The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Elthian helped with the preparations. He and Elessar dealing with troops and supply trains However, it was all done under the guise of practice and drills. Juniper spent most of her time with Arwen. The 2 queens had become fast friends. Juniper admiring Arwen's grace, beauty and charm. Arwen admiring Junipers actual innocence and purity not to mention her beauty though she had a hard time convincing Juniper she was indeed beautiful. Arwen also taught Juniper about other things like etiquette and how to properly behave in Elven court.

These things Juniper struggled with back in Greenwood. They discovered that they both had free spirits though. Disguising themselves as mother and child to sneak out and roam the streets. When Elthian and Elessar found out what they had done they both got scolded by Elessar then Elthian . As soon as the men were done and left the room they stuck their tongues out at the door then giggled together.

Arwen would tell Juniper stories as well. History in the form of tales . Juniper listened like a child . Wide eyed and curious. She had not been this truly happy sense leaving Greenwood. Arwen had not felt this young in some time. Then the day was approaching for the army to leave on "Drills" and Juniper was being told she would need to stay in Gondor.

She looked between Elessar and Elthian and frowned. " I will not be left behind. I must go . I must be there when it ends . "

Elessar tried to explain it. " Sweet one please. The battle field is no place for one so fair. You do not need to witness those horrors. You don't need to be in that kind of danger. "

She looked to Elthian . " please Elthian do not make me stay behind. "

Elthian looked into those pools of purple and he wanted to say yes but he just couldn't bring himself to. " My Lady. Thranduil will have my hide for breakfast if I allowed you on the battle field. "

She rose and paced . Her hands thrown into the air. " I am not talking about taking up a sword and charging into battle . I will stay in the back with the supplies. I will help tend the wounded. I can be of use . This is my home we are discussing and you are wanting to keep me from it."

Arwen looked pained. She understood the Pixies feelings all to well. " I went into the wilderness with Elthian to come here . I left my heart behind in the forest and I need it back." She was beginning to cry now. Elessar reached out and pulled her to him. His arms going around her tenderly like a fathers would to comfort his daughter. Arwen saw how he treated the Pixie and new he had grown to love her as if she were his own . " I promise you. You will be reunited with your heart very soon but we must keep you safe until then."

He looked to Arwen who came to gather the small sobbing Fae from his embrace. She led her away with gentle care .

That night Elessar and Arwen retired very early. Elthian understood why and He sought the bed as well but not his own. He might die in the next few days and all he wished for was one last night in the arms of the Pixie. She was not asleep. She sat in a window sill the frost on the glass gathering in its corners. The fire crackles in the fireplace and she sat there in all her silver glory watching the moonless sky.

She turned to see who was entering her room and smiled to him. "The stars are so clear from here. " her voice was just barely above a whisper as she turned to look at them again. " We are much higher up here. It makes the heavens open up . " He said as he moved closer to her. He scooped her up in his arms and kisses her softly then a bit more roughly. Making her whimper into the kiss.

" I know you do not care about the moon." she whispers .

" I just want one more night with you. I need to feel your tenderness. Your flesh. The heat of you around me just one more time before I go to battle. Can you understand? " She did, she could feel the fear in his heart. She could feel his need for comfort. She nodded before he lay her down into the soft sheets. His hands exploring her body once more. She pulling at the laces to his leggings.

Soon their bodies would become one. Writhing and moaning in unison and when they had both reached climax they held each other tightly. Eventually falling blissfully asleep in each others arms.

It was very early when Elthian was crawling from her bed . She curled up asleep. He would make sure she was well covered before he pulled on his leggings and shoved his feet in his boots. His shirt over his shoulder . He was being as quiet as possible as he left the room . The door closing behind him. He was lacing his leathers when he turned and there was Elessar looking at him with lifting brows.

"That's your Queens chambers is it not?" There was a bit of anger in his tone though he managed to keep it low.

" Elessar please stay calm . I will explain ." Elthian pleads.

Elessar's jaw becomes tense and he nods. " You best get to it then." He pushed him down the hall a bit roughly. As they got ready Elthian was forced to explain about how she was effected by the cycle of the moon and the command Thranduil had given him . " But its not the full moon its the new moon Elthian." Elessar reminded him.

" I know this but I can tell you what happened in her room was not rape. I went seeking comfort and she gladly comforted me. I will own up to my transgression with the King . " Elessar nodded. " Yes you will. "

Arwen just couldn't watch him leave . Besides this was just supposed to be drills after all and it would seem odd that she was there to see him off. It was well into the morning before she decided to go wake The fairy for breakfast . She opened the door to find the room empty and a note left one the table.

Dear Arwen,

I love you. I love you like family. Please remember that. I am so sorry I am not here right now. My heart would not let me stay. I promise though I will see you again very soon. I will stay safe and hidden. I have given how I will do this much thought . Also, No I am not naked. Though I hope there is no need for me to shift to my larger size until I am back with My King and safe in his arms. The cook Miss Lynette taught be a bit about sewing and I did kind of use some cloth from a few of yours and Elessar's things. I promise I will replace anything with holes in it.

Please don't worry.

With much love. Juniper

Arwen smiled and held the letter to her breast. She was a bit jealous though. The Pixie had the ways and means to do what she wished she could do . She now left the guest room and went to go find what she meant by holes in their things.

Juniper was tucked well away inside a supply wagon . It rolled and bumped along . She was at the rear of the caravan of wagons. If anyone came to the back she was well hidden . She was warm in her leggings and shirt she made herself . Her feet wrapped in fur lined boots she fashioned herself . Around her was a fur cloak she had too made herself. She soon fell into a rhythm of sleeping when they moved and waking when they stopped. At night she would explore the camp unseen and listen to bawdy tales the men told. Some made her blush and some she would remember to ask Thranduil about later.

Rohan was on them move . The Rohirrim prepared for war . Tauriel with them . She would ride along side Finnola. Tauriel finally getting the courage to ask about Legolas' and her relationship. " So are you and Legolas . Are you uh ... "

Finnola laughed. " Out with it "

Tauriel sighed " Are you together? "

Finnola smirks. " Not presently " she looked to Tauriel who looked a bit miserable . " I would say yes . He is the first man to ever accept me as I am and not try and push me into this mold of what He thinks a woman should be. " She straightens up and speaks in a whiny voice. "Women should stay home and have babies and cook dinner and do the laundry . BAH" she spits. " Sure I want to have babies and take care of a family ... Later ... I'm of marrying age and I get that all the time. Legolas never once tried to tell me what a woman should be. " she looked to Tauriel. " I had to fight my own brothers for My freedom you know. "

Tauriel looked at her shocked. " really?"

Finnola just grinned. " I wiped the ground with them while Legolas and Gimli watched . Then we rode off into the sunset together. Well not really . It was morning and we were heading northish but you get the idea. "

"So how did you both well become a couple? " She asked curiously.

Finnola was happy to talk about it . " We had just arrived in Isengard and Radagast had told Legolas he could enter the archives but Gimli and I could not . This made me angry and I was maybe behaving a bit badly. Legolas took me by the hand and pulled me outside the tower and on the steps. He calmed me down then He kissed me . He just leaned in with me on the lower step so his face was right there and he kissed me and said 'something to think about until later' My first kiss . He was My elf after that. " she said assured of herself and Tauriel couldn't help but giggle .

Finnola raises a brow. " What's so funny? "

Tauriel clears her throat . " Im sorry Finnola . I have known Legolas all my life. I remember a shy reserved boy who could barely flirt or look at an elleth. Now he is a full grown elon unashamed of what he wants. I am so happy for you both. "

Finnola nodded then. "My cousin said he will approve the pairing as long as we name our first son after him . I'm guessing there aren't many elves named Eomer . " Tauriel shook her head. " No I am afraid not. " Finnola shrugged a bit . " Meh bout time there were. "

Nilastiel was in the kings council. Giving him an update. " My lord " he begins and lays out a map of the realm. " The attack will come from here and here. " He was pointing to the south eastern side and the north eastern side. " The force coming from the North is smaller. I suggest we send Vesryn and his smaller force to deal with that. " Thranduil was nodding. "The force coming from the South is Larger but I believe My company along with Lysanthir's and Your own guard can deal with this. It seems to be rag tag groups without much leadership. They are starving and its winter . This shouldn't be that terrible of a battle. "

Thranduil nodded some more . " Its almost a pity killing half starved orcs. Any sign of the beast the villagers spoke of?"

Nilastiel shook his head. " We have been over ever nook and cranny of the forest My lord. There is no sign of this beast. "

Thranduil sighs . " One thing, I want to send Legolas with the northern force. He can get in on the battle but wont be in so much danger there."

Nilastiel smiles and nods. " I'm sure Vesryn will not mind that My Lord. " Thranduil begins to walk out of the Council room " Very well lets get this done I would like to have My Queen back. " Nilastiel just smiles . " Yes My Lord."

Thranduil walked along the corridor heading towards his own rooms. There was a bad taste in his mouth. He hated having to play this part. Though he was doing well. Knowing what he knew, he wanted to reach out and rip the flesh from Nilastiels face. This had turned out to be a great test of his will.

He prayed her mission had been successful. Though somehow he knew it had been. He felt her. He had felt her passion the night before and knew Elthian had sought comfort in her arms. He was not angry. He had expected such if they had been successful. It also meant that she would remain in Gondor much to his relief.

He too had sought comfort in the arms of Sentillia. He had gotten it, to a point. Now he just needed to survive this battle and be reunited with his beloved. He turned into his rooms and met Galion's gaze and sighed. "It's on." was all he said and Galion nodded in silence and bowed his head.

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