The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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They had parted ways with the Men of Rohan and the Men of Gondor a few days prior. Lady Galadriel had left with the wounded before them. It had been bitter sweet watching them go. They had journeyed through the forest for what seemed like weeks but it had only been days . when they stopped The Pixie enjoyed spending time with her bear. The Elves would watch horrified at first when she was seen asleep on its belly . The Bear asleep on its back. Thranduil felt she was in the safest place she could be .

Orders had gone out forbidding the hunting of the bears of the forest . Juniper assured them the bears would leave the elves alone as long as they in turn were left alone. She also explained that her bear would be patrolling around the fortress as well. So they should just ignore him . She was feeling much better once they were on the way home. When Thranduil checked her he found her bones healing and the bruises fading. She really just wanted time alone with him in their own home and not a tent on a battlefield or in the forest.

The day had finally come . The Fortress was just up ahead. She was riding with Thranduil. She perched before him on the back of Memna. Crowds of Elves lined the road leading to the Gates. They waved and cheered for the returning elves. Juniper noticed Thranduil's shifting in the saddle just slightly and felt him stiffen when they passed a certain female.

Juniper wiggled. " Let me down Thranduil. "

He looked confused and stopped and helped her from the back of the elk. Juniper walked right up to Sentillia. She regarded the red headed Elleth for a moment . Sentillia felt her heart jumping in her chest.

Juniper knowing for sure this was the one reached out took Sentiallia's hands and pulled her close and hugged her . Sentillia was taken by surprise but soon felt the effects of Junipers emotions on herself. The Queen was happy and thankful. She released Sentillia and smiled .

" Thank You . " she said.

Sentiallia looked surprised and somewhat lost. "For what My Lady? "

Juniper took her hands again and looked to her eyes. " For helping him through a really dark time. " Thranduil watched this exchange and grinned to himself.

Juniper turned and walked back to the elk . Thranduil leans down and offers his hand . Juniper takes it and is pulled back up with her husband . He looked back to Sentillia and nodded before urging the beast to move again. His arm around her protectively.

He whispers in her ear. " You never cease to surprise me My Pixie. " Her head lay back against him . She couldn't help but just smile as they passed the gates and she was finally back into her home.

Ninnel hugged her a bit too tightly making her wince and cry out . She loosened her embrace just a little. Galion too was happy to see her home . He even hugged her when Ninnel finally let go though, he was a bit more gentle about it .

He would helped her with her cloak and as soon as it was off the large bandage on her arm was revealed. They both looked concerned and fawned over her before Thranduil entered and arched a brow.

" She is almost completely healed so don't fret ." He was then captured in Ninnels embrace making him laugh . Ninnel was the only woman besides the pixie and Tauriel that could get away with just hugging the king. Galion was a bit more reserved in his greeting to his king.

" I am sorry to do this to you Ninnel but could you see to setting Legolas' apartment up for 2 and the second person is very very, how should I put this... " He was thinking of the right words.

Juniper just blurted it out. " She is a Giant "

Thranduil sighs. Ninnel looked to Thranduil ." She as in female and Giant as in Giant? "

Thranduil smiled and nodded. " Yes it seems My son has found himself with a Giant . "

Ninnel and Galion just stared at him. Juniper just kept talking. " Her name is Finnola and she is cousin to the King of Rohan. She slew 3 trolls during the battle and shes going to help protect me. You're going to love her . " Juniper just nodded with that and headed off towards the bedroom. " OH! I'm so happy to be home."

Ninnel and Galion were left still starring at Thranduil . He too just smiled and walked off leaving them to their shock.

Juniper looked into the bedroom and started to cry softly . She was so happy to see it . For a while it seemed as if she would never be home again . She was moving so much better now . Her small feet carry her to the bed. She climbs up into it and in the middle just stretches out on her back arms out to her sides . Her eyes looking up the the familiar ornate ceiling. She loved the swirling vines and flowers.

She closed her eyes and felt the tension just leave her body . She felt the bed move gently and the weight of someone beside her. Her eyes slowly open and looked on the smiling face of her elf king.

" I have longed for this. " He let his fingers glide over the contours of her body. Wanting to pull her dress away and have her right then and there but he forced himself to behave. " The week of the full moon approaches . How are you feeling. "

She slowly rolls to her side so she could pull herself in close to him and smell his warm scent . " Like I rode into battle on the back of a bear ." she laughs softly. " I am still sore and stiff but I no longer feel that deep pain everywhere. "

He sighs softly. " I suppose we will see how it goes then. I had some ideas on how we could ease the need without the jarring of sex. "

She blinks a bit . " You were thinking about sex without the sex? "

He laughs. " When I think of you its very hard to not think about how beautiful you are right before you fall over the edge and tremble and moan but yes I was thinking about sex without sex. For you. " His eyes closed and then open and looking into those lavender pools of hers. "The last thing I want to do it cause you more discomfort. This might be a tricky moon my dear Pixie. "

Her eyes closed and her cheek pressed to his shoulder. " You will figure it out. "

Legolas was happy to see His best friend again.

Gimli sat reclined on a couch in front of a fire . In his hand tankard filled with elvish wine. " 'Lo My friend I see ya finally made it home. Did you get to kill any orcs ?"

Legolas fell into a chair and shook his head. " I am afraid you won this time . By the time we got there it had been over for a few hours. "

This made Gimli very happy. " They offered me My own apartment but I thinks I will head to Erebor with My kin for a bit . Let You and the little lady have some time alone. Let you become family here. "

Legolas eyed his friend " You've met someone." He said and grins. " Who is she?"

Gimli looked incredulous. " I .. I'm a confirmed bachelor. " He mutters and grumbles.

" Who is she Gimli? "

He leans forward and slams his tankard down . It was empty thankfully. " She is a beautiful Lass. with a small waist and Big " His hands held out before his chest . " oh they are so soft and round you just want ta bury your face between them. Her hair is red like a sunset her eyes large dark saucers you could just get lost in and her beard . Oh her beard laddy is soft as silk. I caught her makin eyes at me at the feast after the battle I got the courage up to talk ta her. Her names Raga and she wants me to come ta dinner next week. " Legolas listened to the joy in his friends voice as he spoke of this woman.

"Well name your first born after me." Legolas said with a chuckle and relaxed in the soft chair. " I have to name my first son Eomer. After all " His nose curled a bit.

Gimli just laughed heartily . "Speaking of that were is the little lady? " He asks and pours himself another tankard full of elvish wine. From a pitcher on the table

" She is enjoying the baths. There is actually a heated pool big enough for her and she was thrilled to give it a go. They are arranging my apartment for us. Though I think they are having a hard time finding a bed. " he shrugs. " Honest I am fine sleeping on the floor with her and she doesn't seem to mind it either."

Gimli got a bit serious then. " So your Da, He knows and he is ok with this?"

Legolas began to smile . " My ada told her that she was welcome here and that it felt like family when we are there."

Gimli slaps his knee and chuckles. " How about tha Laddy. All that worry fer nothing. Have you met .. her yet? "

Legolas raises a brow. " Her? You mean his wife? Yes I have met her and I believe she is the reason he has accepted Finnola. He is different with her."

Gimli looked at him. " Is it true. The stories I am hearing. That she lead an army of critters and rode into battle on the back of the great bear? "

Legolas nods . "Finnola is enamored with her and I think She looks at Finnola like a hero. "

Gimli sits back " she sounds like good people Legolas. I hope I get to meet this Warrior Queen."

On the next day they attended the remembrance ceremony for those lost in the battle. She stood beside him. Dressed in silver robes . Her crown upon her head. She was struggling and He felt it. She was trying desperately to not break down as she had at the ceremony for the men. There was pain all around her. Grief of loss. It was felt so much deeper by the elves . Those bonds severed. Her hand grabbing his elbow as he spoke. Trying to steady herself. She managed to stand on her own and not wail but tears streamed down her cheeks. Her silent anguish visible to all who looked.

After the ceremony she was helped back to the Royal Chambers by Tauriel and Finnola. The King needed to attend the feast however, the Queen was far too shaken to attend at least not at first. With Tauriel's and Finnola's help she worked through the immediate grief. Finnola dabbing at her eyes with a soft handkerchief . Tauriel fixing her hair and placing her crown back on her head.

Tauriel places her hand on Juniper shoulders ." There all fixed up like a Queen again. "

Finnola held her small hand in her larger ones. Shisha barged in despite Ninnel's attempts to stop her.

" Take that heavy thing off . " She just commanded. All 3 women looked at her with wide eyes. Shisha waved her hand at them and pulled a rather elegant yet light gown off her arm.

"I think this will be far more to your liking than those heavy robes. The less weight on you now love the better right. " Juniper smiled and reaches out to touch the soft silk . " Yes I would much rather wear this. "

She entered the feast wearing the light purple gown decorated with lovingly embroidered scenes of the forest . On the front a great bear upon it. Tauriel and Finnola flanking her. The room went quiet . Juniper wasn't sure if they were staring at her, Finnola or both of them . She sheepishly bows her head then sees her husband standing at the Royal table. She looked relieved her hand gasping the gown to lift it just a bit so she could move without tripping .

She felt eyes on her . Many sets. As much as she wanted to shrink back and hide behind Finnola she did not . Forcing herself to move with her head held high. Her focus on her husband.

The feasting started again and she began to feel better. Legolas moved from his fathers side and head down the few steps of the dais. A small man following him. Thranduil smiled now. His son was behaving very princely at the moment. " My Lady ." He said to her and bows .

This Made Juniper smile and even giggle a bit. " Hello Legolas." Her eyes drawn now to the small man with the thick beard. His eyes wide and just looking at her. He was a bit shorter than herself and she didn't think she had ever seen a man like him.

" This is My best friend Gimli. " Legolas said and put his hand on the small mans shoulder.

"Ohhh! " she gasps and reached out taking his hands in hers . " I finally get to meet the one I have heard so much about. You are the first dwarf I have ever seen so I apologize if I stare."

He just stammered and looked right into her eyes. Legolas had seen him act like this once before . When he met the Lady Galadriel. Legolas nudged him a bit.

He stammers a bit more. " It.. its alright My Lady . You can stare at me all you wish with those lovely eyes. "

She smiled and leaned forward pressing a small kiss to his forehead. " I look forward to hearing all your tales later . "

Legolas took her hand then and helped her up the steps to the dais . Gimli turning slowly just watching her.

Tauriel nudged him along. " pick your tongue up off the floor Gimli less it get stepped on. "

Juniper sat to the kings right and Legolas to His left . Tauriel next to the Queen and Finnola beside Legolas. Though she seemed even bigger up on the Dais. Gimli as an honored guest sat beside Tauriel.

Music played and the feasting began. She smiled and laughed. She even spoke with Gimli and the others as the dancing began. Playing the part well Thranduil thought. He knowing she really did not want to be there. Her heart was still very much hurting.

After a few hours the King would rise. " Please continue to feast and dance . We have only been home a day and The Queen and I still need a bit of rest. The entire dais would rise when the Queen got to her feet. This made her blush a bit.

" Good night everyone. " Her hand in Thranduil's she was leaving the dais when Tauriel began to rise to follow. She the Queens Guard after all.

Thranduil lay his hand on her shoulder. " Stay and enjoy. Elthian and Falshi have the post tonight. " She sat back down and watch them go .

She managed to make it out of the dining hall but in the corridor she began to sway . He grabbing her up in his arms cradled her and moved silently. His fluid grace never faltering . She was looking up at him . Then reached up to pull her crown from her head and place it against her belly. She in silence studied his face a gentle smile on her lips.

" what are you thinking My love ? " He spoke softly.

" I am wondering what I did to be blessed as I am. I have a wonderful handsome husband. I have friends that I adore. I have a growing family that I cherish. I have a beautiful home and wonderful people living in it. Why me? Why am I so blessed. I do not deserve any of it yet its mine. "

He didn't speak for several moments. She was humble and this humility was one thing he loved about her. " The Valar have blessed the child of the Mother. " He said. " I can not answer why or pretend to know their reasons. However, I have been blessed by the Mother . She gave me You. I hope the reasons for our blessings remain a mystery and we constantly feel in awe of each other. You do deserve happiness Juniper and always be thankful for these blessings. "

She smiled and reached up to caress his cheek . Elthian opened the door for them and they passed him without even a side ways glance Thranduil spoke however. " We are not to be disturbed until the morning. Unless its an emergency of course. " Elthian nodded and pulled the door closed.

Placed back down her crown taken up by Thranduil . She felt better inside the privacy of their chambers. " Shisha out did herself on that gown. " Juniper smiled and held it out so he could fully admire the work. " The Bear. You are now the bear I believe My love and I am the Elk. "

She giggled and began to undo the hooks to her gown and moved off towards the bedroom. "The Bull elk in Rut. " She laughed.

" Now Now Love you don't seem to mind when I am feeling amorous. " It was silent . just quiet from the direction of the bedroom. " Juniper? " He said and there was no reply. He walks now towards the light drifting from the door. She was standing with her back to him . Something in her hands. Tilting his head a bit his brows creasing as he stepped closer. In her small hands was the dagger she had carried into Battle.

"Where did this come from?" She asked and just stared at it.

" It was the sword you carried into battle I had Galion bring our things in and put them away. I am sure he had no idea what to do with it . So he left it for us to figure out. " He placed her crown on the bed then lay his hands on her shoulders, she seemed troubled.

" I remember something. " She said and leaned her slight frame back against him . " I made a promise to the Elf who's blade this is. I told him I would find his family and take care of them."

Thranduil let his hands slide over her shoulders and he embraced her gently. "He wore purple. " She said softly.

" He was one of my men then. I lost several. I will have Galion find who this belonged to and we will keep your promise. "

She nodded and began to move . Thranduil releasing her. He watched her place the dagger down with care on the dresser. " I think his fea was speaking to me when I made that promise. He was leaving this world and was worried for his family. Its hard to remember but that is what I feel. " Her hand lifted and pressed over her heart.

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