The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Court was back in session . The Queen sat beside her King. Her small hand in his. They were both dressed in regal attire. Their crowns adorning their heads. She still did not like dressing like this but she played the part for her Husband and she did it well . The vote of no confidence was now brought to the court . The leader of all the Royal forces was of course Thranduil . Then under him was Adnir . Adnir is who was being voted on. Thranduil knew Adnir was more than competent at his task but unfortunately for this to work He would have to be demoted.

The king would only vote in the case of a tie of course he could simply not agree with the court and do as he pleased but rarely did Thranduil do such a thing. Each member of the court would stand perhaps say something and vote. One by one they stood. If they spoke and were deceitful she squeezed Thranduils hand . Other wise she showed no emotion. This time his vote would not be needed as the majority voted no confidence in Adnir. She watched Adnir . He was angry and rightfully so . Nilastiel had indeed tainted the court . Several of those that voted with him showed deceit. How deep their treason was would have to wait to come to light.

Thranduil now spoke." The King recognizes the vote of no confidence . Adnir will be demoted and placed back within the ranks of the guard. Nilastiel will assume command of the Royal Forces.

Nilastiel was simply delighted with this . He rose and began to speak . " I thank the Court for coming to their senses. "

She was squeezing Thranduils hand tightly. " I appoint Lysanthir as my 1st and Vesryn as my 2nd. Each would speak in turn and make promises to destroy the evil in the realm. Her hand was squeezing his so tightly his fingers were beginning to go numb.

Gandalf had gleaned little information from the most ancient of texts in the archives. The party of now four were traveling back to Rohan. The plains cold and windy . Finnola atop her mount Clad in fur lined leathers and top. A coat of fur around her. Gimli to was wrapped in fur as he rode behind Legolas on his mount. Legolas and Gandalf never seemed bothered by the cold. Their path taking them towards the Glittering Caves. Finnola sighs as they rode through the plains. Being home was about as joyous for her as going home would be for Legolas.

They dismounted and decided to camp under an out crop of rock that gave them some shelter from the brutal wind. They were in the process of making camp . When Legolas stopped. His eyes looking down at the ground, then up . Gandalf was sensing it as well.

" What is it ? " Finnola asked "

Legolas looked to her . " The ground quivers."

After a few moments a thunder could be heard in the distance and the grounds quivering became near quaking . The Horses began to panic . " Take them to safety Shadow fax " Gandlaf commanded His steed and the horses take off together.

Finnola took up her sword and placed it in its scabbard . In her hand was Dragonfang . Legolas readied his bow. Gimli was eager as usual for battle . His Axe in hand. Legolas smelled their attackers before they were visible . " Boar" he said and Finnola groans. They breached the line of hills before them . A large herd of Boar but among them were beast unlike any they had seen before . These boar were big . They were monsters . Boar like these had never been seen by any of the party .

" ay what manner of monster are these?" Gimli gasps .

The boar were soon on them . Circling them . They were organized . They were using tactics and not just wildly attacking . Groups of the smaller ones would be sent to attack the party within the stampeding circle. Legolas picking them off with arrows. Gimli cleaving them with his axe. Finnola using Dragonfang as the spear it was . Having not yet begin to spin it to capture the wind. The attacks would keep coming and they party would take them down . The numbers of smaller boar diminishing.

Finally the 3 largest beast began to charge . Mutated evil monsters charging and being repelled. Finnola finally fully angered " To hell with this . " She growled and hefted Dragonfang into the air . Legolas , Gimli and Gandalf protecting her as she began to spin the great spear over her head . The wind being gathered and swirling around them . The smaller boar captured in this wild force and cast from from it to land out of sight. Surely dead from the impact . "Take cover" She yells and the 3 break off their attacks and run for the out cropping.

As the monster boar gave chase she began her attacks. The first was speared through the side though the spear never met it . She was already attacking the second . Her body turning to the left the spear thrust out towards the beast then slashing the blade up . It never even seemed to touch the beast who was now sliced from its neck down along its spine . Both boar fell .

The last was the largest of them all . It stopped and watched her as if studying her movements . It charged and zigged then zagged . Each time she thrust the spear out towards it the beast would dodge the blow . She stepped out of its way leaving just inches for it to pass without hitting her . She danced in battle elegantly . The spear spinning along her shoulders as she turned back towards the beast the spear taken in her hands again The boar not expecting her to do this so fast not expecting an attack without using her dominate hand it had turned to charge her again and with a mighty yell she impaled the beast through the chest . Piercing its heart .

The wind she had gathered stopped then and all that had been caught in it fell to the ground. Dead boar in a circle around them . The 3 monsters in the middle with her. She pulled the blade from the beast and stood there breathing hard . Her eyes locked on the mutated beast she just felled.

" This is foul." she hissed. " Ugh the smell. " she began to wretch slightly . Legolas and Gimli looked at the twisted creatures. The blood pouring from them was black .

"What dark magic did this?" Legolas looked to Gandalf .

" The evil is spreading." He said . Then whistled for Shadow Fax.

"Spreading? you mean you knew of this Wizard? " Gimli asked angrily. " You did not tell us?"

"So far it had been confined to Greenwood. A few other animals had been mutated there. One a Grindylow which attacked the new Queen ."

Legolas' eyes narrowed and he walked up to Gandalf visibly angry. " Is there anything else you failed to tell us ?" he spat out.

"Ermm no I believe that would be it ." Gandlaf said apologetically "Again Legolas I had hoped to have this conversation with you in Greenwood. "

Finnola stood there quiet for several moments then she would speak up " We must warn the King of this. Eomer must know there is danger in his lands. "

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