The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Elthian had shown up within moments of Celeborn's arrival. He had been awoken from her terror. Sensing it, followed by Thranduil's over powering emotions. It was decided he should remain there . She seemed to relax a bit more with them both near by. She subjected herself to a thorough inspection by Celeborn . Thranduil sitting in a large chair . A fire having been started in the fireplace to warm Juniper who stood naked in the warmth. Celeborn was finding no further damage . Just the ugly bruises that seemed to be getting darker the more time passed.

Elthian crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. His jaw was tense . The more he looked on the marks that marred her pale flesh the more anger began to grow within him. It was Juniper that would look to him . Her eyes showing her concern. " Elthian, do not to that. That is what it wants. "

Elthian blinked and lowered his arms. He exhaled a deep breath and nodded gently " Yes My Queen."

Celeborn rising and stepping back satisfied with his inspection. Thranduil leaned forward and slipped a linen dress over her head and she finished putting it on. He wrapped her in a blanket and pulled her into his lap as Celeborn lowered into an empty seat.

" I know this might be difficult fael ress (sweet cousin) but you need to tell us about the dream. "Celeborn said softly.

She turned her face to Thranduil's chest . He could feel her trembling as she recalled the dream. " I know Melamin. I know you are scared but we need to know so we will know how to protect you better." Thranduil told her in a whisper.

Guilt was filling his heart . He had just been comforting her a few hours before. Telling her how she was protected and now this.

She spoke softly . Turning her face just enough so it wasn't pressed against him. Her cheek laying now on his chest . the beating of his heart calming her. " I was in a place I have never seen. It was made of dark stone. With windows and a long hall way. The light was very dim . So dim , but in the darkness I could see the black mist slowly approaching. I turned to run but The mist was behind me too. I turned to a window and crawled up on the sill. I looked down . There was a river below with flowing black water . It reflected nothing. Not the moonlight nor the stars. Hands came from the mist and grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me from the sill. I spun around to face it. I could see eyes within the darkness. They were like mine but twinged with a great sadness. It spoke to me. " She closed her eyes and trembled again.

Thranduil wrapped his arms around her. "Go on Melamin please tell us what it said."

She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly " It said . 'I have been searching for you . I have finally found you . Now we can be one. ' I pulled away and the hands grabbed my arms and pulled me back. ' Do you not know me? ' the voice asked. I tried to pull away and the grip grew tighter. ' You do not remember me? ' It said the voice was masculine . Growing deeper ' You will be with me.' It said then it tried to engulf me in the dark mist . That's when I managed to pull away. The next thing I remember I was looking at Thranduil. "

Celeborn's eyes met Thranduil's. "Juniper was the dream like the other bad dreams you had before? " Thranduil asked.

"Yes and no. There was always the dark mist but it never saw me. It never spoke to me . It was looking for me and I was hiding. When it would get close I always managed to run away. "

Elthian looked away . He was struggling with his anger.

Celeborn sat back in the chair. " I must tell Galadriel about this. Though I suspect she already knows. Juniper when you sleep we can put you in a dreamless sleep. I believe this will be necessary for now. You must rest . " Thranduil now looked away.

The days journey had been long. It felt even longer because Glorfindel had avoided her for several days. Legolas seemed to avoid her as well. He trying to stay busy and taking the guard positions furthest away from where she rode. She could see Glorfindel riding ahead near the supply wagon. Soon they would be stopping and she had enough of the cold shoulder. She urged her horse to a faster trot and caught up to Glorfindel. He glances at her and nods politely.

" Why are you avoiding me? " Finnola asked bluntly.

His face bore no expression. He was as neutral as one could be. " I am avoiding confrontation . Legolas gets upset when I am around you. I am not trying to have a fight on the road. "

She narrowed her eyes and growled. " You are my friend and he will need to get over it. Do not behave any differently please. "

Glorfindel Looked over to her. " Finnola I ..." His eyes shot forward. It was very hard to look at her without wanting to just consume her. " I am sorry for avoiding you. " He finally said. " If you are willing to deal with Legolas' troubles I am very much still want to continue our friendship." That made her smile. That beautiful smile. He still wanted to consume her. Even more when she smiled.

The caravan stopped once again. She looked around for Legolas but he wasn't anywhere to be found. "Elladan. " She called out to to him . Worry starting to enter her heart. " Have you seen Legolas? "

He scowled a bit . "He did not tell you? He left with a few others to scout the area. They saw some interesting tracks and went to investigate. "

She sighed and thanked him before moving off. Elladan had a strange feeling and turned to notice his adar looking at him. Elrond had taken note of the changes as well.

Finnola was left to set up the tent alone. She was capable but it was something they always did together. With the wind picking up a bit as it was it did make it troublesome though. When Glorfindel came to help her she was relieved . They were laughing soon. They laughed so easily together. He was helpful and she thanked him for it . Legolas watched it all from across camp. Glorfindel leaving her to go help someone else after the tent was up and secured. She looked around. Even stopped a few people to speak to them . She was looking for something or someone. Legolas finally stepped from the trees and headed for camp.

They sat together to eat. He said very little to her. He had been pulling away for the last few days and she was feeling confused. Hadn't they made up? She finished her food and looked over to him . He was staring down into an empty plate. " do y..." she started to say . She was cut off to by His rising " I'm taking guard duty tonight. " His words were abrupt and he was gone even more abruptly. She felt her brows knit and her eyes grow a bit wet. Finally she rose carrying her plate to the cook.

Glorfindel had watched it. Legolas was pulling away. He had not expected that or maybe he had more hoped for it . If he was honest with himself he knew they would never break up. His fea would go unanswered and he would live with the emptiness eternally . What he thought would happen and what was happening were so different. Finnola alone in her tent. Legolas volunteering for guard duty every chance he got. He had to check on her. He had to see how she was holding up. In his hands he held a book. Standing outside her tent he called softly.

"Finnola. I'm not coming in there could you come out here? " He waited a few moments. "Fin..." He started to say and she came out of the flap. "There you are." She looked as if she had been crying .

" Hey I noticed Legolas on guard duty and I figured you might find this interesting. Something to pass the time. It's on battle strategy and fighting technics. " He offered the book to her and she reached for it.

His free hand rubbed at the back of his neck. " Its written in westron. " She opened it and looked over a few pages . Moving into the fire light with interest. She looked to him . " This is elven battle and ... You have books in westron ?"

He nodded " There are several of them. They have been created to share knowledge. I mean why not ? " He shrugged a bit feeling his fea lurching inside . " Anyway have a good night Finnola. " He turned to walk off.

She smiled " Aye you as well Thank You for the book." Her head lowered down to look at the pages and she turned to head back to the tent.

Legolas was fuming as he stalked off. He saw the whole thing. Before joining the other guards He made sure he wore in indifferent expression.

The next morning she struck the tent herself and stored it on the wagon before mounting up and starting another day of riding alone . Only this day she had something to read. Which she did . She tore into this book. Everything it told her about were things she was highly interested in.

Glorfindel rode up several times throughout the day and happily answered her questions and discussed the things she had been reading about. The exchanges were friendly. The only time he touched her was during lunch when he stood beside her . Shoulder bushing her arm as she was pointing something out in the book. Then he just walked away to tend to his business.

She turned around and started to look for Legolas. She wanted to have the meal with him . Her eyes scanning around and finally finding him. He looked at her. There was just nothing on his face. No smile nor frown. Just neutrality. She found that even more disturbing. She really did not understand his behavior. Frankly Legolas didn't understand it either and why did he keep thinking of Tauriel? Bringing up that hurt from the past . It still bothered him.

That day had not been as bad as the ones previously. She had the book and Glorfindel did talk to her a bit more. She was looking around for Legolas . He was just a ghost to her these days. She didn't even bother with the tent. Opting to just leave it on the wagon and instead grabbed her bedroll. She would just sleep by the fire since she would be alone. She dropped her bedroll and the book down where she planned to camp as she turned around her eyes lay on Legolas. " Oh Legolas." Her voice was soft and she smiled to him " I uhh ... are you going to stay with me tonight?" she asked quickly then added. " I can go get the tent and we can set it up. " He just stared at her.

"What is going on Finnola? " He asked softly and she wasn't sure what he meant.

" You haven't been staying with me and I am tried of setting up and tent for just myself. I would be just fine by the fire. "

He looked down to her bedroll and the book on top of it. " I suppose it would be easier for Glorfindel to spend the night by you if you were in the open. without it appearing scandalous. "

Now that sounded bad and her expression changed. She chewed at her cheek a bit as her eyes narrowed. "Are you accusing me of something Legolas?" She blurts out . " It really sounds like you are."

Truly all she felt for Glorfindel was kinship. She had been flattered by his flirting in Rivendell but for her that was as far as that would go. It was a fun experience for her and she gave Glorfindel no romantic attention.

"There would be no need for accusations veiled or otherwise if you did not spend so much time with an Ellon other than your companion Finnola. " He spat out at her. " I sit on the back of my horse for days now and watched you two try and stay away from each other then just gravitate back together. "

She stood there . Her eyes locked on him. Tears beginning to fill them. "You're constantly in His company. Discussing war and battle and while I admire your skill and your ability to destroy the enemy I am so fearful that you will get injured. That is not the life I want for us . I want to protect you and provide for you and not have to be concerned about you running off to kill something. I am so angry with all of this Finnola. It makes me curse the day I met you."

Finnola stood there wide eyed and starring at Legolas. She could not believe what was coming out of his mouth. "You do not mean that." She said lowly her voice rising as she let it sink in even more. " You do not curse the day You met me." She pushed him.

He took several steps back then lifted his eyes to hers. The depths of them icy and cold.

" No matter what I would never feel that way about you. I see it though. I see you for who you really are. You are no different than my brothers. You want to control me. To make me into some ... some..." she was looking very uncomfortable as her hands balled up into fists. "damsel that needs protecting and to be provided for and that is just not me. I have never hidden that fact from you. I want to travel and have adventure. On top of that you want to throw around allegations of Me ." she shoved a thumb to her chest. " ME! being unfaithful ? " she growled . Her anger brewing.

" I saw you with Glorfindel. I have been seeing you with him more and more. What am I supposed to think? You jumped into the bed with me fairly quickly why not... " Legolas' words were cut off by the sharpness of the slap she delivered to his cheek. His head snapping hard to the right. He felt like she had punched him . His eyes wide his hand on his face .

" You are bold. You are also wrong. You are supposed to think. Oh well good Finnola has a friend. Some one that understands her. So that she doesn't 'bore' me with battle talk. " yes she threw that in. " It is good that I know just how you really feel about me. " she was getting deathly low in her tone. " Here are some facts for you. I never did anything unseemly with Glorfindel. He has been decent to me. Unlike you. So if in your eyes I am unfaithful consider this done. I am free of you ." She dusted her hands together .

As she turned her eyes finally let go of the ocean of tears she had been holding back. Legolas was left standing there in shock. Elladan had managed to catch a good portion of that. He staying back out of the line of fire. " You know you deserved that. " He said frankly.

Legolas' eyes shoot over to fall on him.

" You lost the game. Glorfindel played it expertly. You fell for everything hook and line. You should have never said that. It's harder than you can imagine to come back from that. " Elladan shook his head as he turned away and started to walk. Leaving Legolas to himself.

She was furious and hurt. Stalking off into the forest with her fist clenched. Glorfindel looked up from the card game he was balls deep into. He was up as well. The coins pilled around him . " Yeah I fold. Hey go ahead and divide that up between yourselves. " He got up and absently waved his hand towards his winnings. Then took off at a jog. Those he was playing with just shrugged. " well looks like we are all winners tonight." One of them said.

"Finnola! Hey Finnola wait ." He caught up finally when she began to slow. When she turned to look at him he stopped and inhaled deeply. She looked like she was about to explode. Her face wet with tears yet her teeth were grinding together. Her hands in red fists. He slowly pulled out his swords then spun them once." Draw you sword Finnola." He said and watched her.

She didn't move she just stared at him. He kicked a small stone at her . It hitting her in the chest. " I said draw your sword. " He now said more firmly. When she made no move he would charge . Full attack . His swords lifted he already in the middle of the swing and his sword meets steel. She pulling it at the last second. He pushed back lands on his feet and slides a bit.

"There she is . " He grinned and attacked again . His swords meeting her claymore. She was quick even with a sword. Blocking each of his attacks but not attacking back.

" Aww come on Finnola. If you think You can even lay a scratch on me you're wrong. "

Again he was attacking . Faster and faster. Her rage building until the veins in her arms and neck began to stand out. She began to growl and scream with each block then she started to get even more serious . Thrusting her way inside his zone . Her shoulder meeting his chest . knocking him back . The blow hard enough to take his feet from under him and he lands on his back . The next thing he sees is her leaping down at him her sword ready to pierce his chest . He quickly swings his left to knock it off course just enough to that the blow lands beside his head. His eyes wide as he looked at the massive blade.

" That's my girl. " He growls . His fist meeting her face . Knocking her off balance just enough for him to twist from under her and get to his feet. She spit blood from her mouth and rose. Her sword pulled from the ground. They swing at each other like this for the better part of an hour. So violently and viciously as if they wanted to just tear each other apart. She did scratch him. His upper left arm bleeding. She was bleeding from her lip and her shoulder. Then finally they lifted their swords and took another mighty swing . The momentum spinning her around and finally she fell. Gasping and wheezing between sobs. She rolled to her back and just cried. Glorfindel was breathless and covered in sweat. He ended up laying beside her and just letting her sob.

"Feel better?" He asked.

She cried . " No." Her voice cracking.

He nodded a bit . " Want to tell me what has gotten you to this state?"

She sobbed a bit more then blurted out. " Legolas accused me of sleeping with you. "

Glorfindel grinned. " Ohhh how I wish. " He responded and she weakly punched his arm. It still hurt though.

" Oww. " He reached over and rubbed it .

Now the tears were beginning to fade and she giggled a bit. " Sorry."

He looked over at her. " I will go speak with him if you want me to. I will even take the brunt of his rage if he chooses to go there. "

She was shaking her head. " I don't want you to. There is no amount of apologizing he could do to even make the sting of those words fade. He said he curses the day he met me Glorfindel."

Ok now that was harsh he thought. It even made him wince. " I have made how I feel about you fairly clear my Goddess. To only you. That is no one else's business. That being said . I only behaved properly otherwise. You behaved like a woman in love with her mate. Despite my flattery. You have nothing to blame yourself for. Now with that said , You choose your own path Finnola. If it's with Legolas, Me or another . Who ever that is needs to understand who you really are Finnola. You are not a simple Elleth who will want to stay close to home and have a ton of babies ." He laughed and she did too. That was not her at all.

He sat up and turned about . His body rising to get to his knees. " Lets get back and get ourselves patched up. I'm going to have a hard time explaining this to Elro..." His words cut off. Her hand around his wrist and Pulling him towards her. She has sat up and was resting on her elbow. He fell forward . Her hand finding the back of his head . Her fingers curling into the hair at the nape of his neck. Her lips pressing firmly to his as he ends up resting against her chest and her lush breast.

I bit shocked at first then inwardly grinning . He returned the kiss with just as much eagerness. His tongue forcing past her plump lips . His body shifting to straddle over her lap . His arms wrapping around her. Her hand slowly releases his hair and slides down his back and finally he breaks the kiss and comes up for air. His fea was pounding at him. Clawing so hard against him that he was bleeding inside. It took every bit of will power he possessed to not take this further in those moments . He wanted to .. His fea wanted to . It was tingling and pulsing through every cell of he being.

His hand caressing her cheek . His thumb wiping away tears. " What was that for My Goddess?" His voice low and soft.

" I figured if I was being accused of it I might as well see what kissing you was like. "

His brows raised . " Oh? and what did you think?"

She sat up even more bringing her lips to just inches from his. " I think I would like to do that some more. " He was very happy to oblige.

After kissing her till the sun was very low in the sky They finally headed back towards camp. "It's always your choice Finnola. " He whispered as they began to come into the first row of small tents.

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