The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The horses hooves continued to beat upon the ground. Her sword in her hand. The blade blackened with the blood of her foes. They cut a swath through the orc line. Most of the party made it through without harm a few bore arrows and slashes. All made it through. This was the last of it. Lorien's borders ahead. Finnola turned to make an arc back . The trouble now to their back. She was joined by Glorfindel and several other elven soilders. They cut through the filth keeping them back as the others made for Lorien . Finally breaking off to ride for the border. A few orc give chase. Finnola's war horse was at his limits. His body covered in sweat . Foam drips from his mouth. She had a good distance between herself and the orcs when tragedy struck.

He just couldn't go any further. He began to slow . Finnola holding on as He came to a wobbly stop . She leaps from his back moments before he collapses. " No NO NO ! Come on mate and get up. Its not that far. We will have rest and food. Come on now. " She was beginning to sob. "you cant go yet. Not yet ." She was on her knees her head against the horses. Glorfindel turned to see what happened.

He slowing and turning going back for her. " Come on ! Finnola we must go . Go now. " He reached his hand out desperately . She pulled away from her horse and grabbed her spear and pack. She takes his hand and with a leap she is behind him . His horse takes off . A bit slower with her weight. Her sword in hand . " We have company. " She said before swinging her sword He adjusting for her movements.

"Asca asca lle vanima onna i' aute en' ohta anta lle val" He calls to his mount. Then from somewhere the horse finds his speed again.

The Caravan passed into the Lands of Lorien. A few minutes later Glorfindel and Finnola make it into the trees. Arrows being loosed to drive the orc back. Finnola was hearing nothing but her own hearts racing. It thundered in her ears. Glorfindel slowly comes to a stop. The army of Lorein around them in the trees. Finnola slides off the back of Glorfindels horse . She throws her sword to the ground . The Dragonsfang thrust in the ground making it shake slightly. Her packs thrown .Her hands in fists . She throws her head back and screams . Everyone around them stopped and watched the Giantess.

She took a few steps and screamed again . Her body doubling over as she screams with her tears. Her knees hitting the ground. She continues her path until she was bent with her head touching the forest floor. Her pain was palatable. Everyone could feel it . Glorfindel slowly approached the grieving Giant. Falling on his knees before her. Her shoulders shook violently. The elves looked on with heavy hearts. He reached out and gently touched her head. His fingers caressing through her golden hair which clumped with sweat , blood and dirt.

"Seere a' lle amin vanima norsa. Seere ar' mela" He whispered to her. The words meant to calm her seemed to barely touch the grief.

Celeborn watched the scene. He speckled with the dark blood of orcs. Wearing the filth of battle he watched The Mighty Giant grieve for her best friend. Glorfindel stayed right with her. His hand caressing her head and finally she lifts it. He surrounds her in his arms and pulls her to his breast. The Greatest Warrior the elves had ever known cradled The Goddess of war and offered her as much comfort as he could. "Let them be for now. Then get them food and shelter . They need rest and the peace of the forest." Celeborn commanded in hushed tones.

Elthians voice rose and Tauriel pressed her hand over his mouth. Her body crushed against his as she pinned him to the stone wall of the garden. " You will listen to me Elthian. Ada can not over see everything concerning Juniper right now. She feels rushed by the recent events. She knows her purpose lies in those dreams. She also knows the danger. " She eyed him then slowly released him.

"This is fool hearty. " He began but managed to keep his voice low.

"This is what she says she needs to do. I am supporting My Queens wishes. You know the one we are to serve. The king is busy making war to protect her. We are to support her until this is over. " She argued. " She knows more of this than she realizes Elthian. She is key to all this. Let her help in the ways she can. "

Elthian stepped back and looked over to where Juniper sat with Jeven. " Can he do it?"

Tauriel nods. " I saw him do it. They are connected Elthian. In some strange way. This is not the bond of marriage. This is deeper. He knows her mind. She knows his. They speak often without speaking. It is like Galadriel and Celeborn . Even Lord Elrond . "

Elthian scowls. " And has he shown any ... intentions that are unseemly?" He asked her and Tauriel grinned. " Not towards the Queen." She said with a smirk . Elthian looked on her face and felt the shock travel up his spine.

"Tauriel? You haven't? " He suddenly felt like giggling but managed to stay more serious.

"No we haven't but I believe I know where his intentions are on that matter and they do not lie with the Queen. " She smacked his chest when he finally started to laugh.

" I feel so much better now. " He pushed away from her and grinned." I will blame it all on you if this goes badly Tauriel. " Looking to her and smiling .

" Of course you will." She groans and walks out into the garden.

The sun was beginning to dip lower. They moved their clandestine venture into the unused bedroom. A single lamp lit . Juniper lay on the bed her hands resting against the swell of her belly. Elthian sighing . His hand on hers . He tried to not show his concern. Instead he wanted to just touch her while he could.

" You know if Thranduil discovers all this . I will get the worst of it." Elthian spoke softly.

She smiled a little and laced her fingers with his." If He finds out . I will save you all. "

Jeven came to lay beside her. His dark hand taking one of hers . Eithain holding the other. " I will time how long you are there. Do not stay too long. " He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. The kiss breaking and he turned so he could eye Jeven. " You keep her safe. " He rose and let tauriel step up. Within moments The Dark Elf and the Pixie drift off to sleep. Elthian looks at the clock.

Her surroundings were the same. Dark shades of grey and black. She missed color when she was here. " You kissed me be the water. My hair was wet . " She called out then began to walk slowly towards the door. " We dreamed of a place that held no rules over us. " The mist began to take shape in the hall. She stopped . It had solidity to it now. Yet what was at the core was obscured .

" Your time is running out dear. This is why you are taking chances. You are sneaking a nap again. "

She backed up a few steps and nodded. " I am . I feel the urgency. " Her head shaking. " I have flashes of memory. Moments that are not my own. Yet they are. None reveal who you are to me. "

Sighing she sits down. " I have learned that you and I were once deeply in love. I know something terrible happened and You lost me. The memory is so faded. "

He moved to sit beside her. Yet he did not touch her. " It's not faded . It's scattered and buried. Have you told you husband that I am your ex lover? "

She scrowled at him . " No I have not. I do not want to tell him all this until I know you. Until I know for sure. " Juniper blurted out.

" Until you know I am true to my word. " He added.

"When we went to tell our families of our intentions we were stopped and you were taken away from me. Who stopped us? Why did they stop us? The weather outside is grey. There is rain on the canopy. The sound a relaxing drone. The forest smells of wet earth and life. Their words cutting through us both. You even get weak in your knees and you fall to the ground . Remember how rough the rug was against our knees. Remember looking up to me. Remember my eyes. "

Juniper began to shake. there was something about your eyes. Just how much they were like her own. "Something really hurts." She trembled. " I shouldn't ..."

The mist growled " Yes you should. You should remember . " He saw the look of pain in her eyes. "Rowena You need to butt out of this. As much as I hate you for what you have done for once we have the same goal. Let her go."

Jeven had already seen her demeanor change and sensed the pain . He was pulling her out . Her small form wrapped in his protective arms. Severing the tie between her and that thing. When she woke it was with a long wheezing gasp. " Jeven why did you pull me out? " She cried .

He was already sitting up. "You were upset."

She slapped at him with the back of one of her small hands. "Yes, because I was remembering something."

Jevens brows creased and he shook his head. " If a memory brings you that much pain . You should not seek to remember it." He warned before getting up.

Elthian was beside her . Pulling her up to him . " Well if anything we are getting good at this. I just hope we do not have to keep doing this for long. Maybe next time hold off on bringing her back. Just a little while. Make sure she is ready?"

Jeven glares at Elthian then. " If you would like to dream walk come be my guest. You tell me how easy it is to judge."

Tauriel steps in and lifts her voice. " Both of you just stop. " Her hands up one held to each of them. " Arguing among ourselves does nothing. Its not up to either of you in the end is it? Juniper can make up her own mind on how to handle this. "

They both shut up then. Elthian had noted the time. She had been in the dream for a mere 10 minutes.

On their return she had wanted to sit in the Atrium a while. Elthian stayed near her. Jeven and Tauriel in the corridor watching those who came and left. Tauriel instantly straightened up . Her eyes on her King. Jeven too stood taller. He passed them with a nod and grinned a bit to himself. Juniper sat in the direct sunlight that drifted down from the atrium's ceiling. The glass window a marvel of engineering. He whispered a few words to Elthian who looked to him with wide eyes. He nodded and moved away. He stepped closer into the light and she looked over her shoulder at him. Her wings extended fully yet laying down.

" While I am so happy to see you. I know what news you bring me is full of sadness. " She said softly.

He moved to sit down next to her. Those in the atrium were herded off by the Queens guard. Leaving them alone in this beautiful place.

" The sad news can wait for a bit . I want to just enjoy being near you . Even if that time will be short. Tonight I will be home in bed with you. "

She leaned her slight frame against him . His arm curling around her and pulling her in close.

"That's because you leave in the morning. "

He inhaled deeply. She already knew. Of course she did. " There is a great army coming from the south. They will engage Lorien and Greenwood. If we are unable to defend ... then that army will go in and take Rohan and possibly Gondor. There is also a large army threatening our northern allies. Hannibal will be going north with what troops I can send to help there. " She felt heavy. Very heavy with this news.

Within a few moments when He believed she would simply fall apart she began to pull herself together. It was strange how she did that. Looked fragile one minute then as if she were made of stone, Unbreakable. " I do not want to think of dark things tonight. I only want to think about you and what we will do with a whole night alone. " Her arm curled around him.

" I think I have an idea what we can do." He said with humor in his voice.

" Oh yeah? " she asks with a smile. " The funny quip he was about to unleash was cut off by her lips on his and her soft body crawling across his lap to straddle him.

She was like a beast upon him. Her lips demanding to be kissed roughly. She could sense not a single elf in the atrium . Neither could he. She was already working his robes open . Her hands under them in moments. He finally gives fully in. Sliding her dress from the curve of her shoulders. Her arms coming free . Her breast exposed to his greedy mouth. Larger breast her nipples succulent little pebbles. She wanted more and more . Her hands pushing between them and sliding down to find the ties to his leggings. He shoves the robes off his arms letting it slide to the bench . She was lifted and turned Her body pressing to the soft fabric covering the hardness of the bench .

The laces finally coming loose . Her lips finding his again as her hands slide into the confines of his leggings. Fingers sliding against the hard flesh within them and gently pulling it free . Stroking softly feeling him simply throbbing in her grasp. He moves in closer. Her small hand guiding him against her . The moment the thick bulbous head pressed against her warm slick flesh he shuddered and moaned into the kiss. Large powerful hands take her hips into their grasp pulling her towards him . She breaks the kiss . Her head pressing to his chest .

Her legs kick into the air then shake before bending at the knee and pressing her thighs against his sides. Their moans echo in the atrium. He did not care any longer. Nor did she. Let them all hear the sounds of their passion. Utterly lost to it. The queens guard move to the furthest points they could get. Jeven seemed unmoved by it. None of this meant much to him . His own peoples views on mating were drastically different . Tauriel just turned away and blushed. Elthian became invisible. He was quite used to hearing them. Yet this situation had him feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Tauriel finally began to relax when all the sounds of lust subsided. Jeven just grinned. He could tell by her reaction she was never touched. " Why do your cheeks turn pink Tauriel?" He asked leaned a bit more into the wall. Her eyes narrowed and she glanced to him.

" I'm not going to answer that. I am sure you already know why." She pushed off the wall to move further down the corridor. He watched her find a new place to wait.

That night most of them went separate ways . The Queen of course with her King. Elthian visits Sentillia. Jeven finds himself knocking on Tauriels door. She opened it in a bit of a gruff which changed to shock. " What are you doing here?" He would smile. His fangs quite visible in the dim light. White and shiny. Like his hair that contrasts against the grey of his skin. His eyes meeting hers. They were just so alien to her. Yet she was drawn into them.

" Let me come in ." His voice was low and He stepped in very close to the door. There was no one in the hall so she allowed him to enter her apartments. Closing and locking the door behind him.

" I don't know what You have in mind Jeven... " Her words falling off the moment she turned to face him and his hands were on her cheeks. Pulling her to him. those soft lips she had been staring at. Wondering about . Day dreaming about were pressed to her own lips. Her body pulled back on instinct . He moved with her . Her back to the wall . Pinning her against him and He did not relinquish her lips.

She had never wanted something so badly . Not even with Kili had she wanted this so badly. His arms draped around her waist . He spun her from the wall and began to walk her backwards. The kiss deepened and she had no idea where they were going. In those moments she did not care. Her body drifts back to lay on her bed . He moving with her . He was graceful in all he did . Even now his hands push the tunic that she sleeps in up over her thighs. His touch was but a whisper against her flesh.

It took a moment to muster the strength to fight against this lusty daze he had pushed her into . Her lips finally leaving his . Her hands find his chest and push.

" Jeven . You must stop. I can not do this and it not ... " She was breathless . His fingers trailing up the inside of her thigh.

" It not mean what?" He asked . Those wicked fingers continue up every so slowly.

" That I will bond with you. "

His head tilted a bit. " You think I came here not seeking a bond ?"

Her expression shifted then . In an instant everything just made sense. Her head shaking . He pressed his lips to hers again . " I feel the same as you. " He whispers .

Finnola sat a top of a large boulder. It having been brought to the surface over time by the growing roots of the tree. She had slept and bathed . Been given every Elven courtesy. Her heart was still heavy. Glorfindel came to sit beside her. In his hand some fine elvish spirits. He offered her the bottle and she took it. Drinking heavily of the semi sweet liquid. " We are stuck here." He finally said. " The army had advanced. Now we are fighting in defense of Lorien. "

Finnola offered the bottle back to him. " I figured that out earlier. I reckon it doesn't matter which battle you're in as long as you're part of the war ."

Glorfindel smirked. "There is something that was brought to my attention by Celeborn of all elves. Sure we mourn the loss of our mounts but not like you Finnola. You were raised in Rohan. He was raised with you wasn't he? " She nodded softly.

"I see now. " He drank from the bottle. " It hurts to loose a brother. " He offered the bottle back to her. " You have to honor them now. He was a war horse Finnola. You honor him by winning a glorious war. " She took the bottle and another drink.

" Aye I plan to. I plan to slaughter as many filthy orcs as I can. " Now that just made Glorfindel tremble inside.

Thranduil tried to slip out without waking her. It did not work. He was grabbing his boots when she sat up on the edge of the bed. The sheets pulled around her . He lowered down into his chair and watched her watching him.

" You will return to me." She said in a soft voice. Her gaze finally torn away. Lowering to look at him pulling his boots on. " You know that if I ..."

He was standing then. 2 steps was all it took for him to be on her again. His lips stealing what words she had on the tip of her tongue. This was difficult for him. More so than she could realize. Her naked body pushed back to the bed . He resting between her thighs. She would take whatever He chose to give. To help him however she could.

20 minutes past the time he should have left Thranduil was leaving his rooms . The scent of his wife fresh in his mind. How her flesh feels was still tingling on his finger tips. Her warmth still radiated through his tunic. He was going to war for her.

His attendants working on his armor. It would be strapped on in his office. Adnir still in the west. Feren had come from his "retirement" to help lead the Forces of the Woodland Realm. Their spies had been busy . Detailed reports had made it to them. They knew what they were about to face. They knew the odds were not good this time around. Their losses would be far greater than before. Still they must try.

Feren looked to his oldest friend. "Remember when we were still in training and you said you knew about this spot were we could peek at the elleth bathing pool without being seen."

Thranduil began to smirk as He is reminded of his youth. " Indeed Feren . I remember both of us being beaten soundly by the elleth who we were trying to peek at. " Thranduil chuckled.

" I will never forget the look on your face when stood you up to our adars and told them it was all your idea and I was only following orders. You thought it might save me some of my punishment." Feren looked to Thranduil. " I guess I am just feeling sentimental." He muttered and turned to leave.

" I would do it again. If I could save you Brother." Thranduil said. Feren turned and nodded a bit . It felt good to be back .

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