The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil slams his hand down upon the desk. His anger boiling forth . He rises and Looks Galadriel right in the eye . He was biting back curses . His lips trembling with them and He manages to growl the next words.

" I will not allow you to interrogate her I will not allow you play with her mind and poison her against Me ."

Elrond winces and turns away for a moment and then begins to pace. Galadriel lifted a hand calmly and spoke evenly and quietly. " Thranduil I have no intention of doing any such thing. We simply want to speak with her and with her permission I would like to try to unlock her memories. She had a life before the deep sleep. She was obviously very close to reaching full maturity before the spell was cast. Knowing why would unlock this mystery and we all will know better how to deal with whatever is coming."

Thranduil practically collapsed back into the seat . " I apoligize for my behavior . It is because of you both she still breathes. I understand your concern . The creature was mutated . Someone had to do it but why does it have to be something great and terrible? For all we know it was some idiot dabbling in magic and fancies themself a wizard. " He did not want to believe there was a new darkness in the world. Especially not one that would come after His Pixie. " I do concur on one point . There is a reason she was sent to us . We need to know why. However, I will not compromise her safety for that answer. I get one wiff of something strange Galadriel and I will have you ushered from my Kingdom and banned from its borders."

Elrond finally stopped pacing . " Thank You Thranduil . You must begin to trust me sometime. I do not wish any ill will towards you or your kingdom . I only want us all to be safe. "

Galadriel fell silent and Thranduil spoke . " where is Mithrandir? "

Elrond took a deep breath before answering. " He left this morning , He is going to Isengard to consult the archives there. Perhaps There are some answers there. I fear though it will lead to more questions. "

It was the night of the 2nd day on their journey to Isengard. Legolas and Finnola were up. Gimli was snoring loudly in his bed roll. Legolas was the one actually on watch but Finnola couldn't sleep . The fire was low but still warm. The night had a chill the seasons were changing.

"why can't the Dragonsfang be weilded by your brothers?" He asked.

She smirked a bit and shifted how she sat. " Because it picked me. "

Legolas lifted a brow and looked to her .

" When you picked it up to bring to me it was very heavy yes? " He nodded " When I pick it up its light as a feather. If you had actually tried to use it it would have gotten heavier and heavier until you could not lift it at all. It was my Mothers weapon and before that it was her Mothers . My father said it was a woman's weapon . It's been passed down My line on My Mothers side. All the way back to the woman in my line who was a giant. "

Legolas found this curious ."It was a female giant? " He wanted to hear more . Truth be told he just wanted to know everything about her.

"Yes she fell in love with a man of Rohan. He was said to have been the largest man ever born to the to the Riders. Who knows there could have been giants in his line too. You know I remember you from helms deep. "

Legolas looked surprised .

" I was just a young girl of 13 then though I was quite tall . Not as tall as I am now. I remember You and Gimli I couldn't stop watching you. I had never seen an elf before. Or a dwarf for that matter but You are much easier on the eyes."

He leaned closer to her . "Dont let Gimli hear you say that. " they laughed so easily together. She looked up at his sculpted face. No blemish upon it. His skin looked like silk. It even had a slight shine to it.
His blue eyes looked right into hers when he spoke to her. She found herself telling him her lifes story. Even some unpleasent details. She felt as if it was alright to talk to him and he answered her with a wisdom that tattled on just how old he really was though he looked just a little older than she.
They would talk like this for hours. Eventually she yawns and her eyes begin to droop sleepily. Legolas just caressed his fingers through her corn flower hair and hummed softly to her as she drifted off to sleep.

Thranduil held her arm . She was walking on her own but still unsteady. The sun had just begun to light the Courtyard Garden. He helped her to sit on The cushions and fixed the pillows behind her so she would be comfortable .

Galadriel was impressed by just how attentive he was to the fae. His love for her was truely real. Galadriel and Elrond would kneel on the cushions across from her . Galadriel taking the lead though Thranduil knew they were talking to each other without spoken words.

" Please allow me to see your arm Little fae. " Her hands offered out Juniper lifted her injured arm still wrapped in bandages . Galadriel was very gentle with it . She unwrapping it to see the wound.

" Its almost completely healed . See " she smiled to Juniper who looked for just a few moments . Then looked away.

" I will be scarred . " her voice was low and sad .

Galadriel looked to Thranduil . She knew all about his scars and as if on cue he took her arm and lightly ran his fingers over the marks . " We all have scars Juniper. Some are seen some are not they do not make us any less beautiful lease of all You. " this made her blush a bit. as she pulled her arm back and tucked it against her body.

"Thranduil says that you might be able to help me remember who I was . " Her voice lifted lightly.

Galadirel nodded gently her voice was as gentle as a summer breeze . " I can try sweet Fae but there is no guarantee. Are you afraid to know? Are you afraid it might change who you have become? "

Juniper just laughed softly. " I am who I am . Who I was will not change who I am now . I am happy . I am loved and in love. My past wont change that."

Elrond and Galadriel spoke to each other In their minds. ' she is so innocent' He said ' yes she is and nieve as well. ' Galadriel responds. ' I hope she is correct and doesnt change when she learns the truth whether its today or years from now.'

Galadriel held out her hands . Juniper lay her own into them. " Just relax . this may get a bit uncomfortable but I promise I will not cause you harm. "

For the first few moments all was well. Only a few small whimpers from Juniper. Thranduil stayed close but did not touch her. A few moments later something began to change . Juniper with eyes closed began to struggle and Galadriels serene expression changed to one of detirmination.

Then the Fae began to scream her body pulling back but Galadriel held on . Thranduil wrapped his arms around the pixie and tried to pry her way from Galadriel . Elrond tried to pulled Galadriel away . Neither could do it .

"Let her go witch " Thranduil's voice lifted into a demanding yell. Elrond trying to call Galadriel back from where ever she had gone. Blood began to drip from Junipers nose as well as Galadriels . Both women fall back. Juniper in Thranduils arms Galadriel held by Elrond.

Juniper was sobbing The blood dripping down to stain her dress. Thranduil lifted her in his arms and rose.

"She is locked behind a door with a lock that can not be broken. " Galadriel said breathlessly.

Thranduil was furious but the anger he would have unleashed upon them was held in check by the fact Juniper was in his arms crying . His voice was low and menacing as his cold eyes locked onto Elrond. " Get that witch far from My sight. " with that He carried the small Fae away to his rooms.

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