The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The King was back at the Pixies side. Her small hand held in his. He was looking better. Gandalf had managed to nurse him back to health within a few days. She remained in the halls of healing. Still to sick to be moved to the Royal Chambers. She was no longer sickly green in color. When they checked her eyes they were back to their beautiful Lavender color. Yes she still slept. A deep slumber Galadriel had placed her in. A healing sleep as she said.

Elrond and Galadriel had even needed to use the magic of the wizard on this one. This venom unlike anything they had ever encountered. It took them days to pull it out of her body. Then Days more to pull her back from the brink. The 3 of them stood in the corridor .

Gandalf looking in on the tender scene. A king at the bedside of a Fae. The fact she even existed was a wonder in itself.

Elrond spoke first. " I examined the creature that did this. There is no doubt it was a grindylow. "

Galadriel shook her head. " That makes no sense. Grindylow are harmless creatures. Humans give them a bad name. Using them as scary stories to keep their children away from water. So they do not drown."

Gandalf listened to the conversation but said nothing yet.

" Regardless, it was a grindylow. It was twisted and mutated into what attacked the Fae. " Elrond said and crossed his arms over his chest . His gaze on the back of Gandalf's head.

Galadriel stepped closer the Gandlaf and stood beside him. " I have looked over her for weeks now. Touched her . Been effected by her emotions. I know she is real , yet standing here now looking on her , I still can not believe she is here. "

"but why is the question." Gandalfs voice suddenly lifted. " If Thanduil's story is to be believed and I do believe him. Why is she here? Why did her people put her under a spell? Why did they have an ancient spirit watching over her? Does it not seem cruel to leave one of your own behind to wake up Millennia later . When there are none of her own here? There must have been a reason. A very large reason to do such a thing."

Elrond spoke softly. " There is nothing that I can recall . in the ancient tomes in Rivendell about Fae other than they once existed and faded away. What about the archives of the Istari Mithrandir? "

Galadriel was silent now. Her attention on Thranduil and his Fae. Galdalf was saying He would have to go search them in Isengard. His words blur into the background as she reaches out to Thranduil. Speaking into his mind. 'this is a dangerous love' she would warn. ' is see darkness in your future. ' Thranduil looking back towards her narrowed his icy gaze and pushed her from his mind . His attention returning to the Fae .

Galadriel Gasped very softly. Elrond did not hear it but Gandalf did. Thranduil was very old and knew now how to cut his mind off from hers. She smiled a bit at this. She was not in the least slighted. In fact she was somewhat proud that he had learned to do that.

"Celeborn will search the tomes in Lorien but I do not recall much if anything at all on Fae. " Galadriel turned her attention away from Thranduil. " Its far too early to say but, does it not appear as though the mutated Grindylow was sent with the purpose of killing the Fae ."

Elrond and Gandalf had been skirting that subject. Both of them having come to that conclusion. " and even if that isn't the case what evil could do such a thing? Twisting things is something that stinks of Sauron but he is long gone never to return. The answers will not be easy to come I fear." Elrond said. He now looked out to see Thranduil doting over the fae. His demeanor had shift in what seemed the blink of an eye. King Thranduil with a heart of ice was at the bedside of the one he obviously cared deeply for. He began to wonder about the Bond between Thranduil and his wife.

Thranduil did not leave her side much at all. He remained with her day and night. Only leaving to eat and bathe. It was late. The moon high in the sky . His head lay propped against her hip . her small hand lay in his. He slept like this. Close to her. Keeping the bad dreams away. That he felt was all he could do for her now.

Her eyes opened . Just a little at first. then slowly she was able to open them a bit more. She could not really move much. she felt weak . Her surroundings were not familiar . Her gaze drifting down from the ceiling to silver hair. The color so very familiar. It was a struggle to lift the hand that was not held in his. A small frail shaking hand moved to touch his hair. Loosing her strength to keep it lifted her hand rests on his head . little fingers moving just slightly to caress .

He was awakened by a soft touch to his head . Lifting it her hand slides away to lay against her belly. His silver gaze met hers. Her eyes that lovely shade of purple that he had missed seeing. "Juniper" He whispered she managed to smile.

He lifted her into his arms . She gasped and whimpered. " easy easy." He held her to him. Her head in one of his hands she did not have the strength to hold it up herself. He began to weep . Her small body against his again. He was so over joyed and relieved . He could not hold back his emotions any longer.

" I thought I had lost you. I thought you would never return to me. " He lay her back gently His body leaning over her so he could look into her eyes and caress her face. She smiled for him.

Her hand managing to lift to curl fingers around his wrist. " Why did you kiss me? " she asked in whisper. This made him chuckle softly and more tears fall from his eyes. " Because I love you. "

She just looked at him a little confusion in her gaze and he could feel it from her with his fea. " Like how Ninnel feels about me?" She asked

he shook his head . " not quite Pixie." He took her hand and pressed it over his heart. " feel how my heart beats? now look deeper. "

she closed her eyes and then she could feel him. she could feel his emotions. She took in a deep breath and opened her eyes.

" I understand ." She guided his hand between her breast He could feel her as well being so close . Those emotions matched his. She began to cry too. Gently He moves her over so he could lay beside her . He helped her roll to her side per her request so they could look at each other and whisper to each other.

"I will never allow you to be hurt like that again. Never." His hand lifted and his finger tip traced along her pointed ear down to her jaw. This made her smile and even squirm a bit. Though her small body was still weak.

"How long had I been asleep?" She asked in a voice so small it took elvish ears to hear it.

"Over a month." he answered and saw the look of shock in those purple depths. "Oh do not fret. " He felt her emotions. He felt the guilt. "You did not do anything wrong nor were you reckless."

"Are you sure? I can not remember. I was being careful. I was so happy. There was this warm tingle deep in my belly. You had kissed me. I did not understand it. I did not understand why it made me feel like that. Now I know why." She was smiling . Her eyes barely open. She struggled to stay with him. She wanted to stay with him. She wanted to feel him close and hear his voice. She wanted to his scent all over her. Always surrounding her.

It had not in those moments beside the falls, occurred to him that she might not understand. It was romantic love that was foreign to her. Now she was learning about it. Experiencing it. He was reliving that first love feeling all over again along with her. He felt so young and vibrant with her. He pulled her gently against his chest. "rest meleth. I will not leave you. When you awaken I will be here and we can spend all day together."

Gandalf who had been lurking in shadows watching over them the only witness to this . "Darkness indeed." He would mutter not sharing Galadriel's thoughts on the matter.

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