The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Eomer stood outside the Glittering caves. In his hand the missive from King Thranduil. "There is no need for you to come just wait out here." Eomer said to Eothain. He then disappeared into the gloom of the cave with just a torch in hand.

Gimli was the one to notice the light coming towards them in the darkness . "Hey Lassy." He whispered getting Finnola's attention. She rose from where she had been sitting near Gandalf.

" You best be speaking your name less you get an axe in your head. " Gimli says as he prepares to fight. Finnola feeling the tension grow in her body.

"You think you're tall enough to put an axe in the head of the King of Rohan dwarf?" Eomer called out as He enters the cathedral room.

Gimli and Finnola relaxed and blew out the tension. He approached them and looked down at Gandalf. " Is he alive?"

Legolas coming down from the ceiling of the cathedral room. Elegantly sliding down a rope." Yes but he is some where else right now. We found him this way. He will not be back until he has completed whatever he is doing"

At was all strange to Eomer then again Wizards were always weird to him. He handed Legolas the missive he had received. " This is for you as well Legolas. " He read the words on it and stumbled back a few steps the look of pure shock on his face. Finnola's brow furrowed as she took the letter and stepped into the torch light and read it a loud for Gimli.

Eomer King of Rohan,

I wish the letter was sent for Happy reasons. Unfortunately it is not. I have gotten word from Lord Elrond of Rivendell that He is engaged in a terrible battle with a vast army of Orc , Goblin and mutated creatures. They have destroyed Hobbiton and the shire lay in ruins. "

As she was reading Gimli whispers" Oh No."

She continued to read. " Bree has been destroyed now as well. The army is advancing towards Rivendell. I am sending 2 regiments and supplies for the survivors who are being taken to Rivendell.

I would appreciate it if you get this message to Legolas. He needs to join the Regiment as it hopefully , with your blessing , is allowed to pass through Rohan.

High Regards,

Thranduil King of Greenwood.

" What about Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry? " Finnola looked to Gimli as he spoke.

"There is no mention of them ." Legolas says sadly.

Eomer spoke up. " I am sending 300 Rohirram. It is all I can spare. I got word That the Lady of Lorien was sending at least 2 regiments as well. I suspect Gondor will answer the call too. "

Legolas Walked up to Finnola and took her hand pulling her away from them . He did not release her hand. " I must go and I would like it if you stayed here but I know better of it. You will not be left behind will you. "

She grinned " not a chance but someone needs to stay with Gandalf. " They both looked to Gimli and sighed. " He will not take this well Finnola."

Gimli was pacing and ranting about this decision he had no part in. Finnola crouches down and takes her friend by the arms. " Gimli someone has to stand guard over the Wizard. Who is in a cave . Who better to stand guard over him? " She looked into Gimli's eyes . "When he wakes up You must tell him what is happening and bring him to us. "

He looked first to Legolas and then to Eomer. " Fine . I will stay. "

Finnola pulled him into a hug and whispered. " I promise to let him gain on his count as little as possible. "

Gimli grinned " Thank you Lassy" he whispered back.

Finnola and Legolas mounted up. Finnola noticing Eothain's disapproving look . " Aww cheer up Eothain I plan to ride with the elves as soon as we join them. You will not have to look on my pretty face and gorgeous body too long, so I will not tarnish your rohirram " Her words were scathing as they rolled from her lips. His answer was to snort and turn his horse to ride for his troops and head out as soon as possible.

Thranduil was in his office. There was considerable paper work to do. Things to sign into order, Now that it seemed they would be involved in war again. The scale of what was going on in the west was far more vast than what had happened there recently.

Elthian entered his office and close the door behind him . " You wished to see me My Lord." He said gently as he approached the desk . He stopped much further back than he usually would have . It was things like this that Thranduil had taken notice of . Elthian was not very comfortable around him .

Thranduil looked up from a trade document . Then placed it down and sat back in his chair . His gaze drifting over Elthian. He Noticed how Elthian's eyes went everywhere but on him. " I shall be blunt. What disturbs you Elthian. Ever since our time in the forest you seem to be putting distance between You and I. You even seem somewhat distanced from your Queen. "

Elthians lips tremble and were about to part with a lie upon them when Thanduil spoke up. " The lie you are about to tell will not be believed."

Elthian closed his eyes for a moment. His breathing becoming deeper. " My Lord. The truth is .." he paused . His heart was beginning to beat harder. His throat was tightening. " I do not know what to do with what I am feeling. " That was not a lie.

" What are you feeling ?" The Kings words were softly spoken.

No lie he could tell in this moment would be accepted. He knew that. He had been struggling since they returned from the night in the forest. " My King . I have loved you since I was a young Ellon. I wanted to be in your Guard because I loved you. I worked as hard as I did because I loved you. Then you brought her here and I found myself loving her just as much only.." he paused again . Swallowing past that tightness in his throat. " You put us in the position of being intimate and I wanted to be. I really wanted it I confess. Then You did it again, in the forest and I wanted it and I wanted to be with you just as badly . " His strength to hide his feelings was failing . There were tears in his eyes that spilled forth with each word.

"Ever since that night in the forest These feelings have consumed me. Everything I felt before has gotten to be so powerful that it consumes me My Lord. " His hands clawed at the tunic over his chest. " These thoughts of her under me and you over me . I can not get it out of my mind . Or this need to be with you both. Dreams so absurd I can not believe my mind goes there. " He was sobbing uncontrollably "Please My Lord take these feelings away from me. Take these thoughts away from me please take this pain away from me. " Elthian fell to his knees sobbing .

Thranduil watched . He had a suspicion of what had happened that night being as he was seeing the evidence of it in the Ellon before him. He understood this pain very well. He got up quietly and moved through the room . Locking the door . He stood there looking on his most trusted guard and had sympathy . Something that had been creeping back into his realm of emotion every since the pixie had come to live with him over a year ago.

The King slowly approached Elthian and moved to stand before him. He could not take all of those things away . Especially if what he now believed had happened was true. He could ease that pain . His hand swept down and under Elthian's arms pulling him to his feet. He was shaking with the power of his emotions and the evidence of them that streamed down his cheeks. Thranduil's hands lifted to cup those wet tear streaked cheeks . Then drew him into a kiss . No gentle kiss but a demanding rough kiss . His body against Elthian's. He turned him and within a few steps had him pinned between himself and the wall.

Elthian was shocked at first . His eyes opening wide then slowly closing as he gave into the demands of his King's lips and began to return the kiss. When Elthian tried to embrace him Thranduil captured his hands and quickly and pushed them against the wall pinning them there until he had taken from that kiss what he wanted and when the fight left Elthian his fingers left his wrists and drifted down to the Ellon's lacing pulling them loose until those leggings drooped around his hips .

The King was rather demanding of him in these moments. Which was what he had wanted and needed . When the kiss ended he found himself moved and pressed over the Kings desk . Belly down his cheek resting against various trade agreements and inventories. Thranduil's hand pressing to the back of his head keeping him in place.

"Is this part of what you need ? " The King hissed lowly and began to pull those leggings down over the firm swells of his backside . Elthian's tears did not stop. Yet the sobs were replaced with deep breaths and soft whimpers.

" Yes My Lord" he would whisper.

" Are you sure Mellon nin? " Thranduil asked firmly.

" Yes My Lord." He answered then gasped when saliva soaked fingers began to probe between his firm butt cheeks and teasing against the tight star found there.

The initial taking was swift. Thranduil's saliva coated flesh was hard and unyielding when it pushed within him. He cried out as softly as he could manage. The firm hand on the back of his head sliding down his back and finding his hip. The thrust were slow at first then began to pick up pace. Elthian's mind swimming with all this. His heart racing . He felt those powerful fingers curling around his cock . Stroking it slowly then faster as The Kings hips slapped against his ass.

In the Courtyard Garden Juniper sat with Tauriel. The pixie was getting a lesson in knitting. It was something she had wanted to learn and Tauriel was helping her. Juniper blinked and took a deep breath. Her head lifting . She felt it. He was ... having pleasure.

Tauriel looked concerned "Are you alright My Lady? "

Juniper smiles and nods ." I am fine its nothing." She wasn't upset or worried but now she just smiled to herself and continued to work on her task. Tauriel arched a brow but said nothing more.

Thranduils head lay against Elthians back. They both breathed hard and fast. Slowly Thranduil withdrew from Elthian who did not move for several minutes. Thranduil walked into the private wash room that adjoined his office and cleaned himself up . Returning to the Office Elthian pushed himself up and Thranduil held out a wet cloth.

" Clean up your mess then go clean yourself up. " Elthian was silent as he did as commanded . Finding himself cleaning his own seed from the floor of his Kings office was not what he thought he would be doing that day . Really none of this was what he believed he would be doing .. ever.

Once he had cleaned himself and was again properly clothed. He returned to the office silently. Thranduil grinned slightly and looked him over. " is the pain gone? "

Elthian nods " for now. " You say you loved me for a very long time yet you never said anything or acted on those feelings before . What changed exactly that night for you?" Thranduil needed to know this. His suspicions needed to be proven or disproved.

" I'm not sure. besides the sex. I mean I had been with the Queen as you know and I grew to have that affection towards her but it was not consuming . My feelings towards you had never been consuming until after that night. Now everything is so much stronger . " Thranduil sat quietly for several minutes. One of his long fingers taps lightly at the desk.

"It's unlikely that just the sex has caused this change . I would expect it could for a human but We are not human. I think the Queen did something that night. Do you remember anything strange? Like your fea touching hers? "

Elthian laughed . "Did we bond? I do not think so My Lord I think I would remember something like that if it's anything like I have heard. Besides how would me bonding to her affect how I feel about you? "

"Elthian . My fea is part of her and she is part of me. She knows what we have done today. "

Elthian blushed a bit and pressed his back against the wall. " I see."

Thranduil noticed the blush and grinned a bit more before rising and walking towards him . Stopping, his hand lifts to glide to the back of Elthian's neck. The King holds the ellon's gaze. "Whatever this is .We will deal with it. " Thranduil assured him then touched his forehead to Elthian's. He released the Ellon and turned towards his door. " I must speak with Juniper. You need to go make use of some of Ninnel's salve. "

Elthian choked and stammered . " Yes My Lord."

When Thranduil entered the royal Chambers he seemed a bit perturbed. "Tauriel leave us. " She looked to Juniper and said " Yes My Lord " Before leaving quickly.

Juniper looked a bit confused. " What is the matter my heart?" She asked softy.

Then he dropped down on the cushions in front of her . He took her hands in his and looked deeply into her lavender eyes. " Juniper . The night we spent with Elthian in the forest did you share yourself with him? "

She blinked . " Well mmm yes you were there I participated in the act with you."

He shook his head . " You misunderstand. Did you share yourself . Your .. well fea what you are . Your essence with him?"

She had to think really hard. " well. Maybe. I'm not sure. When we went to the meadow so I could dance with the fireflies. You could hear the song easily but Elthian could not hear it like we did. So I gave him a boost to he could hear it. I just wanted him to be able to experience it like we were. "

Thranduil released her hands and looked at her wide eyed " Do you realize what you have done?" His voice was shaking when he spoke.

Utter confusion washed over her face and she shook her head. " Juniper I am bonded with you. Part of me is in you. Part of you is within me. We are one. When you 'boosted' him you passed part of us both to him. No matter how small it was, You started a bonded with us both with Elthian. "

She did not understand fully but leaned back from him seeing anger in his eyes. " He is drawn to us but we do not share in this bond there is nothing of him within us. Something like this would otherwise not be possible but it is because of You. He came to me today in agony Juniper. With feelings he did not understand. "

She was frowning. She was moving away from him. He was angry and she had hurt Elthian.

" I hurt Elthian? " her voice stammered. " I have hurt you too haven't I?" Her heart grew tight.

" Juniper its not.." Thranduil began to explain.

She got up quickly. " I didn't know . I just wanted him to hear the song too. " She was backing away .

He reached out to her but she pulled back quickly . " Juniper calm down. Let me explain."

He began to feel that despair from her like he had felt the night she had made Galadriel and herself bleed.

" Juniper just calm down." He got to his feet and when he stepped towards her she went small and flew high up in the opened cavern and out over the top. Her dress falling lightly to the ground a few feet away.

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