The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Juniper had been a bit sore at him ever since the trip to see the healers. He was wanting to make it up to her. He had his saddle bags packed and Memna ready to go. Elthian had several guards already out in the forest making sure the paths he wished to take were clear and the spot he wished to take her was safe. She had not ventured far from the fortress in a while now. Mostly because she as afraid to. The sun had not risen when he was waking her.

"Juniper." He whispered in her ear before kissing the very tip . This would make her wiggle a bit. "Juniper wake up." He whispered again and this time kissed lower on the soft lobe.

She smiles and squirms. "What is it?" she whimpers .

He brushes the hair from her shoulder and kisses the bare flesh there. " You need to get up my love I have a surprise for you." His arm wrapped around her small frame.

" Oh? what is it?" she said sleepily.

" A smile graces his lips and he laughs softly. " You need to wake up to find out . " Her body stretches out and she rolls to her back looking to him. Her vision still blurry from sleep. "Come on my love . Its very early and we need to go ." He takes her small hand and helps her to sit up. "go where?" He laughs. "It's a surprise."

She falls back into the bed . "Surprise me later."

He crawls over her then . Pressing kisses to her small nose then to each eye. Down over her cheeks . She squirms under him . The kisses continue down her jaw and over her neck . She begins to giggle.

"Ok ok I'm up " she pushes at him .

" I'm not sure you are." He continues to find more places to kiss. Lips against her forehead then over to the other shoulder .

Her eyes open she grins " If you keep doing that we will just end up in bed all day."

He rises from her and scoops her up . She gasps and laughs as he puts her over his shoulder and walks off with her. " Thranduil wait . Don't I need to change or something? "

His hand smooths over her linen covered backside and gives it a soft smack or 2 . " No my love not today. "

He carried her down the secret corridor her body dangling over his shoulder for a while before he would place her down on her small bare feet.

" No breakfast?" She asked.

He shook his head. "Not until we get there."

"We can't go too far. I don't feel safe." She protested.

He takes her hand into his as they neared the end of the passage. " Do you trust me to keep you safe? "

She peeked up at him. " Yes ."

There was gentle light coming from the opening at the end. " Do you trust Elthian and his guards? "

She nods. " Yes."

He stops right at the mouth of the corridor and looks to her. " Then we should be fine. Now go Memna is waiting on us."

She eyed him a moment then scampered into the royal stables cheerfully calling . " Memna its been so long my friend."

She was on the back of Memna. Thranduil behind her. The pre-dawn hours were chilled and she was bundled in warm blankets and snuggled inside his cloak. Her small feet pressed against memna and under Thranduil's knees . The forest was still sleeping for the most part. The stars still shining brightly over head. She could see them through the breaks in the trees .

They rode for a while. Not really in any hurry . The pixie was enjoying being outside and seeing new things and listening to the night time forest around her. She knew the guards were out there. She knew they had made sure it was safe. So she could relax in the arms of her King.

When they reached their destination Juniper was surprised to see a small camp made. "Elthian came earlier and set this up. " Smiling down on his Pixie who was squirming to be let down. Thranduil would slide off Memnas back and helped the pixie down.

There was a ring of stones with wood already within it ready to be lit. More wood beside it. Thick blankets spread out with more blankets ready to be used and pillows. Thranduil pulled the saddle bags from the saddle and took her hand . She saw a basket setting near the ring of stones as well.

Thranduil dropped the saddle bags off on the blankets . "Now for the surprise." He whispered.

So she would whispers too. " You mean this is not it?"

He smiled "This is part of it but the big surprise is up ahead . You will need to stay very quiet and do what I do ." She smiled and nods . Thranduil lifts her into his arms and he begins to walk . Carrying her he moves silently through the forest . They come to a small rise in the terrain and he lowers her to the ground. I finger to her lips telling her to be very quiet.

He ducked down and she followed then onto the ground. He stayed low and crawled to the top of the rise . She followed suit . Keeping the blanket by opened in the front and holding the ends in her hands. He stops at the top and carefully lifts his head she does the same. Quietly they would watch . The sky becoming a dark blue as the sun slowly began to rise. She could see a meadow . It grew a bit lighter and then she saw him. A white stag. the biggest deer she had ever seen.

He was leading several doe. He the only White one. They entered the meadow and began to graze. Thranduil smiled over to her and she was watching wide eyed. The Stag was not as big as Memna but very large with a wondrous rack. She could count 20 points before she gave up. It was when the fawns came into view that she had to press her small hands over her lips to keep herself quiet. Seeing her reaction made Thranduil so happy. They lay there side by side watching the peaceful scene. The sun rising and the sky going from dark blue to a dark pink. Her eyes never leaving the group of deer. Then slowly they began to disappear back into the forest . The stag was the last to go .

"Oh Thranduil that was Magical. " She said with her eyes wide and a bright smile curled on her lips.

He was pushing himself up then offered his hand down to her. " The White Stag brings his family to this meadow before the sunrise everyday in the spring. " Her hand in his he pulls her up to her small feet. The blanket adjusted and wrapped around her tightly. The silver of her hair shifting to gold before his eyes. He lifts her from her feet again and begins to walk back to the camp . The closer they got she noticed the scent of smoke . The fire in the circle of stones had been lit.

She was lowered down on the blankets near the fire and he made sure she was bundled up before going for the basket. "What are we doing." She asked.

He grinned at he lifted up the basket. " It's the next part of the surprise. " He uncovered the basket and pulled out a large heavy skillet. " I am making you breakfast."

Her eyes widen in surprise . " You know how to cook?"

His brows crease as he moves towards the fire. " Yes I know how to cook. You pick up a few things when you are as ancient as I am ." He winced a bit. Hoping he didn't offend her. She was older then he. She didn't even pick up on that.

"I am going to watch. I haven't the slightest idea how to cook. When I was with Hannibal I foraged for my meals and the few times I ate hot food he made it. " The skillet was placed over the hot fire onto a grate . The flames not as high at the edge where it sat .

"Pull the saddle bags closer." He said and she reached for them and pulled them closer then sat them close so he could get to them .

" I learned to cook over a fire when we were at war. That was an entirely unpleasant experience but I did learn a few important things . Like how to cook like this." He crouches down and reaches for the saddle bags. Pulling them even closer. Then in the basket his hand did dip and he pulled a small jar of oil from it and added some to the pan.

She snuggled down into the blanket . "Will you tell me about the war some day?" She could feel his discomfort when she even mentioned it.

" Which one? " he shook his head a bit then returned to his task. " Yes I will tell you but those things are hard to speak of. " Glancing to her . She smiles. That smile , when its for him. It just seems to brighten his world and make things seem even brighter.

He opened the saddle bag and pulled a string of large sausages from them they lain on the grate . Then eggs were cracked into the pan . Soon she was surrounded by the smells of breakfast . " I thought we could just spend the day outside together. We haven't done that in a long time." His eyes on the food .

She smiled even wider. " I always did enjoy going outside with you. Well accept for that one time but before that happened I was having a good day. You kissed me that day . " He took a plate from the basket and set the sausages on it then handed it to her . She placed it down on the blanket as He started placing eggs on another plate.

"I did didn't I " He was smiling too . "I never got to ask you how that first kiss made you feel."

The plate of eggs held out to her. She placed it beside the plate of sausages. When He rose he brought the basket with him and handed it to her as he sat on the edge of the blanket and pulled his boots off.

" I had no idea what it was or why you had done it but it made shivers crawl up my spine . Wonderful shivers . My heart raced and I wanted to dance and laugh. It made me feel joy. " She turned so she faced him the plates between them . He shifting so she was before him.

He leans over and pulls some bread from the basket and some cheese which he passed to her and she unwrapped . He had to fish for them but he found the forks . One for her and one for him.

"I had been fighting that urge for some time by then. The urge to kiss you. "He peeked up then back down to the food the fork in hand. " I had been feeling joy in your presence for some time. There was also another feeling that was confusing and I didn't know what it was . Then that day I realized what it was. I was in love with you. It happened so quickly Juniper. I wasn't expecting it. Usually Elves only find that kind of love once. If that person dies its extremely painful. "

She was eating a sausage of course and listening to him. "When I lost Legolas' Mother. It was a fight to not fade or sail for Valinor. The sundering is a horrible thing to go through and over time I forgot what love felt like. The Valar granted me the gift of a second chance at love when you came into my life and You are the greatest gift I will ever be given."

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