The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Finnola was saddling her horse. The largest horse Legolas believed he had ever seen. Standing well over 20 hands tall and simply massive .

" I suppose one as glorious as your self would need an equally glorious mount" Legolas remarked and admired the monster of a horse.

" Glorious? " she laughed " I have never been called that . Perhaps you are sweet on me Legolas." She was teasing but it brought out a blush in the elves cheeks . One she noticed.

" It is said there is giants blood in my line. Which makes it hard for a woman . Men want women who are dainty damsels who need protecting. I however can take care of myself. " She said and began to tighten straps.

" I rather like that ." Legolas confessed when he was cut off by the booming voice from outside the stalls.

"Sister, where do you think You are going?" Finnola rolled her eyes and looked to Legolas. " Meddling brothers . " She would growl and step out of the stalls and into the light of day outside. She looked at her brothers. Fennigan Her older brother and Fenris her twin. " I go where I please " she spat out at them.

Fennigan stepped forward to challenge her words. " I am head of the family . " He shoves a finger in her direction " You are a woman of my family You do not just head off into the wild as you wish. You are to stay home and take care of the family ."

Legolas watched this exchange and had a feeling this was not going to end well.

" If you want to keep that finger brother I would suggest you stop pointing it at me." Finnola's hands rested on her hips and her head head cocked back a bit as she thrust the powerful curve of her chin out.

Fennigan slapped Fenris on the shoulder and laughed . " Alright Finnola we will settle this here and now. If You can beat us both You are free of the family and can go where ever you choose. You loose and you will stay home . Where you belong and Marry a man of My choosing. "

Legolas leaned against the door of the small stable . " Those are very high stakes Finnola. " He said and she laughed

" I wouldn't have it any other way . " she called to her brothers. Then winked at Legolas. She spoke softly. " would you mind fetching My spear for me? "

Legolas looked to the men . Each preparing to fight with their large heavy swords and she was planning to fight with a spear? He nodded and stepped inside the stables . Her spear sitting with her packs. Legolas reaches for it with one hand and goes to take a step with it in his gasp and finds himself pulled back . " What manner of spear is this ? " He uses 2 hands to lift it . The shaft a solid heavy metal . The head of it shiny and deadly looking. He brings it to Finnola who take it in one hand with ease.

He watched wide eyed as she stepped out to accept the challenge of her brothers. Gimli walking towards him looked a bit confusing. " Family squabbles?" He asked and Legolas shushed him and watched wide eyed.

"So you were going to steal the Dragonsfang? " Fenris said angrily. " Neither of you can wield it so why not take what is mine anyway." she growled and lifted the spear over her head . She began to spin it using both hands slowly as her brothers began to circle her. Legolas felt the wind beginning to pick up .

" Dragonsfang?" he said softly to himself . " Where have I heard that name?" His brows lifted and he reached down and grabbed Gimli by scruff and pulled him into the stable . The doors he would pull closed . " We should watch this from here. Gimli looked confused but found himself a gap in the boards to watch from . Legolas did the same.

Finnola turned her head slowly from side to side watching her brothers as they circled like a pack of wild dogs. The wind continued to build the more the spear would spin . They came at her at the same time . The momentum of the spear having been built up . She used this to her advantage. Her body twisting around . The spear held in one hand she swings it at one brother. The wind and the power of the blow aimed right for him .

He goes to block the spear never making contact but still he took the brunt of the attack as if it had . It knocked him back several feet but she was already turned facing the other swinging at him the same thing happened there was a blow made without even having to make contact.

" You see that Gimli ? it gives her a speed advantage . She can turn a half attack into a full one and go on to attack another quickly. Amazing. " The wind builds higher and higher soon barrels and things not tied down began to roll by or smash into the stable.

Legolas' breath was taken away. She was Magnificent. The brothers kept coming and she kept driving them back with ease. Her foot work was astonishing as well . It was as if she danced light as air. The muscles in her arms bulging. A whirlwind was growing around the fight . All manner of things swirling in it . The animals in the stable grew uneasy.

Finally she saw her opening . One brother hesitated She made a full attack at Fennigan turning the Blade just enough so the flat of the blade would meet his body . Sending him flying through the whirlwind and out of sight .

Her body ducks at the waist . The spear twirls and rides along the path of her shoulders and into the opposite hand . She thrusts the butt of the spear back into Fenris's gut the force throwing him from the center of the wind as well . As soon as she stopped the spears movement and set the butt upon the ground the wind stopped and everything that had been blowing in it dropped. The blue clear sky reappeared and the grounds looked like a disaster area. Lying on the ground a good 50 feet apart and on opposite sides of her lay her brothers. groaning and bleeding but not in threat of dying. She had actually taken it easy on them.

Legolas pulled the doors of the stable open and stood there in shock and awe. Gimli standing beside him a look of confusion on his face. " Laddy what did I just witness?" Legolas grinning did not take his eyes off Finnola. " A beautiful disaster." Finnola stood there Victorious and smiling as she looked over her shoulder at her new friends. " I am now free. "

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