The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil sat at breakfast feeling a bit content. A smug smile on his face as he watched her finally join him.

" Sorry Your daughter was starving." she smiled at him before digging into her own breakfast. He watched her for several moments and listened to her tap the circle around her ankle against the leg of the chair.

"I got a request today. "

She looked at him a little confused as to why he was mentioning this to her unless... She now narrowed her eyes. "Where am I going?" She asked annoyed.

He reached out to her hand "We are going back to the border. You need to publicly denounce slavery and force the Harad to give up the practice. The problem will be now housing them and getting them work. Unless they want to work for the families they are with. Then they will pay them a fair wage. I just don't know what fair would be just yet. "

She laced her fingers with his and sighed softly. "How can I refuse that?" She sat back and released his hand. "Does this mean my punishment will be over or will you have me chained to a wagon ?"

Thranduil chuckled at the idea of her chained in a wagon and how well that would end up working when her bear crawled inside it with her. "You will no longer be in chains Melamin. Though I was hoping you would ride with me and maybe not on Buttercup the whole time."

Her brows lifted. He wanted to hold her closely and protect her . That was what she was hearing. This trip had him feeling a bit uneasy. Though he tried to cover it up.

"Of course I will ride with you. I love being so close. I will just use the sling for Melian." She saw the change in his gaze and she slumped in the chair. "The children are not going." she said softly.

Thranduil shook his head. " Not this time Melamin. It is best they stay here. Maen has a wet nurse all ready for this and it will only be for 5 days perhaps a week. "

She didn't like it but it said he knew this could be treacherous." Fine." She blurts out. " But you will be helping with all the milk I have. This could get painful otherwise."

He just grinned. "another reason I want you to ride with me. " She rolled her eyes. "of course" She refused to feed into his ego and libido immediately and focused on her food.

Glorfindel arrived right on time and took his place near the door. Thranduil began to prepare for the day. She peeked up to Glorfindel several times while she ate. Thranduil kissed her before leaving . She heard the door close and began to quietly count. when she reached 10 she looked to Glorfindel

"ok what's the gossip? I keep hearing whispers from the staff. "

Glorfindel sighed and moved closer. He sat at the table and poured himself a cup of tea. "Its Galion. He went to Minol's apartment last night and didn't leave until this morning."

Junipers brows lifted higher than she had ever done. Her eyes wide in disbelief. "That can not be true."

Glorfindel shrugged. " Elthian saw him go last night and saw him leave this morning in the same clothes and looking satisfied if you catch my meaning."

Juniper gasps then and covers her mouth with her hand . She was staring at Glorfindel and just burst into giggles. "No wonder he was not here this morning." She said between giggles. Glorfindel was soon giggling too.

"Oh no we can not behave like this if he shows up. We just can't let him know we know. He would be so embarrassed."

Glorfindel suddenly looked at her and shook his head. " Oh no My queen I have been waiting for years for some thing I can used against that stuck up snob. So high in his propriety. "

Juniper slammed her hand down on the table . Shaking everything that was on it . " Glorfindel I am serious . As your Queen not a word to him. "

His eyes had gone wide and he sat back in his chair regarding her. " As you command My Queen." was all he could say. 'wait a minute your not my Queen' He thought then just gave up. Like hell she wasn't. Deep down he knew it too.

More and more messages began to arrive. He was expecting Celeborn and Galadriel in a few days. They would end up meeting at the border. He was looking at times and dates and marking them on a calendar.

"We will end up meeting King Eomer on our way back. Elrohir will be here a few days after that. Last will be King Brand and The king under the mountain. " he said to himself and sat back with a sigh.

Galion slipped into the office looking a few steps from the grave. "My Lord please heal me." He begged immediately. "I have no head for wine."

Thranduil smirked. "I should let you suffer after what I heard you did." He snapped and approaching the suffering ellon. His hands rest on the sides of Galion's head and within a few minutes the sickness and pain left.

"My Lord I have no excuse for my behavior. Other than I felt my private life was mine. " Galion said lowly. Thranduil rolled his eyes and moved to his seat.

"As much as I really want to ask some very inappropriate questions I will refrain. " He sighed. "go home and rest. You will report in the morning . Try to stay in your own bed tonight."

Galion slumped a bit more. "You say that like I'm a common whore. " He was pouting now.

"I do not think of you that way Galion it's just your choice in partners that concerns me, now go ."

'That little fairy in the demon suit was going to be troublesome the whole time he is here.' Thranduil thought.

Minol lounged nude in the large bed. He had not slept. It wasn't really required so much anymore. Though when sleep did take him fully he was deeply in it. He had not expected Galion to be so... giving.

Hiroc drifted into the door way and eyed Minol. "There is far too much activity. While I was out yesterday I kept hearing whispers about something happening here. A gathering unlike any other."

Minol grinned. "Yes old friend. They will all be here." He stretched out and sighed.

"So you knew." Hiroc deep voice grumbled.

Minol just smiled. "Yes you reminded me that day you drug me from my bed. Speaking of beds." He spoke up brightly and Hiroc just looked at him. "I do hope that delicate looking Elleth left here happy."

Hiroc just began to laugh. " Of course she did though last night when she heard Galion's voice outside the room I thought he would come unglued. It took me half an hour to convince her that he would not even know she was there. He was going to be otherwise occupied himself."

Minol stretched again and slid an arm under his head. "I rather like the King's Senechal. My stay here will be interesting if nothing else."

The sound of the gentle knock on the door pulled Hiroc away within a few moments he returned. "Breakfast has arrived. If you're interested."

Minol slithered from the bed and slid a silk robe over her other wise nude body. His wings folded down rather nicely against his back. As he sat at the table and began to uncover all the different choices he smiled. "Many Questions will be asked of you my old Friend. They will want to know why a Guardian would align with something like me. You may tell them the truth. Besides that golden witch would know the truth anyway. Best not to make out like a liar as well."

After Breakfast Hiroc and Minol left their rooms and began to wander the corridors. They knew they were watched at all times. Elthian especially did not hide the fact he was there. He followed them everywhere they went. Though at a respectful distance. Once they reached the path that would lead Hiroc to the kitchen Elthian stayed on Minol. Another elf began to tail Hiroc. Minol just strolls. As if he had no destination in mind.

"I know you do not believe it. I know its hard to . Knowing what you do of me Elthian. I am on your side and I have always been on your side." He glanced over his shoulder at his shadow.

"My side? You mean Junipers side. Right."Elthian snapped.

Minol sighed." If you want to have a conversation why don't you walk up here by me. so we do not have to yell. That would surely get on Galion's nerves. Imagine the scolding I would receive."

He laughed and Elthian was at his side in moments. "Do not try to bait me using Galion. While I find it distasteful I do not run his life."

Minol nodded in agreement. "very well. Yes I am on your side Elthian. Not just Junipers. You are important to her. She loves you in a way I can only dream of. You are now one that I would see still around after I am gone. For her, Loosing you would be no boon to my plans."

Elthian did not look at him . His eyes remained forward. "Does it not hurt you? Does it not even bother you in the least she is not with you. That she lays with the King or even me and not you. There is no way you are that virtuous Minol. How long have you loved her? more than two times one thousand. When your kind were the light of the world. Yet you seem happy."

Minol listened to Elthian actually dare to say what was on the minds of many around them. The suspicion that he was after The Throne and control of the world like Sauron and Melkor sought. None of those things matter to him. Only Her.

"I am not bothered in the least. You see when you truly have one goal and that is your purpose. That one goal. The details either fall into place or they don't and you compensate. Her love was never going to be fully mine to have. The moment they took her from me ended that future for us. She still deserves that happiness. Though it will not be me, I will see she has it and .." he trailed off and smiled a bit. " she does. With Thranduil. You will not bond with her, you do not know the depths of that love. If you would then all of this would make more sense to you. I admire your reasons for refusing her. It was knowing that , that made me take another look at you. That's real love. She is very lucky to have you as well. " He went silent for a few moments. Elthian feeling a bit stunned.

"It was never going to be me Elthian. I love her that much." Minol said. Elthian just stopped and looked at him. "There is Thranduil who will always be with her. Always by her side. Then there are us. The ones that love her just as deeply but we can not have that joy. Because its our sacrifice that makes sure she remains happy. We are the ones that are remembered as Heroes. Even if we may look a villain at first."

Elthian now scoffs and breaks the tension as he laughs. "You think yourself a hero? Not by a long shot, you will be remembered as an asshole. When the stories are told around the fires they will say. 'That asshole Minol...'. He chuckles and now so does Minol.

"Fair enough. I can be the asshole just as long as it has a happy ending ok. I'm fine. I can even have some horrible nickname. 'Minol the Vile.' That has a ring to it." Elthian chuckled.

It seemed an agreement had been silently made between them. Elthian now understood his role in all of this a bit more clearly and he was not alone.

The lone rider crossed the desert near the rhun. Clad in the garb of the nomadic peoples of the desert He would stop at an oasis few knew of. He could read the signs. There was been someone that camped here for a while. Bone piles scattered over the rocks and sand. The char to the ground where their fire had been. He too would camp here that night. Once he had a small fire made would then begin to unwind the cloth over his face. Slowly revealing his deep lavender eyes. Long flowing black hair falls from the turban as it unravels. His flesh held a grey tint to it . Pulling off his outer robe his bare arms revealed his dark tattoos He moved from the fire and onto a large flat rock . Here he would sit and meditate and listen to the sounds on the winds and in the shadows.

The whispers from the shadows gave him pause. His eyes opened and he inhaled deeply. "it seems as if I am needed sooner than later now. His eyes have reached far now. He sees what she has brought into the world. " He turned to look at the black mist that hovered near by. "Then Come." it replied and disappeared. "yes Father." He whispered then lifted from his seat and moved back towards the small fire and his evening meal.

She was on the floor of the nursery. The chain stretched out as far as it could go. Juniper spending time with both of her children. Orist was so active now. His first steps had been few before he just took off running. Which meant he fell down a lot and got bumped and scraped. He was a tough child full of curiosity. Yet when he was near Melian He turned into a big soft pile of mush. He clearly loved her and was protective of her. Melian just a few weeks old now stared at her Naneth. Juniper found herself always looking into her child's eyes. The bend that had formed between mother and daughter had become strong. Yet when Thranduil or Orist were near she looked to them . There was no jealousy in this. She wanted them all to be close as well. These few days Thranduil was taking her away were going to be difficult.

She smiling at her daughter and speaking softly to her. Her hand gently holding the tiny hand of the tiny wonder on the bed. Orist carefully crawls over to lay beside his Naneth and talk to his sister. The babies eyes focusing on him .

"She knows who her family is. That's why she stares at us. Orist did not stare so much he was too busy understanding everything else around him. " Thranduil laughed a bit and lifted his hand the rest of the chain coiled up within his grasp. " I figured it was time ."

He stepped closer the lowered down and simply pulled the silver circle away from her ankle. The rest of the chain coiled up within his hand. She drew her leg up and shifted how she lay . Getting more comfortable she looked up to her son that stood over her. "Yes Melamin?" she said to him before tickling his belly. Sending him into a fit of giggles.

"Naneth Naneth ." He squirmed and tried to get her attention.

"ok I'm sorry what is it?"

He caught his breath and blurted out. "Naneth gwathel pad? iest telien gwathel nin" Juniper's eyes brighten and she looks to Thranduil who's hands rose and place the chain on top of a chest . He surprised that his son's sindaran was so good and by the question about his sister.

"It will be a while ion nin. She will need to learn to walk just like you. Do not rush it . Let us enjoy her before she runs off with you on some crazy adventure." Thranduil lowered back down only to scoop his son up and fly him around the room. Melian watching everything.

Finally they were able to get them to both fall asleep. A few moments stolen for themselves in the corridor. He lifts her into his arms and kisses her deeply. They would be on the road again soon. It would be dangerous and there would be no time for safe stops and picnics. Her legs just wrapped around him. Her body tight against his. His tongue slipping past her soft lips. They both heard the gentle sound of a clearing throat. Both of them turned to glare at the one daring to interrupt them.

It was Tauriel who stepped back seeing the glare." I ... I was told that I was to come right... you know what. I was never here." She just stepped around them and continued on her way to relieve Glorfindel.

Now Jeven was in the hall. They could hear the jovial conversation taking place. She groans and lowers her head to his shoulder. He lowered her to the floor and walked quietly towards the bedroom, She followed . once inside he closed the doors and whispered something she couldn't quite make out.

"Just a silence spell. They wont be able to hear us. " He then locked the door and grinned at his wife.

She stepped back and smiled sweetly. "That was a good idea . What will they not be hearing? Our hot game of kings and Queens? I know Cards. "

His eyes widened and he stepped closer. " No Melamin not those games."

She backed up . "You are embarrassed of your snoring then?" She asked and gave him the cheekiest smile.

Thranduil glared at her . "You will pay for that slight Melamin."

"You will have to catch me first ." she giggled and started to dodge him. Of course this would end up with her pinned down against something and when it happened He looked down at her flushed smiling face . A sense of sheer joy would fill him every time. What had he done to deserve so much? Whatever it was he was glad for it.

The morning had come far too quickly. Finnola was yawning as she was gearing up her new horse. They were still working on becoming a team. The horse seemed a bit skittish and she was an expert at calming it . Speaking softly, coaxing the mighty beast closer. Soon he was eating carrots from her hand and feeling a bit more at ease. Glorfindel watched his woman with pride. His gaze pulled from her and finding its way to Jeven and Tauriel. She was upset. He was giving her comfort in the form of a tight embrace and several gentle kisses. Tauriel was to stay home and guard the Kings children.

His head turning to see the Queen sobbing and holding her children. She on her knees her arm around Orist in her other arm is her baby. Thranduil looked unhappy as he lowered down to coax his wife into letting go of them, She refusing. Glorfindel's heart broke then and he looked down. His hands gripping the saddles horn tightly. Thranduil held her against his chest as the children were lead away. She managed to not scream . Her face buried against Thranduil's shoulder until they were no longer heard and had been taken back inside . That was when the pained cry of a mother being forced from her children rang out. Silencing everyone.

All eyes were on the small fae in the arms of their king. Whatever complaints they had about this trip suddenly faded once they realized who was sacrificing the most in this situation. If she had been in the guard she would not have been chosen for this mission . She would have taken duty at home so she would be with her infant. There was no option in this for the Queen. This was one of those unpleasant things she would endure.

To even be able to leave the King hid her within his cloak. He on the back of his Elk. His diminutive wife clinging to him in tears and shrouded within the warmth. The king looking as unemotional as ever . Proud upon his elk. Minol watched the whole thing . Perched high in the Canopy near the gate. He frowned openly. Detesting the whole scene. Of course he was going. He was going where she went and they really could not stop him.

Elthian moved up beside the King. Jeven taking the left. then around them were the kings personal guard, this was the safest place along the whole caravan. Glorfindel at the front of the caravan on point and Finnola in the rear.

They were having fun testing their new found connection. An instant connection a way to speak without speaking. They could feel each other. What the other was experiencing. This would make them down right deadly Glorfindel would think and she would chuckle in response.

Several hours after the start of the journey Juniper wiggles out of the cloak and sighs as warm sunlight passes over her. Thranduil moves himself into a more sunny part of the path . The whole guard moving with him. She lay back against Memna's back. her legs still wrapped around him keeping her steady. She drinking in as much light as she could. Her color did begin to improve. Yet she was silent. Thranduil felt disturbed by it. He had only seen her like this a few times and it worried him. He glanced to Elthian and Elthian heard him. When the King did this is often made him a bit nauseated He looked down and heard 'come to her' His brows arched as the wave passed and he looked over to his King who motioned gently with his head.

Elthian moves closer . While his horse was a bit shorter than the Elk He had a closer view of her . "Hey" He just spoke like he would any day in the garden. "The place we chose to camp tonight has blackberry brambles."

This had her attention. She opened her eyes just enough to see him . Her small hand coming up to shield her eyes from the sun. "They should be in season. I was thinking. Some fresh blackberries would be very tasty. Maybe even take some back to Ninnel, get her to make cobbler. " He said with a smile.

Juniper really perked up then. Her legs unlatched from around Thranduil and with ease she slid over to Elthian's horse. Thranduil smiled and nodded. Allowing this to happen. For what ever reason what she needed wasn't with himself but lay with Elthian.

He wrapped his arm around her as she settled into the saddle. Jeven would join them. Putting himself between the forest and Elthian. Thranduil smiled when he heard her finally begin to speak. Her conversation about blackberries and cobbler. Her guard was her family as well and he felt lucky to have all of this. The ride was turning out to not be as bad as He had feared. She would miss her children. She would survive and so would they to be reunited in a few days.

Unfortunately the calm they had found would surely be interrupted by another winged creature this one not as welcomed. Minol swooping down from the trees and over beside Thranduil, he lazily beating his wings just enough to keep up.

" Hello My King. As you can see I have reported for duty and was on time. Junipers attention now falling on Minol who just smiled at her and didn't try to hide his affection.

"I see that." Thranduil said lowly.

"I am your subject after all. " Minol added and narrowed his gaze as it shifted to Thranduil. "I know you are unhappy with my choice in playmates. I assure you I did not believe for a second He would even show up when I invited him for wine."

Thranduil hissed lowly. "I do not care what your intentions were . What I care about is the present . Presently I have had to rip my children from the arms of My wife all for the sake of this new army and the innocent people within it. People who I am unsure of. People who will I am also assured of, will return to their old ways as soon as this is over and they return home. That is my concern. "

Minol cringes. "Well conversation with you will be just a peach wont it. No wonder she feels like she does, she needs a little fun and light. She is a pixie after all not a dour elf. " With that he was right by her side . He looked to Elthian and smiled then began to speak to Juniper. She gasped then smiled very widely. Elthian made no attempt to stop her when she took off with Minol in a flurry of shimmering gold and disappeared into the canopy.

Thranduil growled at Elthian. " Why did you not stop them?"

Elthian looked to his King " Why didn't you? "

He said and rode on. " We should keep moving . They are."

Thranduil could have broken Elthian's neck in those moments . He still might later.

Truth was she was safe with him. More so than with all of them. They swooped through the canopy and finally she chasing him they rose faster and faster making daredevil turns around and over branches. then suddenly she burst free and into the wide open sky. The sun behind her and before her a sea of leaves and in the distance. Dark mountains. She stopped and just hovered there. slowly turning to see everything all the way around.

She had not even realized it. It was just the natural thing to do. She had gone small. Only realizing it when Minol swooped around her. Making her have to really work at not going topsey Turvey. "You should be allowed to fly everyday Juniper. Freely in whatever direction you choose." He said as he made circles slowly around her.

"I suspect I will be soon. Melian will have wings. " He smiled at her and reached out to cup her in his hands as she begins to sink back down into the trees.

Gracefully they drifted down. Not a branch touching them. She sitting on his palm and staring up at him . Then his feet met the forest floor. "I wish I could tell you it gets easier Juniper but I would be lying. It will get harder from here. You will have to leave your children behind more than once to save everyone. Can you do that?" He asked.

"If I don't who will save everyone? They would have no future."

His gaze deepened on her as she now spoke of her children's futures. She shifted into her larger size and realized she had lost her dress and began to laugh." This is going to go so well. Thranduil will be cross with you for leaving and even more so for coming back naked." He laughed. She was finding the whole thing hilarious and now she was getting caught up in the infectious nature of her laughter.

Thranduil watched as a small glowing ball of light whizzed past him and within the cloak of Elthian only to hit him so hard he gasped as he armor made a tinking sound. She was whispering to him and the look on his face shifted to one of disbelief. Thranduil could tell she had gone from small to large all within the shroud of Elthian's cloak. She had no dress. Of course, He would just let her be naked until they stopped at the camp where he would rescue her with one of this tunics. The anger of her disappearing now replaced with a sense of gratitude. She was returned a much happier Pixie.

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