The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The wee fae had begun to stagger not even half way back to the fortress. Her strength fading with each small step. She collapsed and He caught her before her actually touched the ground. She was shivering . Her small face streaked with dirt and tears. Thranduil scooped her small form up . He craddled her to his chest and suddenly began to feel fear and saddness. Realizing he was experiencing what she was again. Only this time He was able to work past it. He pulled his cloak about him tighter and wrapped her within it. His guard caught sight of him as he neared his home. He knew where each one was. He knew they found his late night stroll a bit odd. He also knew they would see the small beaing he carried with him. Her wings well hidden. With a glance he kept them at a distance.

His steps carried him to the secret passage. Only he and those with him could enter. She clung to his tunic . Her small fingers curling in the fabric. The fewer that knew of her existance the safer she would be. This would be dificult to pull off. She was a Fae afterall she at her core was wild and free. He would have to tame that wild streak as much as possible if he were to succeed at the duty he now had because of her.

The passage he took was long and dark though, He could see easily and knew it like the back of his hand. His Home was riddled with secret passages like this one. He knew each of them well. He emerged in the corridor of the royal chambers. These would soon be abandoned by him. With the threat of sauron gone the need for him to dwell so deep in the caverns had lessened. The move to the Chambers above had already began . Until it was complete they would remain down here and he knew she would hate it. She was used to the open space of her private forest where she could do as she pleased.

" Ninnel" He spoke softly . The Elleth's form in view. Her steps were as silent as His. He emerged from a long corridor and her words tender and gentle as she approached.

" Everything is ready My Lord. " Her eyes looking on the small creature in Thranduil's arms. " Poor wee thing ." Her eyes began to show her concern for the Fae. He knew Ninnel could be trusted. If any of the Elleth that served his family were more loyal that she He would be shocked. Ninnel had been like Legolas' Naneth after all. She looked on the girl knowing what He had told her she was. Knowing this was something special. It made her feel apprehention and excitement all at once.

They moved into one of the many rooms of The Royal Chambers. This one next to His own. A single candle was lit . The warm glow cast over the bed. " She is quite filthy." Thranduil spoke softly to Ninnel. " She should be bathed." Ninnel shook her head as Thranduil carefully lay the sleeping Fae upon the soft sheets. Her head craddled in his hand and gently lain on the pillow.

" No , not tonight. Let her rest My Lord. From what you have explained about her circumstances , this is probably the hardest time of her life. You though should rest now. I will stay with her."

He nodded in silence and lingered a few more moments. Before Ninnel could usher him off He turned and left the room and headed to his own. He wouldn't bother to change into night clothing. His boots kicked off . His cloak sprawled over the back of a chair. His silken tunic tossed to the side in a heap. He fell into his bed and within moments sleep would take him as well. Battling Her emotions had drained his strength.

It was a piercing scream that woke him with a jump. He grabbed his sword and ran towards the cries. He slides to a stop in the doorway of the room the Fae had been left in. Ninnel was craddling the small girl . His shoulders sank when he realized it was no threat . It was the girl now shaking and sobbing in Ninnels arms. He could see a sheen of moisture than clung to the Fae. " is she ill? is there a fever?" He asked with great concern. Ninnel lifted her head and turned to look at her King. He could see it in Ninnels expression. In her eyes. She was experiencing the emotions of the Fae just as He had.

" Nu No My lord. " she managed to stammer out. She was stuggling to get past the emotions that were not her own. Thranduil took a step into the room and she spoke up. Urgently and loudly. " NO! Stay out. " Ninnel gasps and winces. " Forgive me my Lord. " Her eyes pleading for understanding. The words had not been her own. Thranduil had a flash of anger then quickly let it pass with the steps back out of the room and into the corridor. He stood there at a distance and looked on them. Ninnel looking confussed yet trying to give the Pixie comfort. He grimmaced and turned walking back down the corridor.

Back to his own bedroom. He would sheath his sword and sit on the edge of the bed. He listened to the sounds of dispair coming from down the hall. He listened to Ninnel trying to comfort her and eventually it would quiet down. He had known this would be difficult but he had not imagined the effect she was having on himself and now Ninnel. This was something she would need to learn to reel in. He couldn't have her sending his entire kingdom into depression.

Finally he took a deep break and lay back on his luxuious bed. His body craddled in the softness. His head lay upon down pillows. He had never seen such beauty though. She like glorious jewel that sparkled in any light. He had seen that in her. The day he first saw her and she shrank herself down to hide in Hannibals hair. Exotic and wonderful to behold. He turned to his side and stared at the patterned texture of the walls and eventually exhaustion took him into his slumber.

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