The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She was so warm. So comfortable. There was a hand on her forehead. It was soft and familiar. Her eyes struggled to open. Just little slits . The light was blinding and she winced away from it .Then slowly she tried again .

" She is coming back to us." A soft feminine voice said.

"Juniper." She felt her hand lifted and held in one so warm. It was a male voice now. "Juniper" Her eyes opened just a bit more the light not so bright now. She blinks several times. Then slowly the face of her most beloved would some into clearer view.

" Thranduil." She managed a smile. He smiles back and brings her hand to his lips.

"Let me see your eyes little Fae. " It was the female voice .

Her gaze shifting, it was the Lady . " Galadriel? "

She smiled to Juniper . "Yes there you are . " her words soft and gentle.

Thranduil would not release her hand . She did not want him to. Her small fingers weakly curl against his hand, holding on as strongly as she could. She tries to sit up but would groan in pain and Galadriel gently pushes her back against the pillows.

" No My Lady you mustn't move too much. You are more injured than you think." She helped Juniper drink some tea. " This will take the pain away. " she explained and Juniper sips it and taste the honey they had sweetened it with to mask the bitter taste.

She looked confused when she fully lay back . "where am I ? " she asked.

Thranduil answered. " You are in a healing tent . Lady Galadriel brought medicine and healers from Lorien. Do you remember the battle?" He asked

"Some of it. Its all a bit fuzzy . I remember taking a dagger from a fire and burning the wound on my arm closed. " Thranduil and the Lady looked at each other in surprise they had wondered who had done that. " I remember a bear licking my face. "

Outside the healing tent the camp was bustling with somber remembrance and happy rejoicing at the victory. Elves and men sat together . Eating and drinking . Though most avoided the healing tent with the bear sitting outside. It just wouldn't leave but did not attack any of them . It sat there waiting of her .

Elthian was outside the tent . Looking worried . He paced back and forth and stopped, then pace a bit more.

" You shouldn't worry so much Elthian . She is the best hands she could be in. " He looked to see Elessar approaching .

" I know but .. I .. how did she get here? " The worry did not leave Elthians eyes .

" She stowed away in a wagon I would think . When she is better you will need to speak to your king about that night. " He warned Elthian .

" If you are referring to the night he spent with Juniper before you left for battle I already know. " Thranduil was standing there just outside the tent . His hands clasped together before him. His face unemotional. " I knew the moment it happened. Would it surprise you to know I too spent that night seeking comfort in the bed of woman? " Elessar looked shocked . " I do not expect you to understand any of this. Elessar. This is all hard to believe. Where Juniper is concerned things tend to become a skewed. I am not angry with Elthian. "

Thranduil looked to the bear and nodded a bit in respect. " I am curious as to why My wife is here. She was to stay safely in Minas Tirith. "

Elessar cleared his throat. " It is as you said Thranduil . When it comes to the Fae things become a skewed. She was left in my palace with orders to stay put. As you can see she did not do so. How is she ?" Elthian now looked to his King.

" She is healing. She has broken ribs and deep gashes. There are bruises to the bone. "

Elthian turned and left . He was visibly shaking and upset that she was hurt.

" She told me if I allowed her to come she would stay in the back and help tend the wounded . That she had no plans to take up a sword and charge into battle. " Elessar looked to Thranduil. Who smiled a bit.

" I suppose she changed her mind." Thranduil answered and Elessar actually laughed.

" I know you want to stay with her . I'm going to go drink with the men and listen to the tales." Elessar turned to leave.

Thranduil spoke up. " Thank you for taking care of her. She had be a handful I know. Please do not Judge her for what happened between she and Elthian or think less of me for not being angry. "

Elessar turned. "I would never do any of those things My Lord . " His head bowed a bit before he headed off to the crowd of gathered men.

A call would go out in the camp. Legolas had finally arrived with the army that had gone to the North. Finnola ran for him . Tauriel watched as her new friend threw her arms around Legolas and picked him up. Crying with joy she spun around with the elf dangling like a rag doll in her embrace.

" Finnola ... Finnola my love You're crushing me. " He sputtered out. She easing her hug then lowering him down. She grabbing his face kissed him and he her. When the kiss broke she was all smiles and He smiled for her . His eyes beholding his giant the look of sheer joy would fade as he shifted his gaze to see his father standing there with raised brows.

Finnola turned to see what had him in a twist . The moment she looked at the tall lean elf gazing on them with emotionless features she knew it was Legolas' father and she then understood why he was worried .

Thranduil said nothing . He simply turned and walked away. "please give us a moment my love " Legolas asked Finnola . Tauriel frowned and walked slowly towards her new friend.

" Don't worry ." She began. " It looks like Legolas did as we wanted and did not tell his father about you. " Her hand rested on the forearm of the Giant woman. " Everything will be fine " She said in a calm voice. Finnola nodded . " I hope so. "

Legolas caught up to Thranduil . " Ada.. Ada please. " There in the glow of a large fire Thranduil turned and looked on his son.

" I could see it. I could see the love between you and the female giant. " Thanduil now looked like he was in pain.

"Ada I know you had higher hopes for me. That I would fall in love with a beautiful high elf maiden and give you beautiful elven grandchildren. I would have been so happy to give that to you but that is not what has happened. Her name is Finnola she of from the royal line of Rohan and cousin to the king so there is that. Ada you know as well as I do that the heart wants what it wants. Please, the bridge between you and I has just begun to be built..."

Thranduil closed his eyes and listened to the tone of his sons voice. How it cracked a bit in desperation. " I have no intentions of burning that bridge ion nin. Now go be with your woman and rest well knowing You are still with me. " Thranduil managed a smile and Legolas sensed something else .

" Ada what has happened? You are troubled."

Thranduil spoke over his shoulder. " My wife is in the healing tents being tended by Galadirel. She is seriously wounded. "

Legolas was confused . " Why was she even here Ada?"

Now Thranduil looked to him the worry fully showing on his face. " She is a wild creature Legolas . She is hard to contain ." That was all he said and drifted off to the healing tents.

Legolas joined Finnola , Tauriel and Eomer around a fire. Eomer began to tell Legolas about what he had seen. " She was there in the middle of the battlefield. Her mount the largest greatest bear I have ever seen. Her wings shining in the light that seemed to spill forth through the smoke and clouds as if it were divine and just for her. Her golden hair flew wildly about her head. In her hand was a dagger but for someone her size it was as big as a sword. She was covered in streaks of soot and blood like terrifying war paint. She was surrounded by woodland creatures that she sent into battle like her very own army. When it was all over she thrust her sword in the air and let out a thunderous mighty scream of victory all the animals roaring with her and the men and elves would join in, mesmerized by this terrifying warrior Queen. "

Finnola grins. " I like her already." Legolas just smiled at her.

Eomer spoke again " I don't know if I should run from her or respect her or both. "

Tauriel laughed at all of them. " I am her personal guard under normal circumstances and I assure you she is delightful to be around. Kind and gentle . A bit on the feisty side but innocent and pure . I can not wait for you all to really meet her. "

Legolas leaned on Finnola " Ada is very worried Tauriel . "

She still smiled . " I assure you the Queen will be fine. She is far tougher than she appears. "

Eomer coughs." She looked pretty damn tough to me . Any kingdom would be so lucky to have one ruler like her but this one has 2 impressive rulers. "

The next day during the clean up Lysanthir's body was found under several fallen orc. All of them bore of marks of being mauled by Junipers great bear. Her memory still fuzzy about the battle . She only seemed to remember stopping her own bleeding. She did not remember how she had gotten hurt . She could tell how she had stowed away in the wagon and hitched a ride in a saddle bag and everything that happened to a point then there was nothing but the pain of the burn she could remember. Galadriel even looked into her memories and could see nothing it was like they were never there. Junipers bear still remained outside the healing tent.

It was several more days before she could be moved at all. Thranduil carried her outside the tent where many men and elves had gathered . He looked rather confused as did she . They had heard the rumor that the warrior Queen would be outside that day and when she emerged in the arms of her husband there was a collective gasp.

" Hail the Warrior Queen " They cheered. Thranduil stood there holding her close and they both marveled at this. " I think songs will be sung about you for years to come my love." He whispered in her ear. She was a bit overwhelmed by it all but she did managed to smile and wave to them.

Thranduil carried her over to her bear. She remembered him. He was the one that licked her face and helped her to the fire and the Dagger. Thranduil placed her down on a chair covered in blankets that had been prepared for her so she could sun and the bear would come to her and gently lay its massive head on her lap. Her small hand disappears into its fur as she pets it like it were a puppy.

Her admirers would soon leave but Thranduil did noticed the area was very busy now and many people just walked by and stared. Tauriel walked up gingerly. Unsure if it was a good idea for her to visit yet. Thranduil smiled and motioned her over with a movement of his head.

The bear grunted and huffed when Tauriel tried to get close. Juniper pat his great head. "Go on now go back to the forest and find your family. " The bear turned to go but it seemed to linger in the tree line. Tauriel sat down on a log beside Juniper. Her hand taking hers gently. " I have missed you and I am so glad you are healing. " Thranduil took the moment to excuse himself and give the women some privacy.

" Tell me about your adventure. " Juniper asked . Her eyes wide with wonder. " It was your first time to Rohan right. what was it like ? "

Tauriel laughed. " I will only tell you if you tell me about Minas Tirith. " They agreed and Tauriel began to tell her all about what she had seen in Rohan but she would not mention what they found in the Glittering caves. It was collectively agreed that would be a subject for when they knew more. Then the subject of Finnola came up which leads to her telling the Queen about how the Giant woman killed 3 trolls. Juniper had only seen images of trolls . She got the idea about how huge and powerful they were.

" I want to meet the Troll slayer Tauriel. She sounds like a mighty woman. " she smiled and wondered if the Queen knew how mighty she was herself.

" I think I can make that happen. You can meet her and Your son at the same time. " Juniper looked really confused.

" Legolas, The Kings son he is now your son as well Juniper. Well in a sense anyway."

She gave this much thought and it did make sense .She began to smile then and brightened up." I would love to meet him too, finally. "

She was back inside the healing Tent. This was the part she hated. They had her sitting up . Naked her arms held over her head and she was in great pain. Thranduil paces just outside the screen they had set up . Bandages were being removed and wounds were being inspected. Finally he would just move inside the screen after she began to sob. His eyes went wide seeing her whole left side was a dark angry bruise. They gently were replacing the poultice over it . Covering the bruise in healing herbs and pain relieving medicine. Her middle would be tightly wrapped again and the pain would ease. Once she was lain down and they began to redress her wounded left arm. He sat with her. His fingers caressing her cheeks.

" I do not ever want you in battle again. " He said softly. " You are very brave and also foolish ." the burns and gashes on her arm were no longer so red and puffy.

" I think maybe I was very foolish. " she admits ." I just could not bear it . knowing you were here fighting and ... " she was beginning to get upset. He shushes her with a finger over her lips as tears began to streak down her cheeks.

" I love you . I love you for coming for me. I love you for being everything you are My Pixie. Foolish and brave. " The wound on her arm redressed now they were left alone.

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