The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Celeborns hand pressed over her belly. His head lowered into a bow. His fingers moved to a different position. Then slide lower. Thranduil watched it all as he reached out and took her hand into his. Then Celeborn's head shot up and his eyes opened. Staring at nothing . His lips parted with a small gasp then he recoiled and stood up.

Thranduil watched him . His brows creasing ."What is it cousin? I would have you tell me immediately. What is wrong with Juniper."

Celeborn ran his hands over his head and into the sea of silver tresses at the back of his head. His hands falling as he inhales. " She is with child Thranduil."

"I knew it. " He looked to Juniper and pulled her into his lap. "I knew it that morning when she started eating meat. " He held her closely. " That night something happened. Something that had never happened before. We had bonded before . There is no doubt it had happened . That night though it was a bond unlike anything to ever happen before it. "

Celeborn regained his composure quickly. " Has that happened since then?

" Thranduil shook his head. " Yes and no . It was not like that. That night it was intense. She showed me places that I never knew could exist. She made demands of ME. "

Celeborn cleared his throat. " How long ago was that?"

Thranduil lifted his gaze. Tears on his cheeks. " Almost 3 months. "

"The baby is there. If this were a typical elven pregnancy I would say she was at least that far along. We have nothing to go on Thranduil. This is new. We need to call on Elrond. He needs to be here. Galadriel can not leave Lorien. Not now and while I am old and wise, cousin I am not the one for this. I will stay as long as it takes to get Elrond here. "

Thranduil understood the urgency in his voice. " Send a message. Coded as much as you can. No one can know of this other than us. "

She was beginning to stir again. He went silent and just held her closely.

Now she was in a struggle against him. He having just told her that she was with child. She had caught onto the meaning of his words rather quickly. He was crying but he was not upset. He was happy and this confused her.

" Why are you crying?" She asked as she tried to slither her way out of his grip.

He let her go suddenly . She Nearly falling from his lap was caught and simply placed back where she had been sitting. " I am crying because I am so happy."

That was when she stopped and went still. The weight of everything told to her in those minutes hitting her. Her lips quickly curled into a wide smile. " We created life? You and I ?" She threw her arms around him and laughed. "We did not even mean to and we did it."

Thranduil embraced her in return. " I know. " He was beginning to giggle at their private joke.

"Orist will have a sibling now. " Her hands slide down over her belly. " You hear that little one you have a big brother. " She bounces off Thranduil's lap and walks slowly towards the door. I have to tell Elthian then Ninnel and Galion . Then I will tell Orist. " She was eager.

Celeborn spoke up and pulled her from her dream. " Juniper. No one else but Elrond should know right now."

She stopped and spun around. "Well why not?"

Thranduil stepped closer and gently took her shoulders under his hands. He lowered down and pulled her close as he explained everything. He watched the change in her gaze as he laid it all out. The darkness that wants her. The evil in the world. The battle in Imladris. She was not as safe as she had been before.

Her lips began to quiver subtly. She was trying to not burst into tears with Celeborn right there watching her. Stepping back pulling away from him. It was the first time he had ever seen her look so, brokenhearted. The reality of the world outside her protective walls and how it was seemingly aiming for her. Those lavender eyes lifted and looked on Celeborn. His face showing little emotion accept for the furrowing of his brow.

"You are saying I am dangerous." Her words low. " You are saying there is potential hazards for those around me as well. "

Celeborn lifted his hand and shook his head. " It is not quite like that please listen to Thranduil. You can not begin to understand the enormity of what is coming. We do n... " His words fade as the look in her eyes began to shift. There was a clear attitude change in those moments.

" I am intelligent enough to discern what you are speaking of Elf. Do not talk down to me. " She looked on them with disgust as she turned to leave.

Thranduil again tried to talk to her . He rose and reached out to her . His hand on her shoulder. She spun around with fury . Her lips trembling before she speaks.

" Do not touch me or I will be forced. To . Show . You . How . I . Can . Protect . Myself. "

Each punctuated word left her lips and he was pushed back about a foot each time she spoke. Finally He and Celeborn ended up across the room with ringing ears. Her voice carried a force to it. She pulsed with a terrifying power. When Thranduil finally lifted his head and looked on her. There was no smile no love in her eyes. She was not Juniper. With that demonstration she left the room . Thranduil and Celeborn both shaken by what they had just experienced.

Once she was in the hall Juniper resurfaced. "How did I get in the hall?" She staggered to the wide corridor then pressed her back to the wall . Slowly she slides down to sit . Her small hands covering her face. Her head bows down as she begins to sob.

Thranduil finally got himself under control and went to follow. Celeborn with him. Finding her falling apart in the corridor he scooped her up and held her.

"How did I get here? I was talking to you then I was here. I do not feel like myself anymore." He carried her down the corridor .

Stopping to look to Celeborn. " We will speak later Cousin. "

It took the better part of the afternoon to calm her. She near panic when he got her to the bedroom and lay her down. She had no memory of what had happened and Thranduil did not speak of it to her. She knew though, she knew she had done something.

She finally agreed she would not tell anyone she was with child. Finally listening to Thranduil's reasoning. She had not realized just how precarious her situation was. Having been kept safely unaware for months now. Just how much power it took to have her guarded all the time and how desperate they were to find her when she ran away.

Dark things were returning to the woods. All the hours he spent away were all for her. She felt terrible for being selfish. The pixie cried a lot that day. It should have been a happy day but now there was a darker cloud looming over her head.

Thanduil lay beside her holding her and speaking softly into her ear. She fell into a deep sleep . As if she had not really slept in days. It was Celeborn opening the door that made him lift his head. He held a hand up then gently got out of the bed . Leaving her sleeping.

"She is not alone in there Thranduil." Celeborn motioned to his head." What we witnessed was not Juniper. "

Thranduil sighed and leaned back against the wall his hands trapped behind his back. " I have seen it happen before. When she gets upset or when things get stressful. She stood up in the council the day I introduced her as the Queen . There were naysayers. She confronted them with power and authority, then demanded they address her as Queen or they could leave her Kingdom. I was so proud. During the battle the woman riding that bear with the sword in her hand. That was not Juniper. " Celeborn was quiet as he thought about this .

" Maybe that is her Thranduil. She has no memory of her life before the sleep. Then again maybe 2 spirits occupy that body. We are back at a disadvantage. We simply do not know enough. Saruman, he had all the texted burned that spoke of the fae. Radagast is finally discovering the entirety of those evil deeds. He knows there were texts about the Fae but they no longer exist in his archives. "

" I will keep her safe cousin. if it takes my life to do it. " Thranduil pledged right there. " She is my wife. I can not face another sundering. She will be protected. " He walked back into the bedroom and stood a few feet inside the door. "This is my family Celeborn. It is precious to me. Beyond measure. "

That statement made Celeborn gasp softly. It was no longer jewels that he desired it was her. She had become the jewel. He just stood there watching Thranduil sink into a chair and watch her sleep. He had wanted his Cousin to heal and grow beyond what he had became when he was fighting fading. He was , Whole, again.

Galion came rushing around the pillars. Then slides to a stop seeing Celeborn. " I am sorry My Lord I did not know you were here. " Galion said, a message clasp in his hand.

"You have a message for Thranduil? "

Galion nodded gently. " Its from Imladris." Celeborns eyes widened and he stepped closer to the door. " Cousin" he whispered and motioned him to the corridor.

Thranduil looked up to see Celeborn summoning him then Galion beside him. He rose and quietly moved out of the room and took the message from Galion. He broke the seal and read it Celeborn and Galion witness tension just leave his body and He staggered back to press against the wall once again. " Legolas and Finnola survived . The were victorious that day . They are now pursuing the retreating Army. There is more. "

He handed Celeborn the message now . He reading it Galion looking to them both. " This confirms Galadriel's message to you Thranduil."

He looked to Celeborn " What message?"

Celeborn sighed. " She has seen a gathering happening in the east. A gathering of dark things. They are preparing for war. She says to not loose Hope Thranduil . Help is also coming. From the east. "

They had been fighting for days. Advancing on the fleeing army. Fighting until the army retreats then stopping to camp. They had pursued them almost all the way to Fornost. The retreating army deciding to go north. Legolas suspected they did not want to go further west and risk facing the elves of Mithlond as well.

It was early . They were no longer joining the battles. The orc army had been decimated. There were Elves that were still attacking and making sure what was left was so scattered and terrified they just kept going. He lay there beside Finnola. His head on her shoulder and an arm around her. He had battle wounds along her arms and legs. They were healing now. He lifted his head and lightly began to caress her face. She was so beautiful.

She began to awaken. Her green eyes opening just a bit and she smiled for him.

" Is it time to go? " she asked in a whisper.

He shook his head. " No its very early. I ... I just wanted to look on your beauty and I couldn't help but touch it."

She grinned then rolled so it pushed him to his back and she was straddling him. Her hands capture his wrist and press his hands down beside his head. Her lips found his swiftly. He felt so helpless like this. She could break him like a twig if she had wanted to but he trusted her and returned the kiss.

His hips rolled and lifted pressing himself firmly against her and she felt his need against her. Her lips pulling away she stared down into his light blue eyes and grinned.

" Oh my Prince. It seems as if you wish to have more than just kisses this morning. "

His smile widened. " I want more than just kisses every morning that I am with You Finnola . "

She laughed happily "Then you shall have your wish this morning. "

He stood outside the tent in the shadows. Glorfindel listening to them. He couldn't stay away from her. He was constantly being pulled to her. His fea crying out for her. It was a powerful thing. He stood there, hidden and in agony . The sounds of love making reaching his ears. Everything inside him was screaming for her. with a soft growl he mustered his strength and turned away.

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