The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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"It just can not be the autumn already." Juniper sighs. She cradled in Thranduil's arms. She had only been back in the Royal Chambers for a few days. Her strength slowly returning . He was carrying her to sit in the courtyard garden. Its colors beginning to change into those out autumn. The days still warm enough though. There were cushions and blankets lain out for her. He was smiling as he moved with fluid grace towards them.

" You were ill for a long time but you can enjoy the autumn with me. It is my favorite season. " He knelt down slowly , His knees pressing to the thick cushions. He placed her down with care the suns rays falling upon her and making her aglow with golden hues.

He stretched out as well, positioned behind her . He watched as her wings began to grow. It was a marvel to behold up close like that . He could see the fluid pumping through them . each line a vein and as each one flexed the wings plump up and come to life. Soon spreading out . The suns light captured by them making them luminescent. The design of the dress she wore was always interesting to him . The elvish seamstress having to learn it . The back was fully open cut down to just above her bottom but there were straps that tied at her shoulders and below the wings . This gave them full range of motion .

He turned to his side . His hand caresses down her spine between her wings. Her back was actually quite muscular though he imagined she had lost some of that . He had not seen her fly since she had been with him.

"Can you fly in this form?" He asked and lifted up to press a kiss between her wings . She shivered a bit at that .

" Yes and no . I do not think I am strong enough now. Small maybe . Though I question that as well. I haven't flown since I was with Hannibal Last winter. " he gathered up her hair and then let it fall down her back . Leaning over and reaching hard . His fingers stretched out, he finally managed to grasp the brush from the low table beside the cushions.

"Lets get you strong again . I wish to see you fly. " He sat up straight now . she sitting between is parted legs. He enjoyed brushing her hair. He did so daily now. Each time the brush passed through the golden waves he was surrounded by her familiar scent.

"Aren't you afraid I'll fly away?" she asked and peeked over her shoulder at him.

He stopped brushing her hair and canted his head a bit. " Should I be?"

she shook her head. " Not anymore."

Wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her back against him . His chin laying on her shoulder . He looked down at her chest . His gaze sweeping over her perky breast covered in thin fabric. The down her soft thighs .

Her nose curled a bit and her lips trembled . " You ... you want to create life with me? "

He released her quickly and pushed himself back . "why do you say that?" he cleared his throat and lay back upon the cushions .

She shifted herself so she was facing him. Her her brows creased in question. " Thranduil I can feel what you feel . Especially when you are that close. I kept getting images in my mind of stags in rut. " curious that was the mental image she had of what he was feeling.

"Juniper sex is not just for procreation. At least within the races that are not animals. "

Her eyes narrowed and she eyed him suspiciously. " Its not?"

He shook his head softly. " No . now each race has their own beliefs about it . I'm not entirely sure what Dwarves think of it but I know they have marriage . So do Humans. Elves have a form of Marriage as well. "

Her brows now lifted . " Marriage... is like Ninnel and her husband?" she asked and he nodded . " She is his and He is hers forever and they have created life together."

He sits up a bit more now and props himself up on pillows. " Right but every time they have sex the act does not create children. If creating life was the only reason for sex then why have it when you know no children will come if it?"

Now this was a question she just couldn't answer. Though she did think on it very hard.

Ninnel was walking along the corridor near where they sat and she turned to look to Ninnel and suddenly called out to her. " Ninnel why do you have sex with your husband if no children will come of it?"

Thranduil groans and lowers his head down into his hand . His fingers dragging along his face.

Ninnel blinked . She stopped in place . She looked at the scene in front of her . She saw Thranduil's reaction to the pixies question . 'So it has come to this' she thought and smirked as she approached. She showed no shame as she answered . Not wanting to put unneeded ideas in the Fae's head. " Because I love him and it feels good. Really good. "

Juniper let that answer sink in . Then Ninnel continued. " Sometimes though two elves will come together like that simply because it feels good or because it relieves stress. Not for reasons of love. However, such encounters are kept very much in private and never spoken of. In fact sex isn't really spoken of publicly. "

Thranduil looked to Ninnel then and exhaled a breath he had been holding for way too long. She would nod to him and turn to leave. " Next time My Lord please use someone else as an example. " with that she was moving away .

Thranduil reaches out and takes Junipers small hand in his. " When I have those thoughts Juniper it comes from a place of love where you are concerned. It is also a very natural thing for men to desire a woman like that and its even natural from women to desire a man like that . " he decided to not complicate this conversation with the finer points of same sex couplings . At least not until she understood better.

"Do you ever have desires Juniper. Do you ever feel like there is more you want from me? "

She giggled then " Sex you mean. " she just blurted out . " I don't think so Thranduil. I have recently discovered I very much like kissing you and when we sleep at night feeling you closer to me is different but in a very good way. Its no longer just about bad dreams. But desires of sex I don't think so . Not that I would know what that felt like. "

Sexually Mature she was not. That was fine he was patient . He could wait as long as it took.

" Now all that being said the most important thing I can stress is that never and I mean never should someone be forced into sex. That is a heinous thing . A crime most terrible . If you do not want to then your desires should be followed. "

He looked at her small hand and the circle of gold around her wrist . His fingers caressing it then gently he slides it over her hand and off . " I will not force you to stay in the form any longer. " He offered the bracelet to her it was hers . Hannibal had placed it there.

" Besides being small and hiding is your greatest defense . Considering what has happened I think you should be able to protect yourself should the need arise. "

she refused to take the bracelet . " can you use it to make something else for me? "

He blinked and nodded . " Of course what would you like? . "

she smiled and tilted her head a bit. " I'm not sure . Something special though . Something you think is fitting for me. "

He tugged on her arm and pulled her to him . She giggled happily as she fell into his lap . He helping her get upright before pulling her into a kiss. "never change my pixie." His whispered against her plump soft lips.

She smiled for him. Her slender arms slide around him as far as they would go. She was light against him. She moved with each breath he took. Indeed she did like kissing him and proved it every chance she had. Her lips pressed to his again. Sweetly giving him her small kisses. He could bear it no longer. He wrapped His arms around her tighter and held her close as he turned and now pressed her down into soft cushions and blankets.

Hovering over her. Large and powerful. His body making all of her almost disappear from view. His hands on her soft cheeks. Caressing them between softer kisses that turned into deeper ones. His tongue slipped between her lips. Now she whimpers. His hands leave her cheeks to press down beside her head. Lifting his weight from her.

His lips linger several more moments. Their tongues engaged in a dance. Eventually he broke the kiss and looked down on her sweet smiling face. "When we are alone. You may always offer a kiss to me. There are but a few reasons I would ever deny it."

This made her smile and lift her lips to his again and he melted down into another session of kissing. His hands daring to just barely brush over her more feminine curves. They could spend hours just doing this. Reveling in all the new feelings she was having. How her body seemed to come even more alive each day with him.

He experienced it all with her. There was fire in his life again and he grew even more grateful to the ancient guardian.

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