The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Juniper held Melian in her arms as she walked towards the garden. The morning chill was finally giving way to the warmth of the afternoon. Both she and the baby needed a bit of sun. Rounding the the last pillar and stepping into garden Thranduil stood there and in his hand as a long silver chain of mythril.

" What is this Melamin? Planning on getting a pet? " She said with a smile and moved towards her pile of cushions then stopped as he began to shake his head. Ninnel approached . The look in her eyes was somber. She did not speak as she took the baby from Junipers arms.

Juniper looked confused as she watched Ninnel carry Melian off deeper into the garden. Her lavender gaze shifting to Thranduil. He face bore no expression . " Melamin?" she said her said shaking.

He would inhale deeply before speaking. " We are home now and you are more settled. I have not forgotten the bargain we made . You said you would bear all of the chains meant for Tauriel, Jeven and Elthian. "

She felt something within her recoil from him and so she stepped back. She had said that. She did tell them she would make sure they did not endure punishment for supporting her. She keeps her promises.

Her lips tremble and she swallows past the tightening of her throat. " I did say that, Didn't I." Her voice falling into nearly a whisper.

He began to walk towards her and she felt herself backing away. It was her instinct. A fairy's heart is wild and free after all.

" Stop!" His voice commanded and she found herself obeying . The manacle closed around her small ankle and shrunk to fit her perfectly . As he dropped the coils of chain to the ground she followed the shimmering line to a ring in the stone floor right at the base of the first pillar. 'Had it always been there?' She thought then looked at her own small bare feet and the shiny circle around her ankle.

" Do not even think about going small. It holds an enchantment like the bracelet Hannibal had given you and I am the only one that can remove this chain." He said She did not move . " It is long enough for you to reach you place in the garden . You have access to the nursery, bedroom and bathroom. You will have no visitors. Ninnel and Galion have been commanded to have minimal conversation with you. " She felt herself sinking down with legs shaking and finally they refused to keep her upright and she fell to her knees.

Thranduil crouches down and pulled her into his arms and lifts her as he stands. She was not crying which considering her reaction felt strange. He turned , careful of the chain and carried her to the cushions.

" Why not just throw me in a cell? " she asked softly. The suns rays meeting her flesh yet she did not feel the warmth. As he lowered down to sit he held her in his lap . Her head rolling to the side to rest against his broad chest.

" You would languish in a dark cold cell away from the sun. Punishment does not have to mean harm should come to you. " He sat her up and cupped her cheeks with his warm hands and made her look into his eyes. " 10 days Juniper. It will be 10 days in chains. I would prefer not to have to do this to you but you decided to take their punishment and I have to say I commend you for that. Elthian tells me you promised this to them when I questioned him . He immediately wanted to take his punishment when I told him what I had in mind. So did Jeven and Tauriel. These 3 are very loyal to you. " He kissed her forehead.

Now she began to cry. She didn't cry for herself she cried because she had true friends in them. They were bound to her beyond duty. " Oh Melamin." He pulled her in close again. His arms around her and He rocked her gently. " You will take your punishment with pride and when its over I hope you understand that there are other ways to get the things done, that need to be done without you throwing yourself and those around you into peril. While I couldn't be happier with the out come this time. You were in more danger than you realize. My daughter was born on a battlefield and I could have lost you. "

Ninnel returned with Melian and wordlessly she placed the child back into the arms of her mother. The look she gave Thranduil though spoke volumes. She had never looked at him with so much disdain as she did in those few moments before turning and walking away.

Legolas was reading the messages from The King and The Queen. He held them out to Feren. "Feren speak to me as My uncle . Not as The General I command. Tell me how should I handle this?"

Ferens eyes went wide and he sat down before the table Legolas sat at. What was disturbing him the most was the Queens letter to Legolas. The things she related to him . The words of runaway slave Ryu. The torture she had endured. These things happening as they sat there trying to figure out what to do made his stomach churn. He sighs and closes his eyes.

" As your Uncle I would say go through and free them all immediately and slaughter their Masters. As the General you call the leadership before you. You tell them all under no certain terms slavery is unlawful and morally wrong within this kingdom . The King and the Queen they have sworn fealty to command them to free all slaves. If they refuse then they are subject to the laws of this kingdom and will be dealt with accordingly. " He shook his head and placed the parchment down . " This will take time to clean up Legolas. This has the potential to be very bad. "

" Call the representatives for a meeting. You gather 20 of your most trusted and prepare them to enforce the law. We will gather more if we need to . " Legolas spoke firmly.

Feren nodded and rose. " To be honest Legolas. The Queen should be the one to come address these people as a whole. They are all here because of her. She is the one they really follow. If it comes down to it. The King needs to prepare to bring her back so she may do that." Legolas stood and they both saluted each other in the elven way .

Minol was just outside of the Fortress . He unseen by the elves patrolling. None of them were that damned Avanati . So he was safe enough resting in an upper branch of a large birch tree. He felt that tug to his soul and grinned. Relaxing he closed his eyes and steadied his breathing and soon he was slipping into that place only she and himself could go. There she was standing beside a fountain in a garden surrounded by white pillars. He passing into her dream this time. She turned to look at him . Her eyes showing distress . He moved like mist here . Drifting towards her yet still holding his solid form when he stops.

He wanted to reach out to her and hold her . Yet he was fearful such a touch would harm her again. "What is wrong my little flower? " He asked just inches from her.

It was she that wrapped her arms around him . The touch giving him permission to touch her in return and he gingerly wrapped his arms around her and found it did not hurt her.

" I am being punished. " she said softly and he lay his head upon hers.

"Let me guess, it is because of you showing up to the battle. " She nodded her cheek nuzzles his chest.

" I promised to wear the chains meant for my guards as well . I am chained within my quarters. None will speak to me . None will come see me . I should be thankful I am not in a cell with my children taken from me. Yet it still hurts ."

Minol grinned a bit. " He did what I would have done in his position. "

She pushed herself away so she could look up to him. He wore a gentle smile . His eyes more purple now had a calming effect on her. " Juniper He only wishes for you to be safe. He loves you. I admit what you, no We did was dangerous. " He picked her up then and sat on the edge of the fountain . Her in his lap. " You came to me hoping I would admonish what had happened. Now you are disappointed to learn I agree with your King."

" Maybe a little. " she admitted and looked down at her small hands.

He chuckled softly and kissed the crown of her golden head. " You may come to me anytime you wish and I will ease your loneliness. I do not mind spending time with you in fact I relish it. Here we can do whatever we wish to. Here we could be like we were all those 1000's of years ago or not. Here we are free to be and do the things we always dreamed of. After all we are in a dream and this time It is yours. "

"Well then I don't want to be in this garden any longer . How do we leave?" She asked.

He smiled ." Just think of where you would like to be . It doesn't even have to be a real place You can create a whole world here. " He said and looked at her as she lifted her head.

The scenery began to change and soon they were in the forest. In a grassy meadow . A large lone boulder in the center. " This is the meadow in Hannibal's woods. This is where I spent the first 5 years I was awake. I love it here. Especially at night when the fireflies come. " The sun faded and was replaced with a night time sky full of stars and no moon so the stars were very bright.

She holding his hand tugged him along towards the boulder. Walking through tall grasses and wild flowers. She climbed up on the boulder and lay back upon it . He doing the same . He lay beside her and looked up at the stars. Knowing this was all created from her vivid memory. Soon fire flies began to surround them and glimmer along with the twinkling of the stars.

"This is now our place. I have never been to this meadow with Thranduil. I have never shown him my special place. "

He turned his head and looked over her silver visage. " Why not? "

She shrugged. "I think its because he shows me new places. Those become places for he and I and this place was all mine but now I will share it with you. "

He felt honored. His hand still held in hers. He lifted it and brought it to his lips and kissed each knuckle. He had not allowed himself to even consider ever doing anything like this with her. Yet here he was.

" Minol what was I like back then? "

His lips leaving her hand . He lowers it but does not let go. " You were not much different than you are now. We grew up together. You see. As children we would play with the other children. There was the boy that was rather mean to you. His name was Ricion . One day I saw him push you so hard you fell down a small hill and into some muddy water. He was standing on that hill pointing down at you and laughing. I ran to the hill and looked down and you lay in the mud crying. I was so angry that he had hurt you. I struck him . Not just once but many times . We fought and I beat him soundly . I went right into the mud and pulled you out . Your wing had been damaged in your fall and you were in pain. We ran away then. you and I . We were scared of the trouble I would be in for beating Ricion. We stopped at a stream and I washed the mud from you and myself. You were so scared and hurt . Your poor wing bent at a strange angle whenever you lifted it . I didn't know what to do. Yet you refused to go back home when I told you that you needed to see the healer. You would not leave me . " She turned to her side then and lay her head on his shoulder as she listened to his story. He smiled and wrapped his arm about her.

"Our families had started looking for us. The other children had told them what had happened . About how Ricion had hurt you. How I defended you . The only thing they were upset about was us running away. We were so tired and hungry by the time they found us I had no fight left in me but you did . You with your broken wing you lay over me and told them you would not allow them to hurt me and I remember how much you cried when they pulled you away. I was not in trouble for the fight but we were in trouble for running away. Your wing was in a splint for a while . Ricion was made to apologize and he left you alone after that. You and I were not allowed to leave our homes for 10 days. She lifted her head and looked at him. It was the longest 10 days . When we were freed from our punishment we met by the pond and ran off into the forest and you kissed me for the first time. On the cheek but still ..." He grinned now and looked at the stars. " I felt like a King when you were near. "

She sat up then and lifted her wings. "Where was it broken? " she asked.

He went right to it . Sitting up slowly "Here where this little line is . That's a scar. " His finger smoothing over it . She turning to see where he touched . Toward the top middle of her left wing.

" I think I remember it now. " she looked shocked. " I hated the splint I even asked you at one point to pull it off and you refused. "

He grinned . " I did . I wanted you to be healed . Now see Juniper You are not so different now as you were as a child. You still try and protect those you care about. No matter the consequences to yourself. How long is your punishment to last?" He asked finally and she began to giggle. " 10 days." He blinked Then wrapped her in his arms again.

She faded from the dream as she was awakened by the fussing of her child. He opened his eyes and smiled.

The three representatives stood before Legolas and Feren. Minol could not be found . In fact all his things and his Emissary were gone as if they heard the call to go to the fortress before Legolas could give him the message. He was needed at this moment. They had managed to find translators. Although the one for the Orc was a bit sketchy on all the language. He was an Elf named Unidir. He was a scholar of language and had just recently began to learn this different Orc language.

He read the edict from The King and Queen to them slowly so the words could be translated. The Orcish Representative and The Female Representative of the people of the Far East both looked shocked and Immediately agreed that any such thing found to be happening among their people would be put to an end. However, they both would explain that their people held no such compunction to hold another being in chains . It was not in their culture.

The Representative of the Harad however looked pained. His name was Salim and he spoke and understood westron well enough. " I can not do this thing you are asking. Slaves are important to my people. We have always had slaves. " He said. " My people will not give this up easily. "

Legolas leveled his gaze on him. " The King and the Queen, you and your people have sworn fealty to demand this Salim. You would so easily break your vows? "

He shook his head and held up a hand. " This would carry more weight if it was the Queen that told them this thing. Her words are the words of power. They can not refuse them."

The meeting ended with the 3 representative leaving Legolas sitting in the tent with Feren. "What should we do Feren?" He asked and look up believing he had the answer but he wanted to hear it from Feren.

" Request the Queen return to lay down the Law. The Harad hold on strongly to their beliefs and their culture. They are the same as Elves in that aspect. "

Legolas sighed. The let his head hang down. " I will send word to Adar." Feren left the tent and Legolas rose slowly . He pulled the flap back and stared out at the bustling place. So much was going on. Supplies being brought. Building Materials beginning to arrive. He was feeling as if he was already a failure.

Minol was beginning to sense something familiar in the forest around the fortress. He began to follow it, tracking it. He more he searched the more he began to understand what it was. His lips twitched a bit. "So that is what it is. I wonder where its twin is." He muttered to himself and appeared high in a tree looking down at the darkened forest floor below. Watching the shadow move .

She sat with her back against the first pillar. Her fingers on the ring the chain was attached to Her knees were drawn up and her other arm rested against them. She looked out on the garden. The moon loosing its fullness now. That animal desire beginning to lessen . Her children asleep safe and cozy . She was otherwise alone and she did not like it.

Ninnel was waiting in the corridor for the King. When he saw her there he sighed and began to approach. " Whatever it is you will say is not going to sway me Ninnel. " He said and paused just a few feet away.

"She did not eat much today My Lord. The food still sits on the table almost untouched. " With that the elleth pushed off the wall and began to leave.

" Ninnel " he called softly and she would stop and turn to look at him. "I know you do not agree with this punishment. You need to und..."

Ninnel cut him off which was a little off putting to him and he scowled. "I do understand, " she said "You need to understand something as well My Lord. Juniper is not an elf. If you keep holding her to our standards you run the risk of seriously hurting her. Not physically but her spirit. That would be a real pity . "

With that Ninnel began to walk away . Thranduil frowned and turned walking towards the heavy wood doors. The guard outside opened them for him . Juniper heard the doors opening. Her head turned and she peered around the corridor towards the entrance hall. She could see his shadow moving . She turned away and looked back towards the fountain.

He said nothing but noticed where she sat. She said nothing as well. His shoulders sank. He walked to the bedroom where the table sat with her food still sitting there. He pulled off his robes and boots leaving him in leggings and a tunic. The plate and goblet lifted he carried it back out and walked to where she sat.

"Come to the cushions Melamin." His voice was low and soft. His steps carrying him to her favorite place to sit . The plate and goblet placed on the low table beside the cushions and he lowered onto them.

She would push herself up . The chain was light as air. It drug against the stone floor as she walked . Once she reached the cushions he reached out and pulled her down to him. Settling her in his lap. His arms wrapped around her. " Ninnel is upset with me and I can see her point of view. " He started then lowered his lips to kiss along her shoulder. Her eyes would close. The touch of his lips tingled against her flesh.

"I can not release you from your punishment Melamin." He said softly.

She sighed. " I am not asking you to. I do not want you to. I will stay like this for 10 days as you command."

He sweeps her hair over one shoulder baring her neck which he now kissed and she shifted to offer her flesh to his lips even more.

" I need you to eat Melamin. "

She shook her head. " I tried it just doesn't taste right to me. "

He looked to her plate and lifted the fork from it spearing a piece of the roasted chicken from it and slid it past his own lips . He chewed and swallowed. " It tastes fine Melamin. Please just a few bites. You need this food to sustain your body so you can feed our child. " He offered the fork to her and she took it . Pulling herself away from him she knelt at the low table and took a bite . This time as she chewed it did not taste like paper.

He would scoot closer to her . Holding her between parted legs . Watching her now devour the food. "I think I will come home for all my meals for a while. We will eat together . "

She was vigorously chewing and swallowed then lifted the goblet and took a big drink of the juice within it. " I would like that Melamin. " He held her like his as she ate . His hands sliding down over her belly. Then down to her thighs The tips of his fingers tracing along the insides of them and pulling the apart just a bit.

She was nearly finished when his fingers side higher up between her thighs . Her spine straightens. They do not stop their journey and finally when they find the moist heat at the center of her thighs her fingers tremble and she drops the fork.

"You have eaten enough Melamin. " He whispers and his lips find her shoulder once again. Kissing along it slowly until they find her neck. "Now your hunger lies elsewhere does it not." He shifts with her in his arms and lays her back against soft cushions and he hovers over her . Looking down into her eyes. For the moment everything else was forgotten . The chain around her ankle. The days of punishment before. None of that mattered so much as He did . Her hands lifting to tug at his tunic pulling him down until he was kissing her .

In the shadows in the corridor It moved. No sound made . No sign it was even there. It looked in the nursery seeing the children asleep. Its gaze on the infant. "zatal giltad zatal zurzerad -ul(so innocent so pure)" it whispered into the shadows before fading.

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