The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Legolas and Gimli were sat at a long table within the house of Eomer. The King of Rohan. The Elf and Dwarf Honored guest in the kingdom. They were showing him the drawings Legolas had made of the cave paintings and telling him of the strange corpses they had found hidden in the cave.

Eomer's brow was knitted as he looked over these drawings then sat back in his chair . " Everything I have heard of the caves are old wives tales told to children to scare them away from the caves" He takes a long drink from his flagon. " They say the spirits of old dead gods live in the caves . They steal the souls of children and cast them into a dark abyss and feed on them at their leisure. None of the people of Rohan will go very deep into the caves. "

" You are not telling them everything Eomer." A woman's voice spoke up from where she sat near the hearth. Rising up she was taller than Legolas. More muscular than than most men. She wore leather pants and a tunic like a man and heavy riding boots. On her hip was a large heavy sword.

Eomer sighed His eyes closing for a moment as His head tilted down . He speaking without looking up. " Finnola How many times must I remind you to address me as your king. "

She scoffs and rolls her eyes. " Yes cousin I know but we are not in a formal setting. Is this not just a casual conversation between friends and family?"

Eomer rubbed at his forehead and temples and muttered something about troublesome women . She sat across from Legolas and Gimli and poured herself a flagon of ale . Gimli just stared at the beast of a woman and Legolas was finding himself strangely attracted.

" The fable is more than just soul stealing spirits. Long ago when the first men of Rohan came to these lands there were trees everywhere. Not a dense forest but trees and green fields . They would discover there were inhabitants here already. Small folk with wings of gold and the power to make all manner of things grow with just a mere touch. "

Eomer sat back and drank heavily as Finnola spoke.

" The ancient people of Rohan called them the fair folk and they lived in peace side by side. Neither bothering the other much at all. Then one day the queen of the fair folk came to the men of Rohan. Begging for their help. A great evil had begun to stalk them. They had begun to disappear. The more of them that were gone the greater the darkness became. The people didn't know how to help . How does one fight something that has no body? Though because the Fair Folk had welcomed them and had made crops grow so they would not starve they pledged their help. "

Legolas was now fully engrossed in the tale Finnola was weaving.

" Many men went to the home of the Fair Folk. They guarded them day and night yet it seemed they would still disappear one then two more. The men didn't understand how it kept happening. Then one night a great storm brewed from the east. The winds swept through knocking over ancient trees and lightening struck the ground killing many men. Fury rained down on them in the form of large hail and they ran with the Fair Folk to the caves. A mist began to engulf them even in the caves. Choking them to death and those that could run, ran from the cave and into the night. Barely escaping with their lives. "

Legolas was now leaning forward even Gimli listened with his mouth agape.

"The next morning as the light broke through the clouds and drove off the the darkness and mist. The men went out to retrieve their dead. The trees were gone . Blown over and dead. Not a leaf remained. The green grass was now brown and turned to dust when touched. They only found bones of their fallen friends. No flesh remained and there was no sign of the Fair Folk. They stood at the mouth of the cave . Calling out to them but there was no answer. They believed them all to be dead and gone and those that had survived if any had ran far away. Perhaps the paintings you have found are their histories. Perhaps there is some truth to old wives tales." She cast a glance at Eomer.

Legolas looked up having taken a moment to digest the story. " We have gone deep into the caves and so far we have only found the paintings and the bones of the dead. I do not sense evil there . Now they are just a tomb for the Fairies long gone. We will replace the wall Gimli knocked down and leave them to their eternal rest. "

Finnola smiled and nodded. " I will go with you and help. It will be the respectful thing to do."

The mornings light had just began to peek over the horizon. The sky a dark blue . Stars still visible. He lay there in silence . Cuddle against his side was the Pixie. Still sleeping with her head against his chest. She had managed to wiggle her torso out of the dress. Bare breast pressing to his flesh. He was well aware of this. He lay there enjoying the feel of her against him. His feelings towards her grew by the day. He no longer simply cared for her. No longer just simply loved her. He was falling in love with her. No other had made him feel like he has since she had been given to him. Not in Millenia anyway.

His fingers caressed over her arm as it lay across him. His thoughts had remained somewhat pure but he was finding himself thinking other things as well. Though where those thoughts lead also lead to concerns about how such a thing could happen without hurting her terribly. He had no idea if she even knew what love meant or was. He sighed softly to himself and tried to push all this from his mind so he could just enjoy lying there with her in his arms. Today he would see her smile and hear her laugh just for him. He was looking forward to it.

The minutes passed and turned to hours. He slept a bit more. Waking though periodically. She had not moved. Her sleep was so peaceful. He looked on her. Unable to sleep now. He never touched her in an unseemly manner. He was not that kind of Elf. Besides this was something far beyond a petty dalliance. In the hour before the sun rose he found himself slipping from the bed and leaving her asleep. He did have a few arrangements to make before they left for the day.

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