The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The moon was rising and moving slowly higher and higher . It was full and bright. She had gone up to the gardens to look on it in the cool night . Tauriel stands back from her . Her back against one of the pillars. Juniper had a glow about her when she stood in the moons light. Silver hair fluttering gently in the breeze. Her flesh like alabaster. The burn on her arm healing and unbandaged . It was becoming the spring, soon they would be moving back to these chambers. She couldn't wait to live closer to the fresh air and the light.

She was wearing a sheer light dress and no shoes. Her small feet kissing cold stones as she spun slowly around . Loving the moonlights caresses on her body. Tauriel began to wonder how she experienced the world . How the Pixie saw things . How it felt to be constantly connected to the world it self. To feel the pulse of the world through her small feet. To not only hear the song of the trees but know their thoughts and to commune with the fauna in ways elves only dream of.

" My Lady . Its getting colder . We should go inside now. "

She smiles and scampers over to Tauriel and hugs her. " I am so blessed to have you as my friend. "

Tauriel crouches down and hugs the pixie back. "Thank you but I am the blessed one. " There were moments like these too. Moments when she just had to tell you how much she appreciates you just being there.

She gently let the fae go and smoothed her hair behind her pointed ears. " Lets get back down to the chambers before Ada gets back and wonders where I have taken you now. " They turned towards the secret passage . Juniper was thrilled that Tauriel and Legolas had started calling Thranduil Ada again.

They emerged in the lower royal chambers. Thranduil had just walked through the doors and was sending Galion off for the night. "Ceri ú prest ammen Tauriel. Gar a man dú." He said and smiled to her . Giving her a hug . " Gar a man dú Ada. " She said and left the chambers. He then turned his attention to his beloved pixie. She was glowing tonight. She had been basking in the moonlight.

She turned and walked slowly towards the bedroom . Soundlessly , The sway of her body beckons him to follow. He begins to remove his clothing as he follows her. Pieces of his clothing just being dropped as he moves . His robe first . Followed by his boots . His tunic outside the door. He closes it and locks it . She pushes the straps of her dress off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor . He was undoing the laces to his leggings as she danced around the bed to a song only she could hear.

Soon his leggings were left at the door. She dancing towards him . Her round hips swaying side to side . Her hands taking his she pulls him closer until his body was against hers. Her head only coming up to right under his chest . She presses her lips to his flesh and kisses over his heart. She pushing him back gently with her body . She pushes him down on the bed and he grins. Scooting himself back to the middle . She crawling like a beast up between his long muscular legs . Pressing kisses to his hips her small firm breast grazing over his thighs.

He was watching her . She had never been this seductive before. Her eyes honed in on his as her head dips down ever so slightly and the pink of her small warm tongue slides from between her lips to press to the base of his man flesh . His lips parted with a soft gasp . His heart began to beat faster. He watched as her tongue slides up the shaft . Her lips pressing against the tip . It twitched against her kiss.

She had never done this and he was delighted. Moans began to escape his lips . She taking him between her soft plump lips and he finds himself sinking into her warm moist mouth . Her eyes still on his . Her lips stretched around him .He moved his hands behind his head and let out a deep growling moan . She would taste salty droplets on her tongue his hips begin to rock gently . Her hand moves to encircle him . Stroking slowly up and down . She could feel him swelling even more in her soft grip. Her lips coming free of him and he sinks to the bed . His body having become tense with pleasure.

She was glowing so brightly tonight . He marveled at her beauty . She crawling up over him slowly . Her soft thighs parted to straddle him . His spear fully engorged as she settled her bottom agains his thighs her hands on him again . Stroking and pressing him against her belly . His mind began to buzz with the sensations of her touch and visual of her like this . Then gently her head lowered to kiss his belly making it tremble . Her hands leaving him to press to the bed . She slinks higher . Sensitive nipples dragging against him . Slowly she her body slides up her tongue tasting the salt of his skin. She would lay lightly upon his chest . Her lips sweetly kissing his over and over. He moves his hands from behind his head to caress them down her sides then gripping a perky bottom cheek in each one.

" Oh Valar what have I done to deserve this tonight?" She silences him with another kiss. Her hand sliding down between them to position his flesh . She lifted up . He would look wide eyed and begin to speak her fingers press to his lips silencing him again. He could feel the heat of her core hovering over the tip of his spear. She feeling how large and solid he was against her. Then slowly . Agonizingly slow she would begin to lower . Her lips part she soft whimpering moans. Inch by inch he was pulled into tight searing heat . The flesh around him trembling . He watched himself slowly disappearing . He had never been fully within her body . He feels himself hitting the deepest parts of her and she pulls herself up just a few inches . then pushes herself down again .

Her body trembling . He watching this. Watching himself sinking deeper and deeper . Her belly bulging with him . Her hands gasping above his hips. The finally he was fully inside her . Her head back with a cry . He gritting his teeth at the sensation of finally having all of her. She would begin to move each little roll of her hips . Every time she would lift just an inch and push down sent strange sensations through him . Her eyes locked on his and he could not look away. Her hips roll and he feels like he will come unglued . Then rock back and forth and his heart skips beats and his legs shake . She found a rhythm that matched the song in her heart and he begins to hear music .

Her wings extend out, she grinds against him her eyes never leaving his and he begins to see her light . It swirls from her . Like falling stars that sparkle and dance . He begins to realize what he thought was bonding before was not complete bonding with her. Now she was showing him everything. He was seeing her essence for the first time. The beauty of pure fae. The light flowed through him caressing his fea. Her body kept time to the song . Her wings flutter sending a shower of sparkles around them . Her soul twirling with his. Part of hers mixing with his and part of his with hers. Bonding in a way he didn't even think was possible.

It was so beautiful. He feeling every bit of her pleasure and she his . The flow back and forth like the song . Her hands find his. Their fingers lacing together steadying her as the pace increases. Her moans part of the song joined by his deeper cries. She was trembling around him . Her body tensing and finally her eyes rolled back and closed. Her head falling back . Her bottom began to slap against this thighs . Her moans rising louder and louder. His own matching hers. She held his hands tightly . Her body milking at his flesh . Greedy needy . He rises up and wraps her in his arms . His lips and tongue at her breast. Hands on her hips pulling her down to meet him harder and harder .

Her glow engulfs them . He is surrounded by her spirit . His own embracing hers edging closer and closer until he explodes deeply within her tight body . Her own release milking every drop of hot seed from him and demanding more and more. His fingers grip at the flesh of her back . Her arms around him, she trembles . Then her head drops to his shoulder and he falls back against the pillows . His body locked to hers.

Time became meaningless and it felt like an eternity that they swam together in the euphoric sea. Lost to time and space. Their bodies were clasped together their souls somewhere else spiraling together forever through color and light. He never wanted it to end . He wanted to hold her just like this for eternity and she wanted the same. Then very slowly they began to drift back to themselves. Her body relaxing enough so his flesh could move within her again. He began to feel his legs and his arms again. His lungs filling with oxygen. His mind buzzing . His body tingles from head to toe and she was there. Lying on top of him . Her wings drooping down . Her breathing fast and ragged. She was shaking in his arms.

"My love. " He whispered to her. She could only whimper in response. " My Queen " whispered softly. " My heart and soul" His hands caressing her lower back. "My world." He kisses her shoulder. "My wife, My pixie. " He began to cry softly against her shoulder. She was crying too. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like that before . He having more control of his body now than she . He carefully rolls to his side and lays her against the softness of the bed. His flesh still within her. Her head falls back . Her soft lips parted with her heavy breaths. He kisses them tenderly and begins to rub her tenderly . He speaks in whispers to her . Bringing her back to him as she follows his voice . His tears and her own still falling . He moves so his hands hold her small face and pull her into his sweet kisses.

The finally her lashes flutter and her eyes open. She seeing him smiling at her . " I love you." He whispers. " You can never leave me . I can never leave you. We are one . Completely one. Its incredible my love. I can hear the pulse of the world and the song it sings. I can see your light . I finally really see you. " She smiles to him. Her lips finding his for another kiss. Finally He rolls her to her back his body separated from hers. He lays his head on her chest and listens to her heart as she strokes his soft silvery hair. His hand caressing her belly slowly.

"How... why? " He stumbled with his words. " How did you do that? " She smiles and lets his hair fall from her finger tips.

" I don't know . something was guiding me. I think it was mother. She was guiding me and she wanted you to see . " He smiles and kisses between her breast. " Thank you. " He said . Not speaking to his Pixie but the mother. " Do you hurt? " he suddenly asked . Lifting his head. He had to have been into her womb . " I am fine I may need some of Ninnel special ointment . later. " he chuckled softly. " I may need some too."

They would talk for hours. Smiling at each other. Kissing each other. The need for more sex that night gone and left was them reveling in each other. He held her against him and she drifted off to sleep. He awake and left with his own thoughts. A silly smile still plastered on his lips. He began to think of Legolas' mother. Her beautiful countenance hung in his library. Her name was Myriani and he had loved her most viciously. He still did. Even more since she had allowed him to find this love now with Juniper. Though now when he thought of her and felt that love for her it did not bring a terrible despair to his heart.

Now he felt incredibly lucky to have had her in his life. He have had her love. He would silently thank her over and over for giving this to him . For giving him his son and for allowing the love he had for Juniper blossom and grow. Eventually he drifted off and slumber with his pixie held snuggly against him.

Galion stood there in silence looking down the corridor towards his King bedroom. Ninnel arriving just minutes after he had. She was wondering what he was starring at . "Everything ok Galion?" She asked then stopped and arched a brow seeing the trail of clothing leading to the bedroom. " Well then." She said and Galion just shook his head. Ninnel started to gather her kings clothing from the floor and Galion would go to getting the breakfast for the Royal Couple.

The King emerged from the bedroom Ninnel looking at him with a raised brow. His clothes over her arm. He gave her a winning smile "Is Galion about Ninnel ? " He asks and adjusts his house coat .

" He went to get your Breakfast My Lord. " she just couldn't put her finger on it. There was something different about him this morning .

" Have him bring it into the bedroom please. " She nodded to him and managed a small smile . He laughed a bit nervously and slipped back into the bedroom.

She began to tidy up the chambers. Galion was returning with a cart . Ninnel stuck her head out of the sitting room. " He wants their breakfast taken to the bedroom. " Galion took a deep breath and nodded. " Very well. " He was almost afraid of what he might find in there. which was silly but the Kings chambers had a different feel to them that day and he did not wish to hear the sounds of love making as he tried to do his work .

He tapped on the door before opening it. His king was in his bed and resting back against the headboard. The Queens head lay in his lap her hair in disaray. Thranduil smoothing it down with his hand . Junipers head popped up when Galion wheeled the cart in . She excitedly pushed herself up and crawled all over the King to get out of the bed.

She was wearing one of his shirts . It hung down on her like a misshaped dress. " Good morning Galion. " She was cheerful as she attacked the food cart. " Galion cancel everything I have today . " She was looking through all the covered dishes and making clattering noises as she did . A roll in her mouth she looked up and they both were looking to her . She pulls the bread from between her lips and smiled sheepishly . She spoke in a soft tone. " Sorry."

Galion then looked back to his King. "Yes My lord . You didn't have much on the agenda so it should be easy enough. " Now Thranduil began to watch her getting her plate together. She was piling sausages on it and heaps of eggs . Fried potatoes atop the eggs . The kings confused look made Galion look as well.

" My Love ?" the King said and she looked to him . " You do not eat meat? " He said questioning her choices in food. She looked at her plate and shrugged a bit. " I'm really hungry and my body wants me to have meat today. I'm sure I did not know any of the animals I am about to consume. "

Galion and the King looked to each other in silence. She walk backed to the bed and crawled up on the foot. she sat with her legs drawn up and crossed. The plate cradled in the crook of them. She speared a sausage with her fork and begin to eat it . A bite of roll following . Galion looking very confused excused himself and left the room as Thranduil rose to get himself a plate.

"Are you feeling well My Love?"

She was chowing down on eggs and more sausage. He wondered how she was going to fit that much food inside of her small body.

"Mmm hmmm I feel fine just starving. " He shrugged and chalked it up to the intensity of their love making and all that had happened .

" Juice please ." She said as he was pouring himself a glass. He smiled and offered it to her . Stepping closer she took it and turned it up guzzling the contents within moments and handing it back to him.

" Thank You. " He took the glass and just watched her for a few moments. " So is there a reason you canceled everything today My Love ?" she asked and stuffed another sausage in her mouth.

" Indeed . You and I are spending the day together . Besides after last night I have to admit. I am sore. " she giggled and smiled at him.

" Well I feel fine . want to go for round 2? " He was bringing a cup of tea to lips and her words made him choke. He lowered the tea. " I dont know if I could handle it like that again so soon. Though I wouldn't mind something less intense. " She giggled at him.

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