The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She stirs next to him and crawls from under his arm. She was kneeling beside him. Her small hand lifted to rub sleep away from her eyes. The light had grown dim around them . Her hand lowered to rest on her thigh and in the distance there was music. She was listening her plump lips parted slightly her head tilting from one side to the other turning a pointed ear towards the sound.

" Thranduil what is that? " she asked softly then sprang from the blanket and wandered into its direction.

" Wait Juniper." He said gently but firmly . She stopped obediently and squirmed in place. He pulled his boots on and rose . As she stepped closer He would pull his cloak off and place it over her . Covering her from head to toe. She peeking up to him from under the hood.

" You must wear this less you be seen little one. Stay near me and do as I say . "

Together they crept closer to the sound of merriment. On a well wooded embankment they stopped . he crouched down and so would she. His back to a tree they could see down into a small village .

" Music" she said softly and listened . So close to him he could feel her sense of wonder at the sounds. He canted his head a bit and watched her closely.

His voice soft and gentle . " You have never heard music before? "

She shook her head in answer " No " Her eyes widen and she giggles as the elves below began to dance merrily .

" what is that Thranduil ?" she nudged at his knee and pointed.

" They are dancing . This is done when there is a reason for celebration. " He found himself explaining and was beginning to realize He would show her many new things. Things He perhaps took for granted. All would be new and wonderful to her. He was seeing the world through her eyes. It made him feel young again.

" What are they celebrating?" She never stopped watching them dance. She even began to bounce gently in time with the music.

"Each village celebrates the changing in seasons. It seems like this one is celebrating the coming summer. The season everything planted in spring will grow. " He was finding himself even more fascinated by the Fae.

She watching the party and He watching her. The light was fading even more now. They should be heading back but she was having so much fun. They were fairly well hidden there. What was the harm in letting her watch?

More happy music and more dancing . She was caught up in it all and stood there before him . She would begin to dance. The steps having been watched by her once were now firmly in her mind and she mimics them and giggles.

He drank her in. Every movement of her body. She seemed to be a natural at dance . Spinning and bouncing . Her feet kicking around in the forest liter. He too was feeling giddy with joy. His joy coming from watching her and hers from the music. The song was rising in tempo and he knew it would soon come to its end and when it did she was straddling his legs and she came down to sit on his knees. She laughed and gasped for breath. Her face a glow and tinted silver like the moon.

The next song was different. It was slow and a bit somber. Several beautiful voices began to rise in song.

"what is that?" she asked looking him now in the eye.

" That is singing. It is music with the voice." He knew the song and asked " do you know what they are saying? " she shook her head . This song was sang in Quenya and was about Luthien and Beren. His lips parted to explain this to her but her small fingers pressed to his lips stopping the words from coming forth. His eyes go wide feeling her soft touch to his flesh. Caressing over his lips and slowly dropping to his chin then down to his chest.

Her eyes locked on his . He experiencing her emotions . Though she didn't know the words she was clear she understood the emotions of the song. They sang about Luthien rescuing Beren and her love for him. Her eyes began to shimmer then tears began to well in them. The song flowing into Berens death and how Luthien died of a broken heart. The tears began to stream down her cheeks and he began to feel his own starting to fall. His large hand rose and pressed lightly to her cheek . She nuzzled her cheek harder to his hand and closed her eyes . Sending more tears streaming down her cheeks to drip down upon her breast like little shimmering diamonds .

He pulls her gently to his chest and wraps his arms around her. Holding her closely His hand on the back of her head the hood having fallen away revealing silver hair. His head resting atop hers. Her scent surrounding him. He could have held her forever like this. She the most precious gift he had ever received. Her hands were pressed to his sides . Little fingers curling into his tunic and holding on.

The party was dying down. It was well into the night . He got to his feet. Lifting her with him. She was so very light. Like carrying and sack of feathers. She would finally find her voice again as she wiped away tears on his tunic.

" That was so lovely Thranduil. Thank You for letting me stay and watch. I think I really love music. " She said softly .

" Even though the song made you cry?"

The answer from her was Immediate." Because the song made me cry."

That answer made him smile. They reached the blanket and he set her down. Memna was there waiting for them . He lowered his great head down to Junipers shoulder and she reached up to caress near his cheek. Even in the summer here the night could take on a chill. The breeze was picking up and she shivered against it and pulled Thranduils cloak further around herself. He gathered up their things and put it all back on the saddle. He would scoop her up and place her up on Memna's back then sweep himself up behind her.

" here this will be warmer. " he explained and pulled his cloak from her and wrapped it around himself and pulled her in closely and engulfed her in the cloak again.

The ride was slow and careful. She had leaned into him . Her head laying on his bicep. Her steady breathing telling him she was asleep once again. On their return they were met by a few of her personal guards who had gone to look for him when he had not returned earlier. Hidden within his cloak was the sleeping Pixie .

When they reached the Royal Stables the guards broke off . Eineil was outside ready to assist. There was a look of relief in his eyes . Thranduil dismounted with his most precious gift and spoke softly to Eineil.

" When you see is Fairy dancing in the moonlight You just dont want to leave. " That was the only explanation he would give . She slept in his arms all the way to the Chambers where he would lay her in his bed . He joining her soon after.

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