The Fairy of Middle Earth

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Finnola was back in her apartment. She had practically stepped inside it and fell right to sleep on her couch. It was early when she awoke. Just one look out the balcony told her that the sun had not risen yet. With a sigh she backed away from the curtain and turned towards the bath. As she stood there looking over what was a sizable tub however, to the Giantess it was not quite big enough for her to comfortably just soak in. Bathing sure soaking and relaxing not so much. It was still early and she figured none would be at the public bathing pool.

Soon she was leaving her apartment. Clean clothing draped over her arm. She began to take the winding path that lead down towards the steaming pools of water. Once there her hunch was correct. She was alone. Placing her clothing down on a bench she went to grabbing what she would need for a bath and placed it all down within reach of where she planned to be.

It was peaceful here. The small cavern illuminated by some magical light. It was dim, calming and relaxing. She pulled her dirty clothes off and left them in a pile by her clean clothing . She stretched out, her arms lifted over her head . Her waist turned from right to left stretching out her back muscles then down into the pool she stepped the heated water slowly rising over her and sending her into a state of relaxation. She lowered down to sit and just let her eyes close . "This right here is worth never returning to Rohan Ah me. " She whispered .

" Fancy seeing you here ."

The familiar deep voice shook her from her daze. Her eyes opening and looking around seeing no one until she looked up and standing behind her on the ledge was Glorfindel . She pushed quickly from the wall she had been leaned against and moved more into the pool. Her eyes were wide. He was nude . His hair loosed from his braids spilled down over his shoulders in golden waves. The ends of it against his hips. With a grin he lowered down and slides into the pool too.

He stretches in the water and sighs with pleasure." I don't know about you but the bathing tub in my apartment doesn't allow for a full soak. "

She shrugged a bit and relaxed some. They were exploring a relationship. They had spent many nights together . Sex only happening in Lorien the night before the battle that wasn't. With looming war hanging over their heads it had not been much more than just raw baser need.

His hair floated on the surface of the water. Shimmering in the dim light like liquid gold. His face was serene. His gaze never leaving her. He begins to grin as he starts to feel what she feels . His fea reaching out to her. Finnola just looking at him . Her lips parted a bit with deepening breaths. It was becoming obvious to her. What she felt was not some young girls fleeting crush. It was far more encompassing that what she had felt with Legolas.

" I love you Glorfindel." She said suddenly.

He arched a brow. " Well My Goddess I have known that for a while now. It's good to hear you finally say it. " He shifted and his hand reached out to her in the water . Taking her wrist he pulled her to him. " Its good you finally admit it to yourself. " She was so close. His hand on her cheek. He fea threatening to burst forth and he struggled to keep it within. Her green eyes were exploring the depths of his. It was then that she understood the struggle within him.

Their lips meet and his arms moved around her. Pulling her against him in a tight embrace. The kiss deepens and she moans very softly into it. The buoyancy of the water working to his advantage. He felt insanely powerful legs wrap around his waist. His hands grasp her firm backside and his fingers kneed into the flesh. The last shred of control Finnola had melted away . Her hands tangle in his golden hair . Her fingers pressing to the back of his head . She felt herself drifting through the water slowly.

"I want to be with you. I want to be with you forever. " She managed to whisper against his lips. She knew, she had known for a while. She was meant to be his and his alone.

Warm smooth stone was pressing against her. He placing her on one of the many ledges under the water. This one carved to recline gently. His lips leaving hers . His kissed down along her neck to her shoulder. Then back to her lips. His hands on her thighs pushing them wider apart and he rests between them. His calloused hands roaming over her hips to her back . His own breaths ragged. He pulls away and gasps .

" Are you sure? Because if we do this right now I can not control My fea we will bond Finnola and it will be forever. "

She bit his bottom lip gently then pulled her head back releasing it. Her green eyes locked on to his. " Shut up and take me." She growled. The moment those words rolled from her tongue his lips captured hers again. His hands pull her towards him and with a thrust of his hips he was deep within her tight walls. His pushed her back against the stone . This was them. raw, almost violent. He the only one that could take her returned passion . Her hands holding onto his arms. Her legs wrapping around him once more. Pulling herself to him just as viciously as He thrust into her.

There were few moans . Mostly the cavern was filled with feral growls and throaty cries. Being quiet was not for them.

" Look at me" He demands.

His hand rising from the water to grab her chin and force her face to turn toward him. Her eyes locking on his once again.

" Do not look away from me." He commanded .

She felt a tremble from deep within her work its way all the through her . His hands back on her hips the force of his thrusts becoming greater. Seeming to overpower her returned passion and making her take more.

Then she felt it . A pull towards him. Her body becoming very warm her eyes couldn't look away then if she wanted. His fea finally breaking free and becoming one with hers. It was only then when they were truly one that he would pull her into his arms. Holding her against his broad chest . Pulling her down on him viciously and she submitting to everything she was feeling . Bodies and spirits locked . His teeth bared sank into her shoulder as he growled through his lusty release and she screamed with her head back . Her sex trembling around him .

There in the embrace of magical waters. The two mighty warriors were wed.

Thranduil sat at the breakfast table . Several messages had come in the night. He was reading them with a half grin . Juniper was happily shoveling sausages into her mouth. Occasionally she would directed Orist to stop playing and eat. Which he did in the tall chair beside her. Ninnel was moving up behind her with a squirming and clean baby. Thranduil looked up and smiled putting the message down and reaching out. " Bring her here Ninnel. Let the Queen eat. " She smiles and moves to pass the Kings daughter to him. Ninnel watched as He lovingly held his child to his chest with her head on his shoulder. She already making progress at holding it up on her own.

Orist appeared to be done with his porridge . Juniper chuckling as she takes a napkin in hand. " Oh my son you appear to be wearing more than you have eaten. " She went to wiping away the majority of the porridge that clung to his face .

Ninnel laughing. " Well now its your turn for a bath Prince Orist the Brave" She called him and scooped him up.

He squeals and laughs " Ninna bring boats " He wanting to play with his toy boats in the bath.

Thranduil looked and Ninnel winked. " It's what he calls me now."

Thranduil chuckles. " You be good for Ninna. " He said to his son then smiles ." I swear he will be Elrond's better. " Spoken as he picks up the next message and reads while his daughter begins to fall asleep on his shoulder.

" It seems as if something that has never happened before is to happen here and soon." He looked to Juniper as she chewed then swallowed a bite.

" Oh? What is that?"

"They are all coming. Celeborn and Galadriel. Elrohir is on his way . Elladan is staying in Rivendell to act in Elrond's stead. Eomer of Rohan is coming and so is Ellesar. King Brand will be arriving in a few days along with The King under the mountain."

Her brows creasing as she listened to this long list of Kings. "There will be 7 Kings here, is Arwen coming? "

He shook his head. " It does not say but I imagine she will stay and rule in Ellesar's absence. "

Juniper frowned then sighed.

He knew she had wanted to see her friend for sometime now. When letters from Minas Tirith arrived she read them and read them again and again.

"7 Kings and 2 Queens. I guess they are all coming because of what has happened. "

He nodded gently. " Indeed Melamin. It isn't every day that a force as great as the one that was bearing down on us just surrenders and swears fealty . I will need to bring Minol here. They will want to speak with him."

She pushed her plate back suddenly not feeling hungry. " Melamin?" He said softly and she looked to him. "Is it Minol coming here that troubles you? I assure you I would prefer he stay away but I do not see that as being an option. "

She was shaking her head. " I want him to be here. " Her voice was small and soft. That was not entirely shocking to hear.

"why?" Thranduil asked . While not surprised that did not mean it did not concern him.

" Melamin I know you do not trust him. I know he appears evil to you and I know He has done unforgivable things to you. I am not ignorant of the depth of his sins but I am here because of his sins Thranduil. You are here because of his sins. We have a chance to take on this evil and win because of his sins. I can not and will not absolve him of this misdeeds. However, he can help me make sense of these memories and protecting me will be easier with him here you have to admit that. He is very powerful Thranduil. " Now the King scowls a bit and then sighs as he pats his daughter on her small back.

Everything within him told him he can not trust this thing he was bringing to his home. Yet she trusted him. She even said Minol was not her enemy. Nor was he The Kings or any of their enemy.

" You should sit down with him Thranduil. Not in a tent on an uncomfortable battlefield but here among the beauty of your home and talk to him. Truly listen to him and know I am with you no matter what. "

Galion was coming, they could hear him speaking with the guard. Their conversation ended with Thranduil looking deeply into her eyes and he nodded gently.

"Elthian the lazy brute has not shown up for his duty this morning My Lord. " He said as he entered the room.

Juniper burst out in giggles as she slides from her seat and approaches her husband . "He is excused for today Galion . He was rather busy last night. " She was taking her daughter from Thranduil who now leaned down to kiss the lips of his love .

Then grinning as he sat back. " Indeed Galion. Elthian needs to recover. "

Galion just stopped and turned red " very well. " He said then sucked on his teeth.

Juniper walked over to him . Her free hand tugging on his robes until he bent just a little . She lifting on her toes kissed his cheek. " You are about to be so very busy Galion I do not envy you. " With that she released his robes and walked off towards the nursery .

"What does that mean My Lord . "

He approached the table and Thranduil thrust many messaged into his hands. " We are about to be host to the greatest gathering of royalty in the history of the arda. "

Galion choked. " We are what?" He began to look over the messages and stumbled a bit .

Thranduil rose and guided him into his own chair. With a chuckle "Careful there my friend. "

Galion was thumbing through the messages " All of them? "

Thranduil nodded . " All of them with the exception of the Iron Hills. They are deferring to Thorin the 2nd on this. "

Galion sighs and pushes himself up . " I must get to work on this immediately My Lord. Please forgive me if over the next few days if I am lax in my duties here. "

Thranduil rested his hand on Galion's shoulder. " Of course please see that everything is as perfect as it can be." With that he sends Galion off to so what he does best.

A few days later, There were many elves moving about . Things being washed and polished to a shine. Linens being changed. Baskets carried. Everything was so ... busy. Ryu peeked from the door of the apartment she and Lorithir had been given. With her in his care he staying in the barracks was no longer an option. She wore a white linen dress now . Yet hers was far more modest than the ones the Queen wore. While her scars were now healed she was not comfortable showing so much skin. Her experience was not like the Queens.

"There is so much activity Lorithir." She whispered as he moved in behind her to watch. He looking out in the hall watching his fellow elves busily passing each other and helping each other in their tasks.

" I wonder what is happening." He said softly against her ear as his head lowered.

"Could you find out?" She asked and turned her head . Her lips brush his cheek and she blushes deeply then ducks under his arm and slips back inside.

" I suspect I will when I go to the meeting here in a few hours. " He was closing the door when a messenger stopped at it and spoke." Excuse me . Please give this to Lady Ryu. " He held out the small message sealed with the Queens wax stamp.

Lorithir blinked. " Sure . Thank you. " He said and the messenger darted off. The door now closing . He smiled and handed the message to Ryu. " This is for you from the Queen . "

She understood it was a message but shook her head. " I do not know how to read. "

Looking down in shame. He shook his head and pulled her into his embrace. " You have no reason to feel shame. " He said softly and felt he arms come around him returning the embrace.

" Can you read it to me please?" She asked and he released her .

"Certainly." He answers cheerfully.

He broke the Wax seal and smiled. " The Queen wishes an audience with you within... " He trailed off and looked to the clock. " Oh an hour. Someone will come to escort you there. "

She blinked and stepped back her hand against her stomach. " I ... Oh.. " She stumbled back and lowered onto the couch. " Do I look good enough to meet with the Queen?" She asked and looked up to him with wide dark eyes. He stepped closer and lowered down to kneel before her . The message placed on the couch beside her. His hands reached up to cup her soft cheeks.

" You are gorgeous Ryu . Do not concern yourself with such things. Besides the Queen is often seen wandering the corridors half naked . Yet we love her. Everyone will love you as well . "

She had never been treated with kindness like this. She trusted this Ellon. She had from the moment she woke up in his tent and her back was healed. He had been nothing but gentle and understanding. He held her when she screamed at night with nightmares. Allowed her taste many different delicious foods. Her favorite was honey. He offered to buy her as many clothes as she wanted. Having a woman named Shisha show her all kinds of dresses and fabrics. She chose white linen like the queen wore and Shisha made her several modest dresses. She too was kind and gentle with Ryu.

One day Shisha told her the story about the first more formal dresses she made for the Queen and about how the Queen disliked them but when it came to shoes the queen had refused and threw her dress to the ground and ran away naked. Now though she wore Shishas dresses proudly and even told her the secret of the Queens shoes.

This made Ryu feel at ease with Shisha and made her want to know the Queen better. When the knock came to the door Ryu jumped a bit and Lorithir rose from his seat and kissed the crown of her head. " Go on Ryu and see your sister. " He encouraged her. " You will be fine. " Ryu getting to her feet and inhaled deeply and moved to the door.

She walked a few steps behind Tauriel. They passed busy elves in the corridors. Many greeted them with cheer. She knew they were moving up towards the surface. Yet the ascent was so smooth one could barely tell.

"you do not need to walk behind me . You are free now and while I am the Kings daughter it is not required of you to show me such reverence. " Tauriel said with a smile.

Ryu double stepped until she was beside Tauriel. " Somethings will take longer to break I believe. " Ryu said in a small voice.

Tauriel smiled " You were very brave you know. To run away like you did. "

Ryu gasped softly and shook her head. " I am not brave. I was afraid and tired of the pain. I figured If I died it would be better and if I survived it had to be better than what my life had become. "

They paused at a great wooden door. " That is still very brave. " She said before pushing the door open .

Ryu didn't look at the guards. In fact she tried to make herself rather small as they passed them. The hall opened into a large corridors lined in white pillars. The hall went around a large sun lit garden . A fountain bubbled in the middle of it and her brows lifted seeing the Queen sitting on a pile of cushions. Her wings stretched out behind her. Her smiling face turned to the sun . She glowed in the warm rays . Her flesh golden . Tauriel lead Ryu towards the Queen.

" My Lady " Tauriel said softly. Juniper opened one eye and peered at her beloved friend. " I have brought Lady Ryu. " She stepped aside and presented Ryu .

"Thank you so much Tauriel. Could you see if Ninnel will bring us some tea oh and cookies. " She added with a grin. " I have missed cookies. "

Tauriel chuckles. " Of course My Lady. " Tauriel turned and pat Ryu on the shoulder before moving away.

" Please sister come join me. " She motioned with her hands to the cushions. " We have sun and some shady spots too. Which do you prefer?"

Gingerly Ryu stepped closer. She wasn't often allowed in the sun . So she chose the sun and lowered down in front of the Queen. " I think I will sit in the sun. I was not allowed outside much. "

Juniper smiled and reached out to take Ryu's hand in her own. " If you would like private quarters just tell me . I can have you moved to th..."

Ryu squeezed her hand and shook her head. " No please . I like where I am . Lorithir is wonderful. He treats me kindly, not at all like the Master did. "

Juniper's eyes looked on Ryu . Her heart tensed a bit. " I would like to know you better. " Juniper said and let her thumb gently caress the back of Ryu's hand. "If you would rather not answer any questions just tell me. "

Ryu nodded. " How did you ended up a slave Ryu?"

Those dark doe eyes of hers lifted to look right into the purple orbs of the Queen. " I was very small. All I remember from that time was My mother and her love and how much I screamed when they killed her in front of me. "

Ryu showed no emotion as she spoke of this . It was like she was detached from it and speaking about someone else. " They were orc. Their cruelty knew no limits. They had lifted me up and I remember them talking about just pulling me apart and eating me and right as they began to pull and man stopped them. They threw me at his feet . He was so angry at the orcs that killed my mother . He slaughtered them right there . "

Juniper was listening and trying to not show emotion. Her breaking down in front of Ryu would do Ryu no favors. " He was not gentle with me nor kind . Nor was he cruel he just was. He put me with other slaves. They raised me . There were humans and elves among these slaves . They toiled away in what I believe were mines. I was one of the slaves that brought them water. The man would come get me sometimes. Take me back to his home. There he would inspect me. Feed me well. Clean me up and teach me how to walk like a female slave for a pleasure garden. How to properly serve food and drinks. Then after my lessons he would send me back to the mines. "

Juniper looked down to the hand she held . " One of the task Masters struck me with a flogger once and when the man heard of this I never saw that task master again. I'm not sure how long all this went on. When you are a slave time just doesn't matter anymore. When I became sexually mature I was sold . My new Master auctioned off my virginity. "

Juniper winced but said nothing . " after that I was placed in the pleasure garden he ran. My body was strong and lean from working the mines. My curves began to fill out. I was popular with the guests. He eventually sold me to a man and he sold me to another and another. Eventually I ended up with the one that brought me here. He was the one that marked me so . I have never been treated kindly but he was the most vicious of them all. "

Thranduil lurked just out of their sight but he heard everything. He felt sickened by what she had endured and she didn't even go into detail. Just the idea was enough. "Why do you believe me to be fae?" Ryu asked Juniper.

Juniper lifted her hand to her lips and kissed it softly. " I feel it . I can smell it . I can also see it. Though I do not believe you are a Pixie. I can not tell what race . I know though You are Fae. At least half perhaps more. Jeven The dark elf who guards me. He has Fae blood too. "

Ryus brows lifted and she looked to the Queen in surprise. " Look your Master he will suffer for knowing what he did to you and just truly how priceless you are. Now you are mine. " She pulled Ryu into a hug . " and I do not mean that in an ownership way Ryu. You are my sister and I will make sure you are never hurt again. " Ryu found herself hugging the Queen back.

Ryu let go of the Queen and Juniper could hear her gasp . The long shadow on the cushions told her who it was and Juniper did not let go of Ryu. " That is the King . " she whispered to Ryu. Then finally let her go but kept her close.

" Melamin come and meet Ryu. " She said with a smile and Thranduil lowered to lounge on the cushions.

" It is lovely to meet You Lady Ryu. " He said in the smoothest baritone voice Ryu had ever heard. He took her small hand and brought it to his lips to kiss the back of it softly then released it .

Ryu found herself starring at the most beautiful male face she had ever seen. His eyes a clear azure. Unlike any eyes she has ever seen. His hair like spun silver . He was insanely tall as well.

" Ryu is going to be my assistant. " She stated and Ryu looked to the Queen.

" Oh? Your assistant?" He said with a bit of humor

" Indeed you have Galion and I will have Ryu but I believe mine is far more fair that yours. " she teased Thranduil.

" Well don't let Galion hear you say that. " He laughed. Ryu was beginning to relax with them . Juniper lay back against her pillows and pulled Ryu to her again . She gave in and turned so her back was against the Queens chest and she relax . The queens arms around her.

" She has much to learn Melamin. I shall make use of your Study will that be fine with you?" She asked Thranduil and he nodded as he watched the 2 fae cuddle.

" of course. that is fine. " He looked to Ryu and smiled " Do you have questions?"

Ninnel was bringing the tea and cookies to them . She had added a cup for the king as well . With a smile she placed the tray down within reach of the king and moved away.

"Well for right now I just have one . The apartment you have given Lorithir and I is wonderful but its a bit dark. I have been in darkness for as long as I can recall. I feel like I would rather have something not so far down but if moving means I will be parted from him I would rather stay . "

Thranduil looked to his wife and saw her smile. " There is a nice apartment right up here in the Royal wing. Its just recently been cleared out. It has several skylights. I will have yours and Lorithir's things moved into it . "

Ryu squirmed in the Queens arms but did not want to break the embrace. The Queen chuckles and released her . That's when she practically dove for the King . Hugging him tightly as he falls to his back. " Thank you Thank You so much . "

She was crying as well with joy . Thranduil sat up with his arms around her hugging her back. "You are welcome Sweet Fae. "

It took a moment to realize what she had just done and she threw herself back suddenly her eyes wide with fear . She was shaking and quickly moved to kneel her head down to the cushions her palms up and laying near her head. " Please forgive me my King . I should not have done that . "

Thranduils jaw slackened a bit seeing the fear in her and how she begged for forgiveness. Like a slave . She was beginning to sob now . Thranduil lifted her up and held her against his chest . His hand cradling her head . "When we are here in My chambers and alone like we are now . It is fine Ryu. Juniper calls you sister so you are now part of my family. Please do not cry and be so fearful. You are safe here. "

He looked to Juniper with tears in his own eyes to see hers beginning to fall down her cheeks. Ryu spent the day with the Queen. The King having to tend to kingdom things. Ryu got the Royal tour of the fortress . Orist fell in love with Ryu and wanted his 'ROO' to carry him everywhere.

She was escorted now to her new apartment with a strange feeling . One she had never had before. It was a good feeling. All she could do was smile. When she opened the door Lorithir was standing there with a surprised look on his face.

" How is it we now live on the Royal Wing? " He asked her .

Ryu just bubbling with joy answered " all I did was ask for lodgings closer to the sunlight. The Queen and King said I was now Family." Lorithir pulled her into a hug .

That night shade crept around the darkened hallways and corridors . Shade listened to the whispered conversations of the elves. shade whispers into the shadows "iet durub skaat u Flas" the shadows carry the message to the one always listening.

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