The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Juniper left the tent looking rather weary. Gandalf's smile faded as his eyes now fell on Minol. " I am surprised You are the one that has been behind many terrible things. When I met you , you were just trying to survive in a big cruel world. Now you seem to have been running the cruel show. " Gandalf sighed.
Minol bowed his head a bit and smiles. " Indeed Olórin I was the master of many devastating plans. I was also the Master of this very plan you are a player in. You are just going to have to trust me and try and remember the one that was scratching to just survive. You are one of the only beings that would remember me as I was then. Truly outward appearances have changed for both of us since then but I assure you I am still the same."

Gandalf nodded slowly and steeples his fingers. " Is that so?" He grumbled " I suspect you can not just come and tell me out right how this all ends. to do that would ruin what you have done."
Minol grins. " That would be correct. "
Gandalf's hands moved and lay on the table. " I will follow the trail you are leaving Minol. I will follow it with Elrond. "
Minol pressed his hands to the table now and rose. " I would not have it any other way. I know you will not disappoint." Gandalf watches him take a few steps then speaks again. " The time you spent in Saurons counsel shows on you Minol. I hope that his influence only changed your outward appearance. I know He broke many minds. Powerful ones. What made you so special little demon?"
Minol bristled at being called that. He swallowed hard and cast a glance at Gandalf. " I was never a human, nor elf or dwarf. I was never a child of Eru. That is what makes me special. " With that he left the tent and Gandalf to his thoughts.

Juniper sat on the bed. Her legs criss crossed. Little Melian laying before her, all bundled up. some of her things had arrived from the fortress. She was wearing one of her silk dresses by Shisha. This one was a light grey in color with breading along the neck and lace along sleeves. On the skirts was the bear and the elk. It was her favorite design. Refusing shoes, her naked toes wiggled . Her hair flowed down her back in long golden curls. She just stared at the baby and the baby slept.

Her stomach was in knots. She had not even felt this badly when Thranduil presented her as the Queen. Now she will be presented even more people . These were not elves. She knew so little of all the other races. sure she had been around the Men of Gondor, The Dwarves of Erebor and a giant. The more she thought about this the more she began to realize . She did have experience. She knew more than she thought. That stroked her confidence enough to give her some hope.

The light from the tent flap being drawn to the side brought her out of her thoughts. Her eyes lifted and there was Thranduil. The uncertainty and the anxious fear poured from the small Fae. He smiled gently and sprawled on the bed opposite her with Melian's head towards him. He leaned down and press a small kiss to her forehead. " I remember , this frightened little fae who went to court. " He began. " She stood in the wings shaking. The knots in her stomach to great she felt as if her breakfast would end up on the floor. " Juniper smiled and watched him as He told this story to Melian. " She walked out before all the Lords and Ladies of the greatest Elven realm. This meek, tiny Pixie before all these great Elves was presented to them as their new Queen. " He began to smile even more now. " There were those that would speak up against her. They said loudly to the King. We can not accept this thing as our Queen. She is small and weak. She is not a great and mighty elf. " Her brows lifted . He spoke the words that they had veiled behind nicer ones.

" Suddenly this small, weak thing lifted into the air and flew before the whole court. Down from the dais and landed right in front of the one who spoke the loudest against her. She stood proudly before him and informed him rather firmly that If he didn't like it he could simply leave but if he chooses to stay He will show her respect and then before the whole court she told them all how she wished for their prosperity. Then invited them to talk to her and ask questions. To engage her and see for themselves what she was really like. " He then lifted his eyes and looked right into hers. " They did just that. They asked her questions and listened to her and before she knew it they were eating from the palm of her small hand. " He trailed off then for a few moments. " and that is how your naneth conquered the court of Greenwood. "

He knew just what she needed to be reminded of and what she needed to hear. "Juniper there has always been a greatness in you. It's subtle at first. One must really pay attention to catch glimpses of it. I am constantly amazed at how you managed to not fall completely apart when circumstances become difficult and I see you just moments from a breakdown then suddenly you become hardened like stone and face whatever is before you with the confidence of a warrior and the tongue of a Queen. "

She felt her heart skip and her lips parted with a gasp. His long slender fingers reached out and slide through her hair and stop at the back of her head. He drew her closer and over their baby they kissed softly . His forehead pressing to hers . His lips now just a breath away her own still feeling the tingle of that kiss. " You have greatness in you. "

Juniper stood with her tiny infant in her arms . Buttercup was sniffing at the baby . " See Buttercup . This is Melian. She is my cub and you will protect her as if she were me." Thranduil stood back watching her introduce their daughter to the great bear. He trusted the bear far more than Minol. Thranduil moved in behind her and wrapped his arms around her and the child . His chin rests against the top of her head . Buttercup raised his massive head and sniffed at Thranduil and then drug his tongue up and over his face rather slowly. This made Thranduil laugh, so Juniper started to laugh . " Good Buttercup." She pipes up and bursts with giggles. Thranduil wipes his face with his sash.

Thranduil crouches down and turned her so she faces him his hands on her hips. He looked to his daughter and found she just brought a smile to his face . It's all he could do in her presence was smile. He helped Juniper place the baby in the sling across her and pulls her in for a rather passionate kiss. One that leaves her breathless.

Minol witnesses the exchange. He could taste the love between them . That was pretty impressive being as he was several yards away, he grinned widely and inside he was giddy. Now Gandalf has been watching Minol ever since he arrived in the camp. Even when Gandlaf was not around Minol was being watched. What was perplexing was the fact Minol was genuinely happy when faced with the fact, Juniper was very much in love with Thranduil and he Loved her just as much. The more Minol watched them interact the happier he became.

Thranduil lifts his wife and daughter up so Juniper could crawl on Buttercups back . She choose to wear her formal Crown. Thranduil now climbing up as well . He coming to place her crown on her head. Making sure it was secure before his leap down. " You are so beautiful . " he clutched at his heart . She began to giggle " My King, you are holding up the entire show." She teased.

Thranduil grinned and donned his formal crown as well. Then pulls himself onto Memna's back and rode towards her. She sat straight up on Buttercups back . He found it funny how there was none willing to walk closer to the bear. He looked over to his wife who now began to feel her nerves. He could tell she was . She looked down at her baby asleep in the sling . Her hands resting on her thighs were trembling.

" Melamin, Ennas al-baur an thos. Le na-est rîs. Le na-est bereth. Dôl taer, dan taer. Ech bain.(There is no need for worry. You are their Queen. You are my Queen. Head high back straight . You are beautiful)"
She looked over to him and inhaled a deep breath her cheeks had pinked and she nodded gently." Diola lle amin aran (thank you my king)" Jeven rode up slowly to her other side. He bowed his head to Thranduil and then to Juniper. She looked surprised to see him there beside her.

Thranduil leaned over and spoke to her softly. " Is he not the one that traveled half way over the Arda to find you?" She nodded, " He is the one appointed by the Mother to protect you is he not?" She nodded again, " Then he should be here for this. Besides He speaks most of their languages. Jeven will be helpful."
She smiled, " I am very pleased he is here with me. "

Despite Thranduil's words she couldn't help but feel nervous. Even Jeven began to notice it . She lowered her head and closed her eyes. Then as they began to move through the camp and towards the field Her head lifted and the look in her eyes was different. The sun began to break through the clouds and the sun shone down on them. Her flesh beginning to take on that golden hue even more. Her wings lifted and stretched out . Thranduil marveled at her. How she could go from shy and nervous to confident and Queenly so quickly.

The entire population of the army Minol had brought them stood out field watching them approach . They stop at the highest point in the field where everyone can see them . A smile curled on her lips as she rose to stand on bears back and off script she stood there a few moments then Thranduil felt the wind from her wings. She rose from the bears back up into the sunlight . The collective gasp from the crowd was very audible. The movement of her wings changed from the mighty flaps to lift off to now fluttering so fast they were nearly invisible as she hovered there. The baby carefully pulled from the pouch of the sling and presented to the people. Her people. This show was more than Minol could have dreamed of. This was Rowena's influence and for once he was glad for it.

Then just as gently as she had taken off she drifted back down to the bears back and lowered down with her baby in her arms. Thranduil could not have been anymore proud . Jevens heart was racing . He had never seen her really fly before. Just that quick flutter on their long ride. Minol stood beside his Emissary to the side of the 3 representatives. Thranduil did not even give him a glance. Jeven looked on him with his wide eyes. She turned to Jeven and noticed the red in his eyes began to spread. Something told her this was not good. "gre'as'anto jeven uk zhah nau turi'ko(peace Jeven he is no threat)" She whispered to him. Jeven looked surprised then realized what she saw and lowered his head. "nelgeth uns'aa ussta valsharess. Usstan xuat zhaun ele usstan satiir nindol(forgive me my queen. I do not know why I feel this.)"

Thranduil arched a brow . They were speaking in Jevens tongue. He did not know what was being said but he would surely ask later.

They had gone into a tent that was set up for the meeting. Minol and his Emissary stood off to a corner and did little. This was now between the people He brought to her and the King and Queen. Jeven continued to stare at Minol and fighting the rage within him. Minol noticed this and returned the glare. Jevens skills were needed a few times during the conversation.

The meeting was light and rather fast. All of them acknowledged her as the Queen. They all swore fealty to her and spoke the words in their own languages and in westron. This impressed Jeven the most. He after all, had learned Westron on his journey here. It was not easy. These were now her people and the population of Thranduil's kingdom grew by more than 50,000 . The baby began to fuss so the meeting was ended. She said her good byes and together they left the Tent.

" I need a place to nurse Thranduil. I am already starting to leak. " She groans and he laughs softly and guides her to the guard tent .
"I will wait by the mounts." Jeven smiles then looks to her " I am very proud to say you are My Queen." He turned then and walked the other way.
She watched him a few moments as Thranduil commands the guards to leave the tent which all the guards do . The flap closed soon she was finding a chair and wiggling into it. "This is really bad Thranduil. I think I am making too much because it just keeps coming out at the smallest whimper from her. "
He pulls a chair closer to the one she sat in . Then lowered down and watched His daughter nurse. " You have very strong motherly instincts Melamin. I have noticed it for a while now. That is all it is. I will have Shisha come up with something for you. " He leaned forward and kissed her lips then his forehead pressed to hers and he looked down at his daughter.

Minol left the tent a short time after. Just in time to catch them entering a guards tent and ordering the guards out. He watches the dark elf walk away. It was curious his reaction. Sure he knew who the avanati are. He had dealings with them in the past. Nothing terrible but that ones reaction was interesting.

If Minol didn't want to be seen he wasn't seen. That was just how it was. Right now he didn't want to be seen. He followed Jeven all the way to the stocks where the horses and one bear where. The crowd thinning out. The field that had been full of people before was now fairly barren. Minol was just a few feet from Jeven now. He beside his horse going over the saddle and within a flash Jeven had his daggar pulled and it was pointed right at Minol inches from his face.

Minol had not been surprised like this in a very long time. His eyes widened and he even gasped. to the casual on looker it would appear that the dark elf was pointing his dagger at nothing. Jeven was looking right into his eyes. That red ring growing in his.
"How is it you can see me?" Minol asks.
Jeven gives him a toothy grin. " I know what you are. errdegahr (demon), Like elves were turned into orc. Fae turn into errdegahr. The difference is You did so willingly."
Minol was in utter shock. He stood there with the dagger inches from his face in silence. Jeven withdrew the dagger. "Now you know. I can see you. " Jeven sheathed the dagger back on the saddle.

Minol bowed a bit and smiled before lifting his hands and holding them palms up. " Well played dalharuk d'lil avanati ( son of the Avanati) I bid you a good day." He said pleasantly. Then drifted back the way he had come.

Gandalf appeared now behind Jeven and when he turned to check one of the straps on his saddle and caught a glimpse of Gandalf behind him he jumped rather startled. This made Gandalf grin and Jeven erupt into a tirade of profanity. which ended with "vel'bol lil' vith faern".
Gandalf just laughs. " I wanted to check ."
Jeven scowls. " Check what?"
Now Gandalf chuckles. " I needed to check and see if you could see me as well." He smiles amused. "Now tell me Young Avanati how is it you could see him?"

Finnola was preparing to leave in the morning. She didn't have much but what she did have she wanted to make sure it left with her. Glorfindel pulled the flap back to her tent. The sauntered inside. " You are eager to leave. " He says and comes up behind her His hands on her back reach up to her shoulders and begin to message her tense muscles.
" If you're going to do all that then I should not be standing." The giantess murmured. His hands slipped away . He stepped to the side and his hand swept out towards her bed roll. She turning to watch and grinned.
" Then by all means lie down. There are no rules tonight on when you turn in. "

She kicked off her boots and shrugged off her cloak. Then with a grin she moved to her bed roll and lies down on her belly. Her torso held aloft by the pressing of her elbows to the pelts she used to sleep on. Glorfindel cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders. "Alright My Goddess prepare yourself. "

Legolas had been officially summoned by the King. Otherwise he would not be on that side the of the camp. He had watched Glorfindel enter a tent so he listened . He couldn't help himself, it was her tent. His heart sank hearing the conversation. Then hearing the noises of pleasure. He turned away and blocked it all out . He had managed to shake most of the negative feelings off and push them to the back of his mind . His Adar's tent not far ahead. There was silence from it. The silence spell his father used was very strong . So now he had no idea what he was walking in on.

The guards allow him to enter. He stopped, there on the throne was the Queen with her legs drawn up to her side. She leaning on the arm. Pillows around her for comfort and in her arms was his new sister. The Queen was asleep and the baby had been feeding. This did not shock him. He had seen nursing mothers all of his life. What shocked him was the light the radiated from the pair. He was drawn into it's warmth. It was the sound of his adar's voice then brought him out of the dream.
" Legolas? " Thranduil says for the third time and he finally responds by looking to him. " What has you vexed? " Thranduil asked as he crossed the tent to the throne and gently lifted the baby and covered his wife with a blanket.

" Please forgive her. " He says in the soft baritone voice of his. " She is exhausted. She needs to be home to recover properly. " He smiled and stepped closer. " This is Melian. "
He placed the baby in Legolas' arms. Immediately all the pain, anger and that sense of humiliation he had been feeling over the loss of Finnola was just gone. A sense of peace and calm washed over him . He took a few steps to one of the chairs and lowered into it. He did not want to give her up to her father when he reached out for her.
" No Adar let me hold her a bit longer please." He said and just stared down at his little sister. Thranduil smiled. He knew the effect the child had on those near her. It was as if your fea was healed of all its hurts.

Thranduil sat next to him. He knew his son was very hurt, he knew he has probably seen Finnola with Glorfindel and he knew he needed to give him time .
" I want you to stay here and be my Steward. Work with Feren and the other leaders. I want you to build this city with them . "
Legolas looked at him with wide blue eyes and he held Melian to his chest letting her calm his heart before it exploded. " Adar I can not build a city. "
Thranduil grinned, " Yes you can Legolas, You have all the knowledge you need to start . You are my son. I know what you are capable of. You will stay here with Feren and you will have all the counsel and supplies you need. You just need to tell me what all you need, after all you will be King someday ion nin. "

" No I wont Adar. You will be King until the end of the Arda. "
Thranduil shook his head. " I do not have that much foresight Legolas. The future is objective. It can always change. I am so proud of you Legolas. I know your Mother is too. How could she not be. " Legolas closes his eyes a moment then looked back to the face of his sister. Thranduil continued to speak. " I know your fea is hurt. Just know that someday you will find what your fea seeks. Be patient and become who you are supposed to be. You are the Crowned Prince of The Woodland Realm."

Legolas left his fathers tent that night with a new sense of purpose. He was told to gather who he needed and anyone else would be provided within reason. He needed many things done . He met Feren half way to his tent. " Feren after we see the King and Queen off in the morning I need you to start gathering lists. Of everything we need for the next 6 months. We are building a city ."

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