The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The camp had been struck . The sun was slowly rising. Finnola stood beside her horse. Her hand rubbing down the stallions neck. "There there. This will all be over soon . You can go back to smelling flowers and chasing the ladies. " She turned towards the sound of someone clearing their throat.

" Good Morning Glorfindel." She said with a smile. Her horses head turned and lay on her shoulder. Her hand caressing down his muzzle. He was speaking to her about Rivendell. He knew she had never been there. He wanted to show her around. She was half listening. The sun was rising behind him. He had a glow about him all the time but how glorious he looked with the new sun rising behind him like this.

He was taller than Legolas. His shoulders more broad. There was more muscle mass on his frame. His hair was golden and as it ruffled in the breeze. She swore she could see it shimmer like the the walls of the glittering caves. Her eyes began to see this elf differently. His eyes were a light shade of blue unlike any blue she had ever seen. His features were very masculine. While he was 'pretty' He was also handsome. His jaw line was more squared more rugged. His lips , now that she looked at them were more plump far more her thoughts were cut off by the sound of her name. "Finnola? Finnola? " She was a bit lost in the moment. His calling her name shook her out it. She blinked and looked right into his eyes. His brows creased a bit.

" Are you well ?" He asked.

The giant was blushing, she coughs a bit and looks down then to her horse. " Aye I am fine. " she stammered .

He grinned a bit . " Well will you? " Inwardly she was wincing she had not heard more than 2 words he had said before.

" Will I what? " She asked very softly.

" Let me show you around Rivendell? "

Her heart skipped a beat. " Sure . " She was having a hard time looking at him. Why was she having a hard time looking at him? Why was she now so nervous about him?

Legolas was approaching Finnola . Leading his horse . Elladan was beside him. He paused and looked to the scene . Finnola was talking with Glorfindel. This should be a regular occurrence. Nothing out of the ordinary but He saw something in her countenance that was confusing. She seemed put off balance by him. Her behavior was, off and when she blushed his eyes narrowed.

Elladan had witnessed all this and for a moment felt a knot in his stomach. "What's wrong? " He asked to pull Legolas out of the moment.

Legolas shook his head " I hope nothing. " He then began to move again . Finnola looked somewhat relieved to see him.

" Well what's the word ?" Glorfindel asked and looked to Elladan and Legolas.

"The caravan made it back to Rivendell safely. Adar is already heading back. " Elladan kept talking and Legolas studied them both. His eyes shifting from Finnola to Glorfindel.

"Come on Love ." He spoke to Finnola " Walk with me . I have word from our Dwarvish friend."

She perked up and excused herself. Leading her horse away to walk with Legolas. Elladan eyed Glorfindel. " You walk a dangerous path mellon nin."

Glorfindel watched her walking away and grinned. " Iire caela nin oio querne tuulo' raxë (when have I ever turned away from danger?)"

She walked with him a short distance away. The horses begin to gently graze together. " Well tell me what does Gimli say?" She said looking at him with a smile.

"The message is an older message. It was delayed in reaching us because... " He shrugged a bit and she nodded understanding .

"Gandalf woke up. Now he is dragging Gimli off to the east. He doesn't know where . He said he would send word as soon as I knew what the wizard was up to."

Her brows furrowed. " The East? whatever for? I hear there is nothing but desert, plains and unfriendly peoples there."

Legolas shook his head. "I know your dealings with wizards has been limited. So you don't understand just how random and infuriating they can be." He cracked a smile. He then took her hands and let his thumbs caress over the backs of them. "What did Glorfindel say to make you blush? Was he being forward?"

Her eyes widened and she shook her head. " No! ... No nothing like that. He wants to show me around Rivendell . Then my mind went off into the nether thinking about home and being so far from it . I was embarrassed when he called me on it. That's all." It wasn't a complete lie. It was convincing as well. Legolas seemed to believe it . He smiled and lifted his hand to pull her down to a kiss.

They had been riding for weeks now. Passing Lorien and even the Greenwood. Heading further and further into the east. As the Ered Lithui fade into the distance. Gimli began to question more and more.

"I have never been this far east . It's too flat and dry. It makes me uneasy wizard. Why are we going this far?" Gimli was eating more travel rations than he would like and there was no beer.

Gandalf looked to him ." We have been going the way we need to be going and to where we need to be. " They were watching the sun dip down in the west. The temperature dropping rapidly. Gandalf Rose up and looked to the east. Gimli was busy working on another dry bland strip of jerky and muttering under his breath about wizards .

Gandalf had stood in the same spot not moving at all for some time. Gimli finally took notice and narrowed his eyes. " What are you on to Gandalf?" He asked and the wizard. He did not answer. " Oy Gandalf don't tell me you have gone again." He got to his feet and walked up beside the wizard .

In the dim light he would see 2 figures approaching in the growing gloom. " They are here. " Gandalf said lowly.

The closer they got Gimli could tell one was massive and one was somewhat smaller. A deep voice bellowed from the distance. "Udos inbal raq'tus zhuanth abbil (we have arrived old friend) "

Gimli's nose curled a bit. He had never heard a language like it. It wasn't elvish or Dwarvish or even Orcish.

" I see this Hannibal, welcome back." Gandalf called to them. Now they were but a few feet away. Gimli looking up at them. The one speaking to Gandalf was huge. Muscled and powerful looking. There was something predatory about him. His eyes were not human nor elf. The other was cloaked in darkness.

The one called Hannibal looked down on the dwarf making Gimli cringe. "Who is your diminutive friend ?" He asked Gandalf . Finding it interesting that he had a Dwarf with him.

This is Gimli son of Gloin. He is one of the members of the Fellowship. "

Hannibal's brows raised . " Well then its an honor to meet You Gimli Son of Gloin . I am Hannibal the ancient and this is Jeven of the Avanati." He motioned to His companion .

Gandalf looked to the cloaked figure. Who's hands lifted to push the cowl back . Gimli gasped and took a step back.

Gandalf's lips twitched and curled into a grin. "Al'doer jeven d'lil avanati.(Welcome Jeven of the Avanati.)"

Then much to the surprise of Gandalf Jeven spoke in westron." Thaanks be ta yew ." Heavily accented but there was no doubt in what he said. This development would make things much easier.

Gimli just stood there . Jaw dropped staring at the strange elf. His extra tall ears and dark grey flesh. His eyes were light and dark all at once. His hair whiter than Thranduil's.

"What manner of elf is this Gandlaf? " He asked flabbergasted.

Those strange eyes cast on Gimli now his head tilting a bit. "Whaat manner of fae is yew? " Jeven had never seen a dwarf and because of his size figured he had to be Fae.

"Fae? I'm no Pixie I'm a dwarf."

Jeven couched down looking Gimli up and down. " Yew see da Queen?" He asked .

"See her? I know her. She is a friend. "

The strange Elf smiled with fanged white teeth which to Gimli made him seem threatening. So he stepped back again.

Gandalf mutters and puts his hand on Gimli's head. " Jeven comes from very far to the east. So far in fact Its near where the first elves first arrived in the Arda. He isn't exactly an Elf and he isn't exactly not an elf."

Gimli was now utterly confused and turned away walking back to where he had been sitting . " You speak in riddles and I have no beer."

She stood on the balcony of her rooms in Rivendell. She had never seen such a beautiful place. She had to admit this place was far more stunning than Thranduil's fortress. Finnola watched the waterfall in the distance. The whole place draped in fall colors. Legolas was off having a meeting with who, she wasn't sure at the moment. There was a knock at the door. She calling out . "Come in" Her attention on the view Glorfindel stood beside her . She looked over her green eyes falling on him.

He stood there looking out on a view he saw everyday. " You know I still find this view astonishing even after all these years. "

He turned and tilted his chin upwards . His eyes finally meeting hers. She wasn't sure if she liked the way he looked at her or not. All she knew was his gaze made her stomach tremble .

"Are you ready for your tour Finnola ? " He asked.

She liked that he didn't shove the word 'Lady' in there. He knew she hated it .

" I would offer you my arm but I am afraid I would look like an errant child being scolded by their Naneth. " He said in a light hearted manner.

She was totally at ease now. " Oh yeah? That so?"

He smiled. "Well yeah. I mean you are one of the few people that is actually taller than I. Lets just say it isn't normal for me to look up at anyone and on the few occasions that does happen. In general they are not as fair to look on. "

Oh he was charming. She had to give him that. Grumbling " BAH! Let's Go before you use up all your charm in one conversation." She nudged at his shoulder and walked to the door. This doorway thankfully one she did not need to duck under. She turns right and starts walking.

Glorfindel stepping into the hall begins to laugh. " Finnola! " He said sweetly.

She turns around ." What?"

He looked slightly amused. " Its this way. " He shoved a thumb over his shoulder.

" Oh? well I wanted to go to the water fall. It's that way.?" She nudged her head to the right.

Finally he just stepped closer and took her hand into his . His hand was actually calloused. From the millennia of sword practice and fighting. His fingers curled around her hand. Long slender fingers on a much larger hand than Legolas' . He tugged on her arm gently.

" I know that but to get over there you have to first go this way. I do live here ."

She gave out a small laugh and walked along with him. " Well You have a point. " After several steps then several more. He did not release her hand.

They walked beside each other. His shoulder not that much further down from hers. "Are you going to let go of my hand?" She asked.

He just smiled as he walked. " No." Was all he said.

Her eyes drifted up and then to the side looking out as they rounded a curve to see the whole space open up into a huge cavern with sunlight spilling down into it. She let out a gasp and said nothing. Her hand tightened a bit around his.

" Oh look at that." She said in a bit if a dreamy state. The white granite of the outer buildings began to sparkle as the rays of the sun danced over them. He knew just when to take this path. He had to have to know when to show her this at its peak. She just absorbed everything. Every detail she could . Marble floors and pillars shined brightly. Adding little bursts of light among the millions of sparkles. Trees all shades of yellow , orange and red sway gently making the light show even more spectacular. It was like looking at magic.

" Just breathe Finnola " He said .

She hadn't noticed she was holding her breath in fear the moment would just disappear. He stepped forward and tugged her along gently.

" Come on now . There is much more to see." He said gently and smiled.

She walked with him but could not take her eyes off of the view and how it changed with each step.

" I am holding you hand still Finnola. "

She bliniked and looked to him . He was indeed still holding her hand and she was holding it back .

" I am doing this because I can not offer you my elbow. Despite what you think on being called a Lady. I think you are far better than that. You still deserve to be escorted properly . " He looked at her and grinned. He wanted to hold her hand but he was giving her a reason to freely hold his hand back and it not be seen as unseemly. She knew what he was doing and she did not relent. This whole thing was so exciting. Finnola of Rohan was never the object of anyone's desire. Well, that was until Legolas came along.

She was just too large to be seen as the demure damsel. Yet not pretty enough to be revered like Eowyn. She wanted to fight. She wanted to be equal and that was never anything she would find in Rohan. Now she was within the realm of Elves and they had no such hang ups. Beauty was seen differently . She was being flirted with . Legolas did not flirt he was very direct. Glorfindel was flirting .

"Better than a Lady ? So a man? " She asked with a smart grin and batting of her lashes.

Glorfindel stopped right then and looked at her in confusion. " Well no. Look at you. You are no man Finnola of Rohan. You're a Goddess. The Goddess of war. I best be on your good side."

Ok now she was laughing. He was so amusing. " I am no goddess. Just Finnola. Who knows where I will be from in the end. So lets just save those titles. "

There were very few Elves using this path today. Though they did pass some. A few would greet them in sindarian.

"You have no desire to return to Rohan to live? " He asked with deep curiosity.

She was shaking her head. " None what so ever. I have never felt like I belonged there. "

Glorfindel nodded. " I knew your Great, great great granddam."

Finnola just stopped. " You knew My great... great... " Her voice faded out and He was just nodding.

" I knew Da-xia. She was among the first giants. I met her when we came upon them. We were traveling west. Her people were camping at a lake at the foot of the Grey Mountains. about 300 yard away lay a dead dragon. "

Finnola gasped.

" Now this was no Fire Drake. This was a wind Drake. They could make terrible weather and wipe out whole colonies with their tornadoes , hail and lightening. Killing one was very difficult . Just slightly less horrifying than killing a Fire Drake. "

It was how he spoke of killing a dragon. It was perhaps just as difficult to kill a balrog. She had heard the story and he still bore those scars.

" Anyway. Imbedded in the blade of her spear was the dragons fang. She had slain the Wind Drake. This beautiful exotic woman in the north. She was larger than you Finnola. She was a good foot and a half taller than I and beautiful . Her flesh the color of yours. Her eyes as dark as pitch. Her hair so thick and soft blew in the wind wildly about her head. She bore the injuries of her battle with pride. "

Finnola was in shock. "She followed me to where Celebrimbor was smithing . He found the tooth could not be removed . However it made the entire weapon much stronger. So He re-forged the blade with the tooth within it. When he was done reworking her spear it was given the name Dragonsfang."Glorfindel grinned His eyes locked in on hers.

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