The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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In the time since Gandalf had left Greenwood. The early autumn had given way to the early winter. Arriving in Isengard on a grey cold day. Entering the halls He was surprised to hear the news from Ragadast . The news of 3 guest that had been there more than a month. Entering the archives He sees a familiar elf high on a ladder and putting thick old books on a top shelf.

"Legolas Greenleaf. You are the last one I expected to see here. "

Legolas went still a moment and smiled to himself . Knowing well that booming voice. He would slide down the ladder and brush his hands together . Knocking dust from them . " Gandalf you are a very welcomed sight. "

They chat as Legolas leads him to another room in the halls of Isengard. The large doors opened and there sat Gimli before a large hearth, smoking a pipe. A woman stood and Gandalf had to look up to see her beautiful features.

" Oy if It isn't My friend the White Wizard" Gimli raises his pipe to Gandalf .

"It is good to see you Gimli. I see you have been well fed in the halls of Isengard." He teased the dwarf. His attention being drawn back to the elf.

Gandalf notices the change in Legolas as he motions to the Giant woman. " This is Finnola of Rohan" He introduced the woman and smiled to her in a way that made Gandalf's eyes narrow a bit for a second. " Finnola this is Gandalf the White "

Gandalf stammered a bit to find his words " Lovely to meet you Lady Finnola " He finally said.

Which made her chuckle as she moved towards him and bows a bit in respect." Drop the Lady part its just Finnola and I am very pleased to meet You. Maybe with you here some progress can be made. "

Her statement made Gandalf raise a brow and look to Legolas. " Progress on what exactly?"

There in the warm sitting room at a large table lit by a magical light. The four of them sat Looking at the drawings of the cave paintings . Gandalf listening to their story about the glittering caves . He grumbles and goes quiet . Sitting back in his chair and stroking his beard before pulling his pipe from somewhere in his robes . He mutters to himself . Lights his pipe with a match . Puffing away he was obviously lost in thought.

The other 3 looking at him expecting something wise to be forth coming . " You must excuse me ." He would rise suddenly and leave the room quickly leaving the 3 adventurers looking at each other in confusion.

Ninnel was making sure everything was perfect . Beyond the door was the crowd and the feast that had been made in her honor. Thranduil Had come into the room and ushered Ninnel out . Juniper was standing there her hands clasped before her and wringing in worry and nerves.

" You take my breath away ." He said softly and smiled she did not return it . He would take a deep breath and sigh . " I have something for you . Something that might cheer you up just a bit. At least I hope it will. You told me to take your bracelet and have something special made. "

She looked up to him then " I remember. " She said softly .

He took her small left hand in his and lifted it as he lowered his lips to it and pressed a kiss to the back of it . Then on her finger He placed a ring. "This ring is a symbol of my love Juniper and also a promise. I will never forsake you. No matter the circumstances. My love is always yours. "

She looked to the ring the band was made of the gold from the bracelet and in the center was a stone. A milky white stone and when she moved her hand it erupts with color from deep within. She gasps and watches reds melt to blues and greens then pinks . She had never seen such a stone before.

" Its an opal cut from this one . " He held his own ring down next to hers.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around him suddenly . "I love it Thranduil. " Her words quiet she did not want anyone to hear beyond the door .

He pulled away and turned to a small desk within the room and opened a wooden box . " And this is yours as well . " He lifted a crown that had been made just for her as well . Like his it was made from wood from the forest but unlike his, silver swirled around it and up the pointed spires . Then held at the crowns highest point which would be at the back of her head a large pure white gem . It sparkled brilliantly .

" Its the Largest of the gems of Lasgalen . Its said to hold the light of our favorite star. Earendil"

She just stared at it . Her lips parted in another gasp as he approached her and placed the crown on her small head . The bulk of it like his set at the back of her head it rested along her pointed ears and came down along her cheeks. " A ring and a crown is all the adornment you need . Anything else would be lost to your beauty . " she did giggle softly and reached out to hold his hand .

Galion was just outside the door . They could hear him beginning the announcement. Thranduil curled her arm with his . " Just like we rehearsed My love . Head high, shoulders back , Wings up."

He looked down on her and winked . She took a deep breath. The doors opened and she was washed in the light from the hall . Thranduil leading her out . They would stop a few steps from the door and she could hear the gasps in the other wise silent crowd.

She felt very very small . Very scared and began to tremble . He could feel her fear within himself and her trembles against his arm . His other hand come across his body to press to hers. As they began to move once again, he leading her towards a large table that was for the Royal couple. Raised higher than the rest . Their chairs waiting for them . All the faces around her became a blur. She stares forward focused on just making it to her chair .

100's of sets of eyes followed her. Boring into her. Thranduil took the few steps up then turned and offered his hand down to her . She placed her hand into his and He helped her up the steps . Just like they had rehearsed. He would move to his chair and she to hers beside him and to his right . They stood there looking regal and she showed no emotion as she had been instructed.

" I present to you My Wife . Queen Juniper. " He motioned to her gently and she bowed her head a bit . " Now lets celebrate this momentous union. "

The crowd applauds as they began to sit . She still not daring to look at the crowd or anyone particular. A voice in the crowd spoke up breaking the sound of applause. One of the elves of Thranduils court stepping forward. His name was Nilastiel .

" My King . I am happy you have found happiness but I can not accept this ... This ... please forgive me I am not even sure what she is My Lord . Woman as My Queen . "

Thranduil was about to stand up, but suddenly as she was insulted right to her face she began to feel less afraid . She rose in such a way that commanded attention . Her wings beginning to beat lifting her from where she stood . The people of the room gasped and step away from Nilastiel as she flew right for him . Thranduil was now on his feet watching the scene. She landing herself perfectly and a few feet from him .

"You will watch your tongue in my presence . That is if you mean to keep it . Manners and polite ways will get you much further with me than insults. My name is Queen Juniper and I am a Fairy." She was looking up to a wide eyed and aghast Nilastiel.

She then addressed the crowd . Her anger fading to a smile for them as she began to look around the room . "Feel free to ask questions . Feel free to speak with me. When the dancing begins please ask me to dance. If you have troubles I will gladly listen to them. I want nothing more than for each elf in this kingdom to be prosperous and happy. "

She then turned her attention back to Nilastiel. Her smile fading . " If you can not accept me as your Queen then by all means please leave my kingdom . Seek Your fortune else where but if you remain here You will show Your King and Your Queen respect. "

Thranduil smiled outwardly and inwardly he was dancing . She was magnificent .

She walked back to the table and Thranduil again offered his hand down to help her up . Returning to where her chair sat she looked out to the crowd " Please My friends lets eat."

Now the applause was much more heart felt and thunderous . She lowers into her seat and Thranduil leans over to whisper. " Where did that come from? "

She shrugged and whispered back . " I don't know. " He laughs and watches as people began to be seated and dine .

As the night progressed she spoke and laughed with many people. The first dance was Thranduil's but after that she found herself with several dance partners. Her ability to see dance steps once and just know them came in handy. Thranduil couldn't pull his eyes off her . She seemed to blossom among the people. If she didn't know what something was she just asked . If she had real thoughts on a subject she said them but after a few hours of this he could feel her growing very weary of all of it . Though she kept her composure she was beginning to struggle .

He then swoops in and rescue her from all of it ." Unfortunately the hour is getting late for My Queen . She is not used to late Parties and so much excitement. Please continue to celebrate until all the food and wine is gone. "

Then as she was being lead out people flocked over to wish her a good night and tell her how happy they were to have met her . She was gracious to them all but as soon as the door would close behind them she nearly collapsed . Thranduil catching her.

She began to cry then . He sweeping her up in his arms then slipped into one of the many hidden passages . Her arms around him as she trembled . " thank you . for saving me . "

He kissed the top of her head. "That ring holds the same enchantment as mine pixie. You can now use this passages without me but I ask you use the ones you know best . You could get lost in here " she was beginning to calm down once they reached the Royal chambers.

"please don't make me do that again for a while ." her voice practically begging. " There will be no need for some time My Fae. You are safe. "

He carried her through the chambers and directly to the bedroom. He placed her down and closed the doors. He took her crown and set it down on the large chest of drawers. His own crown removed and placed beside it. looking on this made him smile.

He turned back to her. She having dropped down to sit on a foot stool. her eyes down she watched the toes of his boots come into view before she looked way up to see his face. His smile was warm as it rained down on her.

He lowered down to a crouch and lifted one of her dainty feet into his hands. The slipper pulled free and sat on the floor. He feet were small . Each little toe His thumb passed over before he lowered her foot back down and he lifted the other. The slipper pulled away and placed down .

He said nothing and neither did she. He just looked at her and watched her reactions. Her foot lowered down . He moved in closer to her. His arms wrapping around her small form His hands undoing the small hooks of the dress at her lower back. Her wings lifting just a bit for him. He sat back as his hands grasped her shoulders gently then slide around to her shoulder blades were he unhooked the last of the closures. The dress now falling free and sliding down .

Her shoulders fully exposed. He slowing tugs the cloth down over her pert breast . He looked into her eyes. She looked tired but there was this light within them. Her lips parted with quick breaths.

He could not hold back. He took her into his arms and lifted her up . The dress clings loosely to her hips. One of his hands on her back side . The other pressing under her wings as he held her and kissed her eagerly. Turning to the bed his steps so fluid she didn't even realize they had moved until he was laying her down and pulling the dress away completely.

She could hear him removing his formal robes and tossing the carelessly away. His warm body slides over hers and the kisses begin again. She wanted this right now just as much as he. The passion had built throughout the night really. Now there was no stopping it. her legs wrapped around him. His head lowered and his growl making her shiver as he emits it against her shoulder.

The night was still young and suddenly she was not so tired.

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