His attention back on the death he was dealing .

The orcs began to pull back . The main forces in the front pushing them back into the sheer mass of death Finnola and Glorfindel had created at what the rear of their forces. They meeting up with the Rohirrim . Soon they found themselves swept up on the backs of horses and carried out of the mass of retreating beasts. Archers following and dealing more death on the ones running away. The fewer they would battle in the coming days . They would be pursuing the dark army . The goal to wipe them off the map in this area.

Finnola Leaning heavily on Dragonsfang. Each breath fought for. Glorfindel was breathless as well . Standing beside her among a detail of elven soldiers. The Rohirrim chasing down the stragglers of the orc arm . The day was not over . Finnolas knees buckled and she fell down to them . Her hands still grasping the spear .

" I don't think I have any more left in me my friend. " She said to Glorfindel who was looking pretty awful himself .

He soon joined her on his knees in the muck of the battlefield. The black blood rolling off them . "I need liquor and food." He said and she laughed.

" Aye that sounds wonderful." He lifted his chin and looked up at her . She wet with sweat and blood smiling at him. She had enjoyed dealing death as well.

Days had passed with few messages and no news of Legolas or Finnola. They had heard the battle started . That they had pushed the orc back the first day and were in pursuit. Thranduil sat with Juniper and Orist in the Garden. He had not come to sit with them for days now. He didn't even come to the room to sleep . Leaving her with Elthian at night . He was running a campaign here as well. She knew there were things she was not being told. Nor would she mention it . Not when he was there . In those few moments. When she was his again. Leaning against him . His arm comes around her The baby on his thighs . His knees bent . Orist was growing rather quickly.

" He will be talking soon . You will always be on the move after him when he starts walking after that. " His arm draws her tighter against him.

" I am ready" she said softly.

Her fingers rubbing the baby's small feet gently. He looked down at her . her violet eyes . Her smile. The glow of her flesh. He breathed in deeply . Loving her scent.

" I will be here tonight. I must rest because my cousin will be arriving tomorrow. " She blinked and looked up. " Celeborn?"

He smiled and played with the baby more. " Yes Celeborn. You have never met him but I think You will like him. " Watching them play together. warmed her heart.

" I hope he brings good news. I think we could use some of that. Otherwise I think I may wither . " she coughs a bit and grins.

His brow arched. " Wither you say? That would be dreadful. I might have to see about remedying that later."

She giggled . "Such things you say My Husband. " Her fingers slipping to his ribs for a little tickle .

Nope her job this time was to support him. She would tolerate the silence on matters this time.

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