The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Today she was dressed in a more casual dress. It was light against her flesh. It was simple yet elegant . A deep maroon color with silver lace over it . She stretched out her wings and looked in the mirror . Thranduil walking behind her. He stopped and admired her . Her hair was left mostly loose . The golden waves spilled down her back. Small braids at her temples were woven with little yellow flowers and tied at the back of her head with a maroon ribbon.

" I have something for you. " He said and she looked to his reflection in the mirror and smiled.

" You do? I sure hope it's a kiss . This task you have for me today is one I do not wish to do ." He approached her slowly his hands behind his back and once he was behind her he placed a diadem upon her head. She gasped and looked at it in the mirror . He making sure it was secure in her hair .

" This is a diadem I had made for you. It's for moments like this and less bulky than your formal crown . " He explained. It was in the shape of a bird. Its wings half open . Made of silver with diamonds on the wings . The breast of the bird was a huge blue sapphire and dangling down in the center an oval pearl kissed just at her hairline and forehead.

She turned and wrapped her arms around him . " I love it . " He smiled and embraces her as well then turns her around looking at her with a wide smile. He then places an elegant string if pearls around her slender neck.

" Every Queen should have pearls. " His whispers in her ear.

" You are spoiling me my love ." Her fingers drifted over the smooth cool pearls. Her opal ring on her finger . She rarely ever took it off. It was part of her connection to him after all.

" You never ask for such things. You never ask for much at all really . So allow me to spoil you. please." Her head turned and she looked up to him and his lips pressed to hers. His hand took hers and the kiss was broken .

" Now my heart we must do this today. "

She sighs and nods as he leads her through the bedroom and out of the door. Tauriel and Elthian follow them and Legolas met them in the hall .

" Good Morning Legolas . " She said with a smile. Thranduil spoke as well . " Man erin nin réd." He fell into pace with them . Thranduil going slower than normal . His Pixie had short legs after all. " Man erin adar Good morning My Queen. " Legolas said with a smile to her .

Thranduil tried to not speak sindaran much around her . She could read it but when it was spoken she was often lost. Slowly he was beginning to teach her though.

" I am not looking forward to this . " She said to Legolas .

" Neither am I but it must be done . They can not stay locked in their homes forever. " Legolas glanced to his father who nods to him in approval.

It would take a bit for them to reach the home of Vesryn his wife inside. Thranduil had allowed her mother to visit her so she would not be utterly alone. The guards opened the door. The King entered followed by the Queen her wings folded down against her back . Next was Legolas and Tauriel and Elthian would follow. Vesryn's Wife was named Qwir her mother was Lyra. They would both curtsy and Qwir welcomed them to her home. She had the look of of a woman about to fall apart . Her Mother, the look of sheer terror . Juniper saw no darkness in either of them.

Thranduil asked questions. Did she know about his treason . She shook her head and say no.

"My Lord. I had no idea. Vesryn would not speak of court to me . I was concerned when he became close with Nilastiel. That elon made my spine crawl . The way he looked at me . It was like he was undressing me with every sweep of his gaze. I would say something to Vesryn about it but he said I was being paranoid. I told him I didn't want that elon in my home and He never brought him here again. He would start staying out late with him . He would come home drunk and smelling like a companion woman. His temper got very short and He would get angry with me at the drop of a hat and he started telling me soon we would be better off we would have higher status. These were things I never asked for . I just wanted the man I loved and our simple home and perhaps a child or 2 . He turned from a kind compassionate man to someone I didn't even know. " She started to cry then . " I could feel ... I could. .. He was pulling away from me and his fea was .. struggling. "

It was Juniper who would step towards her . She waves Tauriel back . She took Qwir's hand and smiled gently. The devastated woman looked down with tears running down her cheeks. " Lady , if your husband was sent to Valinor would you wish to follow? "

She looked to the Queen and sobbed. " I do not know what to do. I am bonded to him and I ache for him but the last time I saw him he was not My Vesryn."

Being so close to Qwir affected Juniper . She looked to Thranduil and Legolas. " She is totally truthful and in desperation for the pain to stop. Please allow her to see her husband. Allow her to visit him . Inside his cell. Then I feel she can make a choice. "

Thranduil agreed to that. Juniper held her hand still and spoke to her . " Do you think that will do? Because we will need your answer soon. Vesryn is being sent to Valinor one way or the other. His fate will be decided by the Valar. "

She hugged the Queen and she embraced her back . As Qwir stepped back she looked to the King . " Thank You My Lord for not having him sent to Mandos. Thank You for allowing me to see him before I choose. " His gaze now took on an understanding look and he simply nodded.

"Tauriel take her to see her husband . Stay and observe them."

" Yes My King . " She responded

Thrandiul, Legolas and Juniper leave the House . Lyra stepped out with them . Elthian stepping to the side. " Thank You My Lord and My Lady for the kindness shown today and not judging her a traitor because of the foolishness of her husband. Your being fair speaks so much of you both. "

Juniper reached out and hold her hand. " I understand your pain Lady. I am so sorry this is happening. " Lyra nodded with tears in her eyes and walked back into the house to wait for her daughters return.

Legolas was impressed with Juniper. Where his father was stern and sometimes overbearing he was always fair . She was kind and gentle and helped find a solution with every ones feelings in mind.

Thranduil exhaled loudly . " Now for Nilastiel's family . They are back on the royal wing . I had them moved there in the weeks prior to the battle . He thought it was a promotion it was just so they would be easier to contain . He sadly had young children and an older son." Legolas observed them as they walked . How His father slowed down for her . How he held her small hand or locked arms with her. His glances at her . The way he tried to hide his smile when he did that. Her hands so small that she could only hold 2 of his fingers and she did so often. How she would lean her head against his arm and smile like there was no other place she would rather be than right there with him in that moment. She had healed his heart and they were undoubtedly very much in love.

They reached Nialstiels home. His wife was named Maylin. She had 2 small twin girls . Marla and Misha . Her Son was nearing adulthood His name was Ryul. The Royal Family was standing in their living room and were greeted and welcomed warmly . Juniper being Juniper practically dove onto the floor and started to play with the little girls. Who wanted to see her wings and touch her diadem . Juniper allowed them to even touch her wings and they show her their dolls and all the little clothes to dress them in . Maylin sat on the couch her son at the other end looked morose and withdrawn. Juniper glanced to the young elon occasionally she was reading him silently . Letting herself feel what he felt as Thranduil began to ask the same question he had asked Qwir. Juniper could tell Maylin was struggling to answer because the little girls were in the room .

"I bet you girls have a pretty room. " Juniper asked. They nodded and bounced and started to tell her everything about it . " I have an idea show it to me . " She rose and held their hands . They began to pull and tug on her . Thranduil could feel Juniper slipping into his mind . She was only a room away after all. She able to engage the children just enough to keep them occupied while she looked through Thranduil's eyes. 'her light is pure love now lets see if I see lies like this'. The words flowed into Thranduil's mind.

Thranduil asked again . "Did you know he was committing treason ?" She leaned forward and growled " No I did not . Let me tell you something. Nilastiel was once a very good father and a very good elon. He loved us . He provided for us. Then something changed . About a year ago. He became cruel to Me . He would hit me if I didn't agree with him . He would say horrid things to his son. Tell them Ryul ." She nudged her son.

Thranduil Looked to the young elon . "Tell me . Then perhaps I can help you and your family. " Ryul grit his teeth. He was angry. Juniper spoke into the kings mind. 'this anger is from the pain. Be gentle my love'.

" He said I was weak like an elleth because I tried to make him stop hitting Naneth. He hit me so hard my eye would swell shut . Then he refused to let me see the healers. Just like he would when he hit Naneth. He said I was stupid and was a disappointment and a worthless child. " Ryul's voice cracked and he grit his teeth. Thranduil too noticed the fist he made and pressed into the tops of his thighs.

Juniper gasps and feels tears coming to her eyes but she did not want to upset the elflings she was playing with . She smiled through it and brushed the dolls hair and talked about things that would make them smile and giggle. Thranduil was seething with anger . Knowing now the horrors happening within his own home.

He looked to Maylin . " I am guessing you do not wish to go to Valinor to be with him." The way she jumped from her seat and the rage on her face . She choked back a scream because of her little ladies in the other room.

" May he be tossed into the void . " she said lowly . " Besides . I believe our bond was broken months ago . I don't know how it happened. It was after a beating and he stormed out . He was gone for days and during that time . I no longer felt him . It wasn't that it was severed like death it was just as if it never was. " She sat back down. "I have no idea what happened but I am glad to be free. I am sorry for his treachery my King but we are all better off without him . It is just ... we are looked at as traitors too . "

She looked to her son and she wanted to hug him but he was having none of it . Thranduil then asked a hard question. " Did he ever so anything to the elflings? "

Maylin swallowed hard. " I did not like how he looked at them. He used to dote over them and spoil them rotten . Then he became distant, then He began to look at them with lust in his eyes. " Thranduil trembled and Juniper suddenly reached out and took the girls in her arms and hugged them . They giggling and squirming . " He was never allowed to be alone with them but that wasn't hard to do . He stopped coming home . Then he said we were going to be moving here and I was thrilled . For a day or so it was like Nilastiel was back . He was kind and gentle but that was only for a few days . Before long he went back to being dark. "

Juniper reappeared with the girls tugging her along . " Naneth Naneth. Queen Juniper doesn't ride a horse or an elk . She rides the great bear. " They climb up into their mothers lap and snuggle against her .

" I noticed all the figurines and the pottery . I'm guessing the potters wheel is yours . Do you also have a kiln? " Juniper asked gently.

Maylin blinked and nodded " Yes My lady."

"Thranduil please look at some of her work . " Juniper took him by the hand and lead him towards a shelf . There were wooden crates she had been unpacking . On the shelf were the most beautiful figurines . She painted them in such a way they looked almost real. " These are your work ?" He asked .

Maylin actually smiled for the first time since they had arrived. "Yes it is my hobby . The bowls and cups there I made as well . "

" I think I have a solution to at least one problem perhaps more. " Juniper said with a grin. It was not long that they were emerging from the apartment. Legolas was very impressed with both his Father and Juniper. Maylin was now the royal potter. How could anyone say they were a family of traitors when they held a job for the king. She would make all the dishes and cups . Even the crockery the royal family would use . She would make as many trinkets and figurines as they could handle . She was allowed to keep her apartment on the royal wing her kiln would be set up in their own little garden with the help of the guards. It was rather heavy .

Thranduil would take the young elon under his wing . Arranging lessons for the young elf in sword fighting and archery . His father tried to force into into being a scholar and that was not what he really enjoyed. He would be trained to be a guard and the young mans face lit up. Thranduil would also talk with him and try to help with his pain and anger. Juniper was invited to come play with the twins anytime . Which Juniper was most happy about. Elthian while silent was smiling as well . Juniper was doing so well as Queen.

Tauriel caught up to them right as they were heading back to the royal chambers. " Qwir wants to go to Valinor with her husband. Since he has been away from Nilastiel he has come back . She said that was her husband it wasn't the same person from before. She wants to go with him. "

Thranduil sigh and nod . "Very well she may go with him . " Elthian opened the door and they all entered . Juniper, happy to see Finnola and Ninnel waiting for them.

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