The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She was bouncing at the door . On her shoulders was the cloak he had made just for her. When they were in the forest she was to wear it. It would keep her hidden from prying eyes. Galion had his orders concerned the affairs of the day . Ninnel was trying to keep the bouncing ball of excitement as calm as possible and Thranduil was preening in the mirror for a few more minutes.

"Ah me Thranduil You are pretty enough lets go." she cried and threw her hands into the air .

Thranduil looked at her reflection in the mirror and lifted his brows. " The word you mean to use is handsome Juniper" He corrected .

Ninnel smirked and said under her breath something like 'nay she was correct' to which Thranduil would spin around and eye Ninnel harshly. " If you have something to say Ninnel by all means do speak up." Ninnel would just smile and bow a bit before excusing herself.

"very well Pixie lets be off." He turned and walked towards the door passing the bouncing Pixie and moving along the Pillared corridor with the Pixie following. Her bare feet pattering along the stone floor. Once she caught up her small hand slides into his larger one . Little fingers curled around 2 of his . He stopped and looked down on her . His brows lifted in a bit of surprise.

Her chin tilting up as she looked up to him. " Is something wrong?" She asked. A bit of worry twinged her gaze. "

He began to smile and shook his head. " No Pixie there is nothing wrong . Nothing at all. " She then stepped forward and tugged at his hand. " then lets go " She was always so eager to go and do. They moved along the corridor to the hidden door which they passed through together . It was now a small walk in near total darkness to the stables.

She burst from the corridor into the private stables. Waving to Eineil and giving him a bright "Good Morning." She then scampered right up to Memna " Memna today We are going to the falls. "

Thranduil stopped beside Eineil and shook his head. " We should not be gone as long as last time. Expect us back by dusk." With that he stepped towards His mount and His Pixie. " Lets go already Pixie you are holding everything up."

she spun around looking rather confused . Then she began to giggle. " sarcasm that is humorous right?" He nodded and lifted her up to the saddle. She was learning rather quickly. He was preparing to mount when he noticed his sword back been placed into a saddle scabbard. Eineil was being very cautious. He leaps and sweeps himself into the saddle behind the squirming Fae. Holding her closely they leave the stables and head out into the forest.

He took a different path than before. She talking to trees they pass and the animals that come brazenly close to see her. Out here in the wild or nature she was in her true element. He tried and succeed somewhat in living with harmony with Nature but she was Nature. Soon the sound of running water was heard and they began to follow the fast flowing stream that would widen into a small river. She turned her head from side to side . Listening to the sound, it was faint at first but grew as they continued. The sound of crashing water upon rocks . " Is that the falls ." she pointed to one of her ears and looked back to him. He smiled and nodded.

" Its louder than I thought it would be." she said exuberantly.

As she looked ahead it looked like the river just disappeared and then her view opened up . The river and pools ahead and they stopping on a large rock . Her eyes wide and her lips parted. She was actually silent as she looked down to the falls. Though not extremely high or massive to her it was breath taking and she leaned to look as far as she could see. He placed her hands onto the horn of the saddle .

" You must hold on " He warned. She did as told and he held her as well. The Elk began to descend down the rocky slope. What would have been difficult for her the elk did with ease. The cool spray from the falls washed over her and she gasps at it. Within minutes there were down at the base of the falls. The sound thundered in her ears and the mist captured rays of sunlight producing several small rainbows.

They continued down from the falls. It becoming a bit more quiet now but the sound was always in the background. The water was calm here and collected into pools that stepped down one pool feeding the next It was beside the largest that they stopped. Thranduil dismounting then pulling her down to stand beside him. It was too early for the Mid-day meal but he would take the bedroll and saddle bags with him . Handing them to her . Her arms full of soft blankets and the saddle bags he would drape over her shoulder. " Carry this over into the shade of that large tree. " He motioned with his chin and she nodded darting off for it . He unstrapped his sword and looked into Memna's eye. " Stay near by old friend. " The Great Elk trotted off among the trees .

She had the blanket spread out by the time he approached. She already distracted by the birds over head. He lay his sword down near the base of the tree. then lowered himself down to sit . "Bring me the saddle bags Juniper."

She blinked and smiled turning on bare toes and walking closer . He was pulling his boots off and setting them to the side. She set the bags down beside him . He reached out suddenly and pulled her down to his lap . Undoing the clasp of her cloak and letting it fall from her shoulders. His fingers lingered there on the bare flesh of them . He smiling it her. " There a bit of freedom . I do not think there are any elves out this far today."

His hands left her shoulders but she did not bounce up and run around . Instead she leaned in her body against his . Her arms around his middle . Her head resting under his chin . She was hugging him at first his arms were held up and out a bit. The shock of the sudden hug soon melting into the love of having her so close . His arms wrapped around her now returning the embrace.

"what is this for pretty Pixie?" He asked softly. She did not respond at first but when she did her voice was very soft and sweet.

" Ninnel said that you hug the ones you care about. She said its ok to hold the hand of those you are closest to."

He smiled and let his fingers caress through the sea of golden locks that lay in waves down her back. "Indeed Ninnel is very wise. " He said as she sat back against his thighs.

He looked into her lavender eyes. Her emotions hard to read. He sensed a little confusion in her. Her heart was beginning to beat a bit faster. He noted a bit of pink to her cheeks. Her pupils dilating despite being outside. He was overwhelmed with the urge to press his lips to hers. He struggled with this for a few moments before pulling her in closely . His fingers caressing her plump cheek . Those sweet lips of her parted . Her breaths coming quicker now. he leaned in slowly, she did not pull away. His lips just a breath from hers. She did not pull away in fact her body became just slightly warmer under his finger tips. His lips would meet hers. tenderly, sweetly, they pressed in. Kissing her for the first time. He could feel her tense then relax in his embrace . Her own lips trembling before pressing back to meet each little sweet kiss.

She quickly pulled back . Gasping her small hand over her heart. Cheeks now red. Fingers moving to her own lips . Caressing them . She felt tingles in them. "what was that?" she asked barely above a whisper.

He smiling gently to her. " did you hate it?" she shook her head no . " did you like it? " Her eyes looked away . The blush on her cheeks began to travel down her neck and splashed over her collar bones. She nodded yes. " That was a kiss . " he answered her question. She giggled and rocked herself back . Rising to her bare feet . Wrapping her arms about her middle she spun around happily and ran off towards the water.

She did not ask why he kissed her. Or what it meant. She seemed a bit giddy from it. He leaned back and watched her . She danced along the bank of the pool and began to gather round flat rocks. " Be very careful near the water Pixie . Remember it is deeper than it appears. "

She dropped a few rocks and crouched down to gather them again . " I will be Thranduil."

He leaned back and relaxed . Watching her begin to skip rocks on the waters surface. She was actually pretty good at it. " You do that very well." He called out to her.

She smiled and looked back to him . " Hannibal taught me how. He was a Master rock skipper." This made him smile. Her purity ... Her innocence was beautiful. He had never in all of his years known anyone like her and she was His precious gift. She knelt down on the edge of the pool.

" Thranduil there are fish in here. I can see them clearly. She reached out to touch the water and then ... and then she was gone . Thranduil rose quickly and from the corner of his eye he could see Elthian running to the pool. Shedding his gear with each step until there was just a dagger in his hand. He was already diving into the pool as Thranduil reached the edge. He emerged moments later and thrust a soaking wet and gasping Pixie to Thranduil and slipped under the water again .

He lay Juniper on the bank . She was crying and spitting up water. She held her arm and screamed in agony . " Let me see it Juniper I must see it." He grabbed her arm and she writhes in pain . A there was a lot of blood and as he wipes it away there is a nasty bite on her perfect flesh.

Elthian crawled from the water a dead creature in tow which he threw higher on the bank with a thud. Quickly he crawled to the side of the fae. He pulled a sash from his belt and began to wrap it high up on Junipers arm . A tourniquet. " That thing must be venomous. "

Thranduil looked to Elthian " Ride to Lorien Tell Lady Galadriel she much make haste to Greenwood. " He was already scooping the Pixie up Memna lowered down to kneel before Thranduil.

Elthian rode hard back towards home and the rode to Lorien. Each elf he came upon He stopped and took their rations and water. Then rode on . Soon he had enough for the long ride without having to stop for supplies.

His long golden hair flowing behind him. Having dried from the swim he had taken. He thinking of the creature that attacked the Queen. It was foul, it was evil. He found himself praying. Something he had not done in a very long time. "Please Manwe please Varda. Allow me to reach the lady in time. Please pass what grace is mine to her. Please My Lord and Lady. I am but a humble servant but please hear me."

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