The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She was being lead to what she had learned was a Royal Wagon. It was large and adorned in the regalia of Her kingdom. Sweeping vines and flowers all carved from the wood of the forest and painted in tones and green the flowers white with golden centers. Thranduil stopping before the opened door. Shisha climbing inside would act as her handmaid. Ninnel needed to be home with her family.

Juniper was openly sobbing . She did not care if it was seen as Unlady like or not Queenly. Thranduil even crouched down so he could be more on her level . His thumbs wiping away her tears . He pulled her in close . His head against her breast . She wrapping her arms around him her head down on his . Her tears falling into the silken silver of his hair .

" I do not want to go to Lorien. " She cried. His arms around her as He rose Lifting her from her small feet . She slides down his chest and clings to him . Her face buried against his shoulder.

" My love you must go. It will be safe for you there. Lady Galadriel will take good care of you for me and you will see soon enough our new military leaders will have this whole mess cleared up." He kissed her deeply and placed her on the steps of the wagon . " I will see you soon My love . Please give my regards to the Lady . " She was crying as she stepped into the wagon and had a seat . Thranduil standing beside Elthian .

Within a few seconds she gasps and poked her head outside the door. " I forgot my purse. " She points to it . Elthian swooped down and grabbed it up . " Here My Lady ." She sat back in the wagon and he leans in to pass it to her .

As he stepped back the door closed. The windows shuttered for her protection. He Looked to Tauriel who was mounted on her horse behind the Wagon. " Take care of our Queen well. " He said and the party would be off . Riders in front and riders in back . Thranduil looked unhappy about the situation and turned without a word to move back into the Fortress.

It was dark and moonless. A lone hooded figure moved through the Forest. Making no sound . He moved in shadows unseen. Finally he emerged on the rivers bank . A small boat waiting . He slipped into the boat and it shoved off from the bank and float soundlessly down the river. Not a word was spoken until they were the wider expanse of water and heading into the long lake.

"We will be in Lake town soon. I am confused I thought I would be taking 2 passengers. " The boatman spoke as he worked the oars .

Elthian spoke lowly and looked to the man. His silver blue eyes lifting. " You are King Brand. " Brand looked even more confused. "All will make sense once we are safe The King thanks you greatly for your help on this ."

Brand chuckled softly. " My Line will never forget what your King did for my Grand Da and My people. There is no need for thanks."

They arrived uneventfully into lake town . The boat left at a dock the 2 men slipped into lake town without so much as a side way glance and into one of the houses. There in the safety of the walls Elthian removed his cloak and pulls a pouch carefully from a strap across his chest .

King Brand too pulled his cloak off and sat at a simple table. The pouch placed on the table and as Elthian opened it He smiled and said. " King Brand of Dale . I present you with Queen Juniper of Greenwood."

She crawled out . Gasping and even coughing a bit . A very tiny woman with shimmering wings . She wore nothing but a bit of cloth she had wrapped around herself. " It was getting a bit stuffy in there. " She remarked, then look to the one she was told was King Brand. " It is lovely to meet you My Lord. " she said with a smile and a sweeping bow.

He said nothing . He just stared at her with jaw agape. Her brows lift and she steps closer looking at him with concern. " Are you ok? " He blinked several times and would look to Elthian and then to her and back again . His hand motioning to the small winged woman .

" Is ... is she a Fairy? Like in the stories of old? " Elthian nods . Juniper nods too.

" You know I am right here. " He just looks dumbfounded . It was a bit to take in.

Earlier that day Elthian had taken the Queens purse to her and leaned into the wagon to give it to her . She was already small by then and simply crawled into his pouch . No one was any wiser outside the wagon that the Queen was not inside.

After a few moments Brand had regained his senses and was asking questions. " So you can change you form . You can go from this small form to a larger one? " she was nodding and sitting on the edge of the table . In her hands a bit of cheese that she nibbled.

" Indeed and I can also fly. " Brand just sat back and shook his head . " Its just . Its not every day . I can't believe Fairies are real. "

Elthian spoke now. " She is the only one as far as we know." King Brand sat in silence then.

When he did speak it was about the matter at hand. " The warriors of Dale will help in this matter . We will do whatever Your King asks and I hope the men of Gondor will agree to help as well. "

Elthian smiled ." I believe when the Queen delivers the message they will come to our aid. "

Brand sat back " The one thing that confuses me on this plan . Why not just go to Lorien for help? "

She giggled and spoke up. " Because our enemies expect that . "

Brand then leans forward to get a really good look at the small Queen. " And how do you know that ?"

She smirked a bit and looked rather proud . " I am an incredible spy. I can be the fly on the wall . " Her brows wiggling .

Brand chuckles. " I like this Queen ." He said to Elthian.

They had slipped out of the town just as easily as they had entered it . The Boat rowed into the lake and then down river a bit . King Brands Captain waited for them there . Juniper tucked away in Elthians pouch. None knew she was there except for Brand and Elthian. Brands Captain didn't even know who the hooded man was. He was given a horse and supplies for a long trip . The horse packed, his own pack added to the others. Elthian nodded to them and took off south . Being far from lake before the sun even rose.

The Queens Procession arrived in Lorien . A slight bit of alarm had risen when they arrived and Lady Galadriel was told the Queen of Greenwood was not well . Her small body carried from the wagon wrapped in blankets . Her small hands lay against her belly . Shisha and Tauriel hurrying along with the Lady Galadriel to the safety of the healing halls. Then once out of view and out of ear shot all was explained to the Lady who smiled at just how crafty of a plan that had been hatched .

She too was amazed at the Doll they had used . It did look very much like Juniper. Of course she would play her part as well. After a few days in Lorien with the "Queen" being safely looked after Tauriel slipped out of Lorien like a thief the night. Cloaked and Clad in the garb of men. Her path would lead her to Rohan with messages for Legolas , Gandalf and the king of Rohan.

The Party of 4 were riding into Edoras . Being pulled by Finnolas might steed was a travois . Upon it were the corpses of the twisted and mutated boar. The people would stare in horror as they rode right to the Kings door .

Eomer coming out and looking down on the scene before his long house. His men inspecting the beasts and He could tell by their reactions this was something terrible. He descends the steps to see this villainy for himself. Finnola dismounting with the Dragonfang in hand. Eomer looked at the monsters. He winces at the smell . "I want to know what has happened and what these ... things are."

Inside the Long house they sat at a long table with Eomer and His closest advisors. A grave look on his face as Gandalf told him about the mutated creatures in the Greenwood and now in Rohan.

" So this threat is spreading. " He said lowly.

Gandalf spoke in a low tone as well . " So it seems. Though the elves are trying to find where this is happening. Now there may be more than one place that is creating these abominations. " he looked down at his hands.

" So what do you suggest ? " Eomer asked his advisors.

" the only thing we can Do my king . We warn the villages and send Rohirrim out to guard them. We do patrols and kill every mutant we find until we can find the cause. " The one to the right would speak . Eomer agreed as do the others. He eyed Gandalf once more

" And you think you might find some answers in the Glittering Caves? " The wizard looked up and nodded " Perhaps. "

Elthian rode hard in the sun light. She poked her head out and slung her arms over the edge of the pouch. The warm sunlight soaking into her flesh and making her feel a bit better. The sun had risen higher into the sky and her was getting close to time to have a meal.

He found a a small copse of trees to stop at and slowed the horse and veered towards it. Once there He dismounted and and grabbed a saddle bag. He whispered to the horse. "Go on and have a bite to eat my new friend. " He pats the horses neck and the horse wandered away a short distance and found some plains grass to eat.

He sat down and placed the pouch down gently. Juniper crawled from it and shifted to her larger form. This made her naked which made him blush a bit and look down. He pulled his cloak from his shoulders and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Does seeing me naked bother you?" she asked softly.

He chuckled softly "If you were not my Queen I would surely stare much harder. I feel it is disrespectful to do so."

She lowered down to sit and thought on this. She was still learning after all. "Ninnel told me that elves are not ashamed of their bodies. Yet being naked is frowned upon. Well unless they are in one of the public baths. I do not understand. If there is no shame in their bodies why always cover them?"

Elthian was pulling some food from the saddle bag and smiling. "Juniper you must try and understand. Being naked in front of someone is usually something only done when they are being intimate. Its not that its shameful. There are other reasons as well. When one is wounded and receiving treatment . Or even getting an exam but a healer. "

He offered her some bread with cheese and a juice pear. She took it and began to eat. "I am afraid you will see me naked quite a bit on this journey and I am sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. It would not make me uncomfortable to see you naked." she smiled. "Besides you are beautiful."

It was innocent to her anyway, what she said. He smiled as well and finally fully sat down. "well thank you for thinking so My Queen." He chuckled and began to eat.

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