The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Legolas and Finnola were visiting the Hobbits before they left. Sam refused to leave the halls of healing. He never leaving Rosie's side. Legolas and Finnola say their farewells. To the 3 others in the hall. He hugging each of them.

" I will send word as soon as there is something to know my friends. Right now I have no idea where Gandalf has taken Gimli . I'm sure wherever it is they are fine but You know Gandalf. "

Merry, Pippin and Frodo all chuckle. He rises and goes into the rooms to say farewell to Sam.

Merry just couldn't help himself. " Finnola. " He said and she smiled and peered down to him. " I'm happy for you both and all but If he ever treats you bad . Just look me up . "

She lowered down and looked him in the eye. She smiles . How could one not smile when looking into the eyes of such curious little creatures? Her hand reaching out she pulls him in close for a hug then presses a kiss to his cheek. " Mind if I look you up even if he is treating me well? "

The hobbit just nodded and looked a bit high as he rode on the happy buzz that kiss gave him. "Absolutely Finnola." He managed to get out. Frodo and Pippin about to bust their sides watching this.

Legolas returned from the rooms and smiled and waved to his friends as he and Finnola moved away. Frodo peeked into the room . Rosie was sitting up. She had a bit more color to her cheeks. Sam was actually smiling. There was hope still to be had.

Thranduil was reading the most recent message from Rivendell. At least one of his worries was finally coming to an end. Elrond was well on his way . Legolas in tow. He looked from his opened office door to his wife and son sitting in the garden. Soon they would be moving to the lower chambers again. Where they would be kept warm and safe. The full moon was approaching. In fact they were a few days from it and she had not been overly aroused. In hind sight those needs had been diminishing over the past several months.

Ninnel went out to join her. The baby getting fussy Juniper watched as Ninnel fed Orist. Juniper seemed to be adjusting to having a baby easily. She was very natural at it and soon there would be another baby in his growing family. Celeborn entered the office and Thranduil looked to him as he paused to look into the Garden.

" Children just always seem to bring more light in do they not?" Celeborn said with a warm smile.

Thranduil nodded. " Now I just have to keep my home safe for them." He lifted a message up to Celeborn to read. " Well our spies have been busy haven't they." He said softly then sighed. " Where do you think this attack will take place? Here or Lorien first?"

Thranduil shook his head. " Perhaps Gondor or all 3 . If I were the enemy that is what I would do with a force that is becoming this massive. "

Celeborn let the message slide from his fingertips and onto Thranduil's desk. "Does it not seem odd that they are not really trying to conceal it? Its like they want us to see it and they still attack randomly in the west. The remains of the army Elrond battled there has dug in at fornost."

Thranduil pushed up from his seat and walked around the desk. " It would be helpful to know just who our enemy really is." He watched Ninnel rise with Orist . The baby heading for the crib. Juniper gets to her feet as well and walks towards him. Making Him smile .

" Excuse me. My wife would like a bit of time alone. It appears the moon is affecting her after all. " Thranduil said as he looked to Celeborn. A mischievous grin curling on his lips.

Celeborn rolled his eyes and headed out of the door. " I believe that is my cue Cousin. " He passes Juniper in the corridor. Were he greeted her in passing.

Finnola was growing to detest traveling long distances. The ride from Rivendell to Rohan was a very long one. Legolas often taking guard positions on the small caravan left her riding alone . Glorfindel had taken the opportunity to ride along with her and chat. Legolas of course watched this from his position . For all appearances Glorfindel was polite . He did not make any outwardly obscene moves towards her nor was he overly affectionate. He did make her laugh a lot . He supposed he should be happy that she had a friend with common interests in battle . However, this was not becoming the case. There was a growing feeling. One he had hoped to never experience again. That same feeling he had when he realized Tauriel had fallen for the dwarf, Jealousy.

That evening when the caravan had stopped and camp was set Glorfindel and Finnola had a spar. She needed to keep her sword skills just as sharp as her spear skills. He only used one sword for the spar. This was meant to give Finnola more of a chance. Pleasantly she was holding her own against Him. Legolas watched with mild disdain. He would certainly rather be in their tent right now. Besides. Glorfindel could really hurt her. While Finnola was formidable Glorfindel had power she just could not understand.

The spar ended with Glorfindel found victorious but he was a bit winded . She came to sit beside Legolas. Glorfindel following with a wine skin.

"Legolas your woman is the only being alive that can make me this tired from just a spar. " He sat down with them and drank from the wine skin.

Legolas just nodded and looked off. " You promised to tell me about the battle of fornost . " She said excitedly. "

Legolas scoffed. " More boring battle talk? "

Finnola scowled at him. Glorfindel arched a brow and then looked to Finnola. " Perhaps another time."

Finnola wished Glorfindel a good night and simply stood up and headed towards the tent . Legolas after a few moments would rise without a word to Glorfindel and follow her. Glorfindel sat back and grinned to himself as he drank his wine. Elladan walked over having witnessed it all and sat down with Glorfindel .

" Really Elladan ? Have you come to lecture me? I have done nothing forward or remotely scandalous. "

Elladan just shook his head . " No lecture and I know you have not done anything unseemly but I know what you are doing."

Glorfindel leveled his gaze onto the dark haired elf. "And what is that? Besides being her friend ."

Elladan narrowed his eyes. " You are putting yourself out there Glorfindel . Legolas isn't stupid . He see's her spending a lot of time with you. "

Glorfindel ran his tongue over his teeth and sighed. " They are not bonded Elladan there for that choice it hers to make. "

She was already inside the tent when Legolas arrived. She said nothing to him. She was preparing for bed.

" I'm sorry if I was curt ." He said softly.

She just turned and glared at him. " You were rude is what you were Legolas. What is wrong with you? You have never behaved like this before. "

He collapsed down on the pile of blankets and pelts they used for a bed. " I don't know . Glorfindel has always just gotten under my skin. He is always so perfect and powerful and the best. Perhaps I am a bit jealous of him. "

She sighed and crawled next to him. " He isn't perfect and he isn't the best at everything. You need to get past this issue Legolas. Glorfindel is my friend and I swear that is all he is. " She pressed her lips to his ear and he shivers before wrapping her powerful arms around him and pulling him down with her.

The night was chilled . The colors of autumn were everywhere in then courtyard garden. She was wrapped in a thick blanket and sitting on the edge of the fountain. The full moon over head smiling down on her. She should be absolutely raging with need right now but she wasn't . Sure she felt frisky but the sheer mind numbing pain that was often associated with this moment when the moon was at its peak and she wasn't in his arms just was not there. It hadn't been all week. Thranduil was watching her and feeling a bit strange about it.

Celeborn had tried to ease his mind by saying "It must be because the pregnancy has progressed."

Finally he walked out into the moon lit garden and scooped her up making her giggle. " What were you thinking about ?" Thranduil asks as he carries her towards the bedroom. One of her small warm hands slipped out of the blanket and caressed his cheek.

" I was wondering about the moon. Then I realized I'm at the mercy of Nature."

His brows arch as they come into the soft light of the bedroom and he lays her down on the bed . His body curling around her as he too lays.

" I suppose you are in a way. More so than others. We are all at the mercy of Nature. " He said softly.

She shifted so she was facing him. Her head lay lightly on his arm. " I suppose that is true. The seasons change. The weather changes. If it rains well crops grow if it doesn't they don't. " She got silent for a few moments. " Thranduil I am scared. " She admitted.

" What has you scared?" He pulls her closer the blanket opening a bit more.

" As happy as I am about being pregnant it's happening at a bad time. There is something out there looking for me. I can feel it Thranduil. Always in the background. Lurking . Scheming. All I want to do is live here with you and raise a family. It won't let me. " Her eyes lifted. " It will not stop, ever. "

He looked deeply into her lavender eyes and saw the truth in her words. "Melamin, bain hervess nin (my love my beautiful wife)" He said and kissed her forehead then down to kiss the tip of her nose then finally his lips pressed to hers. His hand pressing to the back of her head . His thumb lightly caresses over her cheek. He whispers against her lips. "Baw gor Melamin. ech barna(no fear my love you are protected)"

She wanted to believe him with everything she had. She had to believe him. To not would be insulting. Thranduil was mighty after all. Her body slides over his . Her lips pressing against his in another kiss. He gently shifts to his back and she lays upon him . Straddling him as she sits back . His eyes looking up at her in all her night time glory . His hands rest on her hips. Hers rest on his chest . Her heart had begun to beat faster. She smiled for him. His heart flutters a bit and his hands reach to pull her back down to him for another kiss. Gently he embraces her and flips her so her back was to the bed and he was over her . His lips meeting hers again. His hand slowly sliding up her thigh. This would not be a mad heat like most full moons. He could take his time.

The moons peak had passed. She was naked and pressed up against him. Her head laying on his chest . Her breathing regular and calm. The pixie was asleep. He felt peaceful. The warm comfort of her there against him was lulling him to sleep. He began to drift off so content.

The blood curdling scream shook him to his core and he was awake and grabbing his sword in seconds. Looking around the room for the threat his eyes land on Juniper huddled in the corner . She was pulled into as tight of a ball as she could get. Sobbing and rocking the guards rushing in within seconds. Thranduil held up his hand. "Daro ed alnad ledh- hir- Celeborn (stop its ok go get Celeborn)" The Guards leave the room . One stands outside the room the other rushes off to get Celeborn.

Thranduil puts his sword down and approaches her very slowly. "Sîdh Melamin. (peace my love)" He speaks so softly.

She had not had a dream like this in a very long time. Not since she slept near him or even Elthian. Crouching down he reaches out to touch her and when his fingers just barely touch her arm she recoils and pushes back into the corner as hard as she could.

"Melamin its your husband. " He said again his tone very gentle. " Look up and see it is me. You are in our home. "

Her eyes lifted and she saw him. Her eyes looked around seeing the comfortable sight of their bedroom. Her face wet with tears. She throws her arms around him and buries her face against his shoulder and sobs .

He held her for a few moments and then gently pushed her back so he could see her eyes. Her hands on his shoulders. He gasps and leans back a bit more. On her shoulders were deep dark bruises . His eyes traveling down her naked body looking for more then back up on both her lower arms were deep dark bruises. He takes her arm in his hands very gently and looks at the bruise he could see clear finger marks.

Celeborn Rushes into the room and finds them in the corner. "Renn hída- man (cousin what happened?)"

Thranduil turns to look over his shoulder. Then carefully lifted Junipers small arm the bruises upon it. " Something has grabbed her in her sleep. "

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