The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Tauriel had been summoned by the king. Her banishment had lasted until they were coming home from the battle of five armies. Thranduils change of heart had shocked many at the time . She had returned to Greenwood and gone back to her duties as a guard though no longer a captain.

She was waiting outside the Royal Chambers until Galion came for her. Of course she had heard of the change in the Kings marital status and too heard the new Queen was no Elleth but something extraordinary. Galion would soon appear and show her in. She could hear what could only be described as a disagreement if not a full blown argument happening somewhere within the Chambers.

There were things being packed and servants bustling about.

" I do not want to be so far underground. "

She heard a feminine voice protest.

" I begin to feel choked so far from the light. "

Then Thranduils voice low and calm.

" The winter will make this upper Chamber far too cold for you. You are not an elf Pixie You will freeze and become ill. "

The feminine voice would protest again.

" Then you will just have to stay with me and keep me warm. I will wear warmer clothing I will even wear shoes. Just please so not make me go underground. "

There were more exchanges which resulted in Thranduil finally slamming something against something else. His voice rising . When he spoke like this is always made Tauriel shrink back and feel apprehension.

" This is the end of this discussion. Sometimes my love You do not know what is best. I will not lock you away in the dungeons . You will have freedom to go to the gardens for fresh air and light but you must be kept in warmth . Cold does not affect me but It will certainly affect you. "

The response to this final word was a scream of frustration .

Once things had quieted down Galion led Tauriel into the Kings private office. Sitting beside his desk and looking rather unhappy was a dainty woman. Her aura was not elven at all . Though she did have some similar features. Her eyes were a purple color. Her hair in waves of gold spilled down her shoulders and over her breast .

She was wrapped in a thick shawl . Silver in color . Sitting at his desk was her King.

" Tauriel I have a new assignment for you. " He motioned to the small unhappy looking woman .

" You will be the new Queens personal Guard. "

Tauriel blinked and looked a bit surprised . The woman's unhappy look now turned to sheer anger.

" No no no " she rose up and stomped one her small bare foot against the ground . " I do not need a guard especially if I am to be forced underground. "

Thranduil as much as he adored her he was noticing a change within her that both thrilled him and also was frustrating. She was behaving more and more like his equal on a daily basis. Which was what he wanted but now wished she would back off a bit.

" You will have a guard . You will be protected at all times. You will move into the lower chambers and you will not speak another word on any of these matters . " He said with a look in his eyes that meant trouble if she continued.

Her eyes narrowed and she pulled the shawl away and threw it at him before storming off. The shawl falling to the floor beside him . As she passed Tauriel she would see them . The wings on the woman's back . Her eyes shooting up and way . Not wanting to be rude and stare so hard.

Thranduil ran his hand over his face and he sighed. " As you can see you have your work cut out for you. "

Tauriel nodded a bit. " Yes My Lord. The New Queen she is feisty. "

Thranduil chuckled . "Indeed and to survive she needs that. I am uneased by the reactions of some of the court to her. Most approve and like her. There are those that oppose and these Elon can be dangerous. You will need to speak to Elthian he will be your superior from this moment on . He will apprise you of the situation. " Thranduil looked down and rubbed at his forehead again.

" Yes My Lord. " She replied and with a wave Thranduil sent her off .

Gandalf had been locked within the archives for days and had not allowed anyone inside. There had been a messenger from Lorien to arrive for him. Gandalf would only open the door enough to take the message and grumble a few words of thanks before closing himself inside once again .

The messenger also had little to say to Legolas which was a bit odd he felt . A few days later a messenger arrived from Greenwood for him. He had been cuddled under a thick fur blanket with Finnola . A fire crackling in the hearth of the room they were occupying. He rose when Radagast had come to tell him of the messenger. It was a Elon he knew as well.

" I apologize Legolas . It took me longer than I thought to find you and I must return Immediately" The message passed to him and the messenger quickly left .

Finnola looked with curiosity and asked. " Is all well at your home?"

He was still and when he did move He crumpled the parchment in his hand and growled . " I don't know " The took off with a bit of purpose in its steps.

She would quickly rise and follow him. Gimli was heading down the corridor and was passed by a rather angry looking Legolas and a confused Finnola.

" What has happened ?" He asked and she turned not missing a step and shrugged . " I do not know. " She said and now Gimli too followed.

He went right to the doors of the archives and with a fist began to beat upon them . " Gandalf if you do not open these doors and speak with me I swear I will knock them down. "

There was no answer and he would beat upon them again. " I am quite serious . I do have access to a Giant you know. " Still nothing He would turn to Finnola and sigh.

" I am very sorry for asking this of you Finnola but it is very important. " She looked to Gimli then shrugged and moved to the doors. Just as she was about to hit them with a powerful shoulder The door flew open. Making her stumble a bit then catch herself .

Legolas stormed into the archives the parchment in his hand. Gandalf at a table surrounded by books looked to him having hoped to not need to have this conversation just yet.

Legolas held up the crumpled parchment in his fist " When were you going to tell me? "

Gandalf sighed and rose to his feet. " I was hoping to have any need to tell you. I was hoping you would find out from your father when we returned to Greenwood together. "

Legolas' brow creased and he growled . " When we returned together? When was this going to happen?"

Gandalf sighed once more . " Right after we left the Glittering Caves. " He lifted his pipe now and began to puff on it while Legolas began to pace.

" Tell me who is this woman He has taken up with? Do not tell me he married one of those conniving concubines of his. Palina? " he asked eyeing Gandalf who shook his head. Legolas would arch a brow " Sentillia? "

Gandlaf shook is head . " I assure you Legolas He has not been to see either of those 2 since before the spring. "

Now he was getting angry . " Then tell me who My father has made the Queen of Greenwood."

Finnola and Gimli who had been standing there listening both blinked and jumped a bit in shock.

" I think You need to sit down Legolas and we shall discuss this. It might be a bit shocking. " Legolas would sit down then and Gandlaf called to the other 2 in the hall. " You might as well come sit down too. "

" At the beginning of the spring" Gandlaf began " Your father was given a gift by an ancient being. Far older then any elf . Far older than even I . One as old as the Valar. "

Now this had Legolas' attention. Gimli would grumble a bit and Finnola leaned down to whisper to him . " How old are the Valar? " Gimli brushed her off.

This is when they would be educated on life before the Valar . On life even before Eru Ilúvatar. Legolas sat there in utter disbelief as He learned how the arda had been there not created by the creator . How the Valar had indeed shaped the arda but not from its creation like he had been taught. How all the races He knew of were not the first . He learned about the children of the mother. About all the original Fae. The greatest of the Fae races being the Fairies.

He learned how elves were created from the blueprint of the Fae. That the fea was the same thing that the Faries were but a weaker version. He was told about the mother creating a new home for her children and how they left the arda and went behind the veil.

Legolas was in shock after hearing all this and after a few moments He asks. " But what does all this have to do with My Fathers new wife?"

Gandalf would smile a bit . " Because Your Fathers wife Is a Fairy. She was the gift the last Guardian Spirit gave to your Father. "

Legolas rose so fast his chair would be knocked over behind him and He would pace and be silent .

Finnola would be the one to speak up now. " If the Fae went behind the veil how is it that this Guardian had a Fairy to give to Legolas' Da? "

Gandalf sighs. " That is the mystery . Apparently before the last of the Fae went behind the veil they placed one of their own under a spell. She was given to the Guardian to watch over . He was told that when her time had come she would wake up . She woke up on the day the one ring was destroyed. "

Legolas would now stop pacing and look to Gandalf but say not a word.

Now it was Gimlis turn to speak up. " That is a mystery but we do have another. What about the cave paintings and the tomb of the Fae in the Glittering caves? "

Gandalf addressed him now " Indeed there are 2 mysteries and I believe both are connected. Though how I am not sure just yet."

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