The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Juniper sat in the Atrium. Her guards had cleared it for her. Her light requirements had gone up . Her belly rather swollen. She sat naked in the center of the atrium. The light constantly on her there. Her wings spread. Her eyes were closed and she was in deep thought. She ran over all the scenarios the mist had presented to her. The Summer Solstice and Declarations of love. On green grass beside the water . The stolen first kiss. The rainy day when the Mists and her own lives changed.

She had to be missing something. With a sigh she leaned back on her hands . Thranduil had left earlier in the day. She knew this was a no win situation. The way this was playing out . He may make it home but it wouldn't be long before they were over run. Her mind spinning . She delving into the depths of those words. "He said that it was a dangerous balance. The game he played was so precise. He doesn't want to fight this war but he has to proceed with the plans to. He needs to know I remember. "

She got to her feet and pulled her dress on . She needed to sleep but without Jeven lurking in the background. She made for the corridor. Stopping in the dim light she lowered her wings and folded them against her back. " I am done . I think I would like to bathe now. Before Elrond comes for his visit. "

This was common practice. She walking back with her guard. They chatting idly she added a few thoughts. Then off into the bathing room with Elthian. He helped her get into the warm tub and sat beside her.

" You look so uncomfortable ." He sighs and rubs her belly gently.

Her small hands lay against his. " I am slightly. Though its not as bad as I thought it would be." She goes quiet and lays her cheek against his arm. " Hey Elthian. Can a get a little bit alone, to just soak and relax with my thoughts?" she peeked up to him and he smiled. " Of course I'll be just outside. "

She watched him go and lay back in the warm water. Her breathing slow and even. She began to concentrate . " Ok baby please just let me do this ." She whispered then lifted herself to her knees in the water. Then she was small . Her wings beating and she hovers over the water. " Oh thank you so much baby. You're pixish for sure. Ohhhh. " she had to beat her wings twice as hard to get where she was going . Higher up into the cracks and crevices of the Fortress. Into a world she only knew.

She only hoped she could still fit through some of the paths she needed to take.

They were hours from the fortress. the troops heading towards the south . Thranduil looked out over the rows of elves that passed. These carry pike. He watched these rows pass and knew most of them would not survive. This feeling made him sick. Feren ended up stopping next to the king.

" Pre-battle jitters My Lord?" Feren asked and watched the troops with his King.

" Amin gor an ti. Ed naegra-fea. (I fear for them. It hurts my soul)" Thranduil said regretfully.

Feren nods . " Save all that for afterwards My Lord."

They would stop soon. Make camp for the night . Have one more peaceful night in the forest before the horrors of war.

Her head peeking out of a certain crevice. Her small feet stepping out onto a large beam of solid oak. She looked down into the guest room. This one rather plain and not often used. She fluttered down and finally grew big right before she sat on the bed. " Ohhh thank you baby. " Her hands rubbed at the swell. " I can not wait to meet you but first we need to save your Adar. I am afraid this calamity is ultimately My fault. "

With a sigh she lay back on the bed. " I need to sleep I need to go see someone about a thing." She giggled. Then began to run over everything in her mind again. This repetition soon had her drifting off to sleep.

She was thrust immediately into his world. This dark grey place void of color and life. He was already there waiting on her. His blurred shape in the corner.

" I do not have much time." She said softly. " We need to start right now. " He stood there with his head down. arms were crossed over his chest. She could now see the gestures the hidden form makes. She turned to the bed and began to crawl upon it. He watching her . She thought she heard a gasp.

"You so willingly crawl into my bed?"

She lay back and sighed. Her eyes even rolled like Thranduil does when he is annoyed. " For my husband I suppose so but just not how you wish it." She could swear it was smirking at her. The Mist crawled over her as well. But was very careful not to touch her. Those eyes finding hers.

"This is going to hurt." He hisses at her. "Are you sure ? You are a bit delicate right now."

Her gaze never leaving his . " I will survive this and so will my child. I can take the pain. "

" Remember the Solstice. Remember the kiss. Remember the face of she who tore us apart. Call her name and confront her now or you will never get past her spell. " The mist backed away then . He watched her struggle with it . He listened to her babble. Trying to make sure she was correct then softly the name rolled from her soft plump lips.

" Rowena" She said . Just that one word seemed to fill every space around him. He sat up and looked to her more closely. Her eyes were open those dark pupils dilated widely and surrounded by those purple pools. She was trying to see.

" I have you now Rowena . What will you do?" The mist taunts before backing away.

The face came slowly into view. Her features what would be considered Pixish. The small button nose. Her wide eyes a deep aqua color. Her hair and silver as Junipers during a full moon. " Rowena you will release me from your spell." Juniper demands. " You are killing everything I love by keeping this locked away. Please. Let me save my people. Let me save my husband. "

Rowena smirked. " I bet that knowledge stings just a little doesn't it . " Rowena screamed at him . Knowing he would hear somehow. " You are trying to save everyone . You know you are following his ultimate plan by doing this. You know that right. " Rowena eyed her closely.

"Maybe I am . " she shrugs. " If it saves a 1000's from a slaughter then so be it but you will release me from this spell. I know your name. You must do it. "

She was beginning to figure out the parameters of the game he plays. " This damn need to do the right thing is always so annoying. Even when the right thing isn't so right. Fine I will release you . I am afraid you are stuck with me however. I'm the one that saves your ass from tight places. " She dusts her hands together. " You tell that smooth piece of straight orc trash that I will laugh the day he finally meets his death. Tell Him I will dance on his grave. "

She winced and blinked a few times. " Well I see you managed to really piss Rowena off. She says she will laugh when you meet you death and dance on your grave. "

The mist chuckled. " So she released you. That was just the first step. Now you have to pull all those broken memories together and understand them. This is the part that will hurt . Once you get started you can not stop. " He now sat on the edge of the bed. " Think of Rowena's face. Think of her hair and the details around her. Then try and remember where you saw her before that . Look at all the details . Follow the trail back to yourself. "

So much time passed within the dream. She piecing together small snap shots of a larger picture.

Elthian had discovered her escape. She did it the most daring way she could. She went small and flew. Now the Fortress was in an up roar searching for the Queen. Elthian ordering a search of all the rooms. Tauriel was already in the passages and Jeven was ... sitting. His eyes closed a gentle smile on his face. Elthian walks closer . His eyes narrowing .

" Well , I am so glad you have time for reflection while the Queen goes missing. Aren't you supposed to be the guard sent from around the world ? Made for this task? All that? remember?"

Jeven just smiled widely and opened his eyes. " She has not left the Fortress. I feel her below. I do not know where just below. "

Elthian's eyes widen. " She is in the guest wing. " He pulled Jeven up and took off running. "Lets go."

One piece then another piece. This was like trying to match up pages of a book whose binding has come loose and the pages scattered. Then she noticed she had part of a memory. Just a piece. Quickly she began to search for the other pieces. Finding one. Then another one. The memory was getting brighter. It was of Rowena. Her face was sad. She needed the details. Now the pieces were coming to her faster and faster. She could see the path. She could see the trees and the sky. The birds as they flew over head. She could smell the sweet scent on the breeze. And there behind Rowena stood and boy. No He was a young male Pixie. His features she understood were the Masculine version of her race. His face long like Thranduil's. His nose slender. His lips were very kissable. Plump for a male yet they fit his features perfectly. His ears were tall like hers. His eyes purple like hers. Eyes like hers.

Her hands dropped to her sides. That was him. His light chestnut hair shines in the sun's kiss. Then it started to come. All her memories. One after the other at mind numbing speed. In the dream she was on her knees screaming . Her head in her hands. It felt like it was going to explode. There was so much information. All the details coming to her. Her Physical body seized. Flopping on the bed . Blood running from her nose.

She was sobbing . Her hands lowering from her head . Her arms wrapping around herself . Her body rocked back and forth to comfort herself. His name was on her lips. Her body shook with another deep sob. She remembered everything. " Minol." She whispered. He stepped into the darkness now.

" That's all I needed to hear." He said as he crouches down beside her the darkness began to dissolve and color began to be seen around her . She looked around . Seeing reds and greens. The greys of stone covered in bright colored lichen. The dark grey world was coming alive and when she looked to the Mist it was fading and within it stood Minol.

Gone were the light chestnut locks . They were replaced with hair the color of pitch. His features were the same . Every contour of his face was the same. She wanted to touch him . Her small hand shook as she lifted it and when her fingers pressed to the skin he felt real. Her gaze finally meeting his and there they were . Eyes lavender like her own. Only his were now flecked with green . The colors becoming more or less with each passing moment.

" Minol? You.. You are not my enemy . You have never been my enemy."

He struggled to not touch her. If he did she would be injured. He could not have that. He felt wetness on his cheek and realized he was crying. How long had it been since he had shed a tear?

He sat back then rose. That was when she took in every difference. He was taller now. Not as tall as Thranduil . He was just a little shorter. On his head were 2 short horns that curved a bit as they came to tips. His wings were no longer shimmering and golden now they were more like a bats. Fleshy and pointed. Yet she knew with everything she was that this was Minol.

"What happened to you ?" She spoke as she got to her feet.

He smiled gently. " Lets just say I have had to do some rather shady things to make it this far . You do not get to blame yourself for any of that My little Flower. You were under Rowena's spell. I made the choices I did. Now we need to stop this war and save your husband don't we."

"You must go to the battlefield. You must see my Emissary. Just go on the field and ask for him. " He smiled at her.

She blinked and looked confused. " That's it? Go and speak with Minol's Emissary?"

He laughed . " I'm not lying my dear. Its been one hell of a ride to get to this point. Now go . I'm waiting for you. "

She was pushed from her dream this time. She woke up suddenly. Elthian and Jeven both over her . Elthian holding her looking at her . She looking up to them both. She had dried blood on her face and in her hair.

" Oh hello there. " She smiled there was no emotional break down this time. She was smiling . Jeven and Elthian looked to each other.

" Ok now we need to do something complete stupid. " She announced to them and Elthian lay her back gently.

Thranduil had not rested much . He was busy with his generals and they plans for war. More and more intelligence was coming to them from the south. He would meet up with his son there. " Lord Thranduil. We will be ready to move within the hour." He nodded and lifted a pen. He wrote a message to her. 'Melamin amin naa desiel a' kela ten' i' ohta. Ta naa nan' y' ai coiasira ar' ai haiyasse. Amin mela ten' ilya coiasira ( My love , I am about to leave for the battle field. I will love you forever. )" The message was sent just for her and would be carried to the Fortress on a dove. He rose then and reached for his scabbard and quietly left his tent.

They had cleaned her up in the guest rooms bathing room. The search was called off. The Queen had taken a nap in a guest room. She was sitting in The Royal Chambers awaiting Elrond. Elthian was near by but Tauriel and Jeven were not near. Elrond took little notice of it. She lay back on her bed and Elrond took his measurements then had to look twice at the last numbers.

" Juniper you have grown and the baby seems lower. Do you feel discomfort?"

She shrugged. " Just in my lower back. " She responded.

He smiled. " I do not think You will go a full 12 months Little Pixie. I will need to keep a close eye on you and No more naps in the guest wing. I know its very quiet and all but I think you need to stay close to your rooms. "

She sighed softly and nodded. " Ok but I can not make guaranties. "

He just shook his head and gathered up his things. "If you feel any more discomfort you must have me brought to you immediately. " He warned and she nodded. " I will."

He spoke a few soft words to Elthian before leaving . She just rolled over on her side and curled up. Tauriel and Jeven walking along the corridor as Elrond was leaving . He nodded to them before heading out of the royal chambers.

" Elrond said she is getting close. Very close. " He whispered to Tauriel and Jeven.

"Do not worry. If she becomes ready I will do it. I have attended the birth of many children. She is small and narrow but with help she could manage. " Jeven then looked at Elthian and he looked utterly confident.

"Ok I have all of our horses ready to go and tethered outside at that entrance. " Tauriel looked to Elthian who just grinned.

" The lovers Entrance?" Elthian asked.

Tauriel just groaned. "It's a good choice not many will be using it and we can reach it from the passages. All the gear is down in the last passage. Including hers. "

Elthian walked slowly into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled her to him and she lay against his chest. " I just wanted you to know that I love you. " He said softly. " I have to caution you against what we are about to do. You are correct . This is completely stupid. "

She hugged against him and smiled in his warmth. " I love you too . I can not imagine my life without you in it and I wouldn't want to be doing something stupid with anyone but you ." She poked at him and he laughed.

" Great that's just great. " Elthian sighed.

She squirmed around and smiled . " Seriously Elthian. You give me something no one else can. You are always that center in the storm around me. My anchor. My lover. My squishy squishy... "

He hugged her closer and then pushed her into the bed . " Oh just stop please no more with the pet names. " He says and kisses her.

After the evening meal they crept along the passage . Finally coming to their gear. Jeven had no armor. Just his traditional clothing that he now put on. The long black skirts with all the white designs on it . Juniper got a glimpse of his skin. She could now see the lighter colored marks that decorated his body. When he stood there still for a moment he looked like some strange wizard with his staff. The only thing he did put on extra was his cloak for warmth. Her Mythril dress still fit. Kind of . Though now it was a bit tight around the middle. She took up her sword and sighed.

" I best take it ." She mutters.

As she was turning she felt the pain in her back and it radiated around her belly. She ended up leaning on the wall but soon it fades into a dull ache in her lower back. "Are you well My Queen?" Jeven asks.

She nods. " My back hurts from all the weight in the front." She straighten up and turned. "Let's go save everyone." She smiled and soon they were riding in the forest. She wanting to ride with Jeven and tucked in before him . The pace was fast and she endured it .

Finnola stared out into the plains beyond the trees. Out into the land no longer protected by Galadriel. She leaned on her spear and watched all the tiny dark dots move in the distance. Glorfindel joined her .

" Their war machines are in the back . " His words softly spoken. His eyes shifted to look at her. She had this strange calm about her.

" Is that what you want to do? Destroy the catapults and kill the trolls? "She asked.

He just nods. " mmmm hmmmm."

Her shoulders lift and fall. " Fine with me. "

There was this rage stretched thin around her. She appeared calm but underneath she was raging . His fea felt it . She was a ready to deal death. It was arousing. He stepped closer and slipped her hand into his and she curled her fingers around his .

"Together Finnola. We are a force of destruction on all that should come against us. " He felt her grip loosen on his hand . She turned to face him and his head tilted so he could see her face.

" Tonight though. Let us find comfort in each other. " His brows lifted . " Comfort or take the rage within us out on each other? "

Her eyes narrowed "Does it matter?"

He just grinned and spun around on his heels. " Well My Goddess the forest will be filled with lovers tonight . Shall we join them? " He grabbed her hand and pulled her along. She laughed and followed.

They had been forced to stop as the sun began to climb higher. This was where the troops had stopped . The signs of them were everywhere. Though the forest had already begun to cover it all up and with Juniper laying under a tree the grass there had begun to grow and turn green everywhere she touched. Her sleep was restless . She moaned and cried before waking up .

" Lets go . I have rested enough. "

Elthian stepped up. " Juniper its only been half an hour. you need more rest than this. "

She lowered her head. Her hands gripping at his armor. " You do not understand. We have to get there soon. Time is running out. " Another pain gripped at her abdomen and she just talked through it and finally could relax as it passed.

He noticed it . Her discomfort . This whole thing was uncomfortable and she was heavy with child. " Alright. We will go . " He said softly and pulled her into his arms. " We will get there in time. " He whispers. Then looks to Tauriel. " We are leaving soon . "

She nods and gets the horses ready . They having drank from the spring. Jeven climbs back into the saddle and she is lifted to him . He embraces her close. Her skin already going silver . The sun was still up . His eyes narrow but he says nothing and wraps her in the cloak.

Their long ride continued on . Juniper and turned in the saddle and wrapped her legs around Jeven she found comfort riding like this even if it was awkward for him. When the next pain hit he could feel it . Not just her discomfort but the tensing of her muscles. She looked up to him and he knew what was happening. He whispers to her. " We must stop. " She shakes her head. " No we can not stop. I have to make it to the battlefield. Please don't say anything Jeven. Please. " He frowns and clings tighter to her . The horse picking up speed. Tauriel and Elthian struggle to keep up.

The sun moved along the sky. The trees went by in a blurr. She slept in Jevens arms. Every pain she had was counted by him. He doing what he could to ease her discomfort. Soon they rode in darkness . Stopping again so the Queen could eat and rest . She huddled to herself . Elthian just watched her. His concern growing . Something was terribly wrong. He could feel it but what it was he could not know. He moved closer to her and lay beside her . Pulling her back against him so he could warm her. She did feel cold.

" Elthian. " She whispered. "Thank you for trusting me. and coming with me " Her hand pressed to his arm.

" I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. " Elthian whispered to her.

Jeven grabbed Tauriel and kissed her roughly. " We need to go. ussta ranndi."

Elthian heard that and asked . " what is ussta ranndi?" He was sitting up and helping Juniper sit as well. Tauriel choked a bit and Jeven looked to her.

" It is just a term of endearment. " He lied and Tauriel relaxed.

"Jeven is lying." Juniper spoke softly and smiled at them. " I am so happy for you both and also so sorry you are now drug to war. "

Elthian looked to Juniper and placed her up on her feet. " What are you talking about?" He looked to Jeven and Tauriel who looked so very guilty .

" No . You both? " His hand was up and a finger was pointing at them . " You bonded?!" He just threw his hands up. " Well if the horde doesn't kill Thranduil and the fact I am bringing his pregnant wife to a battlefield doesn't kill him maybe if we add in the fact his daughter is now married to Jeven with no formal announcement or anyone knowing... Hey if we get lucky maybe we will die in battle . Then we don't have to face Thranduil."

Juniper just burst out laughing." Aren't you a ray of sunshine Melamin?" She just smiled at him her hand on her hips. " My dear Elthian peace." She said. " Just get me to the battlefield and your worries will end now lets go." She looked to Tauriel and smiled . " I am so happy for you. " She was lifted into Jevens arms again . Feeling a bit refreshed she was ready to finish this ride. " I guess we really are family now Jeven. " she leaned back against him.

" You and I were always family. " Jeven said softly.

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