The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The sun had not even risen and she was still feeling worn thin. It was decided she would not ride Buttercup today. The bear would be an escort. Juniper lay on a pile of cushions and blankets in the Royal Carriage. Her baby snuggled in the basket beside her. Elthian climbs in with her. His smile wide. He had not been able to see her for a few days . She reached out to him and pulled him into a kiss. Her lips firmly against his, her tongue began to sweep against them and He just gave in.

The door opens again and Thranduil sighs. " Well I can see how this Moon will be . We are just into the first day. "

Elthian jumped back and cleared his throat. " My Lord I... she... " He was stammering over his words when Thranduil laughed.

" Peace Melamin. You have not seen her in a few days and we are in the moons week. However, take precautions please. She does not wish to have another child so quickly. "

Elthian's eyes widened and he felt his cheeks go red with heat. " Y-Yes my Lord" he said softly.

She was just grinning at her husband. " You should ride with us . It would bring me great joy to have my family so close . "

Thranduil could see the aggressive side of her coming through. When she was like this her body made demands her mind did not necessarily want or need. He stepped in and knelt beside the basket and looked at his child then to her. " I will ride with you later. After lunch. " He leaned down and kissed her tenderly. " Until then try and leave Elthian unmolested. " He whispered against her lips making her giggle and Elthian sink down into the cushions.

" Ah Me" He said in frustration.

Thranduil would leave and soon they could feel the wheels begin to move.

Finnola and Glorfindel flanked the royal carriage. Their positions officially now among the Queens Guard. Elrond approved of this. Legolas stood on a large tree branch and watched his fathers caravan pass. His gaze following Finnola and Glorfindel. It still hurt, it stung his fea. He turned away and did not look back . He leaps down and heads off towards his future there with Feren and this new city he would build.

Tauriel and Jeven rode behind the carriage. They smiling at each other, Both carried some worry. They still had not told the king of their bonding. This was something that would need to be addressed when they got home.

In the shadows something creeps. It remains out of the light and forever in the darkness. It's eyes seeing everything. The king is leaving and his son rules here now. It shifts from shadow to shadow. always watching. Never too close never too far. it moves down the line of the caravan. The thicker the forest the stronger it becomes. The light fades and darkness rules.

It's interest begins to focus on one the elves in the guard. Lorithir the others called him. He was a handsome ellon. His eyes bright green His hair a dark red yet streaked with gold from the sun. He wore it in warrior braids and while proficient with a bow he was utterly deadly with sword and dagger. He liked to be up close with those he fought . Which was why he was on the Kings guard.

Shadow and shade were drawn to him. Staying close to observe and listen to his conversations. "I will be so glad to get home." The elleth that rode next to him sighed.

" I suspect Aleshea is missing the arms of her Librarian." Lorithir scoffs.

So the elleth was called Aleshea. She was quite pretty with her ruddy brown hair and hazel eyes. Her full lips smiled and she shook her head at Lorithir. "He is more than a Librarian . He is the Kings record keeper. I live among hard things and risk the end of pointy things piercing me everyday. Its nice to spend time with something soft and sensual. I guess you wouldn't know about that." The words came from her tongue with a bit of venom.

Lorithir pursed his lips together and scowled at her. She just grinned. " Oh stop brother . You know I adore you. "

So they were kin. Curiously the shadow followed him. His sister being with a records keeper could be very useful and He a kings guard. He could be valuable. The darkness whispered into the shadows all the information it receives . Those shadows carry its message to Him.

"Izub goth albai nudertog kitot dru-uzg(the elves are building a city)" The black speech whispered in the shadows reaches the ears of the one it was all meant for.

The caravan stopped for its mid-day meal. Juniper and Melian come out of the carriage. A palette spread out for them in the shade of an oak. The spring had arrived and there in the meadow her steps brought the grass to life . Elthian lay on the palette watching her. The baby in her arms . Touched by the sun her flesh grew golden like her mothers. They are afforded some privacy the guards stood with their backs turned to the meadow and kept anything unwanted out. Thranduil walks closer and closer watching her rock the child in her arms as the sun warms them. He knew he would never tire of watching her in the sun. Until the arda ended He would always love this view.

He lowered down beside Elthian with a basket of food in his hand . He placed it before them then turned. Without a word his hand moved behind Elthian's head and he pulled him into a kiss. Elthian's heart began to beat so quickly he thought it might fly from his chest. He did love his King . He had always loved him and when he graced him with affection it was taken greedily. The kiss was demanding his tongue wanting to slide between Elthian's lips so he gave in completely and became whatever the king desired.

Juniper would finally turn and see Them. Embracing on the blankets . Their bodies beginning to wrap around each others. The kiss exceptionally deep and heated . She pressed her thighs together and whimpered as she turned away. Thranduil's brow arched he could feel her. She was aroused and near squirming from it . He pulled himself away from Elthian . Leaving the elf panting for breath upon the palette and rose slowly. His graceful steps bearing him towards her .

His warmth pressed between her wings his arms around her fingers falling down against the swells of her breast. They were swollen with milk . firm and plump and if he applied the slightest pressure he began to drip sweet warm mothers milk. " Has she eaten?" He asks curiously.

She nodded . "She is going to be to plumpest elfling in the whole realm. I could feed 10 children right now. " She laments. " all I want is more meat and with the moon its making other things nearly unbearable . I feel like I'm not in control ."

He stepped back and turned her around . The child lifted from her arms . He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Perhaps the ride this afternoon with help with come of these complaints Melamin. Now lets go eat . I promise to keep my hands to myself. "

She smirks a bit ." It is not your hands that concern me so Thranduil."

His brows lifted then he began to laugh clearly amused . " Go to Elthian then . I shall stay here with My daughter now go eat as much meat as you desire. "

While Juniper feasts on cured meats along with fresh venison and cheese Thranduil spent time with his child in the meadow. She would need the sun like her mother . The moon would call to her as well. Making her glow with its silvery kiss. She was so precious to him. He began to think of Orist at home. His ion nin. He was going to be a good big brother'. It was getting too warm so he began to walk back towards the shade . Elthian had just made Juniper laugh with some stupid joke. He loved it when she looked so happy.

"It's time to leave." He called out . Elthian and Juniper sigh and get up . The spread would be gathered up by the elleth approaching them. Juniper thanked them as she passed them. Thranduil by her side with His baby.

" Perhaps Melian should ride with her care giver this afternoon. " He suggested. Juniper agreed. As they approached the caravan the child was given to Maen. She was a very gentle Elleth. Thranduil hand picked her for this job. She had the mothers instinct . Thranduil smiled to Maen . "If there is a problem just tell the guards. We will come. "

He walked back to his carriage. Maen's behind them. He entered and closed the door.

The door closed and he was pulled inside by Elthian. His robes pushed from his shoulders as strong lips took his. Juniper kneeling on the cushions reached up and grasped Thranduil's wrist. " Down here Melamin's " She said not even sure that was a word. She didn't care she wanted her lovers. The seem to melt on the cushions beside her. Thranduil begins to ravage Elthian's lips . His tongue plundering his mouth.

With a swift flip Elthian was pressed into the cushions. He could feel his Kings desire pressing against him through their leggings. Juniper just leaned back against pillows and watched. She had never just watched them be together though she knew it happened. She knew Thranduil as a gentle and sometimes demanding lover. How he was with Elthian was different. He was dominate in it . Elthian was not his equal.

His hands took Ethian's wrists and pinned them over his head. Elthian submitted to it. Thranduil taking from his lips everything it wanted and his lust began to grow. Her effect during this time was powerful over them and this time Thranduil gave in. His hands practically ripping the lacings of Elthian's leggings so his fingers could slide inside. Elthian arched, His wrists remaining over his head not daring to move them.

Juniper began to squirm the more she watched. The moans were beautiful. Each one begging for a bit more. Thranduil would oblige. Soon the leggings were gone . Elthian's thick flesh was so swollen and pink and from the tip she could see a little pre cum leaking . Pursing her lips together she looked away.

This displeased Thranduil. " Look at me. " The command delivered on a sensual baritone voice. Her lavender eyes lifted . "You will only watch. Do you understand. "

She swallowed hard. " I do . " those two words came forth without even a second thought.

His lithe frame lay back against a pile of pillows. Spear ready for battle. His hand reaches out to caress Elthian's hair. His fingers passing through it with ease. Hair like his own. He gives it a little tug . Elthian quickly looks to him. " please me. " Again those words pass his lips smoothly as if putting one under a spell. Elthian did not have to be told twice. He moved like a great lion about to pounce its prey . His tongue pressing to the tip of Thranduil's considerable flesh. Swirling slowly around it . Thranduil's eyes narrow and he relaxes back into the pillows. Just giving Elthian the freedom to explore.

Most of their tryst involved quick almost violent outbursts of lust in less than optimal places. Everything else involved Juniper. This time the accommodations were lavish and Elthian felt free. Juniper watched Thranduil's reactions. Elthian's warm mouth engulfing him. His eyes watching the act . His fingers caressing Elthian's head. "Aníra-Elthian melamin. Ai- ma."

She was biting her lips . His face showed just how pleasurable this was. She could only press her thighs together and squirm. His lips were parted with deep moans. All she wanted to do was kiss them. His pink moist tongue smoothed over them. She wanted his tongue between her lips . Her head lay against the pillows . Her eyes locked on it all and she finds herself panting for her breath.

Thranduil takes Elthian's braids in hand and pulls his head away. His hand moving to stroke the wet flesh. Thranduil not allowing his lips to touch him only Elthian's hand. His eyes rolling back as he erupts . The first stream splash across Elthian's lips. The majority oozes slowly down over the head and Elthian's slender fingers.

She was starting to feel pained . That ache growing. Her lust mixing with it. When Thranduil pulled Elthian to him she nearly passed out. Her husbands thick flesh disappearing within Elthian's tight body. Their mingled cries a song . "Avgaro (don't do it)" His called to her. His eyes on her. Keeping her from looking away. His hands on Elthian's hips holding him down . Making him feel everything he had. Some how she manages to get to her knees and and slithered towards them . Her dress lost along the way, leaving her nude and burning.

Her lips found his . Kissing him with hunger. She bites his bottom lip making his eyes open wide in shock . Then slowly she releases it and lick where she had bitten softly. The contrast of pleasure and pain exciting. He took her face gently in hand and turned her to look at Elthian. His hips rolling gently . His body locked to his king. She moved on her own accord. In a way that delighted Thranduil. Her slender legs on either side of his head. Her knees to the cushions Her sweet dripping sex inches from his lips. He releases Elthian . Freeing him to do as he wished . His hands now finding the gentle swell of her hips and pulling her down to his eager tongue.

Her lips pressed to Elthian's . Their tongue dancing once free he begins to grind against Thranduil . His hips lifting and grinding down . Her soft moans just edging him on. Her small hands grab onto Elthian's knees and pushes them down to the bed forcing him to lean forward . Her arms embracing him. Her kiss deepens. Thranduil tastes the sweetness spilling from her. Her need growing his tongue slides over her pearl and her hips rock against him.

His hands grabbing her bottom and lifting her from his lips . "turn around melamin." He commands before giving her just one more long sensual lick. She obeys, Carefully turning around to face him . Her body astride him. He had her head captured in his strong hands. Her lips prisoner against his . Elthians hips trusting harder and faster. As Thranduil slides her down his body the head of Elthian's flesh slides between her wet slick folds and over her clit making her moan and her body tense. Thranduil holds her still and keeps kissing her. The with a might thrust Elthian was seated within her tight trembling sex. His hips shake . The pleasure growing and growing . Thranduil releases her head and it lifts with a lusty cry from her lips.

Elthian grabs her hips pulling her back to him . Thranduil's hands grab Elthian's hips. pulling and pushing over and over the pace quickens. Elthian being taken by the Kings will and The Queen being taken by him. His mind and body swirled in the pleasure. She looked to Thranduil . Her eyes locking on his . He knew what this would mean. Her soul caressing his. Begging his fea to touch her. He allowed this. His fea and her becoming one again. The orgasm was nearly immediate. His thick cock exploding deep inside as Elthians fell head back . Her back side meeting his hips again and again. When the tight walls around him began to tremble he too just let go . His release could shatter the arda . His cries loud . If not for the silencing spell all would have known.

She lay against Thranduil's chest trembling and crying against him. The orgasm lasting far longer than any she had ever had. When it finally began to ebb she was reduced to tears. Elthian's arms wrap around her . Holding her against him. Kissing her back between her wings softly. " lle naa sal' sinome yassen amin melamin seere lisse' melar (you are still here with me melamin peace sweet lover)" He whispered to her softly . Trying to calm her . Thranduil embraces them both. His attention on her . Kissing her tenderly on head. "Lasta a' elthian Melamin tul a n'alaquel a' lye (Listen to Elthian My love Come back to us)"

Her tears began to dry and her body shook less . Elthian released her and moved to disengaged from them. She was now all his. They knew what she was feeling they experiencing it with her, slowly she would come back to him. Elthian was getting some wet cloths. Water available in a small barrel near the door. Thranduil held her in his arms and lifted her up and lay her gently beside him . Elthian cleans himself up .

"Is she well My Lord?" Thranduil smiled . "When we are alone call me Thranduil. " He looked to Elthian who held a fresh wet cloth. " She will be fine . She just had a really good time. Come clean her up. It is your mess after all. "

He lay beside her and kissed her shoulder. " I hope this sates you for a little while Melamin." He whispered softly.

" She managed a little laugh. " That was an excellent start to the moon. " She felt nothing but sheer joy in this coupling then now she was milky. The orgasm having made her let down her milk again. Thranduil pulls her up to the pillows and gets her comfortable.

"Are they sore? " He asks and lays his head on her thighs. She caresses his hair softly. Elthian pulled on his leggings and his tunic before laying down beside them. She nodded but remained silent. " Why not just drink it ." Elthian said as if it were and everyday thing and it probably was. If its good enough to grow an elfling then what's the harm. It just feels like a waste. " He closed his eyes and rolled over his back to them. Thranduil just staring up at her in silence. His hand caressing her cheek . Her breast dripping . Thranduil sighs and lifts his lips to a larger than usual pink nipple and latches on .

Juniper gasps and almost makes him stop but then the pressure and pain began to ebb in that breast and she let him. He would move to the other and do the same. Latching on and nursing. Easing the discomfort for her. Her hands caressing his hair and running her fingers through it. Combing it back from his face. Relief began to fill her eyes.

Thranduil was finding her milk delicious and sweet. Just like he imagined. The whole experience could be addictive. Being cradled in the arms of a fae and offered her breast. It wasn't sexual or even sensual. It was peaceful and calming. The love between them began to shine through. The nipple slipping from between his lips. He smiled up at her.

" Better Melamin?" He asks and she nods her fingers caressing over his neck to his collar bone.

" You may have to do that for me a few times a day if this keeps up. " she quipped to him. He would only shrug. " I will do what I must. "

They rested until the Elleth sent word that the baby was waking and hungry. Juniper sleepily sat up and Thranduil called for the caravan to stop. The sun was beginning to lower. Elthian slipping out of the carriage . Followed By Thranduil carrying his wife . She giggled as he spun her around in his arms and finally sat her in a chair near what would soon be a warm fire and a baby was brought to her to feed. She had plenty of milk for her.

Shade and Shadow explored the trees around them. Watching Lorithir . He heading out to gather a bit more wood for his own fire. Watching him move about with grace. He breaking fallen branches that had long cured on the forest floor. He saw movement and stopped . His hand grasping the hilt of his sword. He begins to pursue. Following the tracks that were left behind by the intruder.

He rounded a large tree that grew around old craggy boulders. There cornered between two was something he could not explain. He did not scream nor call for help. The beauty of the woman before him overwhelming. She lunges for him .

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