The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Ninnel had tried to take care of Juniper but Thranduil sent her off to get a bath ready . A soft cloth held to her nose . The front of her dress and down her neck and over her chest was coated in blood. She was trying to not cry and ended up sniffling and shaking . Thranduil dug in his own collection of medicines and made her a tea with a good helping of honey.

"Here drink this and let me take this ." He crouches down before her and takes the cloth The bleeding had finally stopped her face also streaked with blood from her nose down over her lips and chin . This was mostly dried. She was drinking the tea and the more she drank the better her head felt.

"I should have that witch drawn and quartered. " He growled lowly as Juniper practically inhaled the tea.

" My Lord the bath is ready let me get her cleaned up. " Ninnel spoke softly from the door way.

" No need . I have this. You go and tend your family . "

Ninnel was going to interject but decided better of it . Perhaps taking care of the Fae would calm him to a more reasonable level concerning his other guests. " Yes My Lord" she would smile to Juniper who managed a small smile in return .

" Does your head feels better?" He asked her as he took the cup . She nodded gently . he set it aside and lifted her back in his arms and carried her down the corridor to the bath. The room warm and steam drifted from the surface of the water . She placed her on her feet beside it and helped her from her dress. Which was ruined but she had many just like it . She still refused to wear anything else. He tossed it aside .

The tub large enough for two full grown elves. She looked so small inside it . He sat on a stool and washed away the blood carefully with a soft cloth . Tears were beginning to fall again and He stopped .

" Are you hurting again? " His voice filled with concern and she wraps her small hands around his arm . Then hugs it to her .

" Its my fault ." she began to confess. " The Lady. She was trying to pull away and I held on ."

Thranduil felt a shock run threw him. Her cheek nuzzling his arm her hands slide down to his wrist which pulled it down until His hand was down on her belly.

" She knew she couldn't get passed the door. I forced her to keep trying. I'm the one that hurt her. I'm the reason why she was bleeding. I'm terrible Thranduil I hurt someone and I made you angry with them. "

She was devastated. Her heart was breaking. He felt this pain and guilt deep in his fea. He would slide into the tub with her . Clothing and all. He pulled her into his arms as he leaned back . Her slight body held against him . Her head on his chest . She shook with her sobs and he caressed her softly .

" Juniper listen to me . "

She was actually sinking into despair and he needed to pull her back . She wasn't listening he could feel her sinking by the moment. He pulled her up . Her legs straddling him . He held her by the arms so she could see his face.

" Look at me Juniper and listen ." He demanded. Her head hung down as her tears splashed into the water. He pulled her to him a it roughly and began to kiss her . His hand sliding over her back and up to the back of her head . Holding her there . The more she cried the more he would kiss her. His lips parting hers. His tongue sliding between them . He had never kissed her like this . She would struggle against it but He did not relent.

Something was happening to her. The deeper he pulled her into that kiss. The way his tongue danced against hers. The closer her body pressed to his the warmer she became and her great sadness was replaced with ...something else. Something she had never felt. Her body stopped struggling . Her mind stopped swirling into darkness and deep inside her she began to feel strange little butterflies dancing at her core.

He could feel it as well . Experiencing the shift with his fea. He broke the kiss but it was followed by several smaller ones from her and finally he sat her back against his thighs so he could look her deeply in her teary eyes. Both of them breathless and silent for several moments.

He smiled softly and wrung the cloth out then wiped at her cheeks softly . " I will call them both back here once we are dry and re-dressed. We will apologize to them. it is not in either of their characters to hold grudges Juniper. As contentious as My relationship with them can be, They have never held on to the past and treated me poorly and they will not do that with you either. It's not easy to apologize sometimes but your heart will be better for it. "

She nodded softly Her belly felt like it was doing flips and her heart was still racing. He pulled her in closely again and just held her . " This other thing . What you are feeling right now we will deal with after. "

He had dressed again. This time in something comfortable . A long flowing house robe and simple grey pants and a loose fitting shirt under it . Juniper was in a clean dress. He was sitting behind her a brush being pulled threw her fresh clean hair.

Galion had been called from his meal to make the arrangements for this meeting. It would take place in Thranduil's private office within the Royal Chambers. He was now at the door announcing their arrival .

" Don't be afraid My Pixie. everything will be fine." He rose and took her hand . The he curled her arm around his so he could escort her to the meeting and just in case she felt unsteady.

Galadriel and Elrond were seated before his desk . He walked around to His seat, leaving Juniper beside the desk .

" Juniper wishes to say something to You. " he spoke softly .

She looked back to him and he smiled encouragingly . She was silent as she struggled with what she wanted to say . Finally she moved before Galadriel and dropped to her knees before her . Tears had already began to fall from her eyes . She reached up and took the Lady's hands and leaned forward laying her head against her knees.

" I'm so sorry I'm so so very sorry. " she managed to get out .

Thranduil looked on a bit wide eyed . This wasn't what he had in mind but Juniper was expressing her regret and sorrow in the way she felt best.

" I didn't know you would get hurt. I'm a fool for what I did . If you want to strike me or like wise punish me I deserve it . I am just so sorry. " she was weeping now.

Galadriel was very moved by this. Not to mention as she touched the Fae she could feel her emotions . She released her hands and pulled her into her lap . She hugged and rocked Juniper as she would a child. trying to sooth her pain .

" Sweet pixie shhh shhh. " her hand caresses the back of her head " All is forgiven . I know you did not mean to do that and I am not injured . It was just a little blood. I am very much well. ."

Elrond looked to Thranduil and lifted his brows a bit of a small smile on his lips. Thranduil would speak up now. " I too apologize for my behavior. I should not have said what I said. "

Now this surprised Elrond the most. He knew apologizing was not something Thranduil often did. he suspected the fae would but never Thranduil.

Galadriel sat Juniper back on her feet . Her hands holding her arms as she spoke.

" Do not ever loose your kind heart Fae . You are remarkable as you are, and You Thranduil . I never expected an apology from you . I find this change in you quite refreshing. "

She would rise with Elrond. Her hand caressing the cheek of the pixie and smiled on her . Her gaze shifting to Thranduil

" I accept your apology. None the less we are leaving tomorrow for Lorien . If you need anything . Please call. "

Galion would lead them out and when the door closed Thranduil spoke. " See I told you The Lady would not hold a grudge. "

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