The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil awakens . The fire died down and he was curled up with Elthian. His pixie not around the camp. Yet he knew she was not in danger. He quietly slipped from under the blankets and pulled his leggings on . Her scent was on the breeze . He followed it towards the meadow. He smiled to himself knowing she had gone to see the stag. When approached He did not see her laying on the rise .

He lowered down and crawled up it . His head lifting gently . His lip parted as his gaze widened. She stood naked in the meadow. The white Stag coming from the trees . His family of doe and fawns emerging as well. She was so small as the White stag approached. His great head bouncing softly with his steps . His flowing mane captured by the breeze .

He was stunning to see. The closer he got to her she tilted her head back to look up to him . He stood proudly before her. His gaze down on the Fae. She in all her night time glory. Her silver hair flowing in the breeze. Her flesh glowing slightly. Her small hand lifted to the Stags face. He dipped his head down do she could caress over his cheek .

The other deer began to approach as well . The doe standing in a semi circle around her. The fawn coming close to sniff at her . She was just staring into the Stags gaze. A connection between them? It must be. His heart was beginning to pound. Within a few moments her other hand lifted and pressed to the other side of the stags face . Her lips brought to his muzzle kissing it tenderly . Her attention then down on the babies . She lowering into a crouch . She was speaking to them though he could not hear what she said. She was allowed to touch them as well . Her smile widens as she gave him all a little pet .

Soon the deer were grazing and she was backing away. Her wings up they fluttered and she lifted from the ground and fluttered towards where he lay . She landing before the rise . "I know you're there My heart." She spoke and peered at him . Having lowered down on the opposite side. Her lips finding his He felt a tingle against them . Energy passing from her lips to his . He pulled his head back . Looking at her with his surprise gaze. He touched his lips. She smiles. "Sorry, That was Him. "

Her chin lay on the heels of her hands. Her little feet lifting into the air. Thranduil looking over her to the deer still calmly grazing. "what? ... You were... The Stag?" He just couldn't find the words and she reaches out to caress his cheek.

" He was calling me this morning. So I had to go say hello. He knew I was here yesterday with you. Come on ." She rose up and took his hand. " You want to meet him badly I can feel it . " Thranduil suddenly looked terrified. The Stag was special to him and the forest . He was the guardian of the Greenwood . " Do not be scared he is much more kind than Buttercup. "

Thranduil finally rose and laced his fingers with hers. The deer all lift their heads. Watching her approach now with the silver haired elf. The Stag now lifting his head from his grazing watched them. Thranduil was in sheer awe. He had only watched The Stag from afar. Ever since he first came to Greenwood . It was always from a distance and now she was leading him right before the Guardian of the Greenwood. He approached them . Massive and beautiful . Thranduil kept his eyes lowered in respect to the white beast. " Look up ." Juniper encouraged him . " Look to his eyes Thranduil. " He was shaking as he did this . Lifting his icy gaze. She lifting his hand . She presses it to the powerful neck of the stag.

Thranduil was locked in that moment. Seeing through the eyes of the Stag, Seeing him running through the forest over the course of all time. How it changes over the centuries. How he watched Thranduil's people come to the forest. How he knew Thranduil would come to watch him from just behind the rise. He saw his wife when he brought her here the first time. Tears began to run down his cheeks. Legolas as a child. Tauriel with her rosey cheeks when she was small. The stag held all those memories within him. He was the memory of the forest. "Thank you." Thranduil whispered and pulled his hand away slowly .

She backed away and tugged Thranduil along with her. Her fingers lacing with his again . He walked in stunned silence and once they reached the rise He sat down and pulled her into his embrace. " Thank you My love. So very much. Thank you for being mine. Thank you for giving me so much. " Her slender arms wrapped around him as well. " I am always with you Thranduil. yours forever. If I can I will show you everything You have always wanted to see. " His face buried against her neck. His kissed her flesh . Working his way to her lips. Pressing a kiss to them that deepened quickly .

When it was broken he looked down into her eyes. " I don't want to go back to the Fortress." He said and she laughed .

" We have to My love " She squirmed.

" No I do not want to king today . " He protested. She running her hands over his ribs then over his back pulling in closely.

" No Kinging today? but you didn't king any yesterday." Her voice was soft.

He just held on " I'll let Legolas be king now and you and I will disappear into the forest . "

She nodded and pushed herself back. " That sounds like a great plan . All Hail King Legolas and Queen Finnola. ." She thrust her fist into the air for emphasis. "Lets go pack and tell them the good news."

She jumped from his lap and he captured her wrist and pulled her back. She was laughing as she dropped into his lap her back against his chest his arms around her protectively. " I can't do that . You're right I have to go King today. " Rolling his eyes as he gets up with her still in his arms. "Lets go wake that lazy guard of ours. " He places her down beside him and their hands come together once again.

" Sure hope we didn't break him last night. When I got up he looked dead to the world. " She chimed.

" Ahh my love he will be fine . He might need some of Ninnel's salve. "

They made it back to the Fortress. Juniper looking like a wild woman . Her hair a mess with leaves and twigs all stuck in it . Thanduil looked unkempt as well . With all the preparations clean clothing and combs had not made it into the supplies. Elthian was given the day off. He needed to recover.

They emerged from the secret passage. Thranduil sighs. " We need a bath My love and I need to take a brush to your hair . I'm going to be hours picking all this out of it. " He plucked a leaf from her waves of gold.

Ninnel came around the corner thinking she heard voices . " My Stars what happened to you ?" She had this look of shock mixed with worry. Juniper smiles and begins to speak . " Well Last night Thranduil , Elthian and I were rolling ar..."

Thranduil placed his hand over her mouth cutting her off. " Ninnel would you please get a bath ready for us . Is there breakfast ? "

She nodded "At the table in the Garden My lord. "

Thranduil's hand slid away from Junipers mouth and he took her hand . As they passed Ninnel Juniper suddenly remember something. " Oh Ninnel could you take Elthian some of your special first time salve . Thank you so much ." Thranduil slumped in defeat and Ninnel gasped and clutched at her necklace. " yes My Lady."

Thranduil looked at her in a way that made her cringe. "What? You said he might need some and you're right he might. That stuff works. " He gave up then and just started to laugh and scooped her up into his arms and kissed her as he carried to to breakfast. " Please never change my love. Your innocence is endearing. "

They would eat. Juniper gorged herself on bacon and eggs. Then bathed . Thranduil taking the time to pluck all the liter from the forest out of her hair and brush it out. Ninnel and Galion watched them.

"I have not seen him be so attentive and loving. Not since... well you know." She spoke softly to Galion.

" I know she has changed him for the better. Now I must go get him focused on running the kingdom " He sighed and walked towards them with many papers in his hands.

Legolas sat at his desk . He was looking through his log of the glittering caves. He needed to go back there. He wanted to get a good look at the higher paintings. The ones that only Gandalf has seen so far. He wanted Gimli to go as well . He was waiting on an answer to his letter . He was believing it might be hard to pull him away from his dwarf maiden.

Finnola began to stir from their bed on the floor. The one his father was having made special for them was not ready yet. "Legolas come back to bed . " She muttered . " It's morning love." He called back.

" So , come back to bed. " She said with her eyes closed. He lifted his head and grinned. The book placed down . It was on the page were the fairies were being devoured by the darkness. It had been the one he looked at the most.

He crawled under the covers with her . She rolling over to press her lips to his . Her hand pressed to his chest began to drift down over his stomach. Lower and lower. His muscles tremble under her touch . He breaks the kiss with a gasp when her fingers find what they were searching for. "Greedy woman." He hisses. She moving so she was straddling him . His hand lifting to find large breast.

Her head falling back with a deep moan when she seated herself right where she wanted to be . His lips curled back in a growl . Her Straw colored hair falls down to tickle at his thighs. Her body rocking . His hands falling to her hips and gripping them . His eyes opened . He loved looking at her like this . Her face flushed with passion. Her kissable lips parted with her cries. She looked like a goddess. His goddess of wind .

They soared to the heights of pleasure together and when they fell over the edge her lips found his again . She shifting to lay beside him . He having to catch his breath. Once he calmed a bit he began to speak. "Are you ready to go back to the caves?"

She lay her head against his shoulder. " Aye . I just hope Gimli responds soon. It would be strange without him but I do understand . When you are happy in the arms of the one you love you do not want to leave them." Legolas was happy for his friend but he was feeling like perhaps he was loosing him to a Dwarven seductress.

" We will leave day after tomorrow. I will tell Ada today. I should be back from his trip into the forest by now. "

Finnola chuckles. "That is unless he got lost with Juniper somewhere. " Legolas wrinkled his nose not wishing to think on them , being intimate.

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