The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She was dressed in another one of Shisha's dresses. This one a light purple color . The bear placed on the front of the skirt along with the Elk. Thranduil had liked that idea the best. On her head was placed her diadem. The pearl tapping lightly against her forehead. In her arms was Orist. He well fed thanks to Ninnel. He was happily asleep and full. Celeborn's party was arriving at the gates .

The Royal Family stood there to greet him. There were so many handsome elves dismounting she wasn't sure which one was him and then, He rode up. Atop the darkest colored meara she had ever seen. He was such a contrast to his mount. Youthful looking like Thranduil but the eyes told another story and when they were on her she felt her heart skip and an uneasy feeling washed over her. Like he was looking deep within her to see the light and the place where time stops.

He was gracious during their introduction. One in which she mostly stammered. He was so pretty. When he neared that uneasiness melted away into a feeling of warmth and calm. He lifted her baby from her arms and she just watched him. He and Thranduil discussing the baby . She was enthralled. Thranduil's eyes fell upon her and he got this knowing grin.

Her cheeks went red and she quickly looked away. Finally she was pulled out of her stupor by her husband who was handing her the baby back and whispered in her ear. " You will tell me about this later my love." Her eyes lowered and she nodded gently.

The party began to go inside and she followed along quietly. Even when they reached the Royal Hall she just walked in silence. They turned towards Celeborn's rooms and Juniper kept going straight to the chambers. She was done with this for now. She hoped it would not be seen as rude.

Thranduil returned a few hours later. He pulling his robes off . Far more comfortable in his tunic and leggings. He carries it with him into the bedroom where he finds his wife lying on the bed. Her eyes watching him move about the room.

" No he did not see it as rude though I did." Thranduil looked at her squarely. " What happened at the gates?"

She shook her head . Her voice just barely above a whisper. " I do not know. He looked at me and I felt something. I ... I felt like he was looking inside me. His presence was one I welcomed ."

Thranduil's brows lifted suddenly . " I see . " He began. " I think you just had an interesting reaction to Celeborn poking and prodding you. You are the first fae he has ever seen. He was just trying to see as much about you has he could . "

He walked to the bed and pressed a knee to it . His hands pushing her to rest on her back. His eyes staring down into hers. He felt her tremble. His lips pressed down to hers. Another tremble. He could have had her 10 different ways just then if they weren't expected at dinner.

" You must pull yourself together . We have dinner to get through then I shall ravage you until you scream."

Her eyes lifted to look right into his. " King Thranduil does not make threats ." She grinned as she spoke.

Jeven and Hannibal had been traveling for a few weeks now. They came on a few villages. Purchased a few things. Then kept moving. Jeven speaking in westron most days now. His grasp of the language had greatly improved. Atop a rather rocky hill They stood watching the sunset. Hannibal looking out towards the west.

" There is something brewing in the West Jeven. There is the smell of war on the wind. "

Jeven looked up to his companion. " Ish tha Queen invawlved?" He asked in that thick accent that clung to each word.

" Not yet Jeven . I hope we can avoid that."

They headed down the hill. After all they traveled at all hours . Only stopping to get a few hours sleep and to eat. They were coming to the point that Jeven would need to hide his identity. Hannibal purchased him clothing more like what they wear in the west. This type of dress he found constricting. Especially the leggings and the boots. Wear this he would if it meant getting to her quicker. The cloak was fine . The cowl covered his head and ears. Apparently his coloring would be distracting the further west they went.

The small wedge of the moon was all that was left before the new moon would come. He counted time by the moon. It had been 7 of them since he had left home. He tried to not think of home. There would be no home if he failed.

Camp was being set up. Finnola and Glorfindel sat by a warm fire. The filth upon their flesh long dried there. In their hands were bottles of spirits. They had done the impossible that day. Just the 2 of them.

" Was that your first time?" Glorfindel asked her.

She drank deeply from the bottle in her large hand. " My first time killing something? Surely you jest elf."

Now the elf chuckled a bit. " No Your first time in that deep? Facing those odds? "

She thought about it a moment and nodded softly. "Yes that was my first time then. I do not recall being this covered in filth. This orc blood reeks. Yet, I don't want to wash it away just yet."

Glorfindel just grinned and looked her right in the eye. " I understand that feeling. I understand that feeling very well." She felt her breath taken from her in those moments. A blush formed over her cheeks and she looked quickly to the fire.


There he was . She smiled widely and lifted her hand waving to him. Her body still trembled when she tried to stand so sit she did.

Glorfindel tilts his head back and looks up at Legolas. He was fairly clean. Just a little blood on his sleeve. " Did you bathe?" Glordindel asked and let his eyes narrow.

"Why no I haven't."

Glorfindel answered with a "Humph."

The smell was a bit strong but Legolas was fairly used to the smell of battle. He lowered down next to Finnola and took the bottle from her hand and drank as well. The 3 of them sat in silence.

Elrond was busy working the healing tents. There were many injured. There were many that would still find themselves in Mandos before the dawn. Yet his analytical mind was surprised to see there were fewer numbers than he predicted. He had tasked his son Elladan with sending the messages. This was one detail that he told him to add.

Elladan sat in the war tent. It was all his at the moment. before him was quill and ink. He was scrawling messages quickly but when it came to the one to be sent to Greenwood He would take a bit more time.

King Thranduil,

It is my pleasure to inform you that your Son and The Giant have survived the first day of battle. More on their efforts in later messages. We encountered Orc, Troll, and goblins. There were no mutants in the enemy ranks. This day was one of Victory and We advance in the morning. My father wished me to convey his thoughts on what happened here. He says the army was not as large as predicted. That casualties were far lower than predicted. This was not the main body of the army. Be on guard.


At dinner , it was a small affair. Thranduil stayed in conversation with Celeborn about all manner of things. They laughing and chatted. Remembering moments of the deep past. When they were young. Juniper was strangely quiet. She focused on roasted meat she was scarfing down. There conversation faded and she began to feel like she was being watched. Her brows lifted then her eyes shifted. Celeborn and Thranduil were looking at her . She chewed her bite slowly.

" It is very strange to see a fae eating so much meat." Celeborn said gently.

She swallowed and cleared her throat. "The healers say I'm making up for when I got beat up a bit. "

Celeborn kept his gaze fixed on her. "Have you considered this may be something more?"

Thranduil sat a bit straighter then. His plate pushed back . " I did . That is why I had the healers look her over thoroughly. However, Juniper refused one procedure . Violently I might add. However, they assured me her need for protein was the reason and she was battered. " Thranduil watched Celeborn . His eyes roamed over Juniper very slowly and He noticed her anxiety rising. His hand reaching out to press to her knee and give her reassurance.

When Celeborn rose she practically crawled into Thranduil's Lap. She was that uneasy. Thranduil wraps his arms around her and looks up to his cousin. " Alright Cousin that is enough. If you wish to inspect her you ask nicely . However, I'm not sure you have won trust in this situation."

Celeborn lowered back down and took a drink of water. " Thranduil I can not see it but I know its there. "

Thranduil's lips pursed together. His hand rubbed her back and up between her wings. Her arms wrapped around him. He kissed the top of her head." You trust me do you not?" He asks and she nods. " If you trust me then you trust my judgement" She held tighter and he could feel her trembling. She knew where this was going.

She was honest in her answer. " I do." It still didn't mean she liked it.

He held her closely then " I trust Celeborn. If I did not I would not ask you to allow him to touch you. " She curled against him. " Ah my sweet pixie. It is nothing at all . That uneasy feeling is your reaction to his gaze. He is seeking to help you. Not harm you."

She sat back and looked into his eyes. Hers having grown wet . His held nothing but peace and warmth . There was no doubt in his gaze. Her hands cup his cheeks. "ten' en' lle (Because of you.) "

Her hands drift sadly away . His face warm where she had held it. Carefully she crawled back to her own seat and lowered down into it. Her hands down gripping the seat . Forcing herself to stay. "Alright go ahead. Touch me. "

Celeborn stood slowly and walked around the table. He lowered down to whisper in her ear. "seere ai fae. Amin caela n'uma nowe cron- lle. ( peace little fae. I have no intentions to harm you.)"

A wave of seer relaxation just rolled over her. The grip she had on the chair loosened. Those small fingers dangle in the air . Thranduil's hand captures them . Celeborn pulled her chair out slightly . She was awake but she felt so good right then. Everything was a haze. His pretty face right before her. His eyes held her gaze. Eyes like Thranduil's. Deep silvery pools she just wanted to sink into.

His hand pressed over her abdomen. It was warm and fluttered against her. Like butterfly wings on a soft breeze. Then she was aware of the warmth surrounding her. The steady familiar rhythm of a heartbeat. Then his arms around her. Holding her in that warmth. She was at peace here. Here in Thranduil's arms. The more she returned the more she realized she was held in Thranduil's lap. He holding her tightly and the gentle pelting of shimmering tears that rained down from over her.

"Thranduil what is wrong? " She murmurs and feels herself drawn in closer. " You hold me so tight you might crush me. "

He relaxes his hold a bit . " There is nothing wrong with you. Not one single thing wrong . You are just right for a Naneth. "

Her eyes go wide and she begins to struggle against his embrace.

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