The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Nilastiel walked with confidence . Each step pulsated with arrogance as well. Entering the Kings office he stood very proudly . Thranduil held up a hand needing another moment to finish reading a missive he held in his hands and after a few moments his attention was on his new Commander .

" Tell me good news Nilastiel. Tell me I can bring my Queen home soon."

Nilastiel smiled pleasantly and nodded. " I do believe this will be possible soon My Lord. We are scouring every inch of the realm. We have eradicated several goblin incursions in the east and orc corpses burn in the west. Though there has been no sign of these mutated beasts I suspect whatever attacked the village is hiding well . Its just a matter of time before we oust it."

Thranduil in what was is normal emotionless way nodded and praised Nilastiel and was gracious and thanked him for his efforts. He even went as far as to offer him and his family new accommodations In the Royal wing.
Nilastiel practically salivated at this. " My Lord your praise is enough."

Thranduil saw right through his false humility but didn't make any indication of it. " I insist . Tell your family in the coming week they will be living in grand chambers. Now I have many boring things to tend I look forward to all of this being over soon. "

Nilastiel bows and responds in kind . " I do as well ... My Lord." He turned and practically struts from the office.

Tauriel Had arrived in Rohan only to find the ones she sought were not in Edoras but at the Glittering caves. She immediately left and rode at full gallop until the night to reach the caves . There she would find a camp and even guards posted who stopped her and questioned her.

" I am Tauriel. I come with urgent messages from Greenwood. I told you already . I need to see the King . "

The men of Rohan were very cautious perhaps even paranoid it seemed. Legolas stepped from a tent and suddenly she was much relieved. " Legolas! " She called out and He looked to her his eyes widen. He moved quickly towards them

" Hey let her through. "

The guards shrug and step aside. Tauriel eyeing them both as she moved to Legolas.

" I think they were trying to flirt with you. " Legolas' nose curled a bit at the idea "Why are you here ? "

Tauriel looked as if she was about the fall over . He quickly reached out and supported her. How many days had she rode without rest? He wondered.

" I have urgent messages . For you, Mithrandir and The King of Rohan. Please I need to sit and some food. " Her legs had begun to tremble and Legolas growled lowly angry that she had not taken care of herself. He scooped her into his arms and head for his own tent .She had fallen asleep in his arms.

Entering his tent Finnola stood up her lips parted in a gasp seeing the female elf. "What has happened?" She asked and quickly began to fix a place for him to lay the elf down.

" She must have rode many days and nights without really stopping . She did not eat properly or take a moment to rest an elf can ride many days and nights if they eat and rest a few hours. Can you go get your Cousin and Gandalf ? She says she has messages for them from My Father. " She nodded and left the tent quickly. Legolas began to heal her as best he could. just so she could deliver her messages then food and rest would do its part.

She awoke still feeling weak. She sat up quickly and it was Mithrandir who was there helping her drink some water . Legolas helping her stay upright. Her vision clearing she looked around the tent. Seeing faces she didn't know and faces she did. Her eyes falling on the biggest woman she had ever seen then shifting back to Mithrandir.

" What is so urgent that you would risk your health in such a way Tauriel?" Gandalf asked.

" I can only speak to the King of Rohan , Legolas and You . " she said to Gandlaf.

Finnola shrugs and starts to leave . Gimli protests " Lassy you know me You know I am loyal to Legolas. "

Eomer spoke then " I am the King of Rohan and I can not hear this news without Finnola here. " She stopped and looked to her cousin . He smiled at her . "SO sit back down woman " He said to her . Gandalf looked to Tauriel " All within this tent are trusted. "

" We could not risk anything being written so you will have to bear with me . The King of Greenwood beseeches you to come his his aid. " She began to lay it all out for them. The mutants the attacks and the fact that members of the elven council would be traitors. How they knew exactly what the traitors plans were and how the slaughter was going to be prevented but it was going to take help from allies.

Eomer sat back and looked at Tauriel. Legolas had a look of shock in his eyes. Finnola was quiet and oddly so was Gimli. " There have been these things killed on my own lands and I get this is going to get worse if we do not stop it. " Tauriel nodded gently.

Gandalf too sat back and stroked his beard . " So they believe the Queen is in Lorien. I would very much like to hear how this ruse was pulled off at a later time. She heads to Gondor in secret . " Tauriel nodded again.

" They will not expect the armies of men to help The king of the woodland realm. This is why we can not ask Rivendell or Lorien for help. Thranduil assures You King Eomer you will be compensated for your help and that an alliance between our peoples could be very beneficial to all people. I make a poor ambassador . He had hope Mithrandir would help in this area. " she looked over to Legolas and saw the look in his eyes every time His father was mentioned.

"Cousin ." Eomer spoke up and looked to Finnola. " You are acting in an advisory capacity at the moment . What say you? "

She leans forward in her seat and press her arms on her knees. " I say we go slaughter some orcs and goblins. Skewer some of these twisted creatures, Because whatever did that to make those monsters I killed on the plains needs to be stopped and I think those old men you like to rub elbows with in the long house will agree with me ."

Eomer choked when she added that last little detail and grinned . To Tauriel " As you can see my Cousin is a bit eager . I also think she is right. I'd rather stop this sooner than later lest we have another Mordor on our hands."

Tauriel managed a smile then. " Legolas. You will have to carry this message back to greenwood. I can not return . I am actually the Queens personal guard and I am supposed to be in Lorien with her. They will not suspect You know anything . You're just returning from your travels. " Legolas looked very grim on the idea but would agree.

The meeting adjourned and Eomer left the tent. He would head back to Edoras in the morning and prepare the Rohirrim . Gimli wandered out with Legolas and Finnola, leaving Tauriel alone with Gandalf.

" and what of my message?" He asked.

She smiled. " Its about the Queen. " He heard about the new discoveries on her abilities. How she can see lies and deceit far better than any elf. How she had been the spy on those that were traitors. How she had outed them simply by watching them in court .

" She is the most kind and loving creature Gandalf but oy she has a temper too. She calls Thranduil on his ,excuse the term, Bullshit easily . He is changing . He is becoming a better king for it. You should have seen her after the attack on the village. How she just went to help She is a force all her own. "

This news made Him smile . " I can not wait to get to know her better. "

Soon Tauriel was alone . She had eaten and felt much better though sleep would help even more . She just couldn't seem to find it. She got up and walked from the tent . It was quiet out . The King retired with plans to leave at first light. There were a few guards milling about . She walked quietly among the tents. She caught a glimpse of Legolas and the Giant woman . She backed up not wanting to disturb them but the conversation caught her attention.

"I want you to come with me. I need you to come with me. " Legolas said and Tauriel would peek around the edge of the adjacent tent.

Finnola was shaking her head . " This is not the time for us to make waves Legolas."

He reachs out at take her hands into his. " If you are there with me He will not be able to crush me under his weight. " Tauriels brows lifted .

" Look . When this battle is over I will go with you to see your Father and you can announce your intentions then . Putting this on him... now .. Its not for the best . From what I gather he is under a lot of strain now lets not add to it before He fights for his kingdom"

This woman is smart . Tauriel thought. Though oddly matched she was beginning to understand His attraction.

Legolas nods " You're right . You're always right. " His eyes shifted a bit then she smiled to Finnola. " Go get our bed warm . We will stay with Gimli tonight. Tauriel is sleeping in ours. " She leaned down and kissed him before turning and walking away. Legolas stood there watching a few moments before turning and heading right towards where she was standing.

" Did you hear enough ?" He asked before even reaching her.

Of course he knew she was there. Tauriel crossed her arms over her chest and waited for him to round the corner. " I'm Happy for you ." She said with a smile. "You deserve love Legolas but she is right . Now is not the time to ruffle his feathers. Are you angry about his new wife? "

Legolas scowls at her. The light of the fires around them making it look even more pronounced. The shadows deepen every crease.

" Shes good for him. He is changing becoming more warm and kind. "

Legolas cut her off. " He pounded it into my head that Elves do not mate with others and we certainly do not marry outside of our own race or even class. " He looked her deep in the eye then.

" Do not use what happened with us as an excuse to dislike someone you have never met or to continue your anger with him. Legolas I ..." she trailed off. and closed her eyes a moment. " I did not share the same feelings for you that you had for me. You are My brother we were raised together and our flirtations were never going to be more than just that. You need to let this go. You have found someone new and you might find your Father is not the cold monster you think him. " With that she walked off back towards the tent.

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