The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She peeked at the elf from the safety of Hannibal's neck. His hair shielding her from the cold eyes that glared at her. She whispered against Hannibal's flesh and trembled. " Make him go away please. He frightens me. "

Hannibal let out a long sigh and gently pat the trembling mound under his hair. " Calm down Pixie. Calm down. Thranduil is just shocked. He was not expecting to see someone so beautiful with someone like me. " Hannibal shot Thranduil a look. It spoke volumes.

Thranduil would take a breath and force himself to behave a bit more civil. He sat again upon the log and swallowed hard past a lump in his throat. "Forgive me. " He simply said and fell silent.

Hannibal adjusted how he sat. A knee being drawn up . His massive arm resting upon it. " Pixie. If you go to the meadow you will find a Great Elk there. Why don't you go say hello. I am sure He wouldn't mind the company." In a flash of light she was off. Glad to put distance between herself and the angry elf. Thranduil was about to speak up and Hannibal lifts a large hand to silence him. " She will be fine . She is a pure fae Thranduil. All natural things flora and fauna know her and will treat her kindly."

Thranduil nodded then took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. " Tell me what is all of this Hannibal and start at the beginning."

Hannibal nodded slowly as one hand strokes his beard. " I have told you the stories of the great Mother and those of us that came before the Valar. The ones that lived here before the Elves , Dwarves and Men. Before Your gods brought darkness and evil to the land. Your gods thrived here because of the Magic that existed and made their own Magic from it. They created the elves using the blueprint of the pure fae. The Fair folk that lived in total peace with nature. " He paused then and eyed Thranduil. The truth always seemed to bother him . It was hard for him to accept that they had been usurpers .

" I do not believe the Valar had intended for the things to come to pass that came to pass. I believe that they had truly thought all could live together. That would not be the case though . Would it. " Hannibal looked out to the pool and sighed. " As you know I am a guardian spirit. One of many created by the mother when The Valar appeared. She feared that the peace would not always be. So we were created to protect her children. Then it became clear that it was not working so she decided to take her children from this world and make a place just for them."

He grumbled a bit and his shoulders relaxed. " I was called to one of the last Fae strongholds. There was given a golden box and inside lay a tiny fae. She under a powerful spell. Sleeping forever. Untouched by time. I was told to take this precious gift. I was to hide it and protect it at all cost and one day when her time had come . She would awaken. That was so long ago I have lost count of the millennia " He had a distant sad look to his eyes as he spoken and it stirred something within Thranduil. A sense of compassion that he was still a bit unused to.

"Five years ago on the day the ring was destroyed . She woke up Thranduil. She knew not her name nor how to speak. She was as wild as the beasts of the forest. Then again Pixies are wild things. Untamed , beautiful and free. She has no memory or her life before the long sleep. " Thranduil was now fascinated and leaning forward hanging on every word. " She learned how to speak Westron and Elvish quickly. She too learned to read both languages. However, I am a poor teacher of etiquette. She is by all means an adult fae by their standards. Though they mature differently than others . I am not sure just how mature she is. " He gave Thranduil a look and he took that as meaning sexually.

"The Mother is calling me south Thranduil. I do not know why but I must heed this call and she must not go. "

Thranduil stared at Hannibal. His eyes would narrow and he began to feel uncomfortable. " Surely you do not mean to leave her with me." There were several moments that would pass. They each just staring back at each other. Thranduil's eyes begin to widen. " No absolutely not. " He would rise and begin to pace. " You can not put this on me and my people Hannibal. " His hands came up in protest.

Hannibal began to growl as he too rose up . The forest around them began to take on an angry feel. " It is because of your people that she has no people." He would bark. Then pull it back . Reeling in the anger from the trees around them. " I can not pretend to understand The Mother Thranduil but this is how this must happen. She must go with you . You must be her protector and teacher now. "

Thranduil sighed deeply in defeat. He lowered to the log and for a moment and look rather pitiful. His hand rubbing against his lower forehead. " Very well. " He finally spoke. Something in his fea was telling him this was right. " I have obviously made a terrible impression upon her. What makes you think she would willingly come to My home?"

Hannibal smiled. His head tilting a bit as he spoke. " She will go to your home. I will bring her there on the next moon and her name is Juniper. "

Thranduil clasp his hands together . His head hung lowly. His hair slowly spilled from his shoulders shrouding his eyes so they could only see the silver hue. "Hannibal we are just beginning to heal from the war. There is something about precious things. There is something that makes those with greed in their hearts come forth and try to snatch it away and make it their own."

Hannibal's arms crossed over this broad chest and he grinned. "Something tells me that you will endure Thranduil and you will not Endure alone."

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