The Fairy of Middle Earth

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Thranduil sat in the tent. The rest of the camp bustled outside . Packing up for the next leg of the journey home. They would be there before night fall and everyone was looking forward to it. Elrond and Gandalf inspecting his face. Both of them in shock. Elrond stepped back . His fingers curl a bit and he presses his knuckles to his lips in thought. His eyes lifted and fell on Juniper. She was sitting in a chair nursing her child and now she watched him watch her.

"That was very evil magic that made those wounds Juniper. I wish to know how you healed him and The one called Ryu. The hand that made those scars was evil as well. " Elrond said lowly.

Juniper lifted her shoulders in a small shrug. " I don't know Elrond. I lay my hand on it and think about how much I desire it to be gone. Then it's gone. I can't explain it to you because I have no idea. "

Gandalf now eyed her. His gaze hard and when he stepped closer she cringed and leaned back in her chair. He saw her reactions and stopped the look in his eyes easing into one of compassionate curiosity. "Forgive me wee Fae. I have been overwhelmed with my thoughts. We have tried to heal him for millennia and you did it in one night."

Thranduil pipes up with a grin . " It was actually about 20 minutes or so. "

Her eyes went a bit wide . Elrond and Gandalf both looked at him and he just smiled proudly.

" I ended up healing her the rest of the night." Juniper looked to her husband with wide eyes and a blush across her cheeks.

Gandalf and Elrond just groan . Their eyes roll and they look anywhere but at either of them. Thranduil wore a smirk then and looked at her. His brows lifted and she felt herself blush even more deeply.

Elrond finally spoke. "Show me how it looks with the minimal amount of magic Thranduil."

Thranduil raised the glamor easily. It was far less that he had to use before and all of those waves in his skin just smoothed out. " Im barely putting anything into it now . I already feel much lighter. "

Elrond threw his hands in the air. " I don't even know where to begin to document this."

Juniper was covering her breast and rising from her chair. She moved between them to her husband. He taking the baby from her arms and holding her to his chest . Melian squirmed and opened her eyes to look up at him. Her eyes were like his icy greyish blue. He just smiled, entranced by the beautiful child he held.

" You start from the beginning . I will help you. " Juniper said and looked up to Elrond. Thranduil looked to her and arched a brow he wondered if she knew what she was getting into with Elrond and his studies.

Juniper rode with them that day. She strapped her baby to herself in the sling and climbed up on Buttercups back. He lumbered forward and fell into stride along side Thranduil. The king was caught smiling as he rode along side his Queen.

Shadow followed along . Blending in with the darker places. Fascinated now by Lorithir and his new companion. She rode with him. Perched in the saddle before him. She was lovely. She wore one of his tunics. It was far too large for her . Ryu being rather dainty. Not as small as the Queen but somewhere in between the Queen and himself. She had belted it around her waist with a piece of rope. She threw her old clothing and her sandals in the fire the night before. Ryu wanting nothing from her past.

He felt protective of her. The curve of her back molded against his chest and stomach. She seemed to fit like a piece of a puzzle . Right against the shape of him. She began to doze off against him and when her head lay against his bicep, He wrapped his arms around her. Aleshea glances over and smirks at him . His eyes narrow and he shakes his head. She remains silent.

Tauriel rode up to Lorithirs side and looked to the sleeping female. " The Queen would like to know how your ward is fairing."

He straightened up. adjusting her a bit so he could hold her with one arm. " Ryu is doing well. If riding does become too much Maen said she could ride with them . She of course is still a bit weak but its nothing a few days rest and proper food will not cure. "

Tauriel smiled and canted her head just a bit. " She looks good with you Lorithir. " Tauriel then urged her horse ahead to catch up with the Queen and give her report.

On the battlefield in the east. In the hills of Fornost The black army was finally defeated. Elladan and Elrohir were finally allowed to rest. Word was sent to all the Kingdoms. The battle in the west was over. Finally the rebuilding could begin. Tucked away in Rivendell sat four Hobbits. They drank a pint and smoked their pipes. Sam telling them how well Rosie was doing. Frodo talking about Bilbo who he had reunited with upon their arrival in Rivendell. Elrohir would come join them. He plopped down in one of the chairs at their table . A pint in his hand.

" Did you just get back Elrohir? " Merry asks.

He nods. " Yes, and all I want to do is drink all night then sleep. I wanted to let you all know Legolas and Finnola made it to the Greenwood and I hear Legolas has a new little sister. "

Pippen just grinned. " Well how about that. " He said with a smile. " Tell me Elrohir. Is the Queen really a fairy or is that just a rumor?"

Elrohir chuckles. " Its true ask Elladan. He saw her. I heard he just looked at her and couldn't speak for a bit. Her beauty took his voice. "

The hobbits looked at him with wide eyes. " So I am here to invite all of you to the Greenwood . Elladan is staying behind this time and I am going. Adar suggested I bring you along to meet her. She is keen on meeting hobbits. "

They all four looked at each other. Sam spoke up first " That sounds like a really interesting adventure Elrohir but I can not leave Rosie. Not right now. "

Frodo looked up sadly " I can not go either . I need to stay with Bilbo." His eyes lowered

" I'll go" Pippen chimed. "Me Too" Merry broke in. " I'd love to meet the Queen and see Finnola again. " He grinned and Elrohir just shook his head.

" You be careful little Hobbit. She is a Giant and could snap you like a twig between her fingers. "

Merry scoffs. " Not her. She is a mighty warrior on the battlefield but off of it. She is a Goddess. " Elrohir could not believe what he was hearing and just broke into laughter.

She never thought she would be so happy to see the gates as she was then. Her small hands reaching into the sling to produce her child . She knew the baby was only a few days old but Elves grew differently and understood more quickly. Little Melians eyes open and staring up at her. " We are home ai hin. Your family has been waiting so long to meet you. " Thranduil listened to her talking to Melian. " You have another Brother here and several aunts and uncles. You will want for nothing. "She says in such a way you could not help but believe every word she said.

"You will spoil them." The King laughs as they come to a stop. The ones greeting them outside cheer seeing the Queen with her baby. Juniper suddenly felt shy and lowered her head before finding the courage to give them a wave. Ninnel the first to come forward she stops and watched the bear.

" Ninnel please do not be frightened . Buttercup would not hurt you." Ninnel gingerly steps forward then hurries when the bear looks off.

" Give me that child." She said with a smile and just held her close while Juniper was helped down by Thranduil.

" Isn't she the most precious thing you have ever seen?" The King just beamed proudly. Galion just stood back trying to look displeased with her.

Juniper broke from the group and slowly walked up to Galion. Her palms up as she began to speak. " I am sorry I worried you Galion. I made sure the King came home whole. Then I brought a child into the world. Please forgive me for doing such as I did. I should have told you somehow. " She bowed her head .

She was his Queen. She truly owed him no apology. Yet the fact she did so warmed his heart. He pulled her into a hug and she began to cry on his shoulder. " I forgive you . If you do this again however, I do not know if I can. That being said. Thank you for bringing the King home safely. "

Ninnel walked over and placed the new Princess in Galion's arms. Juniper tip toes to look at her baby and speaks softly as she wipes tears from her eyes. " Look Melian its your Uncle Galion. " As if on cue she opened those eyes and Galion found himself looking into the same eyes as Thranduil. He just cradled her closely. Thranduil was done speaking with Jeven and Tauriel they wanted to have breakfast. He wasn't opposed to it. It would be nice to have family around more often.

There was a small commotion down the line of the caravan. The female Lorithir had saved was trying to break free of him and succeeded. She ran right for the Queen Elthian was there in just steps blocking her way. The Queen behind him .

Ryu dropped to her knees before Elthian . " Please My Lord . Please let me speak with the Queen. " She pleads to him with her palms turned up her head down. Elthian's eyes go wide and Thranduil Stops a few steps away. Elthian unsure what to do felt the Queens small hand on his arm.

" Please Elthian step aside. I am not in any harm. "

He looked down to see her smiling up to him. "Please go stand beside Galion. " He looked up to see Galion cradling the baby and he understood her intentions. " Yes My Queen. " was all he said and moved to the side.

Juniper stepped forward . Her brow creased with concern. Ryu crawled closer . " Please My Lady you don't ha..." Her words lost. Ryu kissed her small feet. The right then the left and pressed her head down at Junipers naked toes. Thranduil's eyes were wide as were everyone else's that witnessed this display of humility.

Juniper lowered down on her haunches and reached down to pet Ryu's soft hair. " Sweet sister you have no need of groveling before me. You never need to grovel to anyone ever again. Please stand with me . I am your equal not your owner. "

Ryu did not move . Her hands reaching to take Junipers. " Please just hear my words as I kneel before you and once I am done I will stand as your equal. "

There were gasps from those that watched. " Thank you. Thank you for taking the pain from me. Thank You for taking the marks from me. I can move again. I feel light once more. I am forever in your debit my Queen. I swear my fealty to you. I will be your servant for all of my life whether you will have me or not. You are my sister. So please see me as your equal, your friend and one who will do your bidding without question. "

Juniper giggled, " Then Rise Lady Ryu and be welcomed into my home . You are now counted as one of us but take heart. I will hold you to your word. " Juniper tugged Ryu to her feet. She a bit taller than Juniper was hugged tightly . As she stepped back and held Ryu's hands she looked towards Lorithir and nodded. " Go to your Guardian . You and I will have much to say to each other later. "

Ryu smiled . " Indeed sister. "

The Queen and her family began to move towards the doors. Ryu stood there watching . Her heart feeling like it would burst. Lorithir finally walked over to her and looked down to see her brightly smiling face.

" I finally know what I am Lorithir. " She looked up to him . There was a light in her dark eyes he had not seen before.

" What are you Ryu?" He asked and took her hand and began to lead her towards the entrance.

" I am Fae"

He stumbled, letting go of her hand and ended up dropping his heavy pack with a loud bang. Finally righting himself. His face bright red as she picked up his pack again. " Really? " He finally says.

She nods. " The Queen just told me. "

Shadow watched as the Elves passed the gate. Shadow could go no further. The elf magic would keep shadow outside. That was fine. Shadow could listen in on everything else in the forest. Shade would take care of inside.

Minol stayed in the background watching the world go on about him. She had been gone for several days. There was a void left behind. One that no amount of humans could fill. In fact today he had not even gotten out of bed. He lay surrounded by a pile of overly sexed humans and just felt empty. It gnawed at him . His Emissary entered the tent and just stood there at the foot of the bed . His arms crossed over his chest.

Minol peered up at him. " Yes Hiroc?" He asked in a depressed tone.

" You need to get up My Lord. You have things to do."

Minol rolled over and lay his head on a pair of naked breast. " Like what? She is already gone. This is no longer my Army. The Elves have taken over. So am I at a lack of things to do right now. "

Hiroc grumbled and grabbed his Lord by the ankle and pulled him out of the bed and onto the floor. Minol rose angrily and closed the distance between he and Hiroc in seconds. His presence heavy and weighting Hiroc down into he fell to his knees. " How dare you ." He snarled.

Hiroc laughed even on his knees. " Thats more like it My Lord. Get angry. As I said there are things you need to do. " Minol stepped back and eased up on Hiroc so he could stand once more.

"Thank You Hiroc, I needed that reminder. Pack up my things and meet me in my new home. I am going to be with My King and Queen. "

Thranduil had fallen into a deep sleep that night. He had been running a kingdom , preparing for war, doing all he did at the camp and helped her with their child. Juniper loved him even more understanding all he was able to manage and still do anything for her. In fact she was understanding more and more everyday. Now that her mind was whole again. She was right though. She had told the Golden Lady that her distant memories would not change who she had become. Yet now she matured.

Orist had been hard to get to sleep that night. He was so excited that his Nana and Ada were home. He no longer slept in a crib. He was almost a year old now. He walked and talked and understood more and more. He was in his little bed in the nursery fast asleep. She loved this child with all her heart . Kneeling beside his bed she pulled his covers up and kissed his forehead. As he grew somethings did change . His hair had turned a warm brown and his eyes had gone hazel. He looked like neither of them and that was ok. He was still her son.

Melian had begun to stir. It was near the time she would like to be fed. Juniper pushed herself up and went to the crib. The same that Legolas, Orist and now Melian slept in. Adjusted to her height she easily lifted her child from it . Everyone else had to stoop. She smiled to her child. " I'm sorry but Ada needs his sleep tonight . It's just Nana tonight. " She freed a breast and was able to get her baby latched on before she had started to fuss much and the leaking would happen.

Leaving the nursery she walked slowly along the dim pillared corridor and into the garden. It was a chilled night but Juniper wanted to feel the moon just a little. It was nearly full now and while their love making earlier had sated her now it was building again. In the moonlight she and her child glowed silver . The light catching Elthian's attention as he made his rounds. He watched them for a bit. He could sense Juniper's state and looked around for Thranduil. Turning he looked into the bedroom and there very much asleep was the King. His fea must have weakened from everything. He was asleep and needed to stay that way.

Elthian moved into the garden quietly but she knew he was there. She was switching sides when he moved beside her just in time to see Melian latch on to the fresh nipple. " It seems we find ourselves in a moment." He spoke softly and smiled.

" Appears so Melamin. He needs to sleep and I think I will hold out long enough for this child to eat and find her sleep again. Then I will need your attentions."

Elthian nodded and stood there beside her . He lifting his cloak and pulling her within at and holding her against his warm side. " Your chilled Melamin. " She pressed against him and enjoyed the closeness there in the moonlight.

Before too long the baby had fallen asleep and released her nipple. He walked with her to the nursey and stood in the door way as she settled the baby down once more. As he stood there watching, he felt as if he were the luckiest ellon in the kingdom. He was able to see moments like this . He was allowed to express his love for his King and Queen in ways no other was allowed. When she returned to him he wrapped her in his cloak and arms and lifted her up. His lips finding hers as he turned and moved down the corridor to one he slept in when he stayed there.

Laying her on the bed and stepping back the dress tugged down with him, slid off her small frame. Leaving her gloriously nude before him. He couldn't get his clothing off fast enough . Everything left where it dropped . He fancied taking his time but what she was feeling was greatly influencing him. He had to have her right then and she needed him just the same.

Their lovemaking was rather rough and fast. Starting with him plundering her almost viciously looming over her like a god and stroking her pleasure until her nails clawed at his back and sides and she screamed into his chest and ending with her on top of him her head back . Small hands clawing at his chest before collapsing against him and gasping for breath.

He held her like this . In euphoric bliss and after a few moments she began to speak . Her ear pressed over his heart and listening to each beat. " I love you Elthian. I want to bond with you as I have Thranduil. "

His eyes widened and she could fell and hear his gasp. He sat up and scoot back to the headboard . Leaning against it . She still laying against him. He wrapped his arms around her tighter . " Juniper I do not think that is possible. The bond I have with you . You do not share. I believe that is as far as we can go. "

She shook her head. " Elthian we have a bond. I love you but I would like to take it further. " He was still locked to her body as she sat back . He trembled his flesh sinking deep within once more. " I love Thranduil in a way that's impossible to explain. Its different from the way I love you but its no less powerful Elthian. "

His hands pressing to her shoulders and caressing down to her elbows. " Juniper have you talked to Thranduil about this? "

She shook her head. " I have wanted to but I don't know how you feel. I don't want to bring something like this to him without knowing how you feel. "

Elthian just looked into those purple eyes. He could get lost in them so easily. He loved her very deeply. He had started to love her in the wilds on their journey to Gondor. What she was saying was something he had dared not dream of . "Melamin, I would love nothing more than to be bonded with you. If I could bond with Thranduil I would as well. You do not understand the depths of my love for you both. "

He pressed his forehead to hers. His tears falling from his cheeks to his stomach. "I can not do this though. " She started to squirm from his grasp and he ended up trapping her against his chest . His arms tightly around her.

"Please listen to me. I can not do it because the thought , that if anything were to ever happen to me , You would be sundered. I can not do that to you or My King. I love you both that much. "

She went still against him. He was beginning to sob against her shoulder. " What I do is often very dangerous Melamin. I am not protected like You and the King . I am to protect you both. Valar help me Juniper. I can not bear the idea of either of you going through that especially the King . It would be the second time for him. "

She understood then. " Elthian you're holding me too tightly. " She whispered and he laughed a bit and released her. She leaned in and kissed his tears. " I understand Melamin. " She whispered and rolled her hips . Despite the emotions or perhaps because of them the arousal grew once more and they loved again as the moon moved across the night sky.

Thranduil had awakened early, realizing a deep sleep had taken him . His wife was not in the bed. Then he groaned. He knew where she was . He owed her perhaps an apology . He slides from his bed in just his sleep pants. The sky was just becoming grey with the morning. He looks in on his children who were both still asleep. Down the corridor he drifted and there asleep in the bed he knew she was in was his Juniper and His Elthian. He loved them both. He would stand there and just watch them sleep.

He had taken male lovers in the past . Usually during war but not always. He had even had a dalliance with King Bard for many years. Until Bard remarried. None had he loved . Elthian was different in that regard.

He entered the room and crawled on the bed . They both would whimper a bit as the bed moved . He first kissed his wife. Who wiggled tighter against Elthian's side. Elthian on his back. Thranduil looked on his features. He was really a beautiful Ellon. With chisled features and light golden hair much like his own. He lowered his lips to Elthian's. Kissing them tenderly and when he began to return the kiss Thranduil demanded more. Elthian awoke with Thranduil's tongue between his lips . He melted into the kiss and would allow him to do whatever he wished.

Thranduil pulled back and smiled down at the only Ellon he would ever call Melamin. " The sun is nearly up. I have need of my wife . The baby will be awake soon. Tonight will be for the three of us." Elthian lifted to kiss his King once more. The King eagerly returned the kiss before sliding from the bed and scooping his sleeping wife into his arms.

" mmmmm Thranduil Melamin leutha-nin an saun (my love please take me to the bath)"

He kissed the top of her head. " as you wish melamin." He looked to Elthian. "come join us." He grinned and carried his wife from the room and down to the bath. Elthian sliding from the bed to follow.

Thranduil sat at the breakfast table with Tauriel and Jeven. Having had a very good morning already he was looking forward to this meeting. Juniper was having breakfast with Elthian and the children down the corridor. It sounded a bit like a party. Orist giggling loudly and squealing and who knows what. It made everyone at His table smile.

" Orist is in love with Melian. He wants to dote over her. " Thranduil said a bit proudly.

" That's good Ada. There will be a strong sibling bond then." Tauriel said brightly. " Ada there is something Jeven and I need to tell you about. "

Thranduil swallowed a bite of his breakfast and lifted his cup of tea and began to sip. " Ada maybe you should put the tea down for a moment." She suggests and this made Thranduil arch a brow.

" Oh? then this is something important and not just breakfast with Ada." He began to sound a little disappointed.

" Well yes this is breakfast with Ada and something else please let me explain." She looked at Jeven her eyes getting a bit wide. Thranduil sat back in his chair and placed his fork down.

He looked between them. " What is it?" He began to suspect but he wanted to hear it.

Tauriel smiled at him and reached out to take his hand. " Ada please be happy for me. " His mind reeling. 'please do not be with child please do not be with child' he said over and over in his mind. A child with no bond mate would be difficult for her.

" Jeven and I have bonded." Thranduil blinked and at first he was thrilled she wasn't with child but then what she said began to feel heavy and he blurts out loudly. "BONDED!"

Juniper and Elthian looked at each other and groaned. "Well I guess the cat is out of the bag." He says lowly.

" This will make tonight ... Interesting." She tried to sound cheerful but as she looked to Elthian smiling his unenthusiastic gaze back made her frown. She returned to eating and making sure Orist ate and didn't just play with his breakfast.

"When did this happen?" He scowled at them .

Both of then shrank back. "Before we left with the Queen to the battlefield. " Tauriel said softly.

" The night before." Jeven explained which did not help .

" Neither of you thought to tell me before now? "

Tauriel fidgits a bit . " We wanted to tell you but things got even more complicated than if we had fought a battle Ada. We decided to tell you once we were comfortably at home. "

While elves often wed with no announcement or ceremony . Much how he had wed Juniper. The circumstances surrounding her had prevented the traditional formal announcement that Royalty make. The people forgave them for that. However, this was different. " Tauriel We will have to make an announcement. There will be a ceremony . After what happened with myself and the Queen the people will not be happy without it. Who else knows? "

Tauriel began, "Well Juniper and Elthian of course. "

Jeven began to speak " and Gandalf , mmm Feren..."

Tauriel spoke again . " Legolas , Finnola and Glorfindel..."

Thranduil lifted his hand and pursed his lips together. "Can you understand why I am a little disappointed? All these others know but I did not. " He sighed " You are my beloved daughter it hurts me to be the last to know that you have finally found love. " His voice went soft and she gasped and began to cry .

She slides from her chair and into his lap . Her arms around him . Like she has sat since she was just a little elleth. Her head lay against his shoulder. " Ada I am so sorry. It was all so quick. We had been denying any feelings for a while and then that night . You know how it is the night before battle Ada. We came together knowing we wanted a bond. I love him Ada I really do. " He held his gwinig.

" I know I know." he whispered

"We will do whatever is required My Lord." Jeven spoke up . He smiling that toothy smile . Happy that it has been worked out. " I too am sorry for how it all happened My Lord. "

Thranduil looked to Jeven and cradled Tauriel " You call me Adar now Jeven when we are in our home . In public I am still My Lord. There will be a ceremony and announcement. Then you will be in the eyes the of people officially married.

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