The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil was speaking with Galion . She had wandered out to the garden. The night was chilled but not so much that she wanted to be inside. The moon had grown full and was bright in the night sky. Her coloring changed accordingly. Becoming more pale and her hair becoming lighter and glistening with silver. She was feeling much stronger than she had just a few days before. She was standing before the fountain that still flowed and the sound of the water further calmed her. Her wings lifted and spread out fully . Glistening in the moon light she would give them a few test flutters . It felt good to stretch them out and move them .

She felt like there were eyes on her and she turned slowly to look . Thranduil was standing there. His shoulder pressed against one of the pristine white pillars. His arms crossed over his chest .

" you are more beautiful than a sea of white gems. " He Said and she blushed.

" You say such things that I find hard to believe. " she answered and turn to look back to the fountain . Her wings fluttering a bit more .

" Why is it so hard to believe ? " he asks in soft tones. she spoke without turning around.

" Ninnel and the Lady are beautiful. They are tall and elegant. They move like flowing water. They speak like they are wise. I am rather short. I run around like a clumsey child and I say things that are not right sometimes. " Her words were spoke softly and the tone held a little regret.

Her wings fluttered a bit more picking up speed and picking up a cool breeze that blew against him and smelled like wild flowers.

"Indeed Ninnel and Galadriel are beautiful elves. You can not be compared to them Juniper. You are not an Elleth. You are an exotic beauty. My beautiful Fae. Do not ever think yourself ugly You are different than the females around you but no less beautiful. "

Her wings simply buzzing now her feet lifted from the ground she could only do it for a few moments but his eyes widened watching her . He stepped towards her . His steps quicken as it becomes apparent she was dropping down a bit too fast . Her feet touching the ground her wings stopped moving but he was there holding her . She was unsteady at first but then pushed herself back and giggled.

"Did you see Thranduil ? I was able to fly just a little but I was able to do it. "

His hands moved to her shoulders holding them and looking down into her excited eyes. " I saw you fly. "

She squirms a little and purses her lips together. " It only matters if I am beautiful in your eyes. "

He smiled and shook his head . " You need to be beautiful in yours as well pixie. " He scooped her up. Her wings would lower. Her chest pressed to his . His lips on hers. He turned away from the fountain and began to walk.

" I have not forgotten about earlier. " He said between kisses. Each one becoming a bit more forceful a bit more lusty . His lips parting hers again, He stopped and deepened the kiss . His tongue once again sliding between her lips tasting the sweetness of her mouth and once again her heart would begin to race and the butterflies would return to her belly.

She squirmed and pushed her hands against his chest . Finally she would use the power of her wings with on mighty flap to slip from his arms and land slightly awkwardly a few feet away .

" It feels strange Thranduil and I do not understand it . " She gasped and turned scampering off towards the rooms . He follows.

" What does it feel like? " He asked and followed her . Watching her reactions . He was pulling his robe off as he moved . He already knew what she was feeling . He had experienced it right along with her earlier.

She wrapped her arms around her middle and spun around her eyes wide realizing he was so close . He tossed his robe onto a chair . She began to back up quickly and was turning to try and put more distance between them.

" Stop! " He said firmly and she obeyed. "Tell me what it feels like. " he asked, now more firmly.

" Like butterflies and the feeling when lightening strikes close. You know, when the hair on the back of your neck and arms rises. My heart races and I breath faster . Then I start to tingle ... in places I have never felt that before. " she couldn't look at him . His hand reached out . His fingers curled under her chin and he forced her to look at him.

" That is desire. Do not fight it . It is natural . " He smiled as he whispered to her.

He had waited for this moment . Patiently waiting for her to fully awaken. Now she was about to blossom under his touches. He lifted her again . His lips upon hers She did not struggle now. Her wings tucking in against her back. He lifts her small body and kisses her lips then down over her chin . She gasps, her body squirming at the sensations of his lips sucking and kissing at her neck. She felt as if she was falling but did not care . The softness of the bed pressing against her back . His weight over her before he stepped back .

He looked down on her . She lay trembling surrounded by silk . He pulled his shirt over his head . As his hair left the necks opening it would fall loosely over his shoulders . She had of course seen him with no shirt before but for some reason she was seeing him differently. She noticed the lines of muscles . His stomach tight and muscled his hands lowering to the laces of his pants.

Her eyes shot up looking right to his eyes. A lump was forming in her throat . He smirked a bit then shake his head .

" Watch " He said firmly " You will become familiar with all of me and I will become familiar with all of you. "

Reluctantly her eyes would lower watching him undress fully. His fingers working the laces of his leggings free. He slowly slides them down . Her eyes beholding the smoothness of his hips and the flesh below his navel. Slowly more would be revealed. Her chest would rise and fall with her quickening breaths. She knew males and females were different. Now she saw how different. His manhood was large even if she had nothing to compare it to she knew what she saw was not small. He finally stepping from his leggings she could look at all of him. Her gaze drifts down then slowly back up . Her eyes falling on those icy orbs.

She had never seen anyone naked before. She gasps. feeling those butterflies now all over .

" You are beautiful " she whispered .

He crawled over her . Pushing her further onto her bed. A knee slides between her thighs making them open just a bit . His hands sliding up over her hips and gasping the dress to push it up over them then higher over her belly . He had seen her naked many times before. She was not really ashamed of it and in fact only until recently had she been told it was not common for men to see naked women unless it was in private.

The dress pushed up over her head her arms lifting with it He traps them there . His hand finding her small wrists and holding them over her head. She stretched out naked under him . His fingers lightly playing over her belly then over her ribs. A pink tint splashing across her flesh in response to his touches. His lips lowered to hers kissing tenderly at first then a bit more roughly . She parted her lips taking his tongue between them. Her own beginning to dance with his. His hand roams higher and cups the firm mound of her small breast . She whimpers against his lips as he teases her body.

Her thighs press against his knee. Her hips beginning to squirm against the sheets. His lips leave hers and she gasps loudly now. He kisses a trail down her neck and between her breast . Each kiss feels like delicious fire on her skin. She whimpers and squirms pulling her wrists against his grip and remains firm. His lips and tongue teasing the sensitive pink peaks that adorn each small firm breast. Her body acting on its own now. Her spine arching pushing herself against him harder. Offering her sweet nipples to his lips and tongue. His hand travels lower . Her belly would tremble under the caress .

His lips slip lower . His hand releasing her wrists yet now they do not move . Her hands lay over head curled in her dress. His body slinks lower . Silver eyes lifting watching her beautiful face . Her plump lips parted with her whimpers and gasps. His large strong hands press behind her knees and push then up. He watches as her eyes open widely then close slowly . His lips finding smooth hairless flesh at her core .His tongue tasting the sweetness of her body. Slowly dragging over her swelling pearl. He was consumed with her in those moments. Her scent, and how she tasted of honey .

The way she moved. How her legs would shake when he found her center of her pleasure. His tongue dipping down to find her sweetened entrance . Darting inside then sliding back to the pink button. She was squirming even more now. Her moans lifting . He took his time and enjoyed every second . He wanted to prolong her beautiful agony. He pressed a kiss above her pelvic bone and spoke in a very low smooth tone.

" Do not fight it . Just submit to it. " he would grin a bit watching her . Loving how she writhes and quivers.

His hands leaving the cradle of her knees . Her feet would kiss the sheets . Knees remaining bent . His hands pressing down beside her . His warm soft hand sliding up one of her slender arms and pulling it from her dress. His guides her hand down . Her finger tips glide over hardened flesh . Her eyes open looking into those silvery deepths. Her fingers curl around him and he kisses her again . His words against her lips. " If you wish this to end now you must tell me. You must tell me now because if you wait just 10 more seconds there will be no turning back . " Her soft touch begins to explore him. She pulls her other hand free of the dress and caresses his cheek . She said nothing not a word . Her lips meeting his again and again . Her hand did not drift away .

"good girl " He whispered and lowered down between her thighs and pulled her small hand away from himself. He positioned himself. His body looming over her . She found herself kissing his chest . Her hands caressing over his ribs to his back . Her breaths coming in quick gasps. He groans and hisses struggling to become one with her. Her body so eager yet fighting against it. He was much larger than she. Her pink petals parted by the thickness of the head of his spear. Slowly , His hips push forward . Feeling her opening to him. Tight flesh stretched to take him. The head finally slipping inside and held in a tight hot wet space unlike anything he had felt before. She cries against his flesh and with a growl escaping his lip and filling the room they were finally one.

He sits back on his haunches. Hands on her round hips. pulling her to him . Watching their union . Amazed by it . Her slit wet the petals around him puffy with her need and how she stretched around him . The walls within tremble. He would sink deeper and deeper as if being pulled inside. Her body a glorious wonder before him.

She arched and moaned. Her hands grasping his wrists and within a few beats of her heart her hips began to rock in time with his. Meeting him . His cock thrusting as deep as he could get it but never being to fully seat himself. He didn't care . She was exquisite.

He could not hold back . Not any longer . She was too much . Everything about her just pushed him closer and closer to the edge . He pulled her up . Her legs wrapping around him . His arms around her . His head back with His own cries . Hers matching his . His fea fully consumed by her and she consumed by him. He shook . His flesh swelling even more , stretching her to the limit before his heavy balls would tighten and release thick jets of his seed deep within her. Her own release mixing with his. Her little toes curling . His hands gasping at her flesh . He lay her back in the bed . Her body resting down pressing to the sheets . He gasps to breathe and she quivers under him.

After several minutes he would lay beside her . His arm around her. His face nuzzled against her head . His lips kissing her small pointed ear. It took her longer to come down from the heights he had taken her to. He could feel her breathing slowing down . Her heart was no longer thundering in her chest .

" There you are my pixie. " He whispered softly . Then pulled his head back a bit and she turned to face him . Her cheeks still flushed .

" Did you hate it? " he asked and she shook her head no.

" Did you like it?" she smiled for him and kissed him softly.

" I love you. " she said simply. It was honest and heart felt. He had told her many time he loved her . He had felt her love for him but she had never said it. She was truely his now and he was hers. He wouldn't have it any other way.

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