The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Legolas lead the way . Gimli and Finnola following. In Finnola's arms were large bouquets of Simbelmyne flowers. The small white blossoms seemed to glow in the dim light of the lanterns. " I see why they are called glittering caves. They are stunning to behold. "

Gimli agreed but had a his own ideas . " Aye Lassy they caves should be occupied by those who would care for them and appreciate them ." He said with a bit of a nod.

" You mean dwarves don't You?" she smirked and He grumbled. The narrow passage had been widened a bit by Gimli in the passing weeks. They all passed through it with relative ease. Now Finnola was in the cathedral room. She had a sense of its size but could not see it completely the ceil so high above that the captured light from the lanterns made it seem like stars above.

"This is where I have found most the the paintings. " Legolas explained. " All along the upper ledges and I am sure there are more even higher that I have not been able to reach just yet."

They passed through the large space and into another smaller passage . Legolas would stopped in front of the tomb. " This is it. " He said and lowered his head. Finnola was allowed to step forward . She had to duck to enter the tomb but there in the dim light she could clearly see them. She wanted to do something to honor them.

Finnola had a beautiful voice. Gimli would say a voice so beautiful it could make the heavens cry. She began to sing softly to the dead the only song she knew would be somewhat fitting.

"Where is the horse and the rider?

Where is the horn that was blowing?

They have passed like rain on the mountains,

like wind in the meadow.

The days have gone down in the West,

behind the hills... into Shadow."

She spread the Simbelmyne flowers before them and sighed softly before leaving the tomb. As the 3 of them worked to close of the entrance she began to talk about what she had seen.

" Does it not look strange. They do not look like they were placed there. They look like they died there. I mean there were corpses hugging each other. Some huddled in pairs in corners. Children in the arms of their mothers. Its like they walled themselves in there. " She was clearly shaken by what she had seen . Finnola for all her strength and skill with a sword was still a woman at heart. Legolas listened in silence . It too had distrubed him. Now he knew he was not the only one to notice.

" Perhaps I should go to Isengard and look in the ancient achieves. Surely if tree beard is still in control He will allow this. "

Finnola looked to him . A large stone in her hands. " If you go I go too. " That actually made Legolas smile. He was growing very fond of the Giant Woman.

Gimli was no slouch either. " If you 2 be going I'm not staying here. I think I will be going as well . Looks like I will be keeping and eye on ye" He would grin . He knew his friend very well and had seen how He looked at Finnola.

Legolas just smirked at him. It did not take much time for them to seal the tomb back. Legolas lay his hand on the stone and spoke softly. "Valar mecin hlar-nya hyarmë. Tiuta laituvalmet -lte inyenna vanwa. (Valar hear my prayer. Comfort these lost souls. They deserved better)" He hoped a prayer in Quenya would be heard.

The healers of Greenwood were doing everything they could. She lie there covered in sweat and shaking. Her fever was high and she was in delirium. Her flesh taking on a sickly green tint. Her eyes no longer lavender in color they were now a pinkish grey. Her pain was great and no matter what they gave her or what magic they would weave it only gave her a slight easing. Thranduil was beside himself. Refusing to leave her side. refusing to eat and he only slept for a few moments at a time . His head laying beside her . Her frail hand in his. He wasn't even sure how many days had passed.

He lifted his head hearing a familiar voice. "Elrond? " He said . His voice cracks and lifts just barely above a whisper. He became aware of a gentle arm sliding over his shoulders and turns to see Galadriel .

" Elthian found the 3 of us on the road heading to Lorien from Rivendell. " she said calmly.

"three?" Thranduil asked.

" Yes the 3 of us ." Galdalf spoke and Thranduil turned to see The white Wizard. "Mithrandir?"

" Come now Thranduil Elven King lets get you some food and a bit of rest. You are in no shape to help the poor Pixie in this state." Gandalf cajoled him and tried to help him to his feet.

" No! " Thranduil pushes Gandalf's hands away. " I must stay here. I can not leave until she wakes up. "

Galadriel Spoke softly to Thranduil. He was obviously beside himself with Worry. " Thranduil allow Elrond and Myself to work our magic . We will do everything in our power to save her. She is precious after all. "

Thranduil knew the 3 of them together could work wonders . He kissed Junipers hand and held it close to his cheek. He rose and leans to kiss her forehead then whispered in her small ear. " these are the 3 best healers in all the arda . Listen to them my love. Follow them back to the light." It was then that Gandalf was able to lead him away . Galadriel and Elrond exchanging shocked glances before turning to the Fae they would begin .

Thranduil's arm was over the shoulders of Gandalf. he helped walk . He had never seen Thranduil in such a state. Once in his chambers Gandalf gave him some soup and bread and sat at the table . Thranduil slumped over the bowl and managed to eat a few bites. "when you are in a better state We shall talk ." He said and leaned back in his chair . His pipe between his lips.

" yes Mithrandir I have many questions for you. Like what is that thing that did this to her?

Gandalf began to speak His words seemed to fade and Thranduil's head lay on the table. No longer able to keep going He fell asleep right there next to his soup.

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