The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Eomer joins them in the glittering caves this time around . Legolas did not have to only rely on his elven sight or crude lanterns to try and read the images on the rough cave walls . Gandalf lit the whole large room with his staff. As Legolas had suspected the paintings covered the upper parts of the walls and ceiling. Eomer turned slowly and tried to take in the breadth of it all .

" How did they do all of this ? How did they managed to get so high?"

Legolas would answer Matter of factually. " They simply flew ."

"Its hard to believe Fairies actually existed." Eomer just shook his head in wonder and none mentioned that Thranduil had taken a Fairy as his wife. Legolas now having a really clear view of the walls and ledges began to climb up with elven grace. Gandalf simply floated himself up to the highest points. Legolas pulled out his book and began to sketch. He was actually fairly good at this and managed to capture the images fairly well.

" I would have liked to see this tomb you speak of . However, I do not wish to disrespect the dead." Eomer remarked as He climbed to the lower ledges and looked on the paintings for himself.

Finnola in that moment had great respect for her King. Gimli found himself a place to sit . He most of all the one with the worst skills for view things very high without rigging and ropes.

" King Eomer. In the future I would like to bring dwarves here. This is the type of cave that once housed life and it should house life again . Dwarves would respect these caves and work to preserve them and care for them. Would you maybe consider such a thing?"

Eomer thought about it a moment and nodded " Aye I would consider it. After seeing this for myself I feel like this should be cared for . My own people would not have the skill to do so."

Finnola lowered down to sit next to Gimli . The Dwarf and the Giant were an odd pairing but they had actually become close friends. She pulled out a wine skin from her pack and nudged Gimli gently and offered it to him. He was quite happy to accept. Her eyes drawn to Legolas . She smiled watching him move about with ease. The way she looked at the elf did not go unnoticed by Eomer.

" Cousin." He spoke up and she shifted her gaze from Legolas to her King.

" Yes Cousin " she called back.

" Its My king ,woman . What is so hard with addressing me properly?"

She rolled her eyes . " its because when I look at you I remember the boy that used to take me riding in the fields and taught me how to fish in the stream . The boy that would fight every single boy that made fun of your ' girly man cousin'. The boy that turned into a man and would still come check on me and make sure My brothers weren't being complete twits to me. You are my King but first You are my cousin. "

Eomer smiled and nodded . "fair enough ... and speaking of your brothers will you be returning home? You know they are actually a bit worried about you . Gallivanting around with two males . They fear your honor is at risk. "

She choked on a swing of wine and coughs. Legolas the sure footed elf would trip and manage to catch himself. He knew then what he was thinking was correct.

"Concerned about My honor? " she scoffed . " More like concerned because they have run out of clean under garments and the house is a pig sty."

That made Gimli chuckle " Aye Lass You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. You are also one of the most deadly women I have ever met . You deserve more than to serve ungrateful brothers. It was thrilling to watch you have them both on their asses ."

She laughed and passed the wine skin to Gimli . " Why thank you My friend" she said and looked up to Legolas who was beaming with pride.

Gandlaf was very quiet . He was in deep contemplation. His keen eyes looking over each painting. Eomer managed to climb up to the ledge Legolas was on . Finnola and Gimli talking and laughing below. He stood next to legolas . His arms crossed as he looked at the painting He was currently sketching .

" If you break her heart I swear I will break your neck elf. "Eomer warned.

Legolas stopped drawing and shifted his gaze onto the King of Rohan who was still protective of his younger Cousin.

" I assure you" Legolas said softly. " I love her . I love her so much even if My Father does not approve I will gladly take being disowned to be with her."

Eomer nodded in approval. " Very well I will approve the pairing but you must name your first son after me. I mean that child will be amazing. Half Elf and Part Giant . I tremble at the thought. "

Legolas went wide eyed and just stared at Eomer who now chuckled loudly. The King shakes his head and starts really looking at the paintings. His eyes slowly roaming over them . His attention drawn to the Wizard up above. He motions with his head in the direction of the Wizard. " He seems perplexed. I never thought I would see a wizard look so ... lost."

Legolas added a bit of insight on the matter in a hushed tone. " Gandalf is truly ancient. He can tell you about the beginning of recorded time. He can tell you about the age of trees and describe the faces of the Valar in detail . His memory is long and of these things . He has no memory of . This is perhaps the first new thing he has seen since the beginning of everything we know."

"Well when you put it that way I can't blame him for being lost." Eomer then went quiet and was drawn into the world of the paintings as well.

Elthian was awake . He stood at the window looking out into the night. The weather had taken a turn . A winter storm had blown in and he did not think The Queen would manage well out in it. Especially with the full moon approaching. The slight knock at the door pulled him from his thoughts. Juniper was asleep . Curled up on the bed. He walked over and pulls the blankets up higher and arranged the pillows to hide her . He pulled his cloak on and pulls the cowl over his head.

He opening the door and stepping into the hall . Nessa stood there looking a bit sleepy but she had brought him his breakfast . "good morning Sir " she said and smiled. " The weather is not fit for travel. Should I put you down for another night? "

He was passing the coins he had promised into her free hand and he took the tray. " Nodding a bit " I think it would be wise. I will be down to settle payment at the noon meal. " She steps back and smiles. " of course. please enjoy your breakfast. I was able to find some apples. Fruit is a bit hard to come by in the winter I hope that will do."

He smiled to her " That is perfect thank You Nessa." She turned to leave and he entered the room. The door locked behind him . He placed the tray down on the table . Cloak pulled off again . He stood there watching her sleep and wondered if she dreams of the King. She began to stir. A small hand sliding over the bed beside her . Was she searching for him? " Elthian ?" she spoke softly and sat up . He was already undressing and she looked relieved to see him there.

" There is breakfast for us . The weather has turned for the worse . We will need another night or 2 here. " He slides under the blankets with her . She wiggles close until her naked flesh was pressed against his .

" If you think its best . " she said and lay her head against his shoulder. " I'm cold anyway. " He had not even noticed the chill in the room. The fire having died to just red coals.

" Let me build the fire back up . " He moved to leave the bed and she pulled him back . " Just lay with me . You are warm. "

His fingers lightly trail over the curve of her shoulder and he thought he could just lay like this with her forever. " Does the ache end with the rising of the sun? " his voice low and soft.

" Not entirely. though I usually can manage throughout the day. It's still there in the background. Thranduil tries to avoid me in the day. If he lingered long with me we would end up locked in a room all day and he would get nothing done and sometimes we do that. " She smiled thinking about him .

Elthian had no way to avoid her though the day. Not that He wanted to . " I see" was all he could say . She began to drift off to sleep once more and he would lay there with her. Holding her closely.

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