The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Orist stayed within the healing halls for a few days. The healers making sure the difficulty of his birth did not linger. Ninnel and Juniper were in what was once Legolas' Nursery and now it would be Orist's Nursery.

" Ninnel I am too small. I can not lean over this crib . " Juniper was saying .

Thranduil leaned against the door frame and chuckled " Then I shall have it shortened . "

Juniper nods. " That would be appreciated Husband. " Juniper said very properly.

Ninnel laughed. "See we will fix everything, but for the first bit the baby will sleep in this ."She showed Juniper the bassinet. "Its made to be reachable from the bed and much more your height. We wont need to worry about the crib for a while. "

"How will I feed the baby? I can not make milk. " Thranduil ran his tongue other his teeth and looked to Ninnel to answer this one.

" The baby will need a wet nurse. Which is how he is eating while in the healing halls. " She sighed . " Give me a few days around that baby and I will be able to take over that duty. "

Juniper looked confused .

Thranduil explains. " When Ninnel spends too much time around babies her body starts to think that baby is hers. She then makes milk. It's the very strong motherly instinct within her. She nursed Legolas as well. "

Junipers eyes got wide and she looked at Ninnel in awe. " That's amazing Ninnel. Thank You " Juniper hugged her tightly .

Ninnel patted her arm gently "Go on and get the basket of clouts . They are folded squares of thick cloth. They should be by the door. "

Juniper let go and hurried off to get the basket . Ninnel looked to Thranduil." Do you think she can handle this? "

Thranduil nodded "With all of our help . Yes if we just threw her into it . Not so much. I think she will be a fine naneth though she will need to adjust . "

Ninnel nodded. " The baby will not lack for love that is certain. I will suggest I take the child at night . Don't you think that would be easier?"

Thranduil crosses his arms over his chest. " I agree."

Juniper came running in with the basket of clouts. " You are going to teach me how to do this aren't you Ninnel?"

Ninnel chuckles " Of course I am little pixie and Thranduil can too . He has changed a few clouts in his life."

Juniper looked to him and he wore a wide smile. " Indeed I have. Juniper aren't you even a little worried ? Maybe this might be too much? "

She shook her head " No I'm not worried at all . I have a whole family to help me. " That warmed Ninnels and Thranduils hearts .

The golden Lady lowered Elrond's message. She was relaxing on her couch . The paper drifting from her fingertips onto the floor. She lost in a dream.

Celeborn was quite used to finding her like this. He lowered to pick up the paper from the floor and read it. He found himself smiling at the news the 4 special hobbits were safe but the news about Sam's wife erased that smile. He then forced to remember what His daughter endured and he said a prayer for Rosie's healing before placing the paper on the table.

He lowered down gently on the edge of the couch. His hand lifting Galadriel's . Holding it with care then bringing it to his lips to press a kiss to it. The touch of his lips brought her back and she smiled to him. "What has you in a dream My wife?" He asked gently.

" I need you to take a message to your cousin . While you are there , would you, please check on the fae. I think something extraordinary is about to happen at the worst of times. " The words left her lips and He swept her up into his arms. " I will do whatever you wish of me , My Golden Queen."

Juniper was allowed to take the baby home. She walked the corridor slowly. The baby cradled in her arms. She unable to take her eyes off him . Clearly enamored with him. Thranduil beamed like the proud new Adar he was. His steps slow and measured along side her. " You are not upset that Ninnel will be taking him at night?"

She shook her head. " Why make him cry more than he needs to . If he is hungry he should be ready to eat right then. The wet nurse for now will stay with her anyway then you know . " She smiled then looked to her husband. "I am so grateful for Ninnel, Thranduil. " He nodded. " So am I "

The doors opened to the Royal Chambers. Inside was Elthian , Tauriel, Ninnel and Galion. All eager to see the new Prince. Klaern's funeral had been the day before. She had been lain to rest beside Orist. Juniper had sobbed uncontrollably during it and that night she had a fitful sleep even with Thranduil with her. Today was a happy day though. Today Juniper was officially the child's naneth and Thranduil his adar.

Tauriel took the baby first as they walked deeper into the chambers. "He is going to have the attention of all the elleth before he walks . " She laughed and made silly noises to the squirming baby .

Elthian looking over her shoulder . His hand pulling blankets down just a bit so he could get a better look. " Oh yes I see that and he will drive the King insane with his antics. Aren't you little Ellon."

Gailon shaking his head. " No no He will be studious and polite."

Ninnel was rolling her eyes. " He is going to be a Prince and all that goes with it . " She said firmly and gently took the child from Tauriel who frowned. " Now off with the lot of you. You will have plenty of time later with the baby now let them settle. " She shoo's Elthian and Tauriel out the door then points Galion off towards his office.

Thranduil stood there with his fingers over his lips to hide the wide smile. Juniper looked to Ninnel with gratitude. " Thank you ." She eventually said softly as Ninnel walked with her . The baby in her arms.

Ninnel and Juniper settled in the courtyard garden . Relaxing on cushions. The baby laying between them had fallen back to sleep. Juniper lay beside the baby. Her head propped up on her small hand . Thranduil leans against a pillar and watches them. He wore a smile and his heart felt light. She looked so natural with children. She looked beautiful doting over one that was hers.

The week of the full moon was approaching. Maybe they would be blessed this moon. He had already decided Elthian would not be allowed in the bed during the next week. These days would be for them only. He had taken the news fairly well and Thranduil had even set him up with Sentillia if he found himself affected by the moon and Junipers emotions.

The baby awakened and got fussy. "Aww little ellon. " Juniper frowned and picked him up . She held him against her chest and rubbed his back gently. No one told her to do this . It was just the natural thing she did. Her hand on his head to support it.

Ninnel chuckled softly. " Well it's time to learn about clouts. "

She and Juniper got up . They walked towards him . His eyes on Juniper and that Baby . She smiled for him the closer they got. His heart began to beat harder. She stopped for a moment. " Well come on Husband and teach me about clouts. "

He laughed and turned around. "Absolutely dear wife."

Legolas, Finnola and Adnir meet the refugee caravan . 1 day from the battlefield. Here they would seek to find out the situation. Here was where they would come into the war. They are ushered into Elrond's tent. Elrond, Glorfindel and Elrohir stood at a large table with a large map and markers lay on it. Elrond smiled widely. His back up finally arrived. Elrohir was practically dancing where he stood. Glorfindel always had the smooth exterior but this time his visage showed something a bit more relieved where normally exuberance would show.

" Eothain of Rohan will be arriving shortly. Finnola here is of Rohan as well so she may speak for Rohan. " Legolas spoke somewhat troubled in tone. Glorfindel was surprised and it showed visibly . His brows lifted when he realized who and what Finnola was. The Dragonsfang strapped to her back . It was a weapon he truly wanted to see.

A grin formed on his lips. " You are her right? You're the Troll Slayer. I heard about you. "

Finnola's head cants to the right a bit . Her green eyes stopping on the most beautiful elf she had ever seen . She really didn't think Legolas would have issue with her thoughts on that.

"Aye that's me." She had a little twitch to how she answered. Her chin thrusting out defiantly.

Yes she is a giant. He was seething with curiosity but now was not the time. He just grinned to himself .

Elrohir just started getting them updated. "The Line has been drawn 2 miles this side of Bree. We have held that line way past our capabilities. When we got word you were coming we rallied. "

Adnir nods. " We'll let the soldiers get a few hours rest and we march at dawn. I want the Rohirrim to sweep in from the right flank and we need archers to cover the left flank with spear men on the ground. "

Elrohir sighs deeply and points to the map. " That's a great plan but they have catapults here and here. Troll powered . Hard to hit with ground troops and we need the archers on the left."

Glorfindel rises. " I will deal with the catapults and I only need Finnola to do it. " All eyes then turned to Finnola. She stepped back and grinned. "Yeah I'll do it you do not have to stare holes into me." Her hands went up.

The plans made . They drank to them. Eothain came riding into camp having gotten the Rohirrim settled and the horses tended. They were only as strong at the horses. The elves had come and said prayers over the horses and cast spells on them to help them recover faster. They just came in and did it. It was needed and it was appreciated.

"We will have to leave before the main line. We have to ride a semi circle so we arrive as a surprise. That will be somewhat key. You get the catapults taken out and this should work. It's a solid plan." He spoke to Legolas and Finnola . He treating her a bit better after hearing Glorfindel chose her.

" Go rest Eothain . You will need it . " Legolas pat his arm and Finnola wished him a good night.

"Legolas." Elrond called to him and motioned with his head to follow. " I have someone you need to meet with."

The flap of the tent pulled back Legolas and Finnola stood in the opening. Huddled in the tent was Frodo, Pippen and Merry. He was so happy to see them he just dropped to his knees and they ran to hug him. " My Dear Friends. " Legolas closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around all of them.

Finnola had heard the story. She knew who they were. A tear came to her eye .

"Where is Sam?" he asked as tears fell from his eyes. He was so happy they had made it out of Hobbiton. He just noticed Sam was missing.

Frodo stepped back and Legolas released all of them. " Sam is in the Healing tent with his wife. "

Legolas' happiness was gone.

They all went to the healing tent and stood outside. " Rosie is doing much better since Elrond stepped in a helped her. Sam is still a tad broken . They will survive. We hope." Frodo explained. Elrond pulled the flap open and looked in first then pulled Legolas in . The other 3 stayed outside. Sam was asleep in his chair beside Rosie.

" Samwise." Elrond said softly. "Wake up Sam. "

The Hobbits eyes fluttered open and he looked right into Elrond's face. " Lord Elrond beggin me pardon sir. " Elrond just steps to the side and Sam sees Legolas. Legolas just walks over and crouches down to hug his Friend. " How is Rosie?" He looks over to the sleeping Hobbit.

" They put her in a healing sleep at night. It helps keep the bad dreams away so she can rest. Physically she is healing. and That's good. " Sam said in a relieved sigh.

" She has the best man for the job thankfully. You keep watch over Rosie and l will go slaughter the ones that did this. I promise you every one of them will burn in large fires."

Sam looked Legolas in the eye and nodded gently. " Then you come home to us. It just wouldn't seem right with out our Elf. "

They embraced again. Then Legolas said a soft prayer over Rosie and kissed her forehead softly. " I will return. I promised Rosie too. I have to meet her after all."

Finnola stayed back . This was not her territory . Not till later anyway. The 3 Hobbits approached her.

" Excuse me miss. " Merry said with a smile. " I do not mean to cause offense but are you a Giant?"

She had crossed her arms as she rested against a Tree.

" Yes I am. " She lowered down to more their level. " I am glad to finally meet you. I am Finnola of Rohan. Eomer's cousin. " She added and their faces lit up.

"He is King now . " Pippin chimed in.

Merry just stared at the size of her bicep. " You are a powerful Lady." He quickly looked down and mumbled apologies which sent Finnola into fits of giggles.

" Why thank You ." She just grinned. " That is the best compliment I have ever received. "

This just thrilled Merry to bits . Legolas was leaving the healing tent and caught the Merry moment and just grinned. Making his way over He stood a few feet away.

" My love lets go get dinner. " The color drained from Merry's face. Finnola rises . " Yes yes I'm coming. Again, its good to meet all of you."

"Goodnight my friends." Legolas calls then grabs Finnola's hand as they walk towards the kitchens.

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