The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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It was only his most trusted Staff that knew of the Pixies existence. One that now knew was Eineil. Eineil was the only one besides Thranduil that could call The Great Elk Memna and saddle him. Memna was one of Mahtars descendants. The great elk He had lost at the Battle of Five Armies.

Thranduil Has led a rather excited and now bouncy pixie through the secret passages and to the royal stable. Thranduil was speaking with Eineil. He seemed to think the King should take his personal guard with him Thranduil was trying to ease the mind of the worried Ellon. As they were both distracted Juniper began to approach the great beast. She was just a few feet from Memna Who towered over even Thranduil but compared to the Fae He was monstrous in size.

Her small frail looking hand was extended to the beast . Her steps small and slow. Eineil was the first to notice the potential disaster . " My Lord." He spoke suddenly . His eyes wide with fear.

Thranduil turns and makes several hurried steps towards her but stops and watches . His jaw having fallen , mouth agape. The elk lowered his great head down to the pixies hand. then began to kneel down upon the ground resting before her. She smiles and caressed between his antlers then down along the thickness of his neck. Thranduil and Eineil both exchanged looks of shock and awe . The tiny girl slid a slender arm over the beasts neck and leaned against Him . Tenderly hugging him and whispering to him. The deep gravely voice of Hannibal was remembered then. ' All the Flora and Fauna of the forest know her and will treat her kindly.' He had told Thranduil.

"Don't Worry Thranduil." She looked to them . Her smile bright . " Memna says he would be happy to take me to the forest with you. He does remember me from Hannibals woods." She then crawled onto the beasts back . Her small backside settling into the saddle. The great elk rose slowly. Magnificent and powerful. The tiny fairy astride his back.

Thranduil looked to a still shocked Eineil. " There are still many mysteries to be learned I suppose. "

Eineil nodded gently " Indeed My Lord. Indeed. " His reaction to Juniper and the Elk made Thranduil smile. Sometimes it was hard to bring that sense of wonder back to those that lived so very long.

He was dressed in Dark Green and shades of Brown. Clothing that would blend into the surroundings. She was wearing a light linen dress. Refusing to wear gowns and heavy things. Her feet were bare she said she couldn't hear the ground when she wore shoes. He mounted Memna with a fluid sweeping leap. Settling in behind Juniper. she press forward into the saddle. One hand took up the reigns the other hand slid over her small belly. His arm wrapping protectively around her. Wings drawn up tightly to her body He was concerned about damaging them. She would tell him not to worry.

Gimli and Legloas were deep in the glittering caves. No matter how far they were Legloas was still simply amazed at their beauty. Eomer had granted them permission to explore and Gimli had ideas about bringing dwarves to live there. Everywhere they looked was filled with wonder. Legolas had turned down a rather narrow passage. Gimli was having a bit of a problem getting through it.

" Oy Laddy not all of us have a liquid form like elves. Give me a moment to stuck it in ." Legolas found this amusing and chuckled. " Perhaps if you didn't pass so much ale passed your gullet You would not have become so ... rotund."

Gimli was indignant. " Rotund you say. Healthy I say." Gimli had the lantern but Legolas did not need it. He could see very well within the caves . The narrow passage soon opened up into a large cathedral like room. He was scanning the walls .

" My friend it becomes much bigger . Though i'm not sure even you would fit in here." This sent Gimli into a tangent which made Legolas laugh. As his eyes continued to scan the walls he noticed something strange about the ledge over head. He was able to climb to it with little effort.

"These are ancient. " He said mostly to himself. " Primitive!" He exclaimed.

Gimli finally squeezing through the passage stood in the large room . Holding his lantern up and gasping in wonder. " Not big enough for me indeed." His head tilting back seeing Legolas on the ledge.

" what do you see Laddy?" After a few more moments He answered.

" I am not sure". There was one being. Drawn in white pigment. Maybe it was a bird . It had wings. He had never seen a bird that had arms and legs though. The wrists and ankles of the being were bound and looming over it was a mass of darkness. Subjugating the smaller light being. As he moved along the ledge there were more drawing. Each depicting the small light being being held captive . Tormented and eventually devoured?

"Gimli You must see this . I just have to figure out how to hoist your ...heathy frame up here."

Thranduil held her close. The pace was gentle and unhurried. She was full of excitement and wonder. Wanting to know every tree they passed . Wanting to commune with every animal she saw. Her emotions affecting him. He feeling every single thing she did. There was never a moment of darkness. Never an impure thought. Just sheer joy and wonder.

When he did allow her down from the elks back everywhere her feet touched sprang to life with color. The taint that still clung to those areas immediately dispelled as if she healed the very land around her. It was mid-day and she needed to eat . So did he for that matter but more importantly she did. She was still a bit frail from her weeks of despair.

He slid from the saddle and takes a saddle bag and the bed roll from their places on the saddle.

" Go on my friend and eat as well. " he said to the elk who wandered a short distance away to graze. She was crouched down and openly speaking with a family of shrew. He watched her as He spread out the blanket and kicked off his boots. Settling down his eyes remained on her. His back against a tree . His eyes drinking in every inch of the Fae.

She had taken on that golden hue again. Like pure sunlight that blessed everything around her. She huddled down and he looked at how her wings folded so perfectly against her back. Protected and not being cumbersome to her.

"Ok Bye Bye " she said and stood up. her back to him still but her head turned . her profile was even alluring.

She had round cheeks that held a pink tint. Her lips pink as well and plump. Soft looking and when they smiled he wanted to smile as well. Her ears were a bit taller than his. Her golden hair smoothed down behind them. She turned and the Sun caught her for a moment. A ray of it falling just for her. He felt his fae stir a bit with in. This made his smile wider.

Hannibal has said she was and adult. Though whether she was mating age He was unsure. She had all the signs of being a woman. round hips and albeit smallish breast. For a small creature they were the perfect size. The linen type of dress she was fond of were rather sheer.

Walking towards him now with the sun behind her one could see every curve of her body. The more he stared the more is own body began to respond . He had to look away. She was running towards him . Her arms out at her sides as if they were wings as well. She laughed happily as she bounced onto the blanket and plopped herself down . Very unlady like. He would not reprimand her now. Not when they were alone like this and she could be completely free.

" Oh is it time for the Mid-day meal?" she asked and reached for the saddle bags.

He shifted and lay on his side . stretching out . His hand holding his head up . He smiled at her and nodded. " yes it is . Go on see what we have. " It made him happy to see her eating and those dark circles under her lavender eyes begin to fade.

A bottle of wine , A canteen of water. Some cheese and bread. Fruit and berries. He watched her smile and eat. He answered her questions about the realm. He regaled her with stories about heroes. She crawls up against him and lay with her head against his arm. Her back pressing against his chest.

" tell me more" she said though her voice was sleepy.

"Oh well Let me tell you about the great elven warrior Glorfindel." He gently moved some of her golden hair from her cheek and smiled. Her eyes were still open and she was listening.

"Glorfindel was born in the Years of the Trees. When there was no sun nor moon. He was the Lord of the House of the Golden Flower. A great house in the great city of Gondolin." His voice was so smooth. So calm. She really did love listening to it and now he was telling her a story. One she felt was important.

The more he told her she began to think it was just the sound of his voice that she wanted. In those moments. Soon her breathing had gone very steady and she was still. His arm draped over her holding her closely . He watched her sleep and slowly drift off as well. The rest of the tale of Glorfindel would have to wait. He was unable to recall when he had felt this content last.

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