The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Minol's camp erupted in celebration. There would be no war between them and Their Queen. Their Queen had birthed a new fae into the world that night and it was reason to celebrate. He found himself drinking far too much himself. His reasons to celebrate so much more. Everything that came before was to get right here. To the point He was reunited with her and now as the future begins to become reality he would watch it unfold up close and personal. He was a bit narcissistic. How could he not be? It was pulling off the biggest game ever played. The ultimate con. Playing god. If he said he did not like this feeling he would be lying.

He left his tent and simply meandered among the party. He was sure Thranduil would be shocked to see orc and humans living together and getting along. Yet here in his camp it happened. These Orc never touched by that ancient evil. Born into this world and living far from people. These Orc only went to war when their people began to disappear and the evil rose in the south. Minol had nurtured them for their races entire existence. He needed their power.

These humans. All of them once tainted by the filth of Sauron. He detested Sauron. Even if he served him for an age. His lack of flare was off putting to Minol. He did rejoice when those 2 little Hobbits finally made it into Mount Doom. He knew he was about to be rid of what annoyed him the most and he was just a short time away from her .

He did feel like celebrating. He began to shop. Simply picking and choose which ones he wanted. Human females were delicious . So where their males for that matter. Soon he had several men and women following him through the party and back to his tent.

The Elves had begun to celebrate as well. The news there would be no war and the Birth of a new fae was more than enough reason to rejoice. There was one tent that was quiet. Surrounded by guards and Magic. She was awake sore and weakened but alive.

Thranduil lay beside her and held her closely. " You have to stop scaring me Melamin. I am not as young as I once was. "

Her lips twitched then she giggled. " Thranduil you are an Elf You do not feel the aches and pains of aging. Stop trying to gain my sympathy. " Her head lay on his chest. " I am sorry . If there had been another way . Any other way . I would have done that. I have a feeling though. That he made it so this was what I would do . In the end here we all sit together."

Thranduil listened to her . She was not fooled a bit. She was figuring it all out without the exposition Minol gave him. "No speaking of him tonight. " He cautioned and pressed fingers to her lips. " Tonight We name our daughter and we become a family. A widely extended and mismatched shit show of a family ..." He just laughed now. Actually happy to be saying it. " but its my family." Thousands of years of utter sadness. Mourning Her. His beautiful Myriani. That whole time He never thought he would have much of a family. Just He and Legolas and Tauriel. How wrong he was. He thought of Myriani as he held Juniper. She had given him this.

"Have you thought of a name Husband?" Juniper asked and nuzzled her cheek against him.

" I can not say that I have . It was strange not knowing the sex so I just thought I would wait till right now to brain storm a name. "

She sighs and rolls her eyes. She had a name in mind. " Melian " She said proudly.

Thranduil's brows lifted. A grin found his lips. " yes. I like that name as well. Our Beautiful Gift. "

Elrond had returned and in his arms was the child. He was smiling, Joyously smiling. Which was something you did not see Elrond do much of. Thranduil helped her sit up and turn around. " She is perfectly healthy and at 7 pounds Juniper it is a Miracle you were able to give birth. " He placed the baby into her arms . She looked like Juniper. Her features were Pixish. Though her ears were more Elven. Juniper needed to see every inch of this child.

She began to remove the blanket and ended removing everything even the clout . The baby protests with a small cry . Juniper just holds the warm squirming ball of love to her chest and looked down the child's back and saw them. Her fingers lightly caressing the small bulbs that would become her wings. She laughed and held her baby close. Thranduil felt his heart quicken . His breaths coming quickly. She was perfect in every way and the wings were the cherry on top. His wife's joy was thick. Elrond had to turn away. He was so moved he felt tears in his eyes.

The camp of the enemy could be seen in the distance. Their fires dotted the plains like stars. Finnola still wanted to kill things. She still that tightly wound. Glorfindel was keeping his distance. Honestly she scared him when she was like this and he loved that feeling. There was an eruption of cheers from the camp in the distance. They both tensed. Those around them began to whisper as a messenger entered the forest. Finnola and Glorfindel rush to the war tent. Pushing past those that gathered and moved inside. Celeborn was reading a message. His eyes wide.

When asked about the news he was silent. Glorfindel reached out for the message. It was in Thranduil's quick script which looked like a serial killer wrote it. As he read though he paused. "There will be no war. The enemies ruler surrendered to Thranduil then gave him his army and swore fealty to him. Hours later Juniper gave birth to the King's daughter. "

Finnola heard that news and choked. " I have to leave. Lord Celeborn please allow me to leave . I must go to my Queen. "

Glorfindel shook his head . " Not without me. " Celeborn now held the message . " I think we will all go to Greenwood. Finnola, You of course may leave . Glorfindel Your Lord is there as well. Of Course you may go as well. I will be there soon. "

Feren was now Thranduil's Emissary. Which meant Minol now answered to him as well. He entered Minol's tent early the next morning. He stood at the foot of a bed covered in the naked bodies of humans and under it all slept Minol. Feren sighed. Lifting a platter that once held a meal all its contents clatter to the ground . He beats a spoon against the metal and lifts his voice. " WAKE UP!" He continues to beat on the metal and make noise . Minol pushing his way out from under his pile of drunken humans. People falling to the floor and moaning as they wake up.

Minol looked to Feren and groaned. His hand rubbing at his head. " Why are you here?" He growls and shoo's a woman from his bed . Clothing grabbed from the floor. The people beginning to leave the tent. " Thank You all for a lovely evening ." He smiles as they clear the tent.

Feren drops the platter to the floor. " Thranduil wants a meeting I am here to take you. "

Minol looked shocked. "At this hour? "

Feren smiles. " Yes at this hour get your ass up and for the love of Eru put something on. "

Minol cued in on Feren then. Really watching this elf. " Oh .. I see" Minol smoothly speaks and slowly moves on his bed to lay back against the pillows. " Even as filthy as I am Feren? My you are a beast. "

Feren's eyes widened then narrowed as he looked on the smirking thing before him. " You think you can read my mind? "

Minol laughed . " Well no Feren but you just answered that Question." He just smirks.

Feren could see his fist hitting the beautiful and smug face. He could feel the bones against his knuckles. It took every bit of power he had to stay put. His tongue smoothed over his teeth and he took a deep breath.

" I will be along shortly. I just need to freshen up . You can wait outside. I will come with you to see the King. " Minol said pleasantly and sat up. Feren just growled and left the tent. "That was just too easy. I should be ashamed." He then goes to getting ready.

Finnola and Glorfindel would leave the safety of the forest and travel with a small group of Lorien elves. They moved along the edge of the plain. Passing closest to the camp about half way there. They did not hide. They were told this was a cease fire. They had to have been spotted and were even watched . None came for them. No attack occurred. The whole thing was very creepy. Finnola itchy the whole time. Glorfindel had to ride beside her and keep the conversation going Just to keep her inside of her skin.

He had to keep reminding her of the Queen . She needed her more than those orc. This ride would take 2 days to make. She just hoped she made it. " I have half the mind to take you off to the forest and give you a solid beating Finnola. You need to let this go. " He grinned and held his head back.

" Would you please Glorfindel. Would you take me off and fight me like we did before? I would like that very much." She was dead serious. He swallowed hard then looked around the small camp . He knew they would be left alone.

His hand grabbing her wrist as she rose. Pulling her up, " Grab you sword." He said sharply and took his in his hand. The elves with them had a feeling something would break. They could all feel the giants tension. Naturally it would be Glofindel to put an end to it. He lead her far into the forest, It was quiet there. Just the rustling of the wind. There was a small meadow with the first hints of spring showing in the green grass mixed with brown. Moonlight spilling down on them. Finnola lifted her head seeing a large half moon over head. The moon reminds her of Juniper. She leveled her gaze on Glorfindel who walked across the meadow. She unsheathed her sword and waited.

He slowly turned and unsheathed his. " Come on Finnola. You know you want to beat me. To be honest the idea is terrifying. However, I am curious as to what you would do with a beaten Glorfindel. I have only been in that position once before and I died so lets see what you have in mind My Goddess."

She charged right for him . There was no hesitation in her actions. She meant to hurt him. The swing was mighty and when he blocked it he felt its shock wave. She was so ready for battle. He shifted and pushed her back . Now taking the offensive. He moved in close. Quickly, Each jab meant to pierce her flesh . He did not pull his blows. She would have to use all her skill to come out unscathed.

This began a titan like match up. Each exchanging attack for attack. Defending when needed. The battle was loud and unapologetic. The other elves hid in the trees and watched. The saw an elegant dance being performed. Each of them trying to kill the other. Blows finally being made. The first to Finnola with a punch from Glorfindel and a slice to her upper arm.

It didn't even make her flinch. Her attacks getting more and more powerful He began dodging them completely . The more powerful they became the slower she became. It was the trade off. This was not the dragonsfang she was using in battle. She was however working off that rage. Glorfindel was aware she was dangerous right now. So when she landed her blows he took a bit of damage . His ribs cracked and blood poured from his nose. She did not hesitate as he was thrown back from her, she stepped in closer to keep up her attacks . Her sword lifted He managed to bring his up to block . Then finally gaining balance he spun away . The next sword fall meeting the tree that was behind him.

Her breathing was becoming labored. Sweat began to drip down her forehead. He was breathing hard as well, each breath painful. Finally she just lowered to her knees and threw her sword before her. She screamed then with Her head back . That agony and rage pouring from her. He staggered towards her and lowered down to sit . His sword beside him. " I understand you Finnola, that rage you have. That hate you hold. I understand it. You need to let it go My Goddess or it will eat you alive. As much as I love it when you are ready for battle I do not like this so much. "

He reached out to her and caressed her hand . Her fingers digging into the soil. "He lay back and groaned. " You cracked my ribs you mighty Giantess. I need a healer. " She began whimper. " Glorfindel I am so sorry. I will go get your healer." She looked like she was about to fall apart. "My Goddess I'm not going to die its just uncomfortable . This is why I am here. I am here to help you. I'm the best one . You can hurt me but I doubt you could kill me. " He smiled at her His hand finding hers again. She nodded quickly then got to her feet running towards the trees . He lay there thinking about her with a grin. " That Giant rage though whew. It's a powerful thing."

Minol dined with Thranduil for breakfast. He was truly a sight to behold after a night of perusing the buffet in this tent. He looked as if nothing had happened yet there was this slightly haggard look to his eyes.

"Feren tells me You were not ready for duty this morning." Thranduil said with a smile. Minol looked to the King and realizes he has now been relegated to being just an officer. Minol smiled and just went about eating and said nothing. " I would appreciate it if you were up and ready for your duties on time from now on Minol. "

He rolled his eyes a bit ." Ok I will bite. What are my new duties My Lord?"

Thranduil paused and looked to him. " Liaison between the 2 armies. I need you to bring me the generals of this army. Things need to be decided. One of which is where will this army live?"

Thranduil was so shortsighted sometimes. Minol yawns. " My lord if I may make a suggestion. They live right outside the borders of Greenwood. They Build a new place on the plains. Their own city. That is under your rule. I think you will find these peoples very Resourceful. "

Minol smiles and motions with one of his delicate hands. " I will do as you ask My Lord and I was just making a suggestion. The choice if yours of course. "

Thranduil just glared at this being. He really hated him . No hate was not the word. Loathed? He was just too similar to Thranduil himself. That was his first idea and now it was being repeated from the lips of a creature that sat happily in Sauron's company. " I will take it unto consideration. Lets have a meeting with the generals tomorrow morning. I am sending Juniper back tomorrow afternoon. She needs to be home. "

Minol looked away then. " I am to stay behind and oversee this project then. I know your trees will be off limits. Loriens as well. That leaves little. "

Thranduil grinned. " I will feed them for a few years . Ease this transition. Help with supplies. They will have time to build but we do have a war Minol. One we are learning more about everyday. " Minol nods. He was now taken with the King before him. He who was going to give these lost tribes a home.

" They need to see her and the baby Thranduil, the people I brought to you worship her like a goddess. They need to see her. She is why they are here for you. That Child is more valuable than gold or jewels. " Minol rose then . His expression pleasant. " Let them see her before she leaves. Let her ride her bear out with the baby in her arms. No one will dare harm them ."

He left Thranduil sitting there in silence.

" I can not wait to see Orist and show him his little sister. Oh and Ninnel and Galion are going to pop. Tauriel you have to tell him. " She whispered with Tauriel while she was learning how to nurse her baby. It was becoming hard and the baby seemed hungry.

" Tell who what?"

Juniper smiled and looked back to see her Husband standing at the flap of the tent. " Tell you that I am having a hard time feeding the baby. "

He smiled and moved closer Tauriel stiffened and he noticed. " I will just go outside . " she smiled and moved away. Thranduil watched her but said nothing. His attention on his Wife and child. " Your milk has not come down love that is all. I could help perhaps. "

Her eyes narrow. " No Thranduil that is how we got into this . I need to figure this one out first. "

He rolled his eyes. " No I didn't mean that exactly. It's your hormones. You just had a baby they are all wrong. You need different hormones and then the milk will come. An orgasm would help."

She looked at him horrified. She lifted her baby and shifted . " You are kidding me . You pervert."

He begins to laugh . " Ok My dear wife let me call Elrond so he can explain this to you. I am sure he could use the light conversation." He was in giggles now. That told her he was right.

Thranduil rose and she squeaked. " No ." She looked down " I do not want to put more on him than I have. " She looked to Thranduil and reached out for his hand as her child rested against her breast. His hand slides into hers. " Ok but no sex. Please I can not do this again so soon. " He leaned in and kissed her and the top of Melian's head. " I promise you will enjoy it far more than I will . I will however enjoy it . Just a fact Melamin."

Within the hour a Smug looking Thranduil sat back against the headboard. He watched his happy wife nursing their child with ease. " I do not want to hear it Husband." she pursed her lips together to keep from laughing. " I was not going to say a thing Wife."

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