The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The week of the full moon had begun. Thranduil had been busy all that first day dealing with the aftermath of the battle and getting supplies built back up. Sending orders to all the guilds about what would be needed. The there was the compensation to Gondor, Rohan, Dale and Erebor for their help. Lorien refused compensation. He was drafting letters to the Kingdoms with his offers.

Thoughts of what to do about the traitor Vesryn kept coming to mind . The families of Nilastiel and Lysanthir had been put under house arrest until they could be cleared. This would be something only Juniper could help with. She could see if they had been corrupted as well.

Adnir was being announced shaking Thranduil from his thoughts. Thranduil rose when his commander entered. They greeted each other happily . Thranduil had known Adnir all his life. Having been there when the commander was born . His Father one of Thranduil's oldest friends.

" I am sorry for having to put you through all that Adnir. You have been officially reinstated to your post. " Adnir took a seat when Thranduil motioned to the chair . Thranduil stepping behind his desk once again and lowering into his chair.

" I must say I was quite shocked but now that it has all been explained to me I am proud to have helped. Though unwittingly." He chuckled.

" I need your help. I am troubled by how to handle Vesryn. I do not believe in Kin Slaying . I have never ordered one of My own to the halls of Mandos. He is no doubt a traitor. Though it is believed he was not fully corrupted . He was however, swayed by the lies of Nilastiel. He has a wife but no children thankfully. Her involvement is not yet known but we will know soon. "

"My Lord. Send him to Valinor labeled a traitor. If she wishes to go with him allow her to do so. Let the Valar decide. I admire your stance on Kin Slaying and I do not believe having him rot in a cell for eternity will be kind to his wife either. "

Thranduil nodded . That is a very good sentence Adnir I believe that is what I will do. I will do that with all the families of the traitors should they choose to go . If they are not corrupted and wish to stay I will allow that as well as long as they were not in on the plan. "

"How will you know all this? " Adnir asks .

Thranduil grins a bit. " My wife will see it. She has gifts I do not fully understand. "

Adnir's eyes light up. " Oh please tell the Queen that her bear has been spotted roaming the forest around the Fortress as she said he would do. He stays clear of us as well . It's been odd though. We have noticed many of the forest dwellers moving closer to the fortress. As if they know she is here and needs them. "

Thranduil's smile widens. " This I believe will make her happy. She will not need to go deep in the forest to visit her friends. She was worried about that. She does not wish to go for long rides with me anymore. She is shaken . "

Adnir rose " I must get to my duties My Lord. I want My Queen to feel safe in her own home. " Thranduil nodded and wished him well.

He was so happy to make it back to his chambers. He was not greeted by anyone . It was somewhat silent in his home and he began to look for his wife. Wandering into the sitting room . There before the fire she lay and book in hand beside her several plates of different foods lay. She would wiggle and push her head back on the pillow . Looking at him upside down. She smiles widely.

" Well there you are finally. Come please relax with me and eat. " Her invitation was too much to resist. He begins unlatching the small hooks holding his robes together .

" I just cant decide he said when he stopped and unlatched the last few hooks. His robes sliding down his arms and tossed onto a chair.

" Oh? decide on what my love." she put her book down against her belly.

" Should I start with the meal or the dessert?" He was ginning at her. His eyes light up and she laughs.

" Well maybe you should have the meal. You're going to need your strength My lord. The dessert likes to wiggle away when things get to be too much fun. "

Sitting on a foot rest as he removes his boots. " OHHH so I will need to capture my dessert before devouring it. "

She nodded sagely. " That is correct. It can be wily as well. "

His tunic pulled off and tossed away without a care . Leaving him in just soft leggings. He slides from his seat and down onto the soft plush blankets she had lain on and lays on his side . His head propped up on one hand the other reaching for bits of fruit and cheese. Popping them in his mouth He watched her as she watched him.

" I spoke with Adnir today. He told me to inform you that your bear has been spotted in the forest around the fortress . That it stays clear of the elves but stays near by . Waiting for his friend to visit. He also says that the forest around the us is teeming with creatures now. They seem to be flocking here. You know it is safe for you to venture into the forest around our home. Tauriel and Elthian will go with you . I imagine even Finnola will go . Do you not feel safe with them?"

Her smile would grow the more he spoke of the animals and her bear. " I might do that . I will not go far. I wish I could but I think its best I stay near. "

He tosses a pitted olive at her and smiles . It rolls down her chest to rest against her book. "Good you need the outside my love you know you do . Without it you are not as happy . " She plucks the olive up and pops it into her mouth . Chewing a few moments and swallowing before speaking. That lesson had stuck with her.

" I know but what makes me even more unhappy is not being near you."

He would pushes the plates out of the way . Then rolls to his belly and rises on his hands and knees. Crawling over her like a wild beast ready to pounce his prey. He lay her book to the side. Hoovering over her with the curtain of silver hair blocking her view of anything but him .

" Its time for my dessert and Oh look I have captured it. " He smiled smugly and presses a single fingers against the bare flesh of her chest. His touch drifting downward to the laces of her sheer house dress . He works them loose all the way down to her breast. The pushes the fabric open and to the side revealing on small firm breast . She was watching him . His tongue slowly sliding across a pink nipple He watches her lips tremble and part slightly . His lips lowering to gently suckle the sweet flesh now she gasps and he feels her body begin to squirm against him.

" I must have you . I have needed you for so long and you were so far away. " He slips his hand behind her head holding it as the pillow is gently pulled out . Her head lain down carefully.

" Help me love." His hand pushing her dress up over her hips she lifts her bottom from the blankets and he slides her pillow under it. He sat back against his heels . Fingers undoing the laces to his leggings . His eyes drifting down her body . Her thighs pressing shyly together .

"Tsk My love . " He nudges her knees apart . "Do not hide yourself from me. " His hands on her knees pushing them wider apart revealing the soft flesh between them . A bit of sweet pink peeks out . His fingers dipping into the softness to tease her . Her thighs visibly begin to tremble . Her head falls back with her soft gasp .

"Forgive me but I am starving and I can not take much more. Taking her by her hips he pulls her to him . Hard throbbing flesh sliding against moist heating pink flesh . His hips slowly rocking back and forth he watches himself sliding against her teasing her until her legs shake.

She was so beautiful he could cry. He had missed seeing her like this . Her pale flesh flushed with her desire. Her small hands laying helpless by her head. The way her small breast would sway . Her small whimpers and cries the sweetest song that has ever graced his ears. The thick tip began to part sweet petals. Positioning himself to finally have his dessert. His hands holding her hips firmly forcing her not to squirm

"So very tight. " He moans his hips pushing forward finding her hard to devour at first . Pulling her to him and thrusting his hips finally he was seating within her clenching well and she arches and cries out . It had been far too long . He was watching her center of pleasure being dragging against the ridges of his spear watching how his flesh would glisten Her cries rising making it hard to fight his growing lust .

His lips curling back with an groan. Pulling her to him over and over until he simply could not bear it any longer . He releases her hips and drops to his hands over her . Grinding himself against her sweetness. Feeling the velvet walls around him trembling and tensing. His hands finding hers holding them feeling her essence and his fea touching and caressing. He was finished his body shook and he sinks in as deep as he can . Wave upon wave of sheer pleasure smashes though him . She was quaking against him . Her cries turning to lusty moans.

He would stay like this . Over her but not putting his weight on her still bruised body . He finally felt complete. Sex with Sentillia left him feeling relieved but empty and now He was where be belonged . He did not sense pain from her but that did not mean she wasn't hurting . He pulled free . Finding even that difficult as her body did not seem to want to be free of him . The pillow now filthy with their mutual lust was tossed to the side . He lowering beside her and pulled her back to him . His arm possessively around her. His lips kissing along her small shoulder. " Did I hurt you? Were you uncomfortable ? " She shook her head . Her breathing still ragged . " No it was wonderful. "

Once they calmed down the lay like this in the glow of the fire . He covered them in one of the blankets and she snacked on apples . He pulling the cushions off the settee to lay his head upon. He just stares at her and watch her eat. " We should talk about it You know. " She smiled knowing what he was referring too. " Ok lets talk about it but I do not know where to start. "

" You knew who she was when we were coming through the gates and You thanked her. " He started.

" I did . I felt your physical reaction then Your emotional reaction and I couldn't just pass her by without thanking her. She helped you when I could not. I appreciate what she did . The thing is that I ... I know how I feel about sex but I do not know how you feel or how elves view it over all. So it makes it awkward. I do not know how to behave towards Elthian now . " He caresses' her head softly and smoothed her silvery hair back . He had felt her confusion every time they were near the guard.

" Let me explain then in more detail than you have been given. Ninnel and I decided to keep it as simple as we could until You understood more and I think its time . " He spoke gently to her and continued to softly caress her head then down to her shoulder. She wasn't looking at him and he could feel her confusion and even a bit of shame and that was breaking his heart.

" There are different types of Love . There is the love you and Ninnel have. You look at her as your Naneth. You love her like you would love a parent and You feel the same about Galion and Hannibal. " She nodded and understood that. " Then there is the love like you have for Finnola and Tauriel and even Arwen . They are your friends and somewhat close like your family. I hope someday You will feel that way for Legolas. Those 2 are family love and it makes you happy and you feel safe and secure. " she nodded again. " Now it is true Elves become bonded to the one that feel romantic and passionate love for . Like you and I . This is a very deep love and we become one and sex brings that to fruition. " she was listening and when he spoke of them like this it made her smile.

" Now sex often has little to nothing to do with love. The myth is that elves only have sex with the ones they love . Sex is dangerous because as soon as flesh enters flesh we are bonded and that is not the case. Many outside of our society think that about us and we let them believe that we are that virtuous. The truth is much more than that most of the time when sex happens outside of a bond its just for relief . To an elf there is no better cure for anxiety, stress or even anger than sex. This is why there are concubines and companion girls and men who offer themselves for sex. No bond happens. The fea never touch and merge its purely physical and empty in that aspect. I could feel you Juniper. I could feel your need on the moon week you were away and I felt it when Elthian had you and eased your suffering. It caused me to need that physical release as well. I tried to not give in but I did . I went to Sentillia because she has been my concubine in the past. She knows there is no bond there for her. She knows its purely sex and relief. I treated her badly after the first time . Then my thoughts of how angry you would be at me for doing that took over and I found myself apologizing to her. I ended up staying with her and being more gentle with her and more attentive because you would have wanted that from me. I do not love her but I do care about her . I want her to be happy and when she spends time with me I want it to be about her as well but its not love and I think that is how you feel about Elthian. "

She sat up then and looked to him . She had tears in her eyes. " I do care about him and I felt guilty because of that and once I was reunited with you I felt even more guilty but when I was with him I didn't. It felt natural but it wasn't love it wasn't anything like how I feel about you."

She was beginning to cry a bit harder and He shushed her gently and took her back into his arms. "There is nothing to feel guilty about. You can care about others like that Juniper. The physical part is just that . I am not angry or jealous and you aren't either. When we are together though we have no reason to seek sex unless we are looking to add something to our sex ,more on that in a bit, but we can be their friends and care for them. Would you like to meet Sentillia . Not just thanking her on the side of the road but really meet her? She wants to meet you . "

Juniper sniffles and nods " Yes I do I want to meet the selfless woman who helped you. " He smiled and lowered his lips to kiss her. " Ok I will arrange it and You don't have to ignore Elthian it saddens me because I see his pain . He cares for you . Talk to him and be his friend as well. I will do the same ."

"What did you mean by 'add something to our Sex'? "

He giggles now . " Sex doesn't have to happen between just 2 people. There can be 3 or more at the same time. " She blinked and look at him with wide eyed curiosity. " Sometimes sex even happens between 2 elleth or 2 elon "

Now she looked confused . " mmm now .. how does that work? " He could see the gears turning as she tried to figure that out and he actually laughed and lay his head on her chest . His laughter truly sincere.

"Hey now." She nudged him. "Its not funny." He lifted his head and kissed her soft lips many times. "If you are comfortable a demonstration could be arranged at some point . I will show you how all that works. " She eyed him, his face still a bit red from his hard laughter and she just simply adores the way he smiled at her.

" Ok . sometime later not now . maybe tomorrow or after the moon . You are all mine on the moon. " He agreed. with a nod and a kiss.

"I am so glad we talked about this , I was beginning to feel heavy from it. " she said as his fingers lightly trail along her jaw line . " I could tell my love. " His voice was calm and soothing.

They would make love many times that night as if trying to make up for the whole time they were apart in those few hours . Eventually He carried her to the bed and they slept their bodies intertwined .

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