The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Far in the east . Far into the lands that are nearly forgotten to the Eldar. There are a people of great power. The lineage is mixed. To the elves of middle earth they would seem barbaric. Uncouth and even primitive. Yet their knowledge went much deeper than any elf knew. The Orthae J'nesst stood on an out dropping. Her eyes reading the wind and clouds. She breathes in deeply and sighs as she exhales. Slowly she turned to look on her zin'olhyrr floh'l. They her most trusted. "ol zhah au. Udos z'klaen plynn blada xuil lil' ilhar( the time is near. We must make council with the mother)"

The wise woman stepped down from her high perch and began to walk back towards what was left of their forest. If the Avanati fall the west would fall soon after. Her followers rose and moved into position behind her. She sending several a head to make preparations for the council.

Juniper sat at the breakfast table her appetite was very good all things considering. She tried to behave as if all was well. As if it had not happened. It even began to make the Kings worry even more. Elthian seemed unbothered and just did as he would normally do with her . He held Orist while she fed him bites of smashed up fruit. " naneths daer ellon nin melleth." She cooed at her son. After breakfast Juniper headed to the garden to sun while it was still warm in the day. Orist only spent a few minutes out . It was a bit too chilly .

Thranduil beside her and their son held on his thighs." I need to know your thoughts Melamin. You have said nothing today. "

She lay her head on his shoulder. " I still do not know what to think. I'm still processing it . I feel like I am a piece on the board for him to play at will. There is something so much bigger and it all seems to fall back on me remembering. I have to talk to him again..."

Thranduil stiffened and prepared to lay down the law . The placing of her small hand on his arm calmed those reactions. Her voice like a summer breeze against his skin. " Before you get worked up I do not mean tonight. I want to dreamless sleep again. I have to work out what I will say first. "

He relaxed a bit. " You know you agreed to me stopping this whole circus should one tear be brought to your eyes. I think you well surpassed that. You think of what you will say . You run it by me and then I will decide. " She was fine with those terms for now. So she just rubbed her cheek against his arm.

As the rays of the sun began to spill down over them she rose slowly and scooped up her son. Her flesh turning golden her wings spread out in the warmth and she danced around with her growing son. He sat back and just watched her . The breeze buffeting against her body . Pulling her dress tightly about her. A baby in her arms . The slight swell of her belly tattling on the fact she had another on the way. He wanted to put her in a box and protect her so badly yet he knew what that would do.

Galion would arrive with a smallish wooden chest. She spun around with Orist laughing in her arms . " Look ion nin it's uncle Galion. "

Thranduil canted his head. "What is this?"

Galion shrugged . " It arrived from Erebor . It's for the Queen."

Thranduil just smiled and motioned to Juniper." Well then give the Queen her chest. "

Galion stepped closer and placed the chest down. Orist reaching out for him she would pass him to Galion. Thranduil wore a rather smug grin. Her small hands went to the latch and she lifted it then opened the chest . The shimmer of the contents cast over her flesh. " Oh !" she gasps.

She lifted a shimmering dress from the chest. it was light as air , Just like she liked.

Galion looked wide eyes and gasped as well . " Is that Mythril?"

The king nodded . "Indeed. It appears the dwarves have out done themselves. "

The armor didn't even look like armor. It was simply a bright silver dress. The collar lined with rose gold. She looked to Thranduil breathlessly.

" I thought. I needed to protect my Queen. Yet she often makes that hard . So what better way to protect her than with armor. " He just grinned and she squealed.

Orist began to grow fussy and want his afternoon meal. Galion excused himself and toted Orist along with him. She held her armor against her and just beamed happily.

" I can think of a few ways you could thank me. " He adjusted and put him hands behind his head. "

Her brows lifted . " really? Hmmmm I know I could tie you up then tickle you with a feather in terrible places. " Her brows wiggled and he rolled his eyes.

" ermm that one did not cross my mind. "

She sighed and placed her armor back in its chest. "Well then let me think again ." She quip and walked closer to him. Finally lowering down to crawl over his legs and straddle him.

He gasps. "But my Queen it is not the full moon."

She smirked . "While most of me is at the mercy of nature. I assure you where that is concerned I can think for myself. Most of the time." She snapped her teeth at him and that gave him the chills.

The dark of the night was deep. There was no moon . They ground the herbs in the fire light. chanting softly . "qualla nym'uer udossa zhennu ilhar dosst dalharen lar ulu dos." Calling to the mother and begging her to answer them. In the pot bubbled and simmered. Various roots and mushrooms boiling inside . the Herbs added last. The chanting continued . Droning on and on making the atmosphere thick with magic. The potion they brewed soaking that magic energy up. Making it potent.

Each of the women drank from the bowl she offered them. Then the wise woman drank as well. The chanting continues . Drums being added into the song then a flute. Soon the women were dancing around the fire. Calling the Goddess to them asking for her council . Needing her wisdom. There clothing stripped away leaving them naked. Their bodies covered in white tattoos. The magic markings glowed against their grey flesh. Then one by one the frenzied women began to fall to the ground . Until just the wise woman remained . Then she too would fall and then she was taken into the Mothers council . Her followers around her contributing their magic to maintain the space they meet in.

The mother spoke in whispers to the Orthae J'nesst . Those words made the woman look on wide eyed. "usstan kyorl. T'yin kus natha char'riss ulu jeven qualla ji uk xal zhaun. ( I see . send a message to Jeven please. so he may know.) " The women would lay as they were until morning and the dreams ended . Each would have their own expereince in the Mothers Gardens. Some meeting old lovers. Others meeting lost family. Orthae J'nesst was not granted these moments her time was always spend in the council. The mother leaving her then she was left with all the zin'olhyrr floh'l before her.

Juniper lay naked and splayed out over Thranduil . He caressing the flesh of her wings. "Keep that up and we will not leave the gardens until the darkness has been on us for hours. " She warned.

" I am not against this ." He said with a grin. Then looked to the chest." Put your armor on and let me inspect it. " She looked to him and he lifted his brows " I am waiting." Her eyes narrowed . Then she pushed herself up . Her wings folding down against her back. She moved to the chest . Her hand drifts down and she lifts the delicate looking armor into the air then gently slides it on . It fit like a dress on her . It flowed like cloth when she moved.

"Closer Melamin closer." He beckons. She stepped even closer then stood where her feet were parted and his legs stretched out between them . His fingers reached out to feel it . It was cool like mythril. His hands slide against it and up to her hips were he pulls her down to him . His lips finding hers. " It's a work of art . I feel better knowing you have this. He pushed the shimmering armor up over her thighs.

Legolas had not spent but a few days in the fortress before he left. He didn't even see Juniper and she had not even known he had been there. Finnola had been waiting to see the Queen . there was something going on . She had not been allowed to see her yet. She was growing suspicious and worried. Glorfindel stayed with her and tried to distract her as best he could with his charm . He did enjoy charming her. It was a curious feeling knowing you could make a giantess' heart flutter.

He lay across her lap and casually snacked on fruit. " Tell me about her . " He said with a soft smile.

"About who?" Finnola looked confused.

" About the Queen. I have only heard a few words in passing. Is she that wonderful? " He never told her he had met the Queen briefly.

Finnola lifted a piece of fruit from his plate to her mouth. " You know how you admire me for my power . My strength . My mind frame when we are together in battle?"

He nodded "Well yes. What about it?"

Finnola smiled and looked to him " I feel the same way about her. " He grinned and settled in to listen.

" I didn't get to see her on the battlefield . I heard the stories that night. Straight from the King of Rohan's mouth. The way the grey sky spilt to show divine light down on the pixie . How she screamed and it was like thunder on the rolling wind. Her demure visage coated in the gore and filth from battle. I wanted to meet this Warrior Queen. When I did she wanted to hear about me and all about me. She soaked up every word. She is the daintiest creature yet her strength, her spirit just bowls one over. She makes you believe the impossible can happen."

Glorfindel saw the reverence in her eyes as she spoke. The Queen was the woman His giant felt strongly about. The Queen was what she strove to be. This was interesting.

" I would like to go with you to meet her. I am Elrond's Guard it shouldn't be too strange for me to get an audience. "

Finnola smiled " I would like that if it ever happens. She must have learned about my new status by now. I am sure she will have questions. "

Finnola tired of him laying on her and after several attempts at getting him to move she simply dumped him into the floor and stood up.

" ah My Goddess the indignity You wound me. " He got to his feet and watched her as she looked into the fire. "If they will not let you see her tomorrow then we will go riding. I know this spot next to a hot spring you will enjoy. " She had to admire his determination. While things remained friendly with some kissing involved he never pushed it past that. He was fine with taking his time and she was fine with letting things just go how they go.

The morning of the next day Finnola and Glorfindel go to the Royal Chambers again to ask to see the Queen. To their surprise they were lead into Kings private halls. Glorfindel had not spent much time there the other night. Now he began to notice, They no longer felt sad and dark . Now they were bright and the halls echoed with laughter and the sound of a baby.

Finnola's steps hurried and she comes around the corner quickly . Glorfindel following . He stops to see his Goddess hugging someone and the King lounging in his chair drinking tea. Beside him an infant held in Ninnel's arms.

Juniper stood on a chair hugging Finnola. He tried to imagine her covered in the gore and muck of battle. He tried to imagine her screaming from the back of a great bear in the middle of war. He could not picture the Pixie doing any of that.

Thranduil looked over his shoulder and grinned. " Well if it isn't Glorfindel . Are you too good to come join the Kings family for breakfast?"

Glorfindel snorted . " Do not be silly King Thranduil. I was just admiring the scene . " He began to walk towards the table and was welcomed to it by Juniper as well. She was already rapid firing questions at Finnola just like she had him.

'She was a curious creature indeed. ' he thought and found his cup of tea being placed before him. Things had certainly changed in the fortunes of Thranduil King of the Greenwood.

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