The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Elrond sat in his tent alone and grateful for the time to himself. What he has seen that day had shook him in a way he did think was possible anymore. He lowered into his chair and pressed an elbow to the table. His head lowered into his hand. He remembered that day so long ago.

Oropher argued with Gil Galad. The distrust had grown too great between these elves. What happened next was Oropher's downfall and almost the destruction of his line. Thranduil was a young ellon back then. He not much younger than Elrond. Yet his temper was easily awakened. His hot head was like that of his father's. News was coming in from the battlefield and Elrond heard that Oropher lay dead. He ran to the healing tents to prepare for more casualties. The news was grim.

Thranduil knelt on the battlefield with his fathers body cradled in his arms. Feren was screaming at him. " Thranduil get up. We have to get you to safety you are now the King." Those words echoed in his mind. Everything around him became a hum. He was finally pulled away from his father by force. Feren and the others coming to take him away. Half way across the desolate field they heard it . That sound, coming from above. It's the sound that turns ones blood to ice. The heavy beating of wings and the growl that comes with it.

All of them began to run as fast as they could for any cover they could take. Thranduil and Feren ended up under a weather worn rocks outcrop. Others were not so lucky. The Dragon's fire took them in an instant. The Dragon made wide circles. Attacking other parts of the field before returning to them. Thranduil looked to Feren. " Forgive me." He said suddenly then hit Feren over the head . Knocking him cold Thranduil made sure he was tucked as far against the rock as He could get him before taking off running towards the craggy cliff side. He hides against a large boulder and ducks under a tree as the dragon flies over .

He imagined the dragon believed all the elves were dead so he began to climb the cliff. Easily leaping from toe hold to toe hold. Pulling himself up with grace. The Dragon was making it's circuit.

Feren came to slowly. His head hurt where Thranduil had hit him and Thranduil was gone. He peeked out . Listening for the Dragon . He heard nothing so He slowly lifted up . The dragon was on approach He thought to duck back but that's when He saw the glint of his Kings armor on the cliff. Feren watched in wide eyed horror as the dragon got closer and Thranduil leaps to the top of the Cliff then runs towards the other side of it and leaps for the Dragon.

It was like watching Glorfindel slay the balrog. The grace with which he did this was simply astonishing. The Dragon's chest just beginning to glow red when the sword pierced it. He having to pull down to slice the dragon's tough hide but His sword was very sharp. That was when it happened. The fire escaped the wound and washed over Thranduil. Feren screamed as the Dragon fell and He ran faster than he even imagined he could.

The other elves that had seen this rallied to Feren and ran to try and save their King. When they made it around the cliff to where the dragon lay Feren began to call for His best friend, his King . Thranduil. Everything around them was on fire. The earth scorched under their feet. Then a pain fueled scream caught their attentions and there several feet away from the dead dragon lay Thranduil his armor saving much of him but it was his face and neck that was burned so badly.

Feren would not leave him for dead. They managed to make a cot from a blanket and gently carried a burned but alive Thranduil from the battle and to Elrond. That night Elrond and his healers did everything they could for Thranduil . When the armor was removed they found the burns went down most of his left side. The flames having caught his padding and clothing on fire inside the armor. It did not burn for long but the burns were bad enough. While his healers worked on the lower part of Thranduil . Elrond works on his head and neck.

The songs sang that night were powerful and old. They pulling from the strongest reaches to save a King. They did very well . Though He lost them one by one to exhaustion. Their fea drained and they needed to rest less they be lost too. Elrond however was different. He was able to keep going, yet now he was beginning to wane. He was alone with the King . Still trying to heal these terrible burns. Ones made to flesh with direct dragons fire. If He could not fix these better The King would not survive. That was when He walked into the tent. Elrond could not stop what he was doing . He watched as the dark mist rolled around the room then stopped beside him and became solid. " Do not fear me Elrond . I assure you . He is very important and must live. I am here to help you. " That was then the creature reached out and touched his shoulder. Great power coursed through Elronds body and His songs began to work even better.

Yet no matter how hard he tried and with this new power when it came to Thranduil's face that was all he could do. " The Magic of the Dragon was far too great to heal that burn Elrond. It is however now manageable. Let him sleep for many months. Much more will heal on its own . Then teach him a special spell . One that will fill in the blanks. A Glamour to make him whole again. He will be a mighty King . Far more than he is now. Do as I say Elrond and You will save him. "

Then he was gone. Over the next 6 months Elrond held Thranduil in a deep healing sleep. True to his word much more healed and Thranduil was for the most part completely healed . He was awakened on a cool spring morning. Tucked away within his own royal chambers. He woke up to see Elrond and Feren. It took a bit but he remembered everything . " I was burned Elrond. I was bathed in fire . I should be dead. Why am I here?" Thranduil's voice was small and it cracked with each word.

" You did not die Thranduil. You must listen to me. You are alive. You have always been alive. We saved you. "

Thranduil looked to him and realized something was wrong with his vision. He reached up and felt bandages on his face. " Let me see." He looked around for a mirror and found none in his room. He went for the door and Elrond grabbed Him.

" Thranduil stop. " His arms wrapped around him . " Please My Lord Stop and let me explain it all. Hear me out. Then I will show you . Please."

Elrond managed to calm the King down . They sat next to each other and Elrond told Him everything. He omits the strange visitor. " I can teach you how to make your face look normal. It will also help keep it protected. "

Thranduil just looked at him with his good eye. " Very well . show me . "

Elrond carefully removed the bandages . Thranduil felt cool air against his face. But he knew something was terribly wrong. When Elrond offered the mirror to him now The King hesitates. Then grabs the mirror and looks at himself.

One side was flawless. Perfect . Beautiful and the other side. It looked like raw flesh. He could see tendons in his cheek . Then muscle around his jaw. It hurt as well though no where as near as bad as the burns. His eye was white . There was no vision left in it. He felt weak and dropped the mirror for Elrond to catch.

" Do not fear Thranduil. " Elrond spoke softly. " Now watch . He held the mirror out to Thranduil. Then closed his eyes and lightly pressed his hand to Thranduil's scars and whispered a few words . Then the pain subsided and His face returned to normal though He was still blind in the left eye.

" I think I can fix the eye too. It just needs to heal a bit more and I need to find the right spell. Thranduil you can live a normal life and rule your kingdom. I will teach you these spells. No one ever need to know just how bad it was. "

Elrond had started to believe he dreamed up the mystery man that helped him save Thranduil but Now he had been face to face with him again . He helped save Juniper and the baby. He was the great Evil. Yet this Evil surrenders . He pledges fealty to the King he was about to attack. He saves a Queen and her Child. It was confusing and wonderful all at once. "What times to live in."

He was mixing tea for the Queen. The ingredients pulled from a series of small drawers. His back was to the flap of the tent but he knew who was standing there behind him. He turned slowly to look on Him again. the regard each other for several long minutes. "After all these years I finally know your name. " He said with a smile. " It is nice to meet you Minol. I find you curious. Something such as yourself bothering with small things like Elves and Men. "

Minol began to just move about the tent slowly. Looking over the tools Elrond used to heal with. " Well I have learned the happenings of the small things in this world can really change it . You learned this lesson recently did you not Lord Elrond."

Elrond's brows lifted and realized he was speaking about the hobbits. "Why did you help me save Thranduil? Why are you surrendering to him. None of this makes sense. "

Minol's head fell back just a bit and he smiled so warmly . " You must know the whole story Lord Elrond and if you have the time I would like to tell you the whole thing but that would take considerable time. "

Elrond agreed " I can begin to listen now . Just as soon as I finish mixing this tea for the Queen. " He returned to his task. " Is the Queen in any danger Minol? That is my biggest concern. "

Minol found a chair to lower into and smiled. "She was never in danger from me. Right now she is the safest she has ever been. That wont last though. You know that. You know it now as you look on me Elrond. I am not the evil that everyone is feeling. " Elrond's hands stopped moving and he inhaled deeply. " You are the scholar . You will be the one to figure it all out . Now finish the Queens tea. I will not have her waiting and in pain. "

Finnola and Glorfindel finally reach the edge of The Greenwood where they were greeted by Elves that knew Glorfindel and knew who she was . Their Lorien friends gave them all the messages and would wait to take the replies back. Finnola and Glorfindel rode along the camp heading to the kings tent. Standing along the path with the archers was Legolas. He saw them and simply looked on with an emotionless expression. Glorfindel didn't even acknowledge Him. Finnola turned away. She hurried to catch up to Glorfindel. " How are your ribs? "

He Grimaced. They were healing quickly with the help of the Lorien elves but he was still wrapped in a poultice. " The binding is tight. " He complained. " Next time I am going in with full armor. Maybe I'll crack your elbow or something . You kicked my ass."

She looked at his profile as he continued to complain. " Are you still angry?" She asked softly .

" I never was angry . I was in pain but not angry. I took you out there so you could work off that rage and well I guess breaking bones was what you needed."

She frowns. Her head turning to look off towards the large camp on the plains. "They are just living things. Like us Glorfindel. Look at them. Living their lives. Cooking , Tending to their families. Yet I wanted to kill everything that is right there just a few mornings ago. "

He shrugged listening to her. " So did I . " His voice was low. " Finnola this is normal too. You were wound so tightly in your rage. Now that you are no longer so angry . You are relaxing and open to being reflective of your actions and emotions. You are feeling compassion. It proves you are not the monster You may think yourself of being. "

She looked to Glorfindel. " and you? Do you think yourself a Monster?"

He just grinned . " Think? I know I am a Monster Finnola. When you put me on a battle field and turn me loose . I become a monster. So do you. A beautiful disaster . Its what you do when its all over that determines if you remain that monster or not. You are no Monster. Right now neither am I, But if that peaceful camp turned to warring with us right now. I would endeavor to kill every single one of them. "

She sighed and looked out over the camp once more.

Juniper was feeling almost like herself again. Like her before pregnancy self. Though her body still held an ache to it. Elronds tea's were helping a great deal. She was curled up on Thranduil's throne asleep when Finnola came through the flap . She just stopped and looked at the sleeping Queen on the throne. Then she noticed the basket that was near the Queen. Her breath was taken when she realized the new Princess slept there.

Finnola stepped closer and closer very slowly. Drawn to the basket. There, asleep was , what was to her a very tiny baby. She lowered to a crouch and with a single finger pulled the blanket back just a little so she could really see .

"Her name is Melian."

Finnola jumps a little and looked to the throne to see Juniper looking at her with a warm smile .

" I'm so happy you're finally here " Juniper spoke softly.

Finnola moved so she was sitting on the Kings foot stool. " As soon as I heard You were on the battlefield again Only this time having a baby I had to get here as soon as I could. " she paused and looked down Juniper began to realize Finnola's heart was heavy.

" Why so sad My Giant friend?" She asked with her voice just above a whisper.

" I am not sad. I am ... reflective. Something has happened . I feel like I am changing too quickly."

Juniper just smiled " Maybe its not too quickly maybe its just playing make up. You are finally becoming who Finnola is now that Finnola can explore everything."

Her green eyes lifting to look into the Queens . The baby begins to fuss and then the look in Junipers eyes changed. " Oh no . can you help me . I swear as soon as this child makes the smallest noise I am dripping milk. " She sat up slowly Finnola rising to help her get comfortable. She adjusted so her could expose one of her breast . The padding pulled away . " I do not think these nursing pad things are going to work well at this rate. Can you hand me my baby?" She asked and peeked to Finnola. " Y... yes I can. "

Finnola had no idea how to hold a baby. "Just scoop her up and support her head." Juniper explained gently. She watched Finnola handle her child so delicately and pass her into Junipers waiting arms. Now Finnola watched Junipers face as the baby latches on and Juniper winces a little. " It takes a little getting used to." She chuckles. Finnola lowers back down on the foot stool and watched her Queen and the Princess. They spoke the whole time about what Finnola had seen and done. About Legolas and Her own feelings. Finnola had to admit she felt comfort in speaking to another woman .

Juniper listened with rapt attention. She heard about the battle and of Hobbits. The hardships the refugees were facing. It was when Finnola began to speak of Rivendell that Junipers eyes got very wide. How it looked. The glittering of the roofs in the sun light and the waterfalls. Even how Glorfindel had been so sweet and kind. " Oh Finnola. I want to see Rivendell too. I have only been in the wilds, Here, Lake Town I skirted Dale and Gondor with its high white spires. I want to see these other places I hear so much about. Maybe one day huh? "

Finnola slides her arm over Junipers shoulders and hugged her against her side. " Someday You will and I will be in your Guard and we will go see everything together. That is a Promise."

Juniper smiled " A promise it is then. "

Minol watched the Giantess leave the tent. He felt only 2 things within and knew what each of them was. He had caused just enough havoc covertly in the camp to allow him a few moments where she would not be so heavily guarded. He simply entered through the flap. There she was asleep on the Kings bed. The baby in a basket beside her. He couldn't move. He was stuck on the spot. He had dreamed of this very moment. Looking on her for the first time without the perimeters of the dream between them.

He was finally able to force himself to take a step . Then another. He looked at the child in the basket and felt his heart skip a beat. He was feeling emotional . Not just the ruse of emotion he pulled off so well no.. this was real. He was going to leave . He had no intentions of speaking to her . The fingers were small and delicate . The skin so warm and soft. They curled around his wrist his gaze shifted and falls on those eyes.

" Hello Minol. Your finally here. I keep finding myself saying that today. I have been expecting so many to come and they are arriving. Including you. " She pushed herself on to her knees. She just glowed like the being of light she was. Her slender arms wrapped around his middle . Her body pressing against his as she hugged him.

He was trembling. He has wanted to feel her against him for so long. There she was. He breathed in her scent. Just as he remembered . The smell of wildflowers and fresh soil. His arms after several moments began to work again and he found himself wrapping them around her. He sighs and pulls her arms away from him. Then lowers down so he could look into her eyes. His hands on her cheeks . Feeling that softness against his fingertips once more. " I just wanted to see if everything I have done was worth the price. "

She tilted her head just so and smiled for him. " Was it all worth it? " She asked then lifted her fingers to touch the tears on his cheeks.

"Yes . I think I got the better bargain. " After a few moments he looked towards the flap and sighed. " I must go. We will have more time later on. " He assured her and slipped out quickly. She left kneeling on the bed and starring at her wet fingertips.

Her hand lowered quickly when Thranduil entered the tent . She relaxed a bit and smiled to him. He paused and looked around a moment . She watched him curious. " Looking for something Melamin?"

His brows were creased as she turned back around and then started back towards her those creases smooth out and he finds himself smiling. " You will not be going back tomorrow. "

She blinked and shifted "Why not?"

Thranduil Crawled slowly onto the bed and pushed her back with his body . She lays back against many pillows. He straddles her slender legs and leans in for a soft kiss.

"Thranduil stop. " She giggles then feels herself pulled up and over .

He laying beside her and she against him. " I'll stop but you can not blame me. " He smiles.

"Yes I can and why am I not leaving? "

He sighs and kisses the top of her head " Tomorrow you will be presented to the people. Those people are the tribes that we have now acquired . They worship you Juniper. They are your people and mine by default. "

Now she knew why Minol said they would have time later. She pushed away and sat up on her knees and looked into the basket and her sleeping baby. " So will I be presented like a platter of food? How is this going to work? " She had no idea.

He chuckled " Its like when I presented you to the court. No different just a bit more of a show. You will ride to the meeting with me . You should ride buttercup. We will make use of the baby sling that has been given to you. You can carry Melian with us. They wish to see the baby too. "

She sat back on her heels. Her eyes wide . She shook a bit. " When you say worship. You mean like You and the Valar? Or Jeven and the Mother? "

He smiled softly and reached out to take her hand. " Like Jeven and the Mother. They see you and see her and the baby is proof that the Mothers Gifts are returning to the world. You give them hope. "

Her throat was very tight and there were knots in her stomach. " I ... I can not be their Goddess."

She looked unsteady so he sits up and pulls her back into his arms " Its a lot to take in. Melamin, You have all of us here with you. We will give you everything you need to do this. You need to meet your people. "

She looked up to him then . " My People?"

" As much as I hate this idea it's how it's been set up . Minol is Masterful I will give him that. Tonight I am allowing you to dine with Minol. Your guard and Feren will be just outside the tent. You need to use this time to learn as much as you can about the people you will meet tomorrow. It's key Juniper otherwise I would not push it. I would rather you stay away from him but that's not going to be possible. "

The weight of this was now being felt on her shoulders. She shrugged a bit and pulled herself together quickly . Her confidence just seems to appear right when he believes she will refuse.

"You do know I am safe with Minol. You do not have to worry about a..."

Thranduil shook his head and growled a bit. " You will not fight me on this. On this one point Juniper you will obey. I am far too lenient on you and its showing. You are still facing punishment for this when we return. Do not add to it. "

She gasps. He had never spoken to her like this. He had never given her this form of a direct command. She lowered her head and nodded softly. " Yes My Lord. " She responded. " I understand. I will not fight you on this . "

He exhales slowly and lays down . His strong hands pulling her down to him . " I do not like having to behave like a King with you. I want to behave like a husband only. Juniper I love you more than anything and You must be kept safe . Everything I do everything I have done is for you. "

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