The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Lorithir caught the woman in his arms . She clung to him and trembled. " Please My Lord. " She cried then buried her face into his chest. Lorithir grabs the woman's shoulders. His hands holding her firmly but not hurting her as he easily could. She fell to her knees and slipped from his grasp. There at his feet , her tears falling on the toes of his boots she begged much as a slave would. " Please My Lord do not send me back. I can not go back. I will so anything for you. Please just do not send me back."

He lowers into a crouch and reaches out to caress her lowered head tenderly. "First you must tell me who you are and who I am not sending you back to."

She looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks. Lorithir gasps. He had never seen a more beautiful female. Her flesh was like porcelain. Smooth and pale. Much like his own yet hers held a gentle glow much like Glorfindel. Her eyes were a deep dark brown so dark they almost appeared black. Almond shaped and reddened with her tears. Her nose was slightly wide set and her lips plumped and a dusky shade of pink. She looked so exotic to him. "gwelwen(breath taking)" He murmured. Her face was framed in long blue black hair with made her flesh appear even more perfect.

He watched her lips tremble and part. " I am Ryu. Slave to those who dwell in the east. Please do not send me back to them. I will do anything for you. "

He gasped and just looked her in the eye. What kind of slave was one who was so fair? The thoughts that came to mind were terrible. He drew her to him and wrapped his arms around her. Lorithir holds her protectively. " I will not send you back. I must however, take you to my King. "

She tried to wiggle away her voice rising in despair. " No please he will send me back . " She cries and stops struggling her body going limp against him. She fainted.

Lorithir scooped her up into his arms and carried her easily through the forest and back to the camp. Once there attention was drawn to him . Aleshea hurried over as her brother lay the woman down beside the fire. Her flesh was very cold to the touch. " What has happened hanar?

" He was careful with this woman. His cloak folded and placed under her head. Aleshea Offered him her own to cover the strange woman in. " Please go and bring the king here muinthel"

Lorithir barely left her side . Even as he tried to gather the things for medicinal tea. Ayduin shook his head. " I will go get what you need " he told Lorithir.

" Thank you and bring some food as well. I imagine she will be starving when she wakes up. " He rubbed at her small slender fingers and them moved up her hand . trying to warm her and make her blood flow easier. Had he realized she was this cold He would have started to warm her much sooner. He sang softly using his fea to gently warm the flesh along with friction. His hands working up over her wrist to her forearm.

Thranduil soon arrived with Elrond. They stopped and stared at the woman Lorithir has brought. Elrond was now checking her over, yes she was very cold. He looked to Lorithir. "Keep doing that. "

He began to check her for wounds. He rolled her towards Lorithir and he held her as Elrond ran his fingers down her back looking for arrows, slashes or stabs. What he found was perhaps even more horrifying. Her dress was very loose and as his hand slide the fabric down he could see the criss cross marks from many whippings. Some of them fresh and rather infected. " Well at least the exposure has dropped her fever." He muttered. Then looked to Thranduil who's face had darkened and a frown was upon his lips.

"Lorithir lets take her to My tent where I can tend her. " Elrond spoke gently and Lorithir again took her into his arms. His heart breaking for her. What he feared was now most certainly true. Ayduin was returning with hot water in a kettle in one hand and a small bowl of soup in the other.

Elrond passes him and calls quickly. " Follow us." He said and Lorithir passed him with the woman in his arms. Thranduil would follow but did not interfere with Elrond's work. Instead he would stand outside Elrond's tent and listen and wait. Ayduin standing outside as well and off to the side . The kettle and soup placed down one a small table.

Juniper came to him . Their baby in the sling about her . Slender arms cradle the child. "What has happened Melamin? " she asked and looked to the flap of the tent.

" An escaped slave from our new army was found by Lorithir. "

Her brows knit " Slave?" She asked this word unknown to her.

Thranduil sighed. Then drew her closer and held her in his arms gently mindful of where their child was at all times. " A slave is a living being that is kept by force . They are considered property. Their owner may do with them as they please. We do not condone this practice. "

Her upper lip curled back and she pulled away. " There are slaves counted among my new people?" She asked .

He nodded gently " Yes Melamin. I will send word to Legolas. This practice must end with your decree."

Before he could stop her she was entering the tent. Thranduil just steps behind her. She did not interfere. She observed. The woman was naked. and on her side. Her back towards the tent flap. Juniper went still. She felt her blood get cold. Her small back was so marred. It was almost one large scar. There were new marks on her that festered with disease. Thranduil's hands on her shoulders, she pulled the sling from around her and lifted it to her husband . He would slide it around himself and watch her.

Lorithir stared at the Queen, his eyes red with tears. She stepped forward . Elrond looking to her . " My Lady. You should not see this. " He whispered to her and she looked up into his eyes. He lowered down to more of her level so she could speak with ease.

" Why not? Why not bear witness to what My people do. " She hissed and stepped closer to the woman the moment Junipers finger tips touched her arm she knew a secret. One that made her want to weep. Juniper would brush both Elrond and Thranduil off. Hissing under her breath. " I must do this."

Leaning in and whispering softly into the woman's ear. "gre'as'anto dalninil dorn o'goth dos lueth plynn dosst jiv'undus (peace sister I will heal you and take your pain)" Thranduil recognized that as the same language Jeven spoke. He and Elrond looked to each other as Juniper placed a soft kiss on the woman's cheek then rested her hands lightly against her back. Her body began to glow where her hands touched the woman's flesh the glow was so brilliant you could not look at it . Elrond, Thranduil and Lorithir shield their eyes.

Juniper cries out and falls back into Elrond's arms. She trembled and gasps for breath. Thranduil dropping to his knees beside them . His hands on his wife His child resting against his thighs. They all watched as the worst of the scars began to fade. The new ones healed . Left behind were a few of the worst scars. Ones her Magic could not take away.

Lorithir gently lay her back and covered her with warm blankets. She was still rather cool but she was warming . Lorithir placed her in a dreamless sleep. Elrond approved. "She needs rest."

It took Juniper a half an hour to recover from what she had done and even then she felt weakened. She sat in a chair beside the fire outside of Elrond's tent. Her baby in her arms . Lorithir staring at the Queen in wonder. How had she healed that?

Thranduil broke the silence. "Tell us everything Lorithir."

He takes a deep breath . As he spoke his palms were up to the king . " I was gathering wood for my fire. I saw some movement so I went to see what it was and that's when I realized it was actively evading me which isn't so easy to do. I thought it might be an orc or something foul. So I followed it and cornered her . He begged me not to take her back . She told me her name is Ryu . She is a slave that ran away from her Master in the new army. She fainted and that's when I noticed she was freezing. So I brought her here. "

Juniper spoke softly to Thranduil. " He speaks the truth Melamin."

Thranduil sighs. " I suspected slavery but now I'm confronted with it. Of course she will not be returned. Legolas will gather the representatives and issue a decree by the command of their king and queen. Slavery is abolished. If they wish to retain servants then they will pay them . This will be a hard thing to break I fear. "

Elrond agreed with him. " Indeed it will be. So what do we do with her in the meantime? " Lorithir spoke up. " I will take care of her. I found her and brought her here. I should take responsibility. " All of them looked to him.

It was Thranduil who would speak. " Very well she is now in your care. " Juniper studied Lorithir and could see nothing but pure intentions within him.

Lorithir carried her towards his tent Ayduin walking with him. "What manner of being is she? She isn't human or elf. " He says softly. " I do not know but perhaps when she wakes she can tell me. "

The King and Queen return to their tent. Juniper was very quiet. Thranduil taking the baby with him as he goes to lounge on the bed. He lavished her with a great deal of affection. Juniper just stood in the middle of the tent seemingly lost . This made Thranduils brows lift. " Juniper?" She blinked and looked to him. " Come Melamin you have had an interesting day. You should be exhausted. "

She staggered towards the bed . Indeed she was exhausted . She lay beside him with her baby before her. " The woman Lorithir found. She is part fae. More so than Jeven. "

Thranduil slides his arm over her and pulls her in close. "The other part I do not know. She was tortured Thranduil and used. Like she was nothing but a plaything. By my new people. I am very troubled."

His lips pressed to her bare shoulder. " We will put an end to it and every former slave will be treated with great kindness. I will see to it. " He responded softly. " It troubles me too Melamin. These are now my people as well."

Lorithir watched over her. The sun dipping low the sky darkens. He sat beside her as she slept. The bowl of now cold soup in his hand . He sighed and began to eat. He did not know how long she would sleep. He lifted a wine skin and took a deep drink. Then corked it and set it aside. The covers rose and fell with her breaths. His eyes roamed up to her face. The rest was the best thing for her now. The bowl set down by his side. He reached out and brushed a bit of dark hair from the softness of her cheek. His fingertips lightly brushing her flesh he felt something like a shock against them and her eyes opened.

He withdrew his hand and smiled to her. "stay calm ." He spoke softly. " You are in my tent in the camp. You are very safe. "

She sat up slowly the blankets falling own over her bare breast. She didn't seem to notice or care. Lorithir's eyes lifted to anywhere but her chest. She moved her shoulders and gasp. Her hand reached back over her shoulder to feel smooth skin. She began to try and look becoming a bit frantic about it. His hands grab her bare shoulders gently.

" Ryu listen to me. " She looked to him as she shook . " There are but a few marks left on your otherwise perfect back. " Those words washed over her like pure water. Taking away the filth that had been poured on her.

"Healed?" She whispered to him. He nodded. " Yes you are healed. "

Her breathing was becoming deep and her lips twitched then curled into a smile. " Elven healing is truly miraculous. " She threw her arms around him. Pulling her naked flesh against him. His arms wrap around her his hands caressing the smooth expanse of her back. She trembled at the sensation.

"It wasn't an elf who healed you." He confessed as she sat back and looked at him with those dark doe eyes. " It was the Queen. I do not know how she did it but she took it all away. " His hands reach to cup her tear streaked cheeks. " I will take care of you. If you will let me."

Oh Ryu's heart began to beat hard. Her breaths began to come in quick pants. She had never been treated this well and for the first time in a very long time she began to feel a small measure of happiness. She smiled and reached up to press her hand to his . " Yes I think I will stay." Her lips turned to press a kiss to his palm.

Juniper was off with Elthian to bathe. There was another spring near by and she was eager to soak in the waters of her homeland. Thranduil had the baby . Both Elrond and Gandalf entered his tent. He was expecting them. He sat on his throne with his child held to his chest her small head in his large hand.

"You seem to have found your joy My Lord." Elrond spoke softly . The vision of Father and Daughter heart warming.

"I have. Children are my Joy and Juniper has given me 2. I could not be anymore happy at this time. " He motioned to the chairs and they both had a seat.

" Thranduil, Elrond has told me what happened to the runaway . How Juniper healed her scars and now mutilated flesh is whole. "

Thranduil nodded " Indeed . I did not even know she possessed that kind of skill. "

Elrond looked to Gandalf then turned his gaze to Thranduil. " Perhaps you should ask Juniper to try and heal your scars. "

Thranduil looked on them with wide eyes. " I will not. I have not even told her about them let alone shown her. "

They both looked at him then. " Thranduil its been nearly 2 years with her. Why not ? She will love you regardless."

Thranduil rose from his throne and carried his child towards her bed . The elven king gracefully dipped at his waist and carefully placed her in it . Then rising he turned to them. " Juniper thinks I am beautiful . Just as I think she is. I will not have her looking on a face that is mauled so. She might be frightened."

Juniper was coming into the tent . She caught some of the conversation because Elthian had stopped at the flap listening and deciding if he should let her in . She could hear through his ears. Rolling her eyes she ducked down and slipped between his legs and entered her tent. "Frightened of what? "

Thranduil groaned. She had seen him react like this before . The groan and the lifting of his palm to his face. He usually did this when she said something inappropriate but really she could find nothing like that in her question.

" I think it is time for you both to go ." Thranduil said coolly. They both rose and made their good byes. "You too Elthian please stay outside."

She was in one of her linen dresses with her cloak wrapped around her . The chill of the night had settled in . Her hair still damp from her bathing . Drawn deeper into the tent by Thranduil. He pulled her cloak off of her and had her sit on the edge of the bed. He lowered to his knees before her and lay his head in her lap . His hands sliding into her smaller ones. He seemed distressed.

"What is it Melamin?" she asked. " Please tell me what has you trouble and what you think may frighten me."

His hands leave hers and slide along the outsides of her thighs and to the plump swells of her backside . Holding her close with his head in her lap. Her hand presses to his head and caresses softly.

" We were fighting a terrible war Juniper. Against Sauron and his dark forces. This war had lasted a very long time. My father had never really trusted the noldor and over the years of this war had grown disenchanted with the leadership. He was King Oropher after all and I believed in him the most. "

His eyes closed and his hold on her tightened a bit. " I was so young Juniper. Much like Legolas is now. I thought nothing could ever hurt me. " He sighs " My Father ignored the other elven leaders. He lead the entire forces of the woodland realm into battle and on that day I knelt beside my fathers body on the battlefield and wept. " She now closed her eyes . He could feel everything he was. Her small fingers just kept lightly caressing his head trying to give him some comfort as his tears began to fall and drip down to her dress.

"It was Feren who came. He practically carried me away . He reminding me I was now the King. We were almost across the field . Us and many other survivors then we heard it. You never forget that sound once you hear it. It's the sound of powerful and large wings cutting through the air and the growl that always follows. Every elf on that field frantically looked for some kind of shelter. Feren and I ended up against a very large boulder with an over hang. the space just barely big enough for us to huddle in. The heat that followed was so great that every thing that was not protected burned in a instant. "

"Dragon?" She asked softly and she felt him nod against her thighs.

"Yes Melamin. It was a Dragon. " He began to tremble and she gathered his soft hair up and swept it aside . Her fingers now able to rub his neck. " It was making great circles around the enormous battlefield. Raining down terror and death on my people. I remember looking to Feren and seeing fear. Fear so great it would have stopped the heart of a man. I begged for his forgiveness then knocked him unconscious. I made sure he was protected under that rock. He was going to be the new King after all. " She gasped when those words passed his lips .

"As the dragon turned away I ran across the burning and charred fields towards the craggy cliff sides. I climbed them and waited hidden behind some stone. He would not see me until it was too late . Well that was my hope anyway. " His shoulders shook and he turned his face against her thighs and sobbed. Her dress becoming wet from his tears. After a few moments he gathered himself enough to continue and turned his head once more . Her fingers seeking to give him comfort as he spoke.

"The beast was coming back now. I remember leaping onto the top of that cliff and running with my sword as hard as I could. I heard nothing. All I saw was this pin point space before me. Right on the dragons hide . That was where, with a mighty leap from the cliff I did place my sword. I pierced the Dragons heart and all I remember after that was the heat and the pain. "

Her king was trembling like a scared child in a thunderstorm. Her body began to tremble with his. Her tears matching his. Her hand stilled on his head and she saw it. She saw it just as he did. The leap through the air. The place on the dragons hide. The glow that had begun in the dragons chest just seconds from the pierce to its heart. She felt the searing pain and was blessed that it was just a few seconds of it. The vision stopped when his voice lifted very softly.

"The next thing I remember was waking up in the royal suite in Greenwood. I thought I was dead but Elrond calmed me enough to tell me I had never died. I had been saved but I had been in the healing sleep for a very long time. It took me a while to realize something was wrong. Half of my head was still in bandages. I forced Elrond to remove them and show me what was below. " Now the fear and pain she was experiencing from him turned to a fear that was so great it made her want to run from it but she couldn't. Her love needed her .

"I looked in the mirror . Juniper , it was no longer my face no , it was my face. What I saw was terrifying. "

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes for a few moments. When they opened she felt strength from within . " Show me." Her words spilled forth so softly. Her eyes looking down to him . Her finger tips caressing over the left side of his face. " Show me Melamin. " She said a bit louder .

He lifted his head and sat back . She took his hands and held them as firmly as she could in her small soft hands. She watched a grimace of agony wash over his eyes when the glamour dropped leaving all those empty spaces and exposing tissues that should be covered. She did not flinch or pull away. Her lavender eyes looked from the beautiful side of his face to the scarred. It was a horrifying secret he had been keeping. He lived everyday with her, in pain and with the fear she would accidentally see.

It ran from his forehead down over his eye which was white. The red open looking wound snaked down and destroyed his cheek leaving it mangled . She could see muscle and sinew. His teeth even shown through. down lower over his jaw and down his neck to where armor would have been. Now she understood. She released his hands and leaned forward. Her small gentle hand lifting to his face . He closed his eyes when just the whisper of her touch was felt against what little skin remained on his cheek and then along the muscle. He hissed in pain and she pulled her touch from it only to find herself touching lower along his neck.

His eyes opened just as she pressed her lips to his. Her hand pressed against his neck was warm very warm and his eyes closed again. Forgotten was the pain and the fear. She ended all that with her soft kiss. He was struck with the sudden urge to be within her. It was an overwhelming urge. He pushed her back on the bed . His hand loosening the laces to his leggings. His fingers pushed her dress over her thighs before He rested between them.

He kissed her over and over . When his body became one with hers his hands took hers and forced them against the bed . Pinning her there. The heights of lust and love coming closer and closer when his eyes opened . Looking down on the moaning face of his bond mate. His heart racing and the pleasure beginning to build deep within him. Within moments He was shuddering . His head dropping to rest just barely on the curve of her shoulder. Her legs wrapped around him . He became aware of her body shaking against him .

Releasing her hands He pushed himself up to look down at her and ... His glamour was not up. He was seeing everything as if it were. There was no pain. He should be in mild discomfort right now. Looking to her . Those beautiful eyes only opened a slit . She was smiling at him. "Ech írui aran ion. (you are beautiful My King)"

He crawled from the bed and pulled up his leggings. She rolled lazily to her side and watched him. He went to the mirror with his eyes closed. Almost too scared to open them. When he did finally open them he stumbled back from his own reflection. He touched the mirror . He inspected the mirror. Then looked at his face once more. She just smiled in silence and let him take it in.

It was not perfect there were still scars on the left side of his face. Though now there was flesh. His eye was whole and healed and he was looking through it and not using Elrond's magic to see. His fingers lifted to feel it. To feel his own real skin though waved with the scars she could not take. He was healed and the pain was gone. Completely gone not just masked.

He looked to his wife. His joy spilling over . She was filled with it but far to weak at the moment to react much. He frowned suddenly and moved towards her. " No no Melamin I will be fine . Take all the time you need to experience your happiness." He shook his head and scooped her into his arms.

" My Queen please allow your humble servant to take you once again to the spring. You need the magic of the forest. " He lifted her up and she lay weakly in his arms.

" I will allow My husband to do so. "

He carried her from the tent, " Elthian , Watch Melian for a bit. My wife needs the spring again. "

Elthian looked to them . " Y-yes My Lord." He was entering the tent and feeling as if he was walking through the uncanny valley. Did his Kings face look ... different?

He shook his head and entered the tent .

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